An Unusual Day at School

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Note: This a sequel to ‘Best Birthday Present Ever’. You won’t need to have read that to understand this story, but I would recommend that you do.

Geography class was boring. It was a shame, too, as Emily liked the subject. Unfortunately, her teacher, Mr Richards, had a unique talent for making interesting topics boring. A short, middle-aged man, he always seemed to be sweating, no matter the weather, but especially on a day like this. The darkened patches of his armpits stood out in the clammy, unseasonal heat of the classroom. He stood and droned, clicking through his text-choked powerpoint as he talked.

Emily knew she should be focusing – she had exams coming up in about a month’s time, yet for the life of her she couldn’t direct herself to the work. Mr Richards was a boring teacher, of course, but she knew, a little guiltily, that there was another reason, something else distracting her.

The clock ticked a minute closer to twelve, but half an hour remained before lunchtime. Emily sat at her desk, slumped on one arm. Her blazer was off, with the sleeves of her blouse rolled up to expose her pale, freckled arms and her auburn hair tied up in a messy bun. Though she didn’t like to compliment herself too much, she liked to think she looked pretty good in a school uniform. Her bra could just be made out through her white blouse, and she felt that the black skirt shaped well with her ass.

Yet this was not on her mind. Her father occupied that space. It had only been a week ago that he had fucked her for the first time, her special 18th birthday present – though it had been just as much of a present for him. Emily had loved every minute and it was still what came to mind whenever she touched herself, but since that day she had been starved. Her parents had wryly acknowledged what had happened, but made no further moves on her. When she had suggested doing it again, in a rare moment of boldness, they had sidestepped the suggestion.

Deep down, there was a disquieting thought. What if it had been a one off? Maybe they only intended to do it once. Maybe they had changed their mind after her father had came inside her. For Emily that had been the most thrilling part, the ultimate sinful act. Not just incest, but the possibility of breeding. But erotic as it was, it was also very risky. She could see why her parents would have gotten cold feet.

The clock ticked again. Seated as she was at the back of the class, on her own desk, Emily wasn’t being watched too closely by anyone. So she decided to take a little risk. Her left hand snaked down, into her lap, under the waistband of her skirt and under her underwear. A little rub, a little thrill. Another rub, another thrill. It was wetter than she had expected, and that excited her further. Slow circular motions now, carefully warming her up.

Whilst her perspective wasn’t unclouded, Emily could tell that nobody had noticed her. So, very gradually, she slid a finger in, up to the knuckle. Now she was throbbing, more excited than ever. She had always been a bit of an exhibitionist and this was just what she needed. Maybe she could even slide another fing-

Somebody knocked on the door.

Emily jumped a little, quickly withdrawing her hand and hoping nobody had noticed her sudden reaction. At the front of the class, Mr Richards beckoned at the door and it creaked open, with a round face crowned by dark hair revealing itself. The secretary looked about, before asking if Emily Cavendish was there.

“I’m here.”

“Your dad’s at the front office, here to pick you up for a doctor’s appointment.”

That was strange. Emily hadn’t been aware of any doctor’s appointment. canlı bahis After a moment’s pause, she decided she was best off finding out what was going on, so she answered the secretary, rose from her chair and swept her stuff into the bag.

The secretary’s shoes clacked with every step along the wooden floor of the corridor. They rounded the corner, passing the toilets, continuing on down the main ground floor corridor to the front entrance. Along one wall, years worth of school photos stared out at them, while along the other wall actual students could be seen at regular intervals, some peering through the window in their classroom’s door to see who was passing. Another Sixth Former, tall and thin with messy blonde hair, passed by them, walking in the opposite direction. Emily could feel his gaze on her ass as he went behind them, so she shook it a little for him. He was the kind of guy she could go for, and he looked like he could give a pretty good night. Maybe another time.

With that, they were at the front entrance and the double doors swung open into the fairly small lobby. The secretary disappeared off into the office are, saying she would sign Emily out, leaving her alone there with her dad. He was sitting peacefully in one of the armchairs, an unread lifestyle magazine languishing on the table next to him. She had a cheerful expression on his face, but there was a sense of confidence to it. He looked like he had made up his mind about something.

“Hey there!”

“Hi dad.”

“Ready to get down to the dentist’s?”

Emily’s first thought was to ask about this mysterious appointment, but she thought it better to wait. As her dad strode down the front steps with her in tow, she asked him.

“In all honesty,” he shrugged, “you don’t actually have an appointment.”

“I knew it!”

A pause to think.

“So why did you take me out?”

A conspiratorial smile. He took her by the hand and guided her along the path, not towards the gates but past the car park, hugging the front wall of the school. She asked where they were going but he put a finger to his lips. Rounding the corner, he took her through the entrance there, bringing them into the ground floor corridor that ended in the toilets on the corner.

He stopped.

“Now, you need the toilet, don’t you?”

“What? No I d-“

A silent ‘oh’ of understanding as she realised what was about to happen. She smirked, responding, “Yeah, I’ll just go in now.” With that, she strode off and through the doors into the girls toilet.

Luckily, the antiseptic scented pale blue room was empty. The cubicle doors stood open, including the larger disabled cubicle that was in a separate corner of the room. Emily realised she was more than a little wet down there. She hoped her anticipation was correct.

As if on cue, the door nudged open and her dad sidled in. “I don’t think anyone saw me”, he confided. Emily, suddenly more confident, said, “You better hope not, otherwise you’re toast.” She gestured over her shoulder, adding, “Let’s use the disabled cubicle, more space.”

The cubicle door swung closed, the metal latch clicked into place. With the unusually high walls they had a lot of privacy in there, but the open top meant that anything they did would be audible to the rest of the room. Currently, that wasn’t an issue. Even as she contemplated this, Emily felt her father grab her by the tie, pull her in and lock lips.

It was a long kiss, deep and desperate, the kind that you could get lost in, and she felt like losing herself in him as he twisted her tongue with his, eyes closed, not a thought in the world other than this. With that, bahis siteleri he broke it off, staring lustfully into her eyes as a strand of droll hung between their lips. Then, without a word, he reached out with his large hand and grabbed the front of her blouse. His grim was firm, but not rough. Confident.

The fingers set to work as buttons slipped out of their holes and. within seconds, the front fell open to reveal Emily’s torso. Pale, slim, fit. She liked to think she looked pretty good, especially with her simple black bra. A bra that would not be staying on much longer, for her dad looked straight into her eyes and commanded, “Take it off. But keep the blouse and blazer on.

That was easier said than done and Emily struggled to move her arms around, undo the straps and pull the bra off from under her. After nearly a minute, however, she was done. It was placed carefully on top of the towel holder so as to avoid getting it wet – even in the heat of the moment, you still have to be reasonable.

Her dad gazed at her chest, his eyes running over her fit, soft belly and up to her perky tits, well formed with their puffy nipples. His hand took one, squeezing and massaging it. She shuddered, loving the attention, then having to hold back a moan as he pinched and flicked the nipple. The other hand rose to the unattended breast, taking that too. She shuddered once more, harder, biting her lip to stop the desperate moans.

Then, Emily decided it was her turn to take the initiative. When her dad lowered his hands, she reached out and took hold of his belt. He grinned and she grinned back as she dropped to her knees, moving with a sudden desperation to expose his cock. The trousers came down, then the boxers, and it sprung out at her.

it was large. Not ridiculously big, like a porn star, but bigger than average – she had enough experience to know that. One hand reached up to adjust her bun, making sure that her hair wouldn’t get in the way, while the other went to his balls, cradling them. Then she took him in her mouth.

Emily had always felt that, if there was one thing she had a talent for, it was blowjobs. Today was her chance to show her abilities. Her right hand deftly massaged the shaft as the left teased the balls, her tongue licking across and around his head. She savoured every taste of salty precum she got, before diving forward to take as much of it as deep as she could. It was a good effort, a few inches before she pulled back, gagging.

A strong hand on her head, holding her auburn hair, pushed her back into place. The minutes passed by, her dad’s quiet moans reaching her down on her knees as she licked and sucked, putting her heart and soul into the effort. Her father’s cock, right in her mouth, strong and masculine, ready to release its seed just for her. There was only one place in the world she would rather have that cock and as she thought of it, her left hand changed objective, pushing itself under the waistband of her panties and starting to rub. Holy crap, she was wet. Her fingers started to speed u-

The hand holding her hair pulled her back and tilted her head up, forcing her to look into her dad’s face.

“Did I give you permission to start doing that?”

“Huh?” Drool dripped from her dazed grin.

“Did I give you permission to touch yourself?”

“No daddy… you didn’t.”

“I know how to deal with this.”

Suddenly, roughly, he pulled her up to her feet. She staggered a little, but was then spun around and pushed right up into the cubicle wall.

“Oh that hurt!”

“Quiet now, darling. Move your legs back, like a good slut.”

Emily didn’t need to be told twice. bahis şirketleri Those hands, so strong, so powerful, so desperately needed all over her body, pushed her skirt up to reveal her rounded ass. The cheeks were parted and, with a sharp tug, her sodden panties were pulled down. Now she was even more exposed, bracing herself up against the cubicle wall with the knowledge of the perfect bliss that was about to come.

A tight grip on her waist. Butterflies. A little shudder coming up from her pelvis. Her pussy dripped in anticipation. In the calm before the storm, she realised how wonderful the feeling was, that sense of anticipation. Her father, her creator, was about to breed her in the same way he had her mother. Emily had a vision of herself, naked, with a swollen belly, milk dripping from her engorged tits.

It began.

A sudden impact, pleasurable but painful. But there was no time to adjust because it was gone immediately, then returning, then gone again. He didn’t care about any discomfort, knew that she liked it and would soon be used to it. So he was merciless. This was a hard fuck, the kind she felt she deserved.

She quivered, shook, moaned through a closed mouth, then thought, “Fuck it,” and let her noises of blissful pleasure be free. They echoed through the room as she felt so full yet so free, being pounded like the bitch in heat that she was. There was no outside world, just her in her uniform, breasts and pussy exposed, being used by her father like a good daughter.

The grip on her tight waist shifted, one hand rising up to grab her hair. She winced as he roughly pulled the bobble away, loosening the bun into flowing, shoulder-length locks. They shimmered orange and red for a second, before he took it in his grip and pulled.

Emily felt her head dragged back, leaving her gazing up at the ceiling, barely visible as her eyes rolled back in her head. The pleasure made everything else irrelevant, for now it was just her and the cock of the one man she loved, rushing deep inside of her, creating shockwaves of pleasure that rippled up her body, forcing her to buck her hips as she came and nearly screamed.

Another wave, another orgasm a minute after.

She was so hot now, almost dripping with sweat as she felt her cheeks flush. More than that, she was tired, her legs barely able to hold her weight under the pressure of the fucking. Suddenly, the pace changed, the hand let go of her head as her dad slowed down for a moment. He leaned forward, whispering into her ear, “Now for the climax, darling.”

The hand returned as the pace did, but now it was clasped around her throat. Her back arched as she was pulled right back, looking at her father quavering in her vision upside down. She could barely even understand what was going on, fucked mindless. But she still understood the pleasure, the waves that grew in her and bucked her hips.

Then he unloaded. Powerful, warm spurts deep inside of her pussy. They moaned and orgasmed in unison, a mixture of pleasure and relief. It slipped out of her wet, raw pussy and she slid down the wall, collapsing on her knees.

David Cavendish looked down and saw his daughter there. Collapsed on the floor of a school toilet cubicle, her blouse open to expose her tits and her skirt scrunched up around her waist. Her panties were twisted around her ankles. A drop of cum slid from her pussy into small white puddle. But best of all was her face. Her hair was a mess, her makeup had ran, her cheeks red and her forehead sheened with sweat as she panted in exhaustion, a confused look on her face, knowing only pleasure. A nice sight for any father.

Emily cavendish was distracted, because all she saw was the sperm running up inside her. Also in her mind’s eye was that same vision of pregnancy. She looked amazing there and she knew that soon, she would be looking like that in reality.

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