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Alley FuckJ was a kinky slut, a divorced mother of two, she loved being semi naked at every turn. She lived in flats in Pretoria and often we did it at her request in an alley between the garages which apart from the three enclosing walls was visible to anyone who walked or drove past. The chances of being caught were always there. We called it alley sex. On this particular day, I arrived in the evening as the sun was setting to visit her to find her at her flat door dressed only in a white knee high jacket with a white suspender belt, black sheer stockings and black slut sandle heals. She advised she was in the mood for an alley fuck and promptly walked me down the stairs to the alley. We reached the alley and briefly looked around to see if anyone was close and proceeded to let our passion take us. With our lips pressed tightly together and tongues exploring each others mouths, we searched each others bodies. Unbuttoning J’s jacket to reveal her naked breasts, my hands moved to J’s breasts and perky tits, holding them firmly then rubbing her nipples gently with my palms, they were already erect showing her need. Her almost naked panty-less body barring the jacket, stockings, suspenders and slut shoes made my cock yearn to feel her wetness. Her fingers went to my pants, she undid my belt and zip. Instantly my pants were ay my ankles and my cock sprang up to meet her hand, fully erect with lust for her. As J stroked me, wanking my cock, I moved a hand to pull up her jacket and placed my fingers between her legs to feel her wetness. My fingers found her pussy lips and parted them eagerly feeling her silky moist enclave. J was already soaked and was obviously waiting to be penetrated, I moved two fingers into her dripping pussy thrusting deliberately at her cunt, tempting her as we kissed passionately. She gave out a low moan as we continued sucking at each others tongues and I continued pumping her wet cunt with my fingers while she continued to wank my cock. I was weary of where we were, but not J, she casually continued wanking my cock all the time while it was obvious she was enjoying my fingers thrusting at her. After a while she instantly bent over while continuing bahis firmaları to jerk my cock and then slowly took my hard wet cock into her mouth and started sucking, pumping my cock with her mouth and hand. All the time I toyed her moist wet pussy as she slowly moaned with pleasure, my back arched as I greedily held the back of her head grabbing her hair to guide her onto my cock. I was startled for a second as a car drove past the alley. Fortunately the driver of the car never looked left as they would have had a sight. J was uncaring as she continued to suck on me, bent over, no care as her moist pussy was being fingered by me and her pussy facing the alley entrance for anyone to see. Oblivious uncaring of what was happening about her, she was so enjoying sucking my cock and my fingers exploring her and seemed to care less about who or what was happening other than her pleasure. She continued and moaning continued sucking and gulped on me tasting my precum.After a while of probing and sucking, I kissed J’s mouth, deeply, longingly, tasting my own cock juice. I placed my sticky cunt juice soaked fingers before her mouth for her to taste and lick them. She greedily licked her juices from my fingers, sucking on them; all the time J continued to jerk my cock and I fingered her wet velvet erect clit with my free hand. I then purposefully spun her around and told her to remove her jacket, which she did – now she was naked except for her suspenders, stockings and slut heals. I stood back in the alley with my back to the entrance and positioned her to bend forward to present her wet pussy to me. I spread her beautiful healed feet and legs wide invitingly, exposing her damp clit to the evening breeze. What a sight, her beautiful pale bottom and wet glistening pussy between her stockings and jacket. Without wasting any time, I moved my cock to her waiting moist pussy and pushed into her, feeling her warm moist need. There was no resistance as her pussy was overly wet as my cock glided into her tunnel. I buried my cock into her in one smooth stroke, while cupping each of her breasts with my hands. I pumped at her with full slow deliberate strokes watching her pleasure, perabet güvenilir mi hearing her groan with delight. She arched her back and looked back invitingly, she had a hazy look on her face and her lusting eyes looked back at me in the dim light. Wow she’s so fucking horny I thought as a grabbed at her hair to bend her head to kiss her mouth, all the time while my cock penetrated her willing wanting wetness deeper. J started to buck her pussy lips back against me as I fucked her pleasingly, as my cock repeatedly, slowly skewered her wet pussy. I pressed back at her feeling my cock part her velvet lips with each deliberate deep stroke and heard her moan with each deliberate cock plunge. I pressed her bare body against the wall, her erect tits pressing against the rough wall and forcefully grabbed her hair and pulled back on it, forcing the rough brick surface against her standing nipples. This excited her more as I felt her gyrate her hips and grind her pussy against my cock. I became concerned that her moaning might invite attention, but I was enjoying myself and the sight of her pleasure too much to actually care. I continued to fuck her purposefully, in a controlled masterful fashion, savoring her wanton loss of control. She moaned loader as my cock swelled, as I felt the familiar feeling of my hardness just before cumin. I whispered in her ear “Is the whore ready for my Jizz?”. She moaned with delight and acknowledged breathlessly that the whore was indeed ready to be fucked and creamed, and that she too was about to cum. This excited me, as her loss of control was imminent and I increased the intensity of my assault on her cunt, and became aware of the sound and increased tempo of her drenched cunt slapping against my swollen balls as the hammered against her wet clit. She was dripping wet, her inner thighs were soaking with our mixed juices. After a few more deep penetrating slapping pumps at her pussy, I heard her moaning increase and felt her body start with small spasms as it did, just before she was ready to cum. The spasms increased and her body unwillingly shook, she arched her head back and shouted “Fuck my whore cunt, tipobet fill it with your cum….oooh…fuck…., I’m cummin….” With a loud grunt I lunged my cock forward deep into her cunt as I felt the sperm about to be released. Locked together, I let loose the pent up hot cum from inside my balls from my cock into her cunt, I felt light headed, what rush of raw pleasure. Instantly I felt her body quiver as she felt my cock spew its cum into her cunt, she pushed back onto my cock taking it deeper and her ass quiver, as her body shook uncontrollably with her pleasure. Then a second lunge of cock and spurt of cum, I arched my back as I continued to unload into her and then bent forward to pull on her hair to seek her mouth. Her body continued to spasm and her legs shook uncontrollably and I felt her arse cheeks and belly muscles contract and spasm as she pushed her shaking pussy back onto me. We engaged in an over the shoulder kiss, tongues entwining, passionately, moaning, battling to keep our lips engaged as we continued to cum and gyrate in unison. Soon the spasms of her pussy subsided as every drop of my cum was drained and left inside her. Then we returned to reality and became aware of our heavy breathing and pounding chests and our surroundings again. I removed my cock from her pussy and turned her, dripping some cum onto her shoe. J was unsteady on her heals, her hair ruffled a distant look on her face. I kissed her hard holding her tight as I felt her naked erect breasts and body against me. My hand felt her wet pussy, and felt the inside of her thighs drenched with her juices. I held her for a while until we regained our composure. She was short of breath and had a glazed distant look in her eyes. She stood there, no attempt to cover up, naked, her breasts and tummy, red from being pressed against the wall and her cunt lips red and swollen from my pumping. I noticed my cum dribbling down her leg to her stocking top. She didn’t even bother to try clean herself up. With little enthusiasm we made ourselves presentable to leave the alley and proceed back to her flat. She was unstable on her feet and I supported her as she climbed the stairs leaving a cum trail as the cum dripped from her red swollen cunt. Just before we went into her flat she seemed to recover a little of her composure and said “Fuck that was good.”, to which I responded “That sure was…that’s the kind of fuck you get for being an alley whore”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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