A Queen Mother’s Comfort

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This story is something you may have already seen before. There was a bit of a kerfuffle, but it is back now. Because I had lost the original (final) file, I had to work from an earlier version. I’ve gone through the whole text and added back what was lost. The story is the same, as are the events that take place, but the words, in some places, will not be. In the end, I would say that it is about 80-90% the same as it had been. If you spot any errors, do not hesitate to let me know.

Furthermore, I would like to thank those who sent supportive messages. I understand that this second release will most likely not be received with the great amount of positivity that I had encountered before, but I am going ahead anyway for those that found themselves wanting to come back to it, and finding it gone.

I would also like to thank EditingAlix for the excellent and thorough review they did of my text a while ago. They were also responsible for getting the text back to me, so thanks for that as well.

The introduction in my initial release was brief, but it still rings true today: “Hello. This is basically my attempt at writing something because I wanted the practice. It’s a bit of a fake historical setting. I hope you enjoy!”


A cold breeze wafted into the king’s office, reminding him of the gloomy weather. Grey clouds darkened the rolling hills. The king’s palace, usually so full of colourful splendour, was covered in a dimming blanket.

Glavien, the king, sat hunched over his desk. With ink-blackened fingers, he tackled the monotonous task of signing all kinds of reports, invitations and congratulations. It was best to work his way through the boring assignments first, Glavien felt.

That did not mean that all his other duties gave him joy. Quite the contrary, in fact. Advisers, noblemen and petitioners surrounded him almost every waking moment.

Even now a puffed-up nobleman stomped into his office. He was gracious and obedient, of course, as any good subject should be. He bowed low, almost comically so.

“Your Majesty,” the man said, “I bring you a matter of utmost importance. As you know the boundaries of my estates are constantly violated by the La Tadiennes…”

The king let the man speak, but did not truly hear what he had to say. He looked out his window, to the grey skies. He ran his hand through his thick, black hair. The muskets ornamenting the wall looked quite inviting right about now. Not to shoot the man, of course—that would be rash even for a young king like him. And he was young, still in his early twenties. No, the king yearned for a hunt. This weather be damned.

Years of avid hunting had built him his lean muscles—muscles that he could no longer use as much as he used to since his father had died on a military expedition a few years ago. Glavien had not known him well, as he was usually left back home in this very palace. Fortunately for him, however, he had not been all alone. His mother had always been there to shield him from preying courtiers looking for a way to gain the prince’s favour.

These past few months were the first time he had been without her, as she had left on a visit to her family in the south. A long journey, yet the time she was away felt even longer. These months he had felt the pressure creep up on him, building, slowly but surely. A constant barrage of questions, insinuations and veiled threats weighed upon the king’s mind. The waters of court life were already difficult to navigate, but now it felt as if he had to do it without his shining light—his mother—to guide him.

Glavien eyed the silver box on his desk, and could not suppress the slightest of smiles.

The nobleman puffed his cheeks. “Your Majesty, surely this is no laughing matter? You have been most kind to me and mine these past few years, true, but…”

His guiding light was about to return to him. Any day now. He learned this from a message the travelling party had sent ahead. She would return, and he could finally breathe a little easier. He would once again not stand alone.

The man kept talking and talking. How many words could one man use in such a short space of time? Quite a large amount, as it turned out.

A knock on the door. Someone walked in: a stern man dressed in a fine black servant’s outfit. He bowed, with a lot more grace than the king’s current visitor, and cleared his throat.

“Your mother has arrived, Your Majesty,” he said, “and she is anxious to see you, though she has expressed a desire to freshen up first. Shall I send for her once she is done?”

“Yes,” Glavien said with probably a little too much obvious joy. He felt a flutter in his stomach. Finally, finally, finally. A wave of relief washed over him as he let himself lean back into his chair.

“Hand me your petition, or whatever it is, and I’ll read it,” the king said as he waved his hand in an impatient gesture.

“Certainly, Your Majesty,” the nobleman said with some trepidation, “but I do believe that a verbal clarification is quite çankaya escort necessary to promote your understanding of a delicate—”

“I will read it.”

The nobleman stood there stumped for a moment, then retrieved a stack of papers from his inner pocket and placed it on the desk. He bowed again, shallower this time, and stormed off. Glavien turned to the servant.

“Send her in as soon as she’s here. Let no one else through that door,” Glavien said while wagging his finger.

The servant nodded, and left the room, closing the door behind him with a soft click.

Glavien stood up, a nervous excitement taking hold of him. He paced around his office, trying to pass the time. Admiring the portraits hung upon the wall did little to help, however, and Glavien quickly found himself growing even more impatient.

He had to admit, this was not the reaction he had expected of himself. He anticipated that he would be happy, of course, but there was something else, something he could not define: a need—a need that had nestled itself in his heart all those months ago, perhaps even earlier. It surged in him now, making him restless in a way that he could not describe—did not dare describe.

These past few months he had spent alone made it clear to him just how much he thought about her. Glavien compared all women he encountered with her. Unfortunately for them, they always lacked something. He needed a certain smile from them, a warmth, a softness…

After what seemed like an eternity, the door opened. In she walked, banishing the gloom of his office with her radiant beauty.

She had olive skin and smiling, light brown eyes. Her long, wavy, dark blonde hair was held back with pins and topped with a beautiful silver tiara embellished with small emeralds. She had a vibrancy that defied her early fourties. She was Isaralda de Guranez: the Flower of Vinalejo. She was his mother.

Glavien was filled with joy when he saw her, yet that strange longing still claimed a small place in his heart. She had clearly already dressed up for whatever festivities were organized later in the day. The stay underneath her bright blue dress, which itself was embroidered with golden thread, squeezed her large bust together and pushed it upwards. Its skirt, figure hugging at the hips and thighs, loose and trailing at the bottom, did little to hide her voluptuous figure. She had wide hips, firm legs and a round, shapely bottom that was barely contained by the fabric of her clothes.

Those were some rather strange things to notice, Glavien realised. He had spent these months alone, in every sense of the word. Pressure had built up in him in more ways than one. One evening, as he relieved some of that pressure, he had felt particularly lonely. His mind sought the one person that made that feeling go away. In the heat of the moment, he did not push that fantasy away.

He could, however, push these current thoughts aside, and he did. He had hoped they would dissipate the moment they met again. His mind should’ve proceeded to function properly once more. Yet those months had unlocked something hidden deep within his soul. He feared what that would mean.

“Yes, it’s really me. Are you going to stare, or are you coming over and greet me properly?”

Glavien quickly walked up and embraced her. She rubbed his back. The smell of her sweet perfume filled his nose, and her familiar warmth almost overwhelmed his senses.

“I’m so happy to see you,” she said with a laugh. “Are you well?”

“I am now, Mother. How was your journey?”

“Boring, rough and lonely.”

“Lonely, why? Were you not accompanied by your family for a long part of the voyage?”

“I was, but…” She brushed away some lint on his shoulders. “I felt alone, nonetheless. It’s only natural that people grow apart after a long time spent elsewhere. It made me realise how terrifying that was. I was not scared for me and my family; their distance I can live with. I was scared for… you and me.”

“Oh, whatever for? You know we could never grow apart. In fact, these past few months have only confirmed the way I feel about you.”

“Did they?”

“Indeed. If you must know, solitude enveloped me. All I did was work, and work, and work. I kept functioning, of course, but while you were here, I could live as well. I realised I needed you.”

“In what way?”

“In every way,” Glavien blurted out. Once the words left his mouth, he felt a heat creep up his cheeks as his face reddened.

He could not believe he had just said that. A spike of anxiety seized him. He had inadvertently hinted at something he had hoped to keep hidden deep inside until it subsided.

All she did was look him in his eyes, holding his gaze. She placed her hand on his chest in an affectionate manner. Her lips were just slightly parted, and looked so soft.

Stop that. Why are you thinking about this, all of a sudden? he thought.

“There’s no need for shame. Truth be told, I am glad escort çankaya to hear you say it. Like I said, my family and I have grown apart, and I too, spent many hours alone. In the evenings, when it was just me in my chambers, I’ve thought the same thoughts as you. Loneliness makes one realise who matters to them. It forces one to confront things they had been able to avoid for a long time, to acknowledge truths so simple that they had been overlooked. Truthfully, I need you as well.”

“In what way?”

His mother bit her lip, a trace of doubt darkening her eyes. “In all the ways you will allow me to.”

Glavien tried to hide the shiver that shot up his spine by abruptly letting go of her. He stepped over to his desk and retrieved the silver box on it.

“Close your eyes,” he said with a smile, trying to keep his voice lighthearted. As he turned around, he saw his mother had recovered as well. She looked at him as she always had, as a mother should.

She chuckled as she closed her eyes. “What do you have in store for me, now?”

“You’ll see. No peeking.”

Glavien opened the box, and pulled out the necklace it contained by its chain. The pendant was a beautiful golden square, patterned with little colourful gems, a small piece of art. He walked to stand behind her.

“Hold your hair up.”

His mother did so with yet another laugh. “What’s this, then?” she asked.

“Like I said, you’ll see.”

Her neck was so delicate, her skin so smooth that Glavien had to fight the urge to caress it. How had he never noticed it before? That thought fuelled his irritation at the impure turn his mind had taken him. What frustrated him more, however, was the fact that nothing he did seemed to make it stop.

Holding the necklace around her neck, he clasped the chain together.

“Don’t look yet,” he said.

“I’m not!”

He moved to face her again. She still stood there with a lingering smile, eyes closed as promised.

He had been clumsy putting on the necklace, as the pendant lay askew on her collarbone. Without a thought, he scooped it up to place it in the middle, the back of his hand brushing up against his mother’s breast.

She gasped, her lips parted slightly. Her eyelids fluttered open.

They locked eyes. No word was spoken, yet Glavien thought he saw a twinkle in her gaze. He certainly felt something stir in him—a pulse to his groin. His hand had not moved, still touching her soft skin. He watched her flesh give way to his hand. The heat of it radiated onto the back of his hand. He was blissfully aware of her large breasts, pushed up by her stay, as they rose and fell with her increasingly unsteady breath. Only the beating of his heart, and their collective breaths pierced the silence that wrapped itself around them.

She finally looked down at the necklace, and gave an unsteady smile. She made no move to remove his hand, and neither did Glavien.

“It’s wonderful. Really beautiful,” she said with a slight stammer. “Let me see it in the light.”

She was regaining her composure, Glavien recognised, yet she still allowed his hand on her breast. In fact, when he had just about torn his hand away from his mother’s breast, she clasped his wrist and kept it there.

“No, no. Keep holding it up for me,” she said with an innocent smile.

Instead, she gently pushed him backwards toward his desk in what should have been an awkward shuffle. Instead, it felt decidedly different. It was sensual, private.

Sitting on the desk, he spread his legs and his mother stepped in between them, pressing up against him. Her deep, heavy breaths were hot on his face. She reached up and took control of his hand with gentle movements.

“Place it correctly for me, Glavi,” she whispered. “Place it in the middle.”

Glavien could not resist—did not want to resist—his mother grasping his hand, and pressing the pendant between her breasts. Her firm flesh pushed back against him. His mother’s soft skin made him feel welcome. She gasped as she pressed his hand down a bit more forcefully. An electrifying sensation shot through his palm right into his groin, where his trousers were beginning to strain.

Tentatively, he rubbed his thumb up and down her skin. He felt her soft, loving warmth. She whimpered when he, just barely, bent his other fingers to knead her flesh.

“Did you miss me?” she breathed. “Did you miss me, my love?”

“More than anything.”

“Can you feel the beat of my heart? Can you feel your mother’s love?”

Glavien did feel it, thumping at the same rapid pace as his.

“It beat just as fast when I was alone, thinking of you. Perhaps even a little faster sometimes,” she continued.

His mother let go of his hand, and moved even closer. Her mouth hovered an inch away from his. Her firm stay underneath her dress acted as a wall between their bodies, between his raging hard cock and her stomach. She moved to whisper in his ear. Her sweet scent overpowered him, almost çankaya escort bayan intoxicating him. Her wavy hair tickled the side of his face and neck.

“Thank you, Glavi, your necklace is very pretty. I’ll wear it for you. Only for you.” With that she traced her mouth from his ear to his cheek, and kissed it. Her soft, wet lips pressed against his face, lingering there for far longer than was appropriate.

She stepped back, rubbing her hand from his face to his chest as she moved farther and farther away. She swiveled around and faced the other direction. Her hips swayed as she moved toward the door, her round, firm bottom moved along with it. Her breasts jiggled ever so slightly when she spun back around with a swift motion to face him again.

“I have some business to take care of. We probably won’t see each other much at the banquet later today,” she said.

He said nothing, gaping at her. He struggled with his confused emotions. Excitement grappled with worry, longing with fear. He was about to speak when a loud rap on the door shot into the room, and shattered his dream-like state of being.

Within an instant the king felt as if he was a child caught stealing. In this case, however, the king had not stolen. What he had done, or what he was thinking about doing, however… He did not even know how, or dare, to define it. He cringed as he heard his servant’s voice speak through the door.

“I am sorry to interrupt you, Your Majesty, but the musicians that are due to perform later this evening have arrived. Do you wish to greet them?”

“No, man, and leave us be,” Glavien snapped. After a moment he hung his head and sighed. “I shall greet them later, give me some time.”

“Very well.”

The effect this sudden intrusion had on Glavien did not seem lost on his mother. She could clearly see the turmoil on his face, and began to mirror it with her own. Perhaps she too, was recovering from a daze. She bit her lip and nervously toyed with the rings on her hands. It was rare to see her overwhelming confidence turn into concern, Glavien realised.

It did not come as a surprise, however. They had long been separated and their sudden, intense meeting had caused them to be swept up in their emotions. It appeared neither of them had truly taken the time to come to terms with them.

“That… perhaps I was a little too… It was a long voyage and that can sometimes play tricks on your mind. It might be a good idea that we only meet in public, for a while at least. So we… I, don’t get confused again.”

Glavien felt her embarrassment, and shared it. Still, he knew he felt the very same as his mother. The physical distance now between them gave his mind space to clear, for the fog to be blown away. Those sensations a moment ago—he had never felt them before, not like this. Not even that time when he was alone in his bed, thinking of her. They were wrong, so very wrong. Reality had not tempered his distasteful fantasies, quite the opposite. Perhaps it was not a good idea to be alone with her, at least for today. Their time apart had clearly caused a serious lapse in judgement on both their parts.

And yet… Perhaps this was something special: a bond that should not be feared, but embraced. Glavien did not want to spend any more time alone than he had to. He did not want to be separated from his mother if he could help it.

“There is nothing to be confused about, you shared your love with me in a way that only a mother can… Only you can. I will not hear of us not being alone together. That’s what I yearned for all these months, and I won’t wait any longer.”

Still, when he desired for them to be together he had not quite imagined this kind of energy. The thrills he felt were so intense, so intoxicating.

“Oh, thank goodness,” she said, beaming. “I was worried that I had scared you away. I was just very happy to see you again, and I wanted to show it. No harm done, then.”

She paused, a hesitating glance. That strange look returned to her eyes.

“Can I see you, after the banquet, just the two of us? Would you like me to?” she asked.

A choice? Glavien hesitated for a moment, but deep down in his heart he knew what he would say.

“Yes, I want you to,” he said almost inaudibly, “I want it.”

His mother smiled at him, and left the room with a long, fast stride.

The words had been innocent. Just a simple visit. And yet, he could not help but feel something other than innocent excitement. As his mother said, it would be just the two of them. He felt a rush, unlike any before. His thoughts led him onto paths he had never consciously walked before.

He imagined a mischievous smile. Smooth hands pulling on her dress, straining to give him a better view of her prominent, intoxicating cleavage. The hem of a skirt rising up, revealing more and more of her firm thighs. Glavien had to fight with every bone in his body not to relieve his ache then and there.

He paced his office. Yet again, he could not help but go over how these feelings had started. How did this happen? Why? Perhaps time spent apart had broken down their inhibitions. It showed the intensity of their bond. They had always been all alone, together. Together, against the world. These past few months they were alone, by themselves. Quite frankly, she was all he wanted, always had been.

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