A Weekend of Pleasure and Pain – Part 4

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A Weekend of Pleasure and Pain – Part 4Sir:I’m enjoying watching you bend at the waist, getting the first real feeling of the crotch rope crushing your clit, that I almost forget one last thing. “Stop, stand back up.” I have your full attention as I pull out another 4 meters of black rope. “I almost forgot your bra” I say with a chuckle to myself as I go to work expertly binding your breasts. It’s lose enough to be safe and not push them out too much, but also provide perfect support while the wraps make them feel twice as full as usual. And now your bound nipples are even more sensitive! I motion to the dress again and you slide it on over you, wincing and moaning as the course wool glides over your nipples. A set of black heels completes the look, and by now I have put on my suit and am also ready to go.As you walk down the hall toward the elevator you get your first preview of the how the rest of the night will feel. I get such pleasure from watching your face as you try to act tall and confident while fighting the rubbed nipples, ground clit, and the pussy and ass dildos rubbing the thin flesh between them. God I’m looking forward to the rest of the night.We pull up to the French restaurant for the reservations I made downtown. The hostess recognizes me and we have a brief exchange in French before being led to our seats. I pull out the chair for you and watch you carefully sit down before moving myself opposite you to pick up the menu and enjoy the night’s entertainment. Boy I am not disappointed. We drink the wine I ordered, order our meal, and settle into the food. The whole time you are uncharacteristically quiet as I know you are struggling with your protruding breasts and not wanting to show any rope, the sensitive nipples beneath, the pressure of sitting on the pumped up dildos, and the tumultuous of whether to cross your legs like a lady or chose the comfort of spreading them to relieve pressure from your clit.I can also tell your mind wants to drift to what the night will entail, but I attempt to keep you engrossed in conversation to pull it away and prolong the suspense. Toward the end of the meal after our plates are removed, I ask “would you care to visit the restroom?” with a glint in my eye. I watch your eyes widen slightly and catch on fire as you wonder what I’m planning and I allow you to wonder as I know your pussy is now starting to drip with lust and desire. I move around to help you up and walk you to the bathroom with my hand tight around your waist and cupping your ass. I can see a few other men in the restaurant casting jealous side glances, so I subtly tap your ass for good measure.I hold the ladies room door open for you, and due to your heightened horniness you’re hardly surprised when I slide in after you. We quickly take a stall and I pull up your dress and take a knee, casting my eyes up to lock onto yours to read the mood I know you’re in. Your eyes betray you worse than Judas as I reach down to remove the pussy dildo without even looking. I purposefully rub your clit more than once, and one time hard, and love watching your body jerk as I watch your cunt juices gush out. When the dildo is out I stand up and you look at me expectantly.“Well, do you have to go or not?” I ask. You have the most astounded and hurt look on your face as you just stand there. My hand lightly slapping your cheek wakes you up as I say “take a piss, bitch.” You sit down, stretching your ass around the dildo, pull the ropes apart enough, and try to go. Your bladder wants to because of the wine, but your head is spinning with all the other thoughts. “Do I need to step out?” I ask you with obvious amusement in my voice. You flush and try harder until it finally comes out. When you’ve finished, wiped, and flushed, you stand up and stare at my shoes. I gently grab your hair and pull your head back, glance into your eyes, and passionately kiss you while my hand finds your throbbing clit. I gently rub and you start to grind, craving to have your hole filled with my manhood. Our kiss gradually ends as I let go of your hair, pull my hand away, hand you the dildo, and say “put it back where it belongs.” There’s that horribly hurt look again and in that moment you effectively break my heart. I know what I’m going to do.After you’ve struggled to place it back and I pump it up again with the pump in your purse, I suddenly push your leg up and place my mouth on your clit. I start softly as you close your eyes, lift your head, and start moaning. I won’t stop, it gets harder and harder until you’re starting to grind and grunt and grab my hair to pull me in tighter. I can feel your pussy reaching the boiling point as you softly utter, “Sir, may I please cum?” I stand up, look you in your half closed eyes, and say “you may cum…if you can. You have 15 seconds.” With that I continue to look you in the eyes as I start gently slapping your engorged clit. You are overwhelmed with feelings as you barely hear me start counting down. “15…14…13…12” The ropes, the nipples, the spa, the plane, the massage, the dildo in your ass, your mind is racing and can’t find relief. “11…10…9…8…7” Your entire consciousness sinks into your clitoris and is being battered by my hand. “6…5…4…3…” You desperately cry to yourself in your mind “Please let it cum. Please cum to me. Please!” “2…1…” and I stop.You almost collapse as I catch you and pull you up. I pull your dress back down, gently run my hands down your sides, and kiss your neck. You barely realize what’s happening as I walk you back out of the bathroom and to the table, sit down, pay the bill, and walk back out into the cool air. You’re still in a daze and can no longer think about anything but sex. You will now do anything. Soft putty in my strong hands. Exactly where I want you. I can barely contain my erection and my underwear bahis firmaları is soaked with precum.I hold the car door open for you and the street lights fly by in a blur until before you know it the car is stopped again in a busy parking lot. You see neon lights and hear the beat of the music before you start to realize where we are. We’re walking toward a building with no windows and a huge man standing outside with his hands calmly clasped. You can barely read the sign above the door and the thought barely makes it into your mind, “where are we? Are we at a strip club?”…me:You take my arm and we move right past the line. The big burly bouncer smiles when he sees You, and addresses You as ‘Sir’ as he opens the door. My mind is racing with what this next adventure will entail. Seriously, a strip club? i haven’t ever been to a female one, and male strip clubs are just frenzied and weird. i don’t know what to imagine as we move past the coat check and into what i assume is the main club.i realize i’ve been looking at my feet as i struggle with another vortex of emotions…fear and excitement about what the night will bring, plus all the craziness that’s coming from my very effective bindings plus the orgasm that You withheld (or i didn’t manage to achieve, depending on perspective). i finally look up, and am no less confused…i see a few poles and a stage, but there don’t seem to be any strippers. There are people dancing on a dance floor, and there are clusters of people, from just a couple to larger groups, that seem to be very engrossed in themselves. And there seem to be a lot of people engaged in PDA’s…which i suppose could happen at a strip club…? But i’m beginning to think this isn’t a strip club. i know i should probably be determining what it might be – as You don’t seem inclined to provide any hints – but there is so much going on that i’m not thinking this through very well. i’m reminded of those first few moments in that shipping container, when there was just so much to take in… but in many ways this is more confounding because of all the activity…everyone keeps moving. So i take a deep breath, something You’ve been schooling me to do, and close my eyes for a moment of focus. When i reopen them and exhale i’m no closer to an answer, but am feeling a little less befuddled. You have been chatting with the hostess as i’ve been letting all these thoughts zip around, and as i now notice it, this exchange appears a lot more involved that a table request really should. The thought passes quickly as You take my hand as we follow the hostess to a table by the dance floor. We sit side by side watching the happenings around us and i finally can’t contain my curiosity. “Sir, where are we? What kind of place is this?” But You ignore my question and keep chatting about other things. The champagne arrives and once it is poured and tasted, You lean in for a passionate kiss. Mmm…nothing i like more than being engulfed by your mouth, your skilled tongue making me come alive. You take the opportunity to rub my still-sensitive nipples through the awful dress You’ve made me wear, and i jump at the jolt it causes. My nipples are on fire, and my bound breasts are throbbing with desire. You reach down and begin to push the skirt up my leg a bit, telling me to open my legs. i don’t even think before i splay them wide in anticipation of your touch. “You horny slut, show some decorum.” i grin sheepishly as i close them to a more modest point, hoping all the while that i haven’t missed my opportunity. Happily, it seems i’m safe: as you continue to kiss my neck and tongue my ear, Your wonderful hand is busy exploring my snatch, caressing my tender swollen clit, tracing down my slit, and putting force on the inflatable dildos still inside my holes. i am starting to pant, and pressing into Your hand in the hopes of some relief. Of course, this is not to be. With a chuckle and another pull of champagne, You rise. “Time for a dance. Let’s go.” i follow You to the dance floor as a very slow, very sultry song starts, and You pull me close. Sir i am SO turned on! As we sway back and forth You continue to hit every one of my hot buttons with Your tongue, and add to my torment with Your hands on my tits. Again i can barely breathe and am contemplating begging You to take me home when i feel Your leg pressing between mine. As Your muscular thigh pushes the coarse wool against my defenseless clit i almost faint. Once again my body is awash with desire as i whisper to You that i don’t think i can take this. “Sir please may I cum?” I am both saddened and frightened by Your ominous answer: “NO. Do NOT cum, or you will regret it.” Unfortunately it is too late. As your thigh continues to grind and you continue to torture the rest of me, i can’t hold back. i grab onto You for all i’m worth and convulse for what seems like hours as my body finally has the relief it needed.The apology isn’t even out of my mouth when i look up and catch Your eye. i’m stopped dead in my tracks as the words catch in my throat. That evil glint is there in full glory, with a look of intense satisfaction as well. Oh crap…what have i done??? You say nothing as you lead me by the hand from the dance floor. Instead of returning to our table i find we are once again following the hostess, this time through a curtained doorway that i hadn’t noticed previously. We are left alone in a small room with 3 walls and what seems to be another curtain as the final wall.You break the silence. “What did you do wrong?” “Sir i came without Your permission, i am very sorry.” “What happens when you break rules?” *gulp* “Sir i am punished.” “Well at least you got that right. Get out of that dress.” While i am scared about what’s to come, i am thrilled to be out of the torturous dress, and take a moment kaçak iddaa to savour the peace it gives me. You remove – finally! – the nipple bindings, but leave my ‘bra’ in place, and then set about removing the crotch rope as well. The dildos come out too. The relief is amazing, but i’m getting more nervous as well. My nervous distraction makes me miss the blindfold that you put over my eyes until it is in place. “Put your hands in front of you.” i comply, and feel you wrapping my wrists with soft cuffs. i hear a mechanical noise and realize it must be a crank as my hands are raised over my head. i’m stretched right out, and am thankful for the black heels i’m still wearing for the little support they provide. i hear You walking away, and then…silence.i start to shift around on my heels, and of course every possible outcome is running full speed through my mind. i hear little noises – bumps, clangs, rustles – here and there, but my focus is definitely on wondering just how deep a hole i’ve gotten myself into here.And suddenly i hear Your steps (well at least i hope they’re Yours). i hear a whooshing sound that i can’t place at all. And then i hear Your voice, loud and clear. “This slut was in mid-punishment for an earlier infraction when she came without permission. She is selfish and willful and must be punished.” i tense and stand perfectly still, except for the nervous trembling that has begun…what the HELL is going on?? The trembling gets much more intense as You continue. “She will receive thirty strokes and she will count and thank Me after each one. She will speak loudly and clearly or the stroke will not count.” And then You are behind me beginning to remove the blindfold. Before You remove it i hear “Do not disappoint me.” As the blindfold comes off my knees buckle and the tears start as i gasp. We are not alone.i can’t see faces, but it seems the whooshing sound was the curtain being opened. We are on some sort of stage, and there is definitely an audience. We are very well lit which (thankfully) prevents me from seeing details, but they’re there. As if to confirm that this is real, they begin to applaud. i look over at You in the hopes of begging for mercy, and gasp. You have changed from Your suit, and are now in leathers. For the first time ever. Black vest, tight black pants that look like they were painted on, except for the hole allowing your beautiful rock hard cock to stand at full attention. The look is finished with heavy black leather boots. Despite my terror, i feel my pussy start to gush as a tremor of pure lust shoots through my body.You kick off my shoes, effectively removing the last of my balance, and i am forced to remain motionless for fear of falling over. The first hit to my ass comes out of nowhere. i haven’t seen what you are using, but it hurts. You stand waiting, and i remember just as You are about to swing again. “One. Thank You Sir.” i can barely speak for the nerves, and as once again nothing happens i am trying to figure out what i’ve done wrong. The strap hits again and i scream and jerk. “Apparently the whore needs to be reminded about the instruction for loud and clear responses.” i don’t forget that again: “Two! Thank You Sir!” The tears don’t stop all the way to thirty, but i continue responding as required. By that time You have not left any skin untouched. i’m sure that i am a mass of red from head to toe, with the face undoubtedly reddest of all due to the crying. My voice is almost hoarse from all the screaming and i can barely breathe. You walk right up to my face, and leaning in close, your murmur calms me somewhat, and then sends me thru the roof: “You’ve done well, my girl. i hope you didn’t forget that You’ve got one more…you got the first one wrong.” Out of NOWHERE i can hear the strap whistling thru the air before it lands squarely on my pussy. The scream that erupts from my throat is like no noise i’ve ever made, and the only reason i’m still on my feet is the chain holding me up.The applause that erupts is thunderous to say the least, and it’s clearly affected You as well. the look in Your eyes is as fevered as i’ve ever seen it as you quickly release the overhead chain. i’ve barely dropped to my knees before You are behind me, slamming into my battered cunt, eliciting another round of applause. Suddenly everything is right in the world as You fuck me with pure a****l abandon. i know what’s going through Your mind: she is MINE. i know You are getting off on Your complete domination of me – Your complete control of me – in this room of onlookers. Your thrusts get faster and even more violent and i can feel You swelling. You grab my bound breasts and slam into me for all You’re worth as You growl into my ear “Cum for Me slut, you’ve earned it.” The force of my orgasm is almost too much to bear; I feel like i am going to be blown apart. I just keep cumming and cumming as Your slams increase, my cunt walls grabbing at Your wonderful cock until with a grunt and a hard slap to my tortured ass You explode inside me. All the while the applause continues.You collapse on top of me, breathing hard. i don’t know how long we stay like that and i don’t care – under you is the safest place in the world, giving me comfort after this ordeal – but by the time you push off me and i look up, we are once again alone in the room.Sir:“Good job slut. Come with me.” I help you up, my cock still half hard. When you arise I pause to look into your eyes, which look so alive and satisfied despite the bounds to which you have been pushed. You look like you’re wrapping yourself in the warm blanket of my gaze to protect from the cool breeze drifting over your naked body. I can’t help it, you deserve it…I run my hands through your hair on the back of your head and pull you in for a passionate kiss.Before kaçak bahis you know you are back in your heels and I am pulling you by the hand toward another door in the back of this room. You are suddenly aware that I am still wearing nothing but the leather and you nothing but your heels and “bra”. You feel a sinking feeling which quickly disappears when I open the door and usher you in with a gentle push on the small of your back. You let in half a breath and your jaw drops in paralyzing awe.You have never imagined so much naked flesh in your life. It is almost exactly like the first room except there are people laughing, drinking, sucking, fucking, and cumming everywhere. You are suddenly struck with an intense feeling of vulnerability which I quickly quell with a short silk robe that barely covers you, but that plus my strong arm around your back places you back in a more secure place.I guide you through the middle of the room as you take it all in. You catch a few side glances but everyone seems pretty occupied for the most part. We find a seat on a leather couch near the bar and are quickly served more champagne. The beat is deafening as I run my hands through your hair and we quickly drink our glass empty. Before you know it I am standing and reaching for your hand as I bend over and simply say “let’s dance.”I lead you to an open spot on the floor and get as close to you as I can. “Look into My eyes” I yell over the music as I grab your hair with one hand and your ass with the other, pulling you as close as I can. Cum is sliding out of your hole and lubricating your pussy as you start to glide over my leather-clad leg. I get as close to your ear as I can and speak so you can barely hear me “now close your eyes…it’s just you and Me.” You slowly close your eyes and let the moment sink deep inside as we start to feverishly bump and grind, the line between my smooth leather and fleshy hard cock causing heated feelings starting to stir again originating from the top of your love tunnel. You think to yourself “He’s right, it’s just Him and me. Nothing else matters,” and you start to lose yourself in the rhythm of my body pushing my whole being against your very soul.You’re into it now. Your mouth is open again and your breathing getting faster. The robe has somehow dropped to the floor and there is nothing between us. You reach down in a moment of passion and pull the leather vest off, pressing your bound tits into my chest. I pull your hair back and suck your neck before spinning you around, sliding my cock below your pussy, and grinding you from behind. You reach around for my ass and I hold both your breasts in my hands while I suck and nibble the base of your neck.You find yourself trying to find the tip of my cock with your pussy. I softly smile and help and I place my hand on your throat so I can feel the hard moan you let escape with an intense determination. You bend over, grabbing a nearby pole, and I start to pound you like there’s no tomorrow. Your legs are spread wide as you take it from behind, pushing back and yelling “yes, yes! Fuck me hard! Hurt me please!” I reach around and pinch your nipples as you start to reach climax.I thought I heard you say something. “Louder bitch” I yell. “SIR MAY THIS SLUT CUM FOR YOU…PLEASE!” I smack both your cheeks as hard as I can and yell “CUM FOR ME BITCH. PULL THE CUM OUT OF MY COCK!” You drop your head and I feel your walls tighten and pulse. You scream as I continue to fuck you, pounding to the rhythm of the music and your crushing tight pussy, my mouth watering with every spasm. I finally close my eyes and allow the orgasm to build from deep inside my balls and push into your hungry, begging cunt and I swear I can hear you whimpering with relief as you feel me shoot my hot load deep inside you.Soon your eyes slowly open again and you’re almost confused as you realize your head is pressed against a pole your arms are wrapped around. Suddenly you remember and you slowly lift your head to dozens of eyes and huge smiles as several naked couples have paused their amorous passions to observe your loss in yourself. Half of them say something into the other’s ears before resuming their own heated activities.By now I have pulled out and you can feel the cum starting to ooze out. I help you up and start toward what appears to be a door near the bathrooms in the corner. We walk inside and follow a short hallway and you can hear water running. We stop outside a set of showers and I carefully remove the breast bounds and you wince, close your eyes, and suck in your breath as the blood suddenly flows back to resume its more normal state. I pull off my leather, while you turn the shower on and wait. We step together under the warm water and you immediately feel refreshed as the water flows over you.We clean ourselves, grabbing each other sporadically, laughing and smiling, kissing and pulling. You want my cock so bad again already and I allow you to suck it briefly. However, shortly we are back out and dried and you are almost surprised to see a hostess waiting as I gather our things and you dry your hair. I nod and we start walking, completely naked, down the hallway and into a room.There is a large bed covered in a red silk sheet and a few soft pillows s**ttered around the edges. The lights are low and it is almost quiet in here; you can smell lotion and oils and you are immediately relaxed. You already think you could never leave this place. You see straps and what may be cuffs beside the bed but you don’t care for now. All you need is slight nudge and you fall onto the bed and look at the mirror on the wall, spotting massage oil, lube, condoms, and other sex toys on the ledge. I lay down beside you, prop my head on my hand, look into your eyes and say with a smile “well, you’ve done one hell of a job tonight and you’ve earned a choice for the next activity before we press with the rest of my horrible devious plans. You move you nasty sexy slut.” You hear the playfulness in my voice but also see the sinister glint in the back of my eyes…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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