Andrea knew she was in big trouble!

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Andrea knew she was in big trouble!Andrea left work, thinking it will be nice to get home and take a bubble bath. Brandon, her boyfriend (she’s to call him Sir, in private) won’t be home for another hour or so. She’ll still have time to make dinner after her bath. But as she made the final turn onto her street. She saw Sir’s truck in the driveway, this was odd. But that’s all she thought. She parked and walked in the house. Sir was standing in the middle of the living room with his arms folded in front of him. Plus, he looked pissed!At that instant she knew she was in for it! “Sir, what are you doing home!” Trying to play it off. Walking up to reach up and put her arms around Sir’s neck, and give him a kiss. See, Andrea is only 5’2″ and Sir is 6’7″. He pushed her back before their lips met. “What the hell are you doing at work, causing trouble!!?” “I got you that job.” “It’s quite embarrassing to get a call from my old friend Tony, Your boss, saying you’re being a smart ass at work!” “And bothering your coworkers!” All Andrea could do was stand there and put her head down. Sir, pulling her head up by holding her chin up. “Look into my eyes, when I’m talking to you!” Andrea did, but also started to feel her eyes water. “Don’t even start to play that card!” “I’m going to teach you a lesson and I promise, you will learn from it! “Strip Now!” Andrea quickly gets undressed. She has Never seen Sir this pissed off before. They’ve lived together for about 8 months. He said when they got together, she was to go by the rules or there would be consequences! Since they’ve been together, it’s mostly been playful D/s. This is really the first time things look serious! She starts to worry.Once she stripped off the last thing, her panties. Sir takes them from her hand before she could toss them on the floor. “Open your mouth little bitch!” Andrea hesitated for a split second, long enough for Sir to give her The look. He shoves them into her mouth. She can taste herself, and doesn’t particularly like it. Sir grabs her wrist and pulls her over his lap in one motion, now that he’s pulled a dinning room chair up. He starts spanking. Andrea struggles a bit. She’s thinking “You’re doing it too Hard!!” Sir does not let up one bit. Sir’s hands are large and strong from years of a very physical job. His one hand covers both of her cheeks easily. Now he has to pin both her wrist behind her back with his left hand and continues to spank her hard for another 10 minutes, not letting up one bit! Andrea starts to cry, her nose getting plugged up. He continues to spank hard. She not crying from the pain, she’s crying because Brandon is so pissed! She’s worried about what else he plans to use on her ass!She starts to scream out even with her mouth gagged! Her ass is bright red by now. She definitely will have a bruised ass for the next couple of days. Standing her up now. “Go stand in the corner, hands behind your neck.” “Think about what you did!” Before leaving the room Sir pulls the panties from Andrea’s mouth and drops them on the ground. She hears Sir walk into the garage. Sir comes back in after 10 minutes and sits in his recliner watching her fidget in the corner. “Spread your legs wider.” Andrea does as told. Even though she just got a very hard spanking, the hardest one she’s ever gotten from Sir. Her juices are running down her legs. And Sir knows it! “Over her now, on your knees!” Pointing to the side of the recliner. She hurries over. “Suck my cock!” Andrea loves sucking Sir’s cock. She starts bobbing her head up and down on his cock. She’s learned to use lots of saliva with his big cock. “Now, use your hands too.” Andrea moans “Uh huh!” Sir reaches over and pinches her left nipple hard. Andrea moans. She’s doing her best to concentrate on sucking Sir’s cock. Andrea really wants Sir’s cock pounding her horny cunt. She loves when he pulls all the way out and slams it all the way back in until his balls slap against her. But she knows tonight, she’ll get none of that. She does crave swallowing his cum. After 10 minutes of non stop action. Sir erupts and fills Andrea’s mouth. Holding her head down on his cock, as she chokes down his load. She swallows all of it. “Now go make dinner!” “Yes Sir.” She trots off. After dinner she cleans up. They normally watch some TV. But things had changed today. Andrea see’s a chair facing the corner. It has something on it. “You are to sit in that chair and think how you will apologize to Tony in the morning.” Andrea goes to sit and see’s there is sandpaper on it. Well, her butt is pretty tender from the spanking and that sandpaper is not going to help one bit! So for the next 2 hours Andrea sat there staring at the wall. While Sir sat in his recliner watching TV and keeping an eye on Andrea. Her butt hurting even more if she wiggled a bit and the sandpaper digging in! She hated it! Later that night, their laying in bed, Andrea in Sir’s arms. Her head on his chest, her leg over his. She really wanted to grab his cock, but felt uneasy tension, she didn’t want to piss him off again. Sir speaks right before they fall asleep. “You’ll need to get internet casino up early to take a enema.” “Do you understand?” “I’ve set your alarm.” Andrea is excited by what he just said, but doesn’t show it and simply says “Yes Sir.” It’s always been the case, when he orders her to do an enema, he fucks her ass long and hard! So she fell asleep, knowing she’ll be getting an ass fucking before work! She didn’t cum tonight. But with an ass fucking in the morning, she’ll surely be cumming hard in the morning she thought.She gets up, puts the coffee on. Prepares her enema bag. She’s horny already thinking of Sir stretching her asshole with his big cock and then pounding her! She felt like playing with her pussy to cum. But held off thinking it will be so much better with Sir pounding into her tight ass! Afterward she showers. She was to remain naked in the mornings until it was time to go to work, as always.Sir gets up and showers and they eat breakfast. Afterward, Sir walks into the garage and returns carrying a wood contraption? Andrea has no idea what it is. It’s got some cushions on it. She’s about to ask. Sir speaks. “I just finished it!” “It’s your spanking bench!” Andrea is speechless?? Now she started really looking at it. It had cushion along the sides where her knees went. And it was almost like a saw horse, because she could also lay on it. Plus there were eye hooks and clips on the legs to secure her down she’s thinking? But, also it would work well for her to get her ass pounding this morning! Which she knew was about to happen! Sir came from behind her and shoved her soiled panties from last night into her mouth and put a leather strap around her head holding them in place! Andrea doesn’t like the taste of herself at all! He then guided her onto the bench, guided her hands thru the wrist restraints on the legs and secured her. Her tits were on either side of the bench. He then attached some 1 pound weighted nipple clamps to both nipples, really pulling on them. This was something totally new to her! It really hurt but it also made her wet. Then she felt Sir slide a small butt plug up her ass, with little or no lube, it stung a bit, and it was extremely cold. Half thinking it might be a Popsicle! (She found out later it was a frozen hot dog!)Andrea thought this was very strange, she didn’t want a fucking plug, she wanted his cock! She was totally confused??”You’ve told me you wanted me to push your limits.” But apparently, I haven’t been doing a good enough job.” “That All changes today!” Sir walked to her side. Pulled her up by the hair, turning her head toward him. Andrea see’s he’s holding a rod!!? It’s a…a thick cane??!! Andrea’s eyes pop wide open! She wasn’t expecting anything like this!! She wants her ass fucked!Sir has never used such an implement as this on her before? “You’re still being punished for your behavior from yesterday!” ” I will use this across your back side until I’m happy with the results!” “I hope you’re ready Andrea!” CRACK!! “MMMPPHH” Andrea muffles into her gag. But the first 5 weren’t that bad she realized, and thought she can take this! Sir was just getting his aim right and then the 6th was much harder! CRACK!! “MMMPPHH!!” After 30 more swats over her ass and upper thighs! Andrea was starting to cry. Sir took her gag strap off and pulled out her panties, so she could breathe better. “10 more should do it!” “I want you to count for me!” “Yes Sir!” Practically yelling. CRACK!! “OUCH!!, 1 SIR!” CRACK!!, “OOHHH,… 2 SIR!”………….. “10 SIR!!!” “OK, that’s the result I’m looking for!!” running his fingers over her welts and stripes, none breaking the skin, barely! Sir lets her loose. “Take that thing out of your ass.” “Go get ready for work, I’m driving you today, and picking you up.” “I’ve laid out what you are to wear.” Sir follows her into the bedroom. She finds a dress, bra but no panties? Looking at Sir. “That’s right you’re going commando style, you’ll need to pick the shoes, no stocking.” “Your legs are tanned, no one will know.” “Well, Tony will, but believe me he won’t care.” She thought that was a strange thing to say?As their driving her to work, and stopped at a light. Looking her in the eyes. “You are not to cum today.” “I don’t want you sneaking off to the restroom to play with yourself.” “Do you understand!” Being very firm. “Yes Sir, I understand.” Sir reaches into the back seat. “Because if you do, and you know, I’ll know or find out.” “This will be waiting for your ass when you get home.” Sir shows her a wood paddle with corse sandpaper attached to it. She sat on sandpaper last night, but it was much finer, like 100, this is like 30! She knows, this along with what she had already will leave her sore for a week! “Yes, I totally understand, Sir!” “GOOD!!””Have you thought of how you’re going to apologize to Tony?” There was silence in the car as Andrea thought about what she’s going to say. She didn’t have an answer. “I didn’t think so. Sir brings out a box from the back seat as they pull up to her work. “What’s this, cookies?” Half joking. “No, hand this to Tony, do not open it.” “He güvenilir casino also has you on special assignment today.” So make sure to go right to his office, don’t stop at your desk.” “Yes sir.” “It’s Friday, the last day of the month, which means only half day right?” “Yes Sir.” “I’ll be here at 1pm to pick you up, don’t keep me waiting.” “Yes Sir.” Andrea feels very naked today. Oh she’s gone out with no panties before. But not with such a short dress on! And not to work! It’s a bit windy today. Her dress keeps blowing up and at the very least showing butt cheek. But cheek with welts and stripes! As she hurries into the building. She heads into Tony’s office. It’s a typical office with windows facing outside on the 3rd floor. Two windows facing into the office area, that have blinds and a solid door, with a lock. After she enters, Tony is sitting behind his desk and says “Close the door.” Andrea is very nervous, walks to the door and shuts it. Turns back around “I’m supposed to give this to you, from Brandon.” He takes it and places it on the desk and looks at her. “I want to apologize for my behavior yesterday, it was inappropriate what I was doing in the office.” “Yes, it was.” “You’re a good worker but sometimes you get out of hand and personally I think you need a good spanking.” Andrea was a bit surprised at that, but thinking about it, he is Brandon’s friend! “Today you’ll be working right here in my office at that desk in the corner.” “And in that corner, right now, you’ll face it and kneel and get on all fours and pull your dress over your back.”Andrea’s eyes pop open wide at hearing this.” “But…but…!!” “No talk back slut, do as I say, now!” Andrea did not lock the door, she’s super nervous someone will walk in and she’ll be the talk of the whole building! “Get to it!!” “Or I’ll prance you through the whole office having you holding your dress up!” She quickly decides she better do as told. She scrambles over and drops to her knees, flips her dress up to expose her butt cheeks with stripes and welts. “You do have a nice ass!” “Brandon did a nice job!!” Tony walks over and touches her left butt cheek. Which makes her jump. “Relax!” Tony runs his fingers over her stripes. “Spread your legs wider, slut.” Andrea doesn’t hesitate. He runs his fingers over her cunt and finds it moist. He can smell her arousal. He tickles her clit a bit. Andrea is still horny from yesterday and her body needs relief! But that wood paddle Sir showed her lingers in her mind. This goes on for a minute and Andrea starts gyrating her hips a bit. “Please Sir! I will cum. And I’m not allowed too! Please STOP!” “Please??”Tony stops and walks back to his desk. “Let’s see what Brandon has for me?” Tony opens the box and finds a black butt plug that pumps up, some lube for it and some rubber gloves and a roll of paper towels and a note that simply says call me. Tony hits Brandon’s number. “Hey bud! Yeah she’s in the corner now.” “Damn! You did a nice job of her very cute butt!” “You must love fucking her ass, it’s perfect!” “My cock is hard just thinking of fucking her!” Andrea hears the one sided conversation. She’s thinking (“Sir couldn’t have possibly given Tony permission to fuck me!”), She can’t believe she’s in this position. All she hears is Tony saying “yes, yes I can do that, yes, that’s a great idea!” And laughing! “Ok, talk to you soon.” She really starts to worry now. All of a sudden there’s a knock on the door and it opens slightly. Andrea is frozen in fear! But the person doesn’t walk in. Only stops in the doorway, the door is between Andrea’s ass and the man’s vision. He asks Tony if he wants to join him for lunch later? Tony says, “No, I have lots of loose ends to tie up.” Then the man leaves. Tony walks to the door and opens it, hanging something on the outside. Then thankfully locks it. Andrea breathes a sign of relief! At least on the locked door!Tony drops the box on the floor near Andrea’s feet. Puts on the gloves. Lubes up his right hand. “Reach back here and spread your cheeks, young lady!” At this point Andrea is thinking Tony is going to fuck her ass! “Brandon says you really wanted your asshole filled this morning.” “Well, I’m here to help with that.” Andrea braces for his cock. She feels his fingers probing her hole. One finger first, but then 2 and 3 fingers. Stretching her rectum bigger! “Mmmmm am I going to have to fist your asshole?” Andrea says “Please Sir, no!” Then she feels 4 fingers, all this within minutes. All this probing has made Andrea horny again! “Ok, I think we’ve made progress!” Then Tony inserts the butt plug. He pumps it up a bit. He takes off his left glove and reaches under her bra to pinch her left nipple, feeling it hard already. Before he takes his other glove off ahe wipes down Andrea. All the excess lube. “Ok, go sit at your temporary desk.” Pointing to the corner. He walks over and drops a stack of papers in front of her. “I need you to proof read these.” He pumps her plug once and reaches between her legs to play with her pussy, to keep her excited. “Not exactly the way you wanted your ass filled, huh?” casino firmalari Laughing as he went to the door to unlock it. Every 15 minutes or so, Tony fingers her cunt to wetness. Then goes back to his desk. Eventually Andrea needs to pee, badly. She turns to Tony. “Sir, I really need to use the restroom??” “What for?” “My bladder is full, I really need to pee!” “Ok, but you better just pee, or Brandon will know, if you take longer than I think you should be in there!” “In other words, you better Not cum while in there!” Andrea realized Sir, must have told Tony everything! “No Sir, I promise just pee, nothing else!” “Ok, make it quick, I’m timing you!” Andrea stands. “Sir, I’m afraid this plug may fall out while walking or into the toilet, can I take it out?” She starts to reach back too. “No, leave it in, just be careful!” Andrea, thinks “oh shit! I just know it’s going to pop out in front of someone one or everyone!” As she quickly waddles out the office door toward the restroom. Careful not to drop it anywhere. She returns quickly. As soon as she walks into Tonys office. Tony is looking at his watch and looks up. “Did you wash your hands young lady?” “Yes sir, yes sir I did.” “Good back to your seat. She sits. Tony comes over to pump the plug and make it snug. And also fingers her twat, getting her wet again, then brings his fingers to her mouth. “Does it taste of pee?” “Yes sir, just a bit.” Making a funny face. “Perhaps next time you’ll wipe better?” “Yes sir.”It’s nearing time to go home. Andrea has never been so horny in her whole life. With Sir leading her into to believe she was going to get fucked in the ass this morning. Then Tony, arousing her every 15 minutes to the brink of climax over and over! Plus having her ass stretched too! Everyone in the office left 10 minutes ago. “Sir, may I go now?” “You’ll go when I say it’s time to go.” “It is time for you to take all your cloths off now!” Andrea is shocked to hear this! “But… But, Brandon is probably waiting for me in the parking lot?” “Oh, I texted him earlier, he knows you’ll be a little late.” “You have one more big job to do.” “Ever since you walked in the office today, my cock has been hard for you!” “Now, it’s time for you to take care of me.” “Brandon approved it.” Andrea is shocked to hear this! He’s never let anyone else have there way with her before! “Down on your knees right here.” Pointing in front of himself. “Legs spread wide.” He opens his desk drawer and brings out 2 nipple clamps and attaches them snugly! He unbuckles his pants and they along with his boxers drop to the floor. And out pops his huge erection bobbing in front of her face. Andrea takes note, he’s about the same size as Sir, and well trimmed like Sir. But unlike Sir has a foreskin. “Open wide little slut!” Andrea does and starts at the head. Within a minute it’s quickly realized by both, that Andrea doesn’t have enough saliva. Tony reaches for a spare bottle of water near his desk. “Drink it all.” Andrea drinks all 16 oz. she’s soon producing enough saliva. She can’t quite take all of him down her throat. She never has been able to take Sirs. Tony grabs her head and starts fucking her face, full strokes. “Look at me slut!” Her eyes are looking up at him. She starts to choke and gag, but he continues. Only stopping briefly to let her gasp for air. Then starts fucking her again. The whole time she keeps looking up at him. Her eyes are watered from choking and gagging. Finally she feels him grow real hard. He holds his cock as deep into her as he can and shoots a huge load down her throat past her taste buds. Then pulls out to fill her mouth with the rest. Then unclips both clamps and pushes her backward until she falls on her butt. Her cunt is screaming for relief! But alas, she must wait.”Damn girl!” “That was fucking fantastic!” “Now, get dressed and leave your plug in the box before you leave.” As he stumbles back into his chair. Andrea hurries to dress. Taking her plug out, she feels so empty now. Right before she leaves. “Oh yeah, you better go brush your teeth before seeing Brandon.” As he picks up his phone to call him. “Don’t keep him waiting!” Andrea hurries to her desk and gets her spare tooth brush & paste. Runs to the restroom and brushes her teeth thoroughly. Then throws her brush and paste into her bag and runs to the parking lot. Brandon is there. She gets in. “Did you apologize to Tony the proper way? “YES, Sir!” “That’s my girl.”They get home. “Go take a quick shower and meet me at your spanking bench.” “Yes Sir!” Andrea rushes off and showers & dries quickly. Then quickly get on the bench. Sir straps her in. Then walks behind her and easily slides fully into her hot cunt! “OH THANK YOU SIR!!” “THANK YOU!!” He pulls out and spreads her ass cheeks. No lube needed today. She’s really ready for him. He slides his whole big cock all the way into her. She screams out “OMG!! OMG!!” “MAY I CUM SIR, PLEASEEEEE!!!” “Cum for me slut!!” He didn’t have to tell her twice! She started cumming the instant his cock hit bottom!And gives her the pounding she’s been craving for too long! Cumming the whole time! He then began slapping her ass. She continued to scream through climaxes! He finally unloads a big load deep in her ass! Unstrapped her. Took her hand and to a shower and then went to bed where they both fell asleep in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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