Amelie part 5

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Amelie part 5In spite of the new job and all the strange things that had begun to happen to her in the last week, Amelie got out of bed early on Saturday morning, because she had things to do!A new gym was opening just down the block and she had managed to get a coupon that would get her a large discount by joining that day AND there would be an additional free first session with a personal coach to the first 10 new member!She had never had a personal coach, so she wanted to get there really early, to at least give herself a chance of winning that. Since it was such a short walk, she had changed clothes before she left, and had a coat over her gym-outfit. She had her collars turned up and her cap low when she left the building, but there was no homeless man to be seen, and that made her relax a little. She had enjoyed her unusual experiences (especially after), but she could do with a pause!The gym was in a side-street, In a building that had been used for some sort of lighter industry, but was now under renovation to become offices and, alas, a brand new gym on the top floor. The job was not done, yet. Even on a Saturday morning, there was many construction-worker at work, and the elevator was not working. She climbed the stairs, zig-zagging between busy builders carrying tools and materials. On the top floor, the only door was left ajar. She entered. The place seemed empty. She checked her watch, the place was suppose to open in less than 10 minutes. That left her puzzled. She opened her coat and said “hello?”. She could hear something at the far end of the place. All the training-machines were in place, but there were no people didim escort and no loud music.And when she met the 2 owners, they told her why. The opening had been postponed until Monday, due to delay from the builders. But…since she was here, they could give her a workout anyway. She did see them exchange glances, but didn´t think about that. Just said okay, smiled and took off her coat. Put on her trainers.“And I think we´ll start on the step-machine, for warm-up” one of them said. Amelie said okay and smiled again, even though she had just climbed 5 stories. When she got on the machine, the men began to talk about the technical side, how it worked on her cadio and on her aerobic systems.“But it also works on your gluteus..” one said and placed a hand on her behind. She twitched, but maybe this was normal, when you had a personal trainer.“Oh, feel that gluteus working!”Now both men had a hand on her butt. She kept climbing imaginary stairs. It could not be happening. “Also good for your back..”the other said. His hand went up her back, under her sweat-shirt, and under her t-shirt. She knew that it was happening. And as usual, there was nothing she could do. She managed a weak smile. She was getting short of breath. It had to be pheromones, somehow she must have begun to emit a different kind of pheromones that only men could detect. “And your abs, too..”There were 2 hands under her shirts now one front and one in the back. She clutched the handles firmer. Even before the hand on her behind went down into her pants, she was getting horny. Knew that she had to submit to them.“Please..” she said In a weak voice, closed her eyes, escort didim but kept on stepping. They began to lift her shirts up, over her head, into a mess around her wrists. A little like being tied. There were hands on her breasts, outside the tight, day-glo green sports-bra. There was another between her buttocks. The knot that held her sweatpants were being untied.“The bitch is on heat..”Strong hands lifted her off the machine, and while in mid-air, she could feel how her pants slid down her legs. Why could she not just say no?They placed her on a large wooden crate. She was on her back, and she held her arms above her head. All her clothes were a mess, some around her ankles, the rest around her hands; she would fall, if she tried to escape. They could not see (she hoped), how she held on to her shirts, pretending that she was tied. There were 2 tongues licking, kissing her tits. There was a hand between her thighs. She put her hands under her head. “Wauw, she is wet..” one man revealed. One, no two fingers were inside her. She made sure that some clothing were in front of her eyes. Might as well go all the way, pretending to be tied and blindfolded.“Suck, bitch..”Amelie turned towards the voice. Got a semi-hard penis in her mouth and began to suck in, feeling how it grew bigger, harder. At the other end of the crate, the other man replaced his fingers with his cock. She made a sound, with her mouth full of another cock. She had left the door ajar, the whole construction-site could walk in on them. She was feeling like a whore and she was horny as never before!“let´s change!”They did. They moved her, as easy as if she had didim escort bayan been a doll. Amelie was now lying on her front, across the short side of the crate, and as one man began to fuck her from behind, she got the other man´s cock in her mouth. The taste of her own juices on it.“Horny little cunt..” one said, softly.“Yeah, the bitch sure likes when the men takes control..” “Big, strong men…”One of them put a finger into her ass. She twitched. But she WAS helpless. The shirts had become even more tangled up now, she would need help to get her hands free. She came, shamelessly easy, just before the men switched places again. More cunt-juice to suck off a stranger´s cock while being fucked, used. Another finger into her ass. She was not sure if she would be prepared for THAT, but there was not much she could do at the moment. If she began to yell, builders would surely come and then things could really escalate. She came a second time. What was wrong with her?The world was hazy by now. The men changed places several times and most of the time she also got a finger up her rear. Not all the time, but most of it. She had not really thought much about THAT before. And suddenly she was on her knees on the floor, hands behind her neck. Blowing both the owners in turns. Even had both cocks in her mouth at one short moment. She had never felt more degraded and cheap. Why was she liking this so much?Had she really struggled to get her university degree just so that she could go out at be treated like a common fuck-toy to strangers?One came in her mouth.The other sprayed his load out onto her cheek and neck, and some of it was still there when she got back home. She had been in that much of a hurry to get back, that she had forgot to check.She was in the shower for almost 20 minutes.Amelie had gotten 2 more free sessions with a personal trainer from the owners.

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