A Professor Is Blackmailed

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A Professor Is BlackmailedA PROFESSOR IS BLACKMAILED – CHAPTER ONE(FMM,nc,bkml,reluc,mc)By Dawn1958Please email me with your comments and suggestions. This is a repost of a story I wrote for a reader who sent me some fantasies. I hope this erotic tale does justice to her fantasy and that other readers enjoy the story.Email [email protected] IS BLACKMAILEDAt 28, Kerri was satisfied with her life and she valued the fact that she was single. Her job as a professor at the college was a reward for five years of hard work and the faculty considered her a valuable team member. She was in the third year of teaching physics and fit in very nicely even though most of the others in her department were males. Physics was not the usual subject for a woman to teach, but Kerri seemed to have an aptitude for teaching the difficult subject.The students, many of them male, liked Kerri as a teacher because she was a bombshell to look at. That fact always perked the interest of the majority of the boys in her classes and there wasn’t one who wouldn’t give anything for a night alone with her.She was 5’5″ with long, blonde hair and her body proportions were the envy of all the girls. Kerri dressed very conservatively and tried to hide her sexy body, as she was tired of getting so many suggestive remarks about her looks. Normally a very shy person, she did not go out that much and devoted much of her free time to the college in an effort to improve her lesson plans.The suits Kerri wore to school made her look the totally professional type and whenever she wore a skirt, it was knee length so she wouldn’t show much leg. Blouses were conservative and she never went without a bra to hide her big breasts. Kerri’s boobs were probably her best feature. There was no sag at all and the nipples became very obvious when they got hard, which made her very attentive to the unwanted trait. Very early on Kerri realized her nipples became erect for no reason so she made sure to wear bras that would hide the pronounced buds whenever she was at work.The thick framed glasses were an integral part of her attire and gave Kerri the absolute perfect facade as a teacher. The boys drooled over her looks and appearance and they never got tired of taking Kerri’s classes.Now in the second week of a new year, Kerri was truly content and happy with the semester. Arriving early as usual, she unlocked her room and started to prepare for the day. Kerri was a neat freak and made sure things were prepared for her classes, which made them run smoothly. That particular morning she noticed a note on her desk and wondered where it came from.Picking up the piece of paper, Kerri began to read her destiny. ‘You don’t know who I am and you will never find out. I have some very incriminating pictures and tapes that you will not want seen by anyone, especially the faculty. Later, I will explain to you how things will work and what you will do for me. If you do as I request, no one will ever find out about the evidence. If you do not, then I will give all the pictures and tapes to the school board, your family and also put them on an adult Internet site for all to see.’Kerri read and sat very still because she was so stunned. ‘I am giving you a day to digest the news and to ponder what is going to happen. I will not disclose who I am. You will simply have to wonder who is blackmailing you.’Her heart started beating faster and her mind raced into her past. It took mere seconds for Kerri to remember the one careless time that would certainly haunt her forever. That was during spring break four years ago when she went to Florida with a couple of her girlfriends. While there, they ran into some good-looking guys who were doing a shoot for girls gone wild, or so they said. Kerri and her two friends were convinced to let the guys take some video of them and one thing led to another until eventually everyone wound up naked.It was the one time in her life that Kerri let her hair down and did some crazy things. She had to admit that it was fun and the most exciting time of her life, living on the dark side for once. Kerri shuddered when she remembered taking off her clothes and letting Dave, if that was his real name, shoot various shots of her after her girlfriends had departed. Then the vivid flashback of him fucking her on the floor filled her mind. She had lost all inhibitions that night and let a total stranger do things to her that no other man had done.Kerri grimaced and reassured herself that the man had surely not setup his camera to catch those lewd scenes of her acting like a cheap slut. Then she looked back at the note to see if she could gain any more information on who had written it. The message was signed ‘Sky’, but that name didn’t ring a bell. Looking up, she glanced over the classroom seats and imagined the students in her class. In her mind, Kerri considered every student and wondered if any of them could be guilty of playing such a prank. None of the students drew any suspicion and she couldn’t think of anyone who would want to blackmail her. With the identity of the person a mystery, she wondered if they actually had any incriminating evident to use against her. Kerri was fairly confident that she could overcome the threat and persuade the blackmailer that their plan wouldn’t work. She reread the note again to see if she had missed anything. Once she reached the last line, her stomach churned in great anticipation of what might happen. ‘I will give you the pictures tomorrow afternoon and after that you’ll be mine!’The statement sounded fairly convincing and Kerri reasoned the person must be pretty certain that the blackmail would work. She slipped the note into her purse and watched with interest as the students began coming into the classroom. None of them looked at her any differently than normal and she was no closer to the truth by the end of class. Every time she made eye contact with a boy, she asked herself if he was the blackmailer?The suspense started getting to her and Kerri became extremely anxious, as the day progressed. When the final bell rang at the end of last class, Kerri was very relieved. She remained quite confident that she could explain any pictures or evidence that the person had and the supposed blackmail would blow over without too much trouble.***Kerri tried her best to forget the dilemma bothering her. She had a relaxing evening at home and tried hard not to fret too much over her little problem. The constant reminders were a severe knot in her stomach that wouldn’t go away and the consumption of a full bottle of wine to dull her memory didn’t help; plus the fact she barely slept all night. Kerri actually felt somewhat optimistic when she got up in the morning and left for work, but her confidence started waning, as the day progressed and she grew more and more apprehensive.Kerri recalled that the note stated she would receive pictures in the afternoon. She paid special attention to all of her students in case one of them showed a hint that they were the blackmailer. At 2 o’clock during the break after the first afternoon class, the secretary from the office came to Kerri’s classroom and handed her an envelope with her name on it. Kerri quickly grabbed it from the lady and then blushed, as she wondered if her reaction was too deliberate.Returning to her desk, she slowly opened the envelope. Her heart pumped a little faster when she withdrew a note and read it. ‘You will find a manila envelope in the top drawer of your desk and in it you will see that I do have incriminating pictures of you. This is just a sample, as I also have a complete movie of your shameless actions in Florida,’ she read and suddenly Kerri recalled the episode from the Florida Spring Break.The students were still making their way back to the classroom and it gave her time to check the drawer. Sliding it open, the dreaded package was right on top. Kerri reached into the drawer and her hands literally vibrated when she grasped the envelope. The seal was easy to break and she held the top open wide enough to see the top picture.Kerri knew she was in deep trouble. It was as if someone punched her in the gut when she stared into the open envelope and at a picture of herself fully nude and spread out like a common floozy. Being naked was bad, but the worst part was her clearly visible face, which appeared etched with an uncommon desire or lust. Then she took a closer look at her body. Her legs were spread apart and her fingers were positioned on either side of her exposed pussy and pulling the lips completely open for the camera.There was another small note attached to the picture and she pulled it out. ‘These are some of the better pictures of you in action, but by no means are they all that I have. The movie is even better and when you get home tonight, please read your email,’ she read. Kerri was shaking so badly that one of the students abruptly appeared at her desk and asked if anything was wrong.Kerri was positive her face turned bright red from embarrassment. She quickly reassured the student that nothing was wrong and everything was okay. Stuffing the envelope back into the drawer, Kerri struggled to get through the rest of the day without getting sick. She could hardly wait to get out of the college and scurried out to the parking lot with her belongings and the frightening envelope immediately after last class. Her anxiety increased on the drive home and her heart raced a mile a minute by the time she got into the house.***Sky smiled with great satisfaction when he watched his counterpart leave the college and head for home. This was his first year, as teacher at the school, and the one woman he dreamed about for years didn’t even remember him. Sky was utterly dismayed when he was introduced during his first faculty meeting and Kerri didn’t recognize him. He readily agreed that he was a nerdy type in high school, but surely one of his fellow students should have remembered who he was.Sky found the incident very crushing and he vowed to get even with the gorgeous young woman if it was the last thing he did. He never considered that there might be a very good reason a popular girl like Kerri would not remember him. Tim, or Sky as he was called on all Internet sites, was extremely computer savvy, but he lacked logic or common sense. He was two years younger than Kerri, which put him out of her circle of close friends in high school, and they had absolutely nothing in common at the time.Tim had been on spring break in Florida the same time as Kerri. It was plain luck that he stumbled on the movie about lust-filled college girls and Tim paid dearly for the original copy after he found out who was in it. Since then he had produced many short movie clips as well as erotic pictures of the woman he obsessed over. Tim dreamed about Kerri all of the time and he imagined her being totally infatuated with him.After the faculty meeting, Tim was heartbroken because the woman of his dreams didn’t even remember his name. His dilemma got worse when the director scheduled him to sit in on all of Kerri’s classes to gain valuable experience before actually getting a class of his own. His obsession for the woman of his dreams grew and at the same time he planned ways of humiliating Kerri and getting even.Jim tried to see Kerri every chance he got. He never really considered it being perverted, but he often went to Kerri’s place and secretly took pictures of her. Having to sit all day in her classes was good in one way yet he found it extremely hard not to think about her rather than the actual class subject. That normally resulted in him rushing home after classes and masturbating like a crazed man who needed sex in the worst way. To say Jim was obsessed with Kerri was most likely a gross understatement.Tim, or Sky, really wasn’t sure how far he was willing to pursue his revenge, but knew he wanted to make Kerri suffer to some degree. The thought of having such an adorable woman submit or succumb to his every whim was rapidly growing into a fixation. Tim schemed to make Kerri do things she would never do and to wear apparel she would never wear in public.Tim felt slighted by what he considered Kerri’s superior attitude. Additionally, he knew she came from a better background than himself. She was already a valued teacher at the college and he was envious of her accomplishments. After her admission that she didn’t remember him, Tim was smart enough to know Kerri wasn’t going to date him or even be his close friend. Rejected by an attractive, desirable woman wasn’t new to him, but this time he vowed to let Kerri know he was smarter than she was. He thought a plan of using blackmail to get control over his dream woman was truly ingenious.***Kerri sat down on the sofa and quickly opened the envelope to see what was actually in the pictures. Thumbing through the many pics, each image brought a sigh of despair to her fading optimism. The first few showed her alone in a different state of disrobing. Then she gasped when the next couple showed her in the arms of one of her girlfriends. “No,” Kerri whispered, “nothing happened. It was just a pose for the camera.”She stared at one of the pictures, as it didn’t look like a simple pose. Sally, the other girl in the picture, had pinched one of Kerri’s extended nipples and the big smile on Kerri’s face told it all. She quickly shuffled to the next pic and it was a vivid image of Sally sucking on one of Kerri’s hardened nipples. What made the memory worse for her was the knowledge of being filled with desire at the time. The last thing in the world Kerri imagined would happen during the supposed playful episode actually happened.Kerri closed her eyes, as her mind went back to spring break. Before the Florida vacation, she was very naïve and inexperienced when it came to sex. One of the reasons she agreed to go with her girlfriends was because they were very popular girls in college. They talked all of the time about having sexual relations with boyfriends and bragged about being such great lovers. When the guys shooting the movie encouraged Sally to do more and really get involved with her sexy girlfriend, Sally literally seduced her naïve friend.Kerri started crying and she could hardly hold the pictures steady. She went from partially clothed to completely naked in a series of images. In one she was standing with her back severely arched and Sally had a swollen nipple between her teeth. Kerri vividly remembered having the strongest desire to go all the way with Sally, but somehow she survived the girl’s m*****ation with only a few spasms and a trickle of juices running out of her belly.When Kerri pulled out the next picture, her heart stopped. There she was in splendid color with Dave and she foolishly tried to recall if that was really his name. She thumbed to another picture and then started sobbing, as her eyes filled with tears. It showed a seductive woman on hands and knees with a naked man mounting her from behind. She turned to the next picture and it only got worse, as it showed Dave’s big cock half buried in her slit. “No, this just can’t be,” Kerri whispered out loud, but the evidence was more than enough proof. “No, no, no.”Suddenly Kerri remembered the other note and what it said. She jumped up and rushed to her computer, as she quickly logged on. There were five new emails, but one caught her attention immediately. She read the subject in disbelief, ‘A Movie4U’. Reluctantly she clicked on the mail and opened it. A brief note said that a short one-minute movie clip was attached for her viewing pleasure. It went on to say that if Kerri wanted the rest of the movie, she would have to obey all of Sky’s demands to a tee.With a slow and deliberate move of the mouse, Kerri clicked to open the movie. The erotic scenes filled the screen and she sat with her mouth agape, not believing what she was watching. Unable to breathe, Kerri was captivated when her naked body appeared on the screen. She was on all fours in front of a guy who was also naked as a jaybird. The worst fears of her life came true, as the movie was taken during that dreadful time during spring break when she unexpectedly did things she had never done before.Kerri stared at the lewd dramatization. Her big breasts hung down below her chest and she watched the man aim his illustrious cock at her vulnerable crotch. Kerri could almost feel the meat spread her pussy lips and push into her heated volcano. Then her back arched severely and the cry of lust was unmistakable to her ears, as the sound roared out of the computer speakers. Her tits swayed seductively when the man pulled and pushed her body back and forth, as he administered a fucking of a lifetime.The movie clip would leave nothing to the imagination and any viewer would certainly think she was a willing participant. Kerri shuddered when she remembered that time in her life when her body came alive. Yes, she had wanted it to happen that night, as it was the one time that she decided to take a chance. Kerri had listened to tales from other girls about their sexual adventures and she was envious because she was so inexperienced. She decided to experience sexual desire just once while she was far away from home and nobody would know.The memory of that fateful night kept flashing through her mind. Kerri recalled how much she enjoyed the passionate embraces and the immoral sex. When Dave fucked her the first time, she climaxed so fast and hard that she almost fainted. Never in her life had she achieved multiple orgasms, but on that night Dave made her climax three times. The night was one to remember yet she never thought it would turn out like this.The clip finally finished and she sat motionless for a few seconds trying to think of what to do next. Her eyes were filled with tears and she didn’t notice the short note at the end of the horrible email. ‘You will start obeying my demands tomorrow. güvenilir bahis I’ve adored that beautiful red blouse you wear on occasion, but not the cleavage cover or modesty panel that you always wear underneath,’ she read, as she tried to keep the words in focus. ‘Tomorrow you will wear the blouse, but nothing else to cover your gorgeous cleavage!’She wanted to cry. How did this guy find out about her one and only reckless adventure, she wondered? OMG, she thought, what will he do next? Kerri vowed to be strong and fight the unknown blackmailer; then she questioned her reasoning. If she didn’t do exactly what Sky demanded, her job and her untarnished reputation would be ruined. She shivered at the thought of obeying the email demand, as she never felt comfortable wearing revealing clothes and especially tops that exposed too much cleavage.Kerri slowly eliminated every man she knew from a short list of possible blackmailers. She found it extremely frustrating because she didn’t know who Sky was and it was impossible to plead her case to a mystery man.***That night Kerri cried herself to sleep. She felt much better in the morning and decided to look at the bright side. Remaining positive was imperative if she was going to rectify the situation. She reasoned that a calm and direct approach would convince Sky to stop and not carry out his vile threats. When she finally got dressed, all of her confidence and optimism disappeared, as she stared at her reflection in the bathroom mirror.Kerri loved wearing the designer blouse despite the garment having a plunging neckline. She had several lacy modesty panels to cover her cleavage so it never bothered her to wear such a sexy top. When Kerri noticed a big portion of her breasts showing, she tried to adjust the swooping front to cover more, but the attempt at modesty seemed futile, as nothing hid the bare skin for long. She shrugged her shoulders in defiance and vowed to not let the unpleasant demand ruin her day.The drive to work was uneventful and she arrived at the college in good spirits. She went immediately to her homeroom and found a small package lying on the floor when she opened the door. Kerri noticed her name plainly printed on the front. She slowly picked it up but was reluctant to actually open the package. Moving to her desk, she sat and gingerly unwrapped the fancy looking box. It turned out to be a small case from a noted jeweler in the city and inside were two dainty, gold rings.Kerri noticed a tiny note taped to the box. ‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life so don’t disappoint me,’ she read. ‘I really don’t want to show people your pictures and movies, so I hope you wore that beautiful red blouse today.’She stared at the note and then her eyes lowered. When Kerri noticed the abundant cleavage, she quickly returned to the note. ‘You will take these rings to Lu’s Tattoo and Piercing and Lu will pierce your nipples.’ Kerri was shocked beyond belief, but she kept reading. ‘You have an appointment at 3:30 this afternoon so don’t be late.’She quickly closed the jewelry case and stuffed it in her desk drawer. Kerri vowed not to follow the awful directions and she tried to immerse herself into her daily routine. Every once in a while or during a quiet moment, she would glance at the closed desk drawer and imagine the golden rings. Near the end of the day, she actually took another look. She sat at her desk and secretly opened the case and the ominous rings were still there.Then Kerri felt strange sensations flowing through her body and her nipples started tingling. She glanced down at her chest and the image of golden rings on her nipples only intensified the sensations. How would he ever know? Sky, or whatever his name was, would never know if she obeyed or not. No, she concluded, she was not going to get pierced and carry out the perverted demand.Kerri fretted and worried all day. At first she noticed some of the students staring and even ogling her, but eventually got used to the uncomfortable attire and didn’t let the voyeurism bother her too much. By early afternoon, the blatant ogling was the least of her troubles, as the appointment time drew near. When the last class of the day ended, Kerri decided to fight the piercing demand. She practically ran out to her car and drove faster than usual to get to the safety of home.Kerri couldn’t fathom any way she could do such a thing and get her nipples pierced. She reasoned that somehow she had to convince Sky to end his distressing blackmail.***The next morning a note was waiting for her under the door of her homeroom. Looking around to see if anyone was watching, she bent over and picked up the small envelope. Closing the door so she could be alone, she opened the message. ‘That was not a smart thing to do, as it cost me sixty bucks for the appointment you missed,’ she read. ‘This will be the last time you disobey me and to show you I mean business, you will be getting a call from your parents.’Kerri shivered, as she read the frightening words. She stared at the note and tried to figure out what it meant, but the threat of receiving a phone call made her increasingly worried. The day seemed like the longest of her life and she kept fretting about the man’s threat until she got home that night. Her fears were realized shortly after supper when her mother called. After a short recap of the past few days, her mother hit Kerri with a jolt. “Dear, we received a picture in the mailbox today,” she stated.The words hung in the air and Kerri had trouble breathing. “Huuummm, yes,” she mumbled.”We… I just didn’t know what to do,” her mother said and paused again.”Huuummm.””Dear… it was you… naked… a picture of you. You’re not wearing anything… anything at all.””Ooohhh, noooo.””Can you tell me… why a naked picture? What is going on?” The words rang like a deathblow to Kerri. There was a pause on the other end of the line and then her mother continued. “What does this mean, Kerri?”Kerri thought fast and furiously to come up with a good answer. “That was taken by my last boyfriend and he is blackmailing me because he wants us to get back together,” she said. “I’m sorry that it came to this… I will do my best to get him to stop immediately.”Her explanation seemed to satisfy her mother, as there was a long sigh of relief in the earpiece. “I won’t show the picture to your father. He would certainly blow a gasket if he saw his only daughter posing in the nude,” her mother declared. “Please talk to that boyfriend and make sure he doesn’t do this again.”The rest of her mother’s call was friendly and both women tried to forget the picture. Kerri was thankful only one was sent to her parents and that the picture was only of her. She reasoned it could have been much worse and breathed a big sigh of relief.The remainder of the night was restless and Kerri felt quite tired when she arrived at school the next day. As was the usual for the past few days, Kerri found a note under her classroom door. It was short and to the point. ‘Lu’s at 3:30 today!’Kerri knew what Sky meant and the butterflies filled her stomach. All of a sudden she realized that today she would have her nipples pierced, much against her will. There was just no way out, as she didn’t want her parents to receive any more pictures. Besides, Kerri reasoned, she would surely lose her job if the Dean or faculty ever saw the evidence. Try as she might, she could not figure out who was behind this evil deed.Precisely at 3:30, Kerri arrived at the parlor and reluctantly entered the place. The short thin, Asian man introduced himself. “I Lu… you Kerri. Sorry you have accident yesterday. Come, we go back room. You bring rings for nipples,” he asked and abruptly proceeded to the rear of the parlor before she could answer.Franticly Kerri looked around for someone to help her, but there was no one. She followed Lu and found herself in a back room where the work would be performed. Kerri noticed a reclining chair and Lu motioned for her to sit. She reluctantly did as the man requested and then he adjusted the chair into a reclined position. “You have rings?” he asked again and Kerri took them out of her pocket with shaking hands. “Ah, very nice,” he stated and set them on a shiny silver tray, which was attached to the arm of the chair.”You take off?” he motioned to her jacket and meant for Kerri to remove the jacket and blouse. A few seconds passed before Kerri did as he requested and then she sat motionless in the chair, wearing only a fancy lace bra. When the man glared at her, Kerri read his eyes and expression, knowing what he wanted. She reached for the last bit of dignity and slowly undid the clasp, letting the lacy garment fall into her lap.The cool air performed magic on her exposed nipples and her buds stood out proudly for Lu to ogle. Kerri merely hoped the hardness was from the cold air and not from some inner perverted desire. A big smile crossed his youthful looking face and he stared at her nudity. “Very nice… they perfect for rings,” he said. Then he went to work at his worktable and Kerri lay back, closing her eyes in an attempt to shut out the worsening situation. She jumped and almost sat up when his cold fingers touched her tender nipple. “So sorry… cold fingers,” Lu said, as he apologized and blew on his hands as if warming them up.Again he went to work and this time Kerri did her best to ignore what he was doing. Being in a brightly lit tattoo parlor with her bare chest exposed to the world was the last place one would expect to find a refined woman like Kerri. Lu did his best to hide his excitement, as he worked on the gorgeous tits. They were absolutely perfect. The boobs were big and very luscious with large pronounced nipples that Lu made sure remained erect.Sky told Lu that his girlfriend wanted to get her nipples pierced for a long time, but she was always too afraid. Lu assured the boyfriend that he was very experienced, as he had pierced many women over the years. Sky also mentioned that there would be future appointments because his girlfriend wanted other parts of her body pierced, which Lu was thrilled to hear.Kerri’s nipples burned and throbbed from what Lu was doing, as he sterilized and readied them, and she fought to remain as calm as possible. Lu started with her left bud, holding it deftly with the forefinger and thumb of his left hand. He pulled, then twisted and then caressed the nipple until it was fully extended. Kerri was embarrassed at how large and swollen her nipple grew from the man’s vulgar touch, but she was mortified when familiar sensations swelled up in her guts.Just as waves of pleasure caused her nipple to throb, Lu shot his needle through her precious bud. The change from extreme gratification to extreme pain was instant. She gasped, groaned, and then moaned out loud. A gold ring penetrated and enslaved her left nipple and Lu was toying with his latest accomplishment, as he twisted and pulled on the trinket to keep the nipple fully extended.After some time, Kerri was able to watch Lu work and was totally amazed when he inserted the second ring into her right nipple. She glanced from one to the other and the rings did make her nips look different, but strangely very alluring. When Lu applied the antiseptic, Kerri thought her nipples would explode. She could not remember them being so hard and the throbbing was a combination of excitement and pain.Lu prolonged the job as long as possible because he enjoyed every caress of the lovely buds. He felt a pang of sadness when Kerri abruptly swung her legs off the chair and sat up. Quickly she donned her bra and the rest of her clothes, as she wanted to get out of the parlor prison, as fast as she could.Without sounding too naive or stupid, Kerri inquired to see what she could find out about her blackmailer from Lu. All she could ascertain was that her supposed boyfriend’s name was Sky and he setup and paid for the appointment days ago. As far as she could tell, Lu had never met Sky because he had the payment delivered by courier and they only talked over the phone. Kerry was no further ahead in solving the puzzle even after quizzing the Chinese tattoo artist.Once Kerri got into her car, she slumped over the steering wheel in total exhaustion. She tried to quell her throbbing nipples and it took all of her resolve to not become hysterical. Nothing so traumatic had ever happened in her sheltered life and suddenly she was at wits end trying to cope. Eventually the burning subsided slightly and she took the fastest way home.***When Kerri woke in the morning, the first thing she did was reach for a tender bud. First she caressed one and then the other. They did hurt a little, but nothing that she could not tolerate. She got out of bed and went straight to the vanity mirror where the sight of her pierced nipples caused her tummy to quiver. For some strange reason, the golden rings hanging from her hard nipples looked overpowering. Her fingers caressed one abused bud and her body rocked with immediate passion.Kerri quickly stopped touching her breasts and diverted her eyes, as she realized the sight would inevitably make her do something she might regret. She deliberately got ready for work and kept dreading getting to work and finding another note under her door. The entire morning was a blur until she walked up to the empty classroom. When she slowly opened the door, her heart stopped when she peeked inside at the one thing she didn’t want to see. She reluctantly bent over and picked up the note knowing it was going to be another day of agony ahead.Inside the small envelope was another golden ring and a short explicit demand. ‘You have an appointment with Lu at 3:30 again today!’ Kerri looked at the ring with a blank stare. She wondered what Sky had planned this time and it was probably a good thing she didn’t know. Had she known, Kerri would surely have chickened out.The day seemed to drag and it was with relief when the final bell sounded. Gathering her books and papers, Kerri left for the 3:30 appointment. Arriving at Lu’s, she entered to find him sitting at the front desk with a big smile as usual. He welcomed her and like a cat rose to lock the front door and then head for the back room. Kerri followed and without being told, she sat on the edge of the chair, which was fully reclined.Lu spoke to her and she just looked at him with a blank stare. “Pardon,” Kerri asked, as she could not believe what she had just heard. She shook her head and tried to comprehend what the man was saying.”Take off skirt… lay down,” Lu repeated. “You have ring for clitoris,” he asked and Kerri almost fainted.She was distraught and kept thinking that she was in some kind of dreamland. This just can’t be happening, Kerri reasoned. Her breathing came in short, quick gasps and she was unable to think of any way out of the tormenting situation. Lu looked at her and gave an impatient wave of his hand. Kerri’s hands slowly went to her waist and began loosening her clothes. First she removed the skirt and then the sheer nylons, which left her wearing only a fancy pair of silk panties.Once again Lu’s little heart did a few skips when Kerri exposed herself. He wanted to rip the panties off her shapely hips, but managed to wait. The anticipation was agony, as he waited until Kerri finally reached for the elastic waistband. Lu’s heart pounded and he would surely have passed out if she took any longer. With a slow reluctant push, Kerri slid her dignity off her shapely hips and down her slender legs until she stood almost naked before the strange man.Kerri’s face instantly turned crimson and the blush ran down her entire body. Stripping for a stranger was the most humiliating thing she had ever done. She stared at Lu and noticed the happiest grin on the man’s face, as he spoke. “Now we shave,” he said and indicated he wanted her to lay down on the recliner. When Lu received directions for the impending piercing, he was utterly thrilled that Sky gave him permission to do whatever he wanted to his girlfriend.Kerri wasn’t sure she heard him properly. “Shave? What… shave,” she asked?Lu merely repeated his request. “Now we shave. We shave so you no get infection,” he said and waited.Kerri delayed as long as possible, but then she noticed Lu getting perturbed. With a shrug of her shoulders, she got into position and her body literally vibrated when she lay on her back. She glanced down the front of her body at the look of lust on Lu’s face, as he devoured her exposed flesh. Lu quickly took control. He rotated to the foot of the chair and moved between her feet, forcing her legs apart. Then he lightly slapped the insides of her thighs and ordered her to spread her legs so he could shave her pelvis.A sob raked her young body, as Lu took control. She spread her legs and gave the man complete access to her womanly body. Her head was swimming in confusion and Kerri couldn’t think of any way to prevent her clit being pierced by the vile Chinaman. Suddenly Lu reached for the tray that held the shaving materials and he leaned forward to begin the pleasant task. The sparse blonde hair did nothing to hide the immense beauty of Kerri’s pussy and Lu could easily make out the puffy lips.Kerri was fully exposed and vulnerable and she had no choice if she wanted to keep her past a secret. Her eyes opened wide when Lu squirted shaving lotion into the palm of his hand and then slowly applied the cream to her pubic region. He covered the pussy hair and ensured every inch of her pelvis was coated with cream. The grin on Lu’s face broadened when he noticed her body jerk and twitch every time he swiped his fingers through the slippery lotion.Lu wiped the excess off his hand and picked up the razor. When the cool metal touched her skin, Kerri flinched wildly, which resulted in a stern warning from Lu. “You no move… me cut,” he said with a serious expression on his face. Then he güvenilir bahis made the first swipe across the heated flesh. A cleanly shaven strip appeared from the top of her bush to the tip of her pussy slit. Kerri stared in utter shock, as her blonde curly locks quickly disappeared, and she wondered if this part was even necessary.Kerri remained perfectly still because she didn’t want to disobey the man. It took a scant minute or two for her skin to turn pink from the shaver and Lu quickly had all of the lotion and hair removed from above her crotch. Kerri opened her mouth to protest, but nothing came out. She noticed the grin on Lu’s face widen, as he zeroed in on the area between the slender thighs. He purposely wiped most of the cream off with his fingers and stared at the gorgeous pussy lips. Then very carefully and slowly, Lu shaved the entire crotch so he wouldn’t cut the prized flesh.Kerri couldn’t watch and looked up at the ceiling, as Lu continued. Sobs raked her body and she lay back to let him degrade her even more. Her pussy lips quickly turned red and puffy from the irritation and Lu nonchalantly patted the tender area as if to say, ‘a job well done’. Then he reached for the sterilizing cream and rubbed it over Kerri’s crotch and pelvis, which was actually very soothing.A wide smile crossed Lu’s face, as he realized Kerri wasn’t going to stop him. He brazenly swiped his fingers along the entire labia and ensured his forefinger dipped into the vast wetness. Lu purposely brushed over the wet lips and then he spied the tiny tip of Kerri’s clit. He coated his fingers with more ointment and shrewdly wiped the juices through the pink slit. Her hips jerked and jumped when he touched the clitty and Lu didn’t stop until he was ready.Lu giggled at Kerri’s reaction and vowed to take his sweet time. He wanted to cherish having control of the sexiest woman and all of a sudden he was filled with confidence.Kerri couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She felt a little faint and very unsure of how to prevent being controlled by the sly tattoo artist. She was normally master of her destiny, but that seemed to be changing. Again Lu’s finger swiped across her sensitive pussy lips and she flinched. Kerri tilted her head up and glanced downward. She witnessed Lu spreading her essence and sobbed with the knowledge that she was not going to stop him.It seemed like everything happened in slow motion. Kerri watched him spread the swollen pussy lips apart to expose the ultimate jewel. “Here, I show where ring go,” Lu whispered. Abruptly he opened the hood of her vulva exposing the clitoris and the vulnerable nub stood out proudly. Lu deliberately flicked the tip and knew Kerri would not resist his brazen assault. He noticed her shut her eyes tight and heard her breathing become a little ragged, as he boldly caressed the throbbing clit without her permission.As Lu predicted, Kerri sat still and allowed his fingers to inflame the most sensitive bud. Suddenly she felt that familiar stirring deep inside her loins and her mind went crazy. Kerri withdrew and prayed for strength. “No, no, no, please no.” She knew the feeling and immediately her mind filled with guilt when a powerful spasm shot through her body. ‘No, no, I won’t,’ she thought, determined not to let the orgasm lose.For some unknown reason the degrading and disgusting things that Lu was doing to her were having an adverse affect. Fire swept through her inner region and the image of her newly shaved pussy fueled her lust. Kerri squeezed her eyes shut with all of her might and she waited for the intense desire to subside. The darkness felt good and she tried to quell the rising emotions.Kerri knew the man was taking liberties that were not necessary yet her protest was far too feeble. “No, no, please don’t,” she pleaded, but remained still with her legs spread. “Please don’t.” She wanted to escape but was unsure of the serious ramifications if she didn’t follow Sky’s demand.Lu stared at the wetness. His damning fingers pulled the clit so hard that Kerri let out a big gasp of air when he pinched the bud between his fingertips. Then he twirled the clitty around and around so fast that it filled the room with a lewd swishing sound. All of the willpower in the world could not stop the volcanic eruption and the juices flowed like molten lava. Lu hadn’t witnessed anything so erotic in all his years of doing tattoos and piercings as the honey soaked his fingers.His heart beat fast and he had to steady himself so he could move onto the next stage. Lu sterilized the gold ring and it glistened when he held it up for Kerri to see. “This very pretty on clit,” he explained and set the ring on a metal tray.Kerri watched in horror when Lu put a clamp on her puffy lips and held them apart so he could do the piercing. He tried to ask where she wanted the ring, but Kerri couldn’t comprehend what he meant. She merely shrugged her shoulders and Lu took her gesture as an okay to proceed. His skilled fingers held the winged clitoris out from her crotch and then he used his thumb and forefinger to position the clit at the perfect angle. The actual piercing was completed in just a couple of minutes and Lu was sad when it was over. Kerri’s cunt looked absolutely irresistible with the shinny ring half exposed outside of the reddened pussy lips. Lu reassured himself that Sky would be very happy with this one and the piercing was definitely worth the 100 bucks he paid.Kerri breathed the biggest sigh of relief. Like she did during the earlier piercing, she tried to gain some information about Sky. The attempt was in vain because Lu just didn’t know any more than he had already told her. She left the parlor a defeated woman and welcomed the comfort of being alone at last. The drive home was a complete daze, as Kerri’s mind pondered the predicament she had somehow gotten herself into. She went straight to bed when she got home and didn’t wake up till about 5 in the morning.Thankfully it was a weekend and Kerri stayed inside to get as much relaxation as possible. Every time her mind wondered to the golden rings, she willed herself to think about something else. By Sunday evening the tenderness in her crotch had disappeared, but there remained a new sensation in her pussy whenever she walked or moved around. Kerri was a little mystified by the realization that her nipples seemed hard most of the time and she hoped the newness of her recent piercing would not have lingering effects.***Sky was extremely happy with the way his blackmail scheme was going. He found it very easy to fool Kerri, as she was naïve about deception and deceit. Fully satisfied that his plan was foolproof, he schemed to take things a step further. His next demand would humiliate Kerri like no other and Sky felt a growing excitement fill his perverted mind.Watching Kerri scan all of her students made Sky giggle, as she tried to imagine who was sending her the notes. She sat by herself in the lunchroom and studied everyone to see if anyone looked suspicious. Sky enjoyed teasing her about being preoccupied and he watched to see if she would give any indication of having pierced nipples. Knowing about Kerri’s piercings and watching her every day in class drove him to new heights of arousal and Sky masturbated almost every night just dreaming of her sexy body.Monday morning started off well and Kerri ran her classes without any hitches. She immersed herself in the classroom and the day seemed to fly by, which made her very happy. She breathed a big sigh when the bell rang to signal the end of the day and she grabbed her coat and books to leave. Kerri reached into her coat pocket and she froze when her hand felt a folded piece of paper. She slowly pulled her hand out and opened the note to find another message from her phantom blackmailer.’The piercing went extremely well. Now it is time to show them off,’ she read and her heart skipped a beat just thinking of the dire suggestion. ‘I have chosen your new intern, Jim, as the lucky man to taste your sweet delights. Jim is innocent and very safe.’Kerri sobbed in fear, as she stared at the piece of paper. ‘You will take Jim to your place and seduce him,’ she read, as the words blurred because of her tear-filled eyes. ‘I will check with Jim afterward to make sure you have been a good girl. If you are, I won’t release any further pictures.’Kerri realized all hope was lost and she finished reading. ‘I want this done tomorrow evening and I will leave it up to you to find a way to get Jim to your place.’ Her hands trembled, as she crumpled the note and returned it to her pocket. She hurriedly left the college and drove home in a quandary, crying out loud when she rushed into the house. The door slammed behind her and she wondered why such a terrible thing was happening to her.The night was the longest of her life and she found it impossible to get any sleep. Why Jim? He was probably the most reclusive guy in the school and he certainly looked like a loner. Kerri wondered if he was the blackmailer? Then she quickly dismissed the silly idea because Jim was far too passive and definitely not smart enough to blackmail anyone, especially someone as intelligent as her.All the next morning in class, Kerri tried to think of a reason to ask Jim to her place after school. Seeing him sitting quietly at the back of each class gave her a constant reminder and finally she thought of a logical way. He was having some trouble making lesson plans for current flow and charged ions so she offered to give him some extra tutelage on that section. After the first afternoon class, Kerri asked Jim to come up front for a minute. “I have some free time tonight and don’t mind helping you with your lesson plans… with current and ions,” she offered and didn’t dare look him directly in the eye.Jim was silent for a few seconds but then found his voice. “Aaah, it’s okay. You don’t have to,” he replied.Kerri realized Jim was extremely shy and she would have to take charge if it was going to happen. “I really don’t mind… I’m totally free tonight. It is easier to do it at my place and I insist. I’ll drive you there right after school,” she said and didn’t wait for an answer. She closed the book she had in front of her and stood up to do some work on the chalkboard.***Jim was on pins and needles until the end of the day. He waited for Kerri after class and met her at the school’s backdoor. “You really don’t have to do this, as I can figure it out,” he stated, as Kerri headed towards the parking lot.Kerri wondered if the poor guy had ever been with a girl and she was extremely embarrassed by what she was forced to do with such an innocent, naïve young man. “No, I really want to… I’m only too glad to help a fellow teacher,” she said and led the way to her car.Jim took the opportunity to watch her ass sway, as she walked, and felt an instant pang in his crotch just thinking of the hot, sexy teacher. He had fantasized so many nights of seeing Kerri naked and making her his very own fuck. Watching her seductive body simply fueled his boyish mind and he got hornier and hornier all the way to the car.They drove to Kerri’s place in silence, as neither could think of anything intelligent to say. Kerri felt her temperature rise dramatically and her breathing became much faster once they arrived. She knew there was no way Jim would ever do anything and she recalled what was written in the note. Sky demanded she had to seduce Jim and she realized that would have to happen. She thought and worried about a logical way to do it, but nothing sounded reasonable, as she wasn’t comfortable acting in such a provocative manner.When they settled inside at her kitchen table, the tutoring commenced right away and everything seemed to be quite normal. After about 30 minutes of teaching, Kerri felt her body getting more aroused by the minute. She wasn’t sure why? For some mysterious reason the thought of Jim being the first man to see her golden rings was making her more excited than she cared to admit. Her nipples were ready to burst and she could feel the wetness creeping into her panties. The thought of actually carrying out the distressing seduction was the most depraved thing she had ever done in her life, yet Kerri found it lustful instead of sinful. Without warning she stood up and excused herself by saying she was going to change into something more comfortable. She almost laughed at the line because it sounded so corny and she hurried off to her bedroom with a feeling of great uncertainty.Kerri undressed, but she couldn’t work up enough courage to remove her under garments. She had never initiated sex in her life so she just wasn’t sure how to go about it. Taking a black silky robe from her closet, she put it on and looked at her reflection in the mirror. The robe did make her appear sexy and her blonde hair stood out prominently against the dark colored garment. Then she bent over, as if sitting at the kitchen table, and she displayed more cleavage than ever, which she assumed Jim would find very alluring.She wasn’t one to flash or expose herself on purpose so Kerri found the thought of a man lusting over her body to be surprisingly arousing. Her body hadn’t been so turned on and alive since the Florida spring vacation and she was beginning to like the feeling. Kerri returned to the kitchen and uttered a little gasp of surprise at the stunned look on Jim’s face when he stared at her new attire. When she sat down at the table across from him, she purposely bent over to reach for a book.Kerri heard Jim take a big gasp, as the front of her robe drooped all the way down to the tabletop, and she held the revealing position for the longest time. She was positive he had a great view and sort of grinned when she saw him fidgeting in his chair. A feeling of hope filled her mind, as she prayed her brazen exhibition would entice Jim to take action. However, when another 10 to 15 minutes passed without him doing anything, Kerri realized that she would most certainly have to be the aggressor.Kerri could tell Jim was aroused and assumed he was merely too shy and timid to do anything. She gazed straight into his eyes and tried to be as suggestive as possible when she spoke in a soft seductive voice. “Have you ever felt a woman’s breasts before,” she asked and almost knocked Jim off his chair.The stunned look on his face was priceless and he played the role perfectly. “Naaa, no, never,” he whispered, while never taking his eyes off her chest.”Would you like to feel mine?” She uttered a little sob of defeat, as she submitted to the strange temptation. Then she surprised even herself by opening her robe, but even more when she undid the clasp of her bra to fully expose her two beautiful treasures.When the teacher’s tits popped into view, Jim was sure he was going to suffer a heart attack, as his chest pounded like mad. His breath caught in his throat and he stared at the magnificent boobs, which were highlighted by the golden rings. “My God, you’re gorgeous… absolutely beautiful,” he mumbled with the greatest confidence. Jim would never admit it, but pierced nipples made him hornier than anything else and he felt his penis swell at the thought of fondling Kerri’s.”You can feel them and kiss them if you want,” Kerri said, feeling more comfortable in the new role.Jim acted immediately and quickly knelt down beside Kerri’s chair. His fingers appeared to vibrate when he grabbed the outstanding pierced nipples, and he pinched and rolled the erect buds around like a teenager.It was Kerri’s turn for a heart attack. The beating in her chest was so strong that she felt faint. A powerful wave of lust quickly rolled over her and she couldn’t imagine it happening so rapidly. She arched her back and boldly offered her bare boobs to her intern teacher, as if he was her exclusive boyfriend.Kerri glanced down at Jim when his burning mouth devoured a rock hard nipple and she marveled at his tongue playing with the golden ring. Then he seized the neglected nipple with his fingers and almost immediately Kerri felt her panties get soaked. She creamed like a rank beginner and was unable to control her passion, as it soared to a high peak. Kerri desperately grabbed his head and pulled it tightly into her naked chest. She moaned and screamed so loud that at first Jim wondered if Kerri was hurt. Realizing she was in the throes of a premature orgasm, he caressed her throbbing nipples and gently massaged her luscious tits.The robe had opened fully and fallen off her shoulders, leaving her almost completely naked. Jim’s hungry eyes roamed over the exposed flesh and he became hornier by the second. He noticed the flimsy panties and swiftly took the liberty to thrust his hand down the front of Kerri’s torso and into the lacy garment. When his fingers slithered between the velvety thighs, Jim discovered the profound wetness of his dream goddess.Kerri found it impossible to keep her legs together. She spread her thighs and yielded everything to her new lover. Her heart and soul were under the man’s fingertips and she willingly surrendered.Jim had never felt a woman’s pussy before and he could not believe how erotic it felt between his fingers. He toyed with the small ring poking out from the puffy lips and smiled at the thought of his devious blackmail scheme taking control over Kerri. When he flicked the ring, Kerri’s hips thrust wildly in the chair. Knowing that he was touching the most sensitive area of any woman, he kept caressing the control-button, which brought even louder moans from his adored teacher.Any restraint or stamina that Kerri may have had was overcome by the desire that was consuming her body. She yearned for more, as her mind soared to new heights. “Please… oh please, kiss my cunt,” she whispered. The filthy words seemed to inflame her mind even more and Kerri was unable to stop babbling. “Please, bahis siteleri kiss my cunt. Use your tongue on my clitoris.”In a flash, Jim ripped the soaked panties off her shapely hips. Kerri had never had sex in a kitchen or under bright lights before. She watched the man dive between her legs and her heart literally stopped, as his mouth surrounded her leaking vulva. Then she uttered another deep moan and shoved her hips forward so that her ass barely touched the chair. Kerri put her hands on the edge of the chair seat so she wouldn’t fall off and then spread her legs wide to allow Jim access to her precious womanhood. The pierced clitoris was sucked into his demanding mouth and the orgasm burst from her deepest region.It was a full-blown orgasm and much more dramatic than the prior tremors that rocked her body. Kerri imagined being a mature woman in the midst of a lustful climax brought on by a young man who had no sexual experience. The violent spasms shook her slender body and Jim swallowed the succulence of a woman for the very first time.As the flames died down inside her heated body, Kerri became aware of his sexual needs. Jim struggled to remove his clothes and in a short time his hard cock bounced into view. The penis bobbed up and down between the man’s legs and drew her eyes like a strong magnet. Kerri felt a compelling desire to feel the length of steel for the first time in her life. She was off the chair in a split second and had her hand wrapped around the burning tool before Jim could react. The heat was intense and Kerri couldn’t remember a cock being so hot. She wasn’t one to eagerly such a man’s cock, but suddenly she was filled with a strange yearning to feel it in her mouth.Jim knew what Kerri was about to do and he felt reluctance to allow it because he wanted the session to last. He gave a feeble push to show her that he didn’t want a blowjob, but Kerri’s passion was far beyond his pithy resistance. Her fingers closed around the thick shaft and Jim willingly conceded to her demands. Kerri sucked the head of his raging hardon into her mouth and used her hand to pump the loose foreskin up and down the lengthy shaft.The aroma seemed to dull her mind. Kerri sucked the cock and even let some go down her throat, which she had never done before. She pumped her fist up and down the throbbing shaft and used her teeth to rake the tender edge around the flared head. When she heard loud moans and groans escape the man’s throat, she increased the tempo.Jim felt his stamina quickly dissipate and knew he was about to fill Kerri’s mouth with hot seed. He hesitated and tried to hold back, but his hips tightened and his cock throbbed crazily. Kerri’s fingers squeezed and an uncommon lust took over. For some strange reason she wanted to feel Jim climax and rationalized that swallowing the cum was punishment for doing something so humiliating.Kerri had no idea where it came from. A powerful desire hit and she reached for the man’s balls. She cupped the nuts and rolled them around and around in the hanging bag, as if they were marbles. When she tightened her grip, Kerri felt his hips jerk wildly and she knew Jim was about to shoot his load into her waiting mouth. The scene was more mystical than ever, but sadly no one could see. Kerri squeezed the hard shaft with one hand and squeezed the balls with the other. The wildman shot the molten lava down her throat and she tried to swallow as fast as she could. Being able to satisfy a man’s sexual desires gave Kerri a warm feeling inside, as she milked the cock for every last ounce of cum. Jim stood with his feet spread wide apart trying to keep his balance and Kerri remained on her knees in front of the panting man. Both felt a sense of guilt and shame and they reached for their clothes in an effort to hide their nakedness. Jim got dressed and whispered that he should get going. Kerri nodded her head in agreement, as both would need some time to reflect on what had just happened and it was best if they were alone to do that.Kerri decided a show of tenderness was needed. “Thank you for a wonderful evening and I don’t regret one bit of what happened,” she whispered and held his hand in hers when she gave him a light kiss on the cheek. Kerri reasoned it wasn’t Jim’s fault for the drastic sexual encounter and she wanted him to have peace of mind because she didn’t blame him. She felt obliged to take full blame for her actions and didn’t want him feeling any guilt.***After closing the door behind Jim, Kerri slumped against the big wooden door and closed her eyes. It was true that the encounter should not have happened, but in reality she didn’t feel any remorse. Her head had been filled with uncommon lust ever since the blackmail started and the piercing only seemed to fuel her passion. She had succumbed to the emotions and used the excuse of the blackmail causing her to have the affair with Jim. Her body quivered at the memory of the things Jim did to her and how she felt at the time. Even that sordid time in Florida didn’t match the intensity of this affair, she concluded.Her legs trembled making it hard to walk to her bedroom and she collapsed on the soft comforter. Kerri finally realized just how tired she was and instantly fell asleep. She woke at four in the morning and realized she was still in her robe. After fumbling with the covers and getting them pulled up around her neck, she fell back to sleep and finally woke when the alarm went off.Her body still felt alive and mysteriously it seemed overly sensitive for some unknown reason. The shower felt more stimulating than usual and she let the hot, steamy water run over her exhausted muscles for many minutes. Eventually she felt relaxed and quickly got ready for work because the time was running short.The day went well and there were no surprises in store for her until quitting time. Jim was feeling very sure of himself after his successful blackmail scheme and he met Kerri when she left work. He walked up to her as she approached her car and couldn’t wipe the big grin off his face. “I was wondering if you would mind giving me some more lessons tonight,” he said.Kerri’s first reaction was one of rage, but she managed to only think about having an outburst. ‘No, you fucking jerk. I only did that last night because someone was blackmailing me,’ she thought and bit her tongue.She looked him in the eye to speak and felt a quiver run through her midsection. Then for some ungodly reason, Kerri looked him up and down and felt the flames of desire run through her body. She sensed a need for more of Jim’s caresses and to have him kiss her rings once again. Kerri realized that her student teacher was a sincere individual and that Jim was trying to be nice to her. “Why I would love to,” she responded and motioned to her car. “Sure, why not, as I don’t have anything planned. You can come with me.”They rode in silence and both knew why they were heading to her place. Once they got to Kerri’s, Jim felt a strong urge to take charge. When the door closed, he grabbed Kerri and pulled her into his body. He kissed her hard on the lips and his tongue thrust out demanding she open her mouth. Then his mischievous hand reached inside her jacket and quickly found the bottom of her blouse that was already partially loosened.In a flash his darting fingers slipped into the blouse and under the bra before closing on top of a mouth-watering boob. The crude assault should have enraged Kerri, but suddenly she was fighting to control her rising emotions. Her legs trembled and the rapid attack seemed to get her aroused rather than angered. She entwined her tongue with his and arched her back as if offering herself to the young man while they stood in the entryway of her home.Kerri wasn’t sure whether it was her idea or if Jim steered her into the living room. They remained locked in an intimate embrace and didn’t linger more than a few seconds in the room before heading towards her bedroom. Everything happened without thinking. Kerri understood Jim’s desires, as his hands brazenly fondled her all over, and she urged him down the hallway and into her bedroom. One moment they were rushing across the room and the next they were sprawled out on top of the bed.Kerri wasn’t sure whether he ripped off her clothes or if she assisted in the swift striptease. In mere seconds she was naked above the waist. She literally trembled when he devoured the end of her titty and she had trouble breathing, as sharp teeth surrounded her nipple. His fingers went to the other swollen bud and when Jim caressed both nipple rings, Kerri moaned so loudly that it scared him. He paused, but Kerri quickly reassured him. She cupped both of her boobs in her hands and begged for his mouth again.The wetness grew between Kerri’s legs and her hips jerked and quivered, as if inviting an imaginary lover to touch her pussy. Jim fondled and m*****ed her breasts, even nibbling the nips now and then, which caused spasms to erupt from inside her belly. Like their first affair, Kerri felt an orgasm rise from her core and her womanly juices began flowing freely. She resembled a common teenager without any control and experienced an orgasm without Jim touching her cunt. Her body shook wildly, as he caressed her titties, and she creamed her panties like a wanton slut.Jim felt Kerri’s body thrust madly and wondered if she was in fact climaxing. The sounds coming out of her mouth were passionate and pure a****listic and seemed to grow louder with every nibble on her hardened nipples.Kerri couldn’t wait for Jim to strip the rest of her clothes and her trembling hands completed the task. Once naked, she began struggling with his clothes and had great difficulty, as her fingers were shaking so badly. Then Jim helped and in scant seconds he too was completely naked. They rolled around on the bed like a couple of out of control teenagers with their arms and legs entwined while locked in a heated passionate kiss.Kerri was aroused and she felt no humiliation when she broke the kiss. “Suck my cunt… now,” she ordered and roughly grabbed his head. She ran her fingers into his hair and guided his face into her crotch where he readily sucked the nectar from the Promised Land. When his hot mouth closed over her fiery volcano, the quake was so powerful that Kerri almost passed out.Jim sucked the ring and clit into his mouth with such force that it resulted in an immediate orgasm. Experiencing another orgasm in a matter of minutes was explosive and Kerri’s ass bounced on the sheets, as the madman performed amazing cunnilingus and ate her out. Jim drank the honey, as his passion climbed higher and higher to join Kerri’s.She was unsure if it was the clit piercing or if it was just the circumstances that added to her heightened pleasure. Suddenly it didn’t matter, as Kerri lost her body to the young intern and her mind and spirit to a****l lust. Later she would feel the guilt and shame, but during the ecstasy she only felt the overpowering desire.The orgasm soared to a blissful peak and the flowing lava streamed down towards the hungry mouth. Jim reached up with his hands and pinched the golden rings, using his fingertips to pull the gems out from Kerri’s chest. He crushed her last straw of willpower and she succumbed to the earth-shattering climax. Powerful convulsions shot through her loins and Kerri was turned into a wanton slut by a clever scheming blackmailer.It was a picture of forlorn lust with Kerri’s long blonde hair spread out on the bedding and her body in the throes of an intense orgasm. Jim sucked the treasured pussy for all of his worth and he hung onto the thrashing hips for dear life, as if she was a bucking bronco. Every time he flicked the ring with his tongue, Kerri’s hips bucked wildly on top of the bed. He slowed his caresses, as the lust subsided, and knew it was time for his just reward.Kerri sensed his dire need and she welcomed Jim’s movement, as he lay on top of her sweaty body. When he slithered up and kissed her on the lips, she immediately searched for his darting tongue. The taste of her own juices sent shivers up and down her spine, but it quickly became an aphrodisiac that eroded any depraved feelings.The scene was of two intimate lovers. A length of steel pressed between the velvety thighs and the legs spread to allow the man to enter. The ramrod tip pressed into the waiting crotch and instantly grazed the wet slit. Kerri’s tummy shuddered with desire and her breathing became very labored, as she willingly remained motionless so the cock would find her precious opening.Kerri was consumed by a reckless elation for the first time in her life. She wrapped her arms around the young man and hugged his muscular body tightly. The thought of getting pierced again hit her, but this time with a man’s cock and not a needle, which seemed seductive rather than distressing. Kerri threw back her head. Her eyes opened wide and her mouth was agape, as she knew Jim was searching. “Please, please,” she begged and waited.Jim wanted the heat of Kerri’s cunt and moved his hips into position for the kill. He pushed forward and then the head of his cock split the slippery, swollen lips, as Kerri held with anticipation. Once the flaming inferno engulfed the end of his rod, the heat was overpowering and his a****l instincts took over. Jim thrust his thick meat all the way into his dream woman and an immediate fiery explosion erupted deep inside her epicenter. Spasm after spasm rocked her lithe body with such viciousness that she clung to Jim, as if he was her savior.Kerri surrendered and welcomed the best climax of her life. Her cries of happiness echoed through her bedroom when the womanly juices flowed and coated Jim’s cock for the first time, which robbed his remaining stamina. All the fantasies in the world couldn’t prepare him for the heavenly bliss and Jim blasted smoldering lava into uncharted territory. It was a picture of two lovers thrusting madly at each other and two orgasms melting into one.Loud moans and heavy breathing filled the room and Kerri was truly smitten for the very first time. The lovers desperately clung to each other; the climaxes flourished and the bodies glistened with beads of sweat. Many minutes passed while the ecstasy subsided and they remained in a tight embrace, waiting for their emotions to quiet.Eventually their breathing returned to normal. Jim watched with great interest, as Kerri got off the bed and rustled around finding her discarded clothes. She stood and donned her blouse while forgetting about the unnecessary bra. He slowly reached for his clothes and didn’t take his eyes off of his sexy mentor. When the shinny rings disappeared, Jim couldn’t get the image of her sexy tits out of his head. He forgot about getting dressed and stared wide-eyed at Kerri’s shaved pussy until she covered it with her skirt.All of a sudden he needed to caress Kerri one more time. She was only a couple of feet away so he grabbed her. Jim pulled her back onto the bed and put her in an intimate embrace. Overcome by the young man’s boldness, Kerri tilted her head back and allowed Jim to kiss her on the mouth. His tongue slipped between her open lips and displayed a lingering desire for more.When his hand slithered down the front of her body, Kerri knew what Jim was searching for and she spread her legs. Her breathing caught, as his hand slipped into her skirt and found the vast wetness. She arched her back and bared her soul again to her young intern. The finger penetration was swift and accurate. She stretched and arched her back, as if she was trying to crawl away, but her struggle was merely for show.Renewed desire surged through her stomach and then she welcomed his loving embrace, as his finger moved in and out of her heated cavity. Kerri thrust her hips in tune with his finger pumping, trying to match Jim’s passion. Mysteriously Kerri felt controlled by the man’s caresses and her mind was once again inflamed.Jim’s touch seemed too much for her to resist and it became evident that he was master of her domain. Her body vibrated and seemed ready for another orgasm, which she found bewildering because she was always reserved and hesitant to give herself to anyone. She pressed her legs together tightly in a futile attempt to stop or at least delay her rising emotions, but that merely put extreme pressure on her labia and clitty.Jim put his fingertips around the throbbing clitoris and listened to the music. He rolled the clit around and around in the juices and heard the sounds of a woman going towards the crest of another joyous climax. Jim cradled her upper body with one arm and devoured a waiting nipple, as he expertly m*****ed her clitoris. Kerri’s body went into wild convulsions and waves of ecstasy washed over her entire being, as the continuous spasms prevented any hope of regaining control.Kerri had heard of multiple orgasms, but she never imagined experiencing them. Her mind drifted into a never, never land and she was too confused and dazed to think straight. When the powerful orgasm slowly diminished, she was too weak to move. She watched Jim slowly roll off her torso and then retrieve his clothing.Jim knew it was time to leave. He had accomplished more than he ever expected or hoped to accomplish. Kerri was too exhausted to cover herself and lay motionless on the disheveled bed, leaving her blouse rolled up around her neck and her skirt bunched around her waist. Jim got dressed and all the while stared at her alluring nakedness. A twinge of sadness went through him, as he bent over to give Kerri a goodbye kiss.It wasn’t until many minutes after Jim departed that Kerri’s mind came back into focus. The thought of Sky, the blackmailer, and his controlling demands floated into her mind and she knew more of his vile requests would be waiting for her when she opened her classroom in the morning. Who was he? Why was Sky blackmailing her? All of a sudden nothing mattered, as she was too tired and fell asleep right where she was.THE END OF CHAPTER ONEI am revising my older stories and will hopefully write one new chapter when the revisions are done. Please send feedback, as I am always interested in what readers think of my stories.

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