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ANGELICA BEGINS – MY FIRST MAN (ENGLISH)If anyone has read my story about my c***dhood, when I was 12-13 years old and I liked to wear my mother’s stockings and heels, will understand that I always had a feminine soul. But as I wrote in that story, at that age there are not yet social life, moral, family, friends to influence you and for me it was perfectly normal … then growing up, family, friends, school, civil life affect you and make you forget your true nature. After the c***dhood I lived as nice “normal” and straight boy; cute, loved by girls, beautiful body, let’s say a “normal” sexual life.I was anyway found of shemales, and I used to fuck often a nice transex lady, she was really beautiful and feminine but also provided with a nice cock; she always wanted to show it and to be touched when fucked, thing which never caused me any trouble. From our very first meeting she said that I had beautiful and feminine legs and ass, saying that one day she would have liked to see me wearing stockings and heels. Actually she started telling me that she wanted me to wear stockings and garter belt while fucking her.Wearing stockings, after so many years, and tie the garters gave me a great emotion. So it became quite usual for me to see my legs with nylons during sex….I was anyway a”male” fucking her. But she had an active and dominant nature, and she had something else in mind.One day she told me that she had some small ”ass problems”, but she was sure that I would have made a nice blowjob to her. Before I could reply, she pushed me down and told me “come on, knee …” and started fucking my mouth.She moaned, saying that I was a gifted sucker, then “you’re a slut you know that?” “Now you’ll suck it every day”… That night she said “see you, whore” and from that day she always spoke to me as to a female (whore, bitch or slut)I was confused, but excited without realizing it.So, stockings and blowjobs became the routine for a while and I realized that every day I was more comfortable sucking her cock deeper and deeper and I was sorry and disappointed when I couldn’t wear stockings.Then once …. I was making one of the usuals blowjobs to her and she says “I’ll fuck you today”. I was confused; and she “quiet, I’ll not make you feel any pain, but wear first those heels and that wig.” He put a lot of Luan lubrificant in my ass, and started pushing …. I screamed when her cock tip got in (it illegal bahis was about 18 cm would say) ! I said, “get out, get out!”, but she wisely (?) didn’t. “Do not tighten, push!” and when she felt my ass relaxing she gently pushed it to the end. Surprisingly when I got it all inside, the initial pain was gone in seconds.Of course I can not say that I was enjoying it – yet- but she felt that I wasn’t making any further opposition, and said,:“ you like it don’t you, bitch?” After 10 minutes she was fucking me very deeply, and my very first moans of pleasure came out.I was crazy about my blonde hair waving at each stroke. At the end, sticking my arms behind me, I took her by the hips, and pulled her deep inside me and finally a liberating “fuck me !!!!!” came out from my mouth.Since then, I met her only to be fucked, my mind was changing… When I had a free evening my first thought was “then I can go and get fucked.” She loved my ass and often from the bathroom she liked to say “put yourself doggy style on the bed dear,” and came from behind fucking me right away without restraint. With verbal jokes such: “Who are you?” Me: “a whore!!!!”, and “do you want me to stop?” Me: “no please, do not stop, fuck me!”. I was adoring her, for fucking me but even more for having freed me.It went on quite a while, but …. in my mind it was always a beautiful woman, with beautiful boobs, perfect and feminine body, who was fucking me. The idea that I could excite a man and make love with him never crossed my mind (at least on a conscious level).One day …. she says: ”Today we’ll dress more accurately, Fabio is coming, a very nice gentleman, good friend of mine, he wants to meet you.” So I had my first make-up (I’m still grateful to her for teaching me this delicate side of becoming a girl…); she dressed me with a nice white silk shirt, a very short mini skirt (how could I forget forget my first “mise”?), black patent shoes (heel 5”), dark-tan seamed stockings , garter belt, bright red lipstick …When I passed in front of the mirror, it was astonished: I was watching a sexy slutty girl, that kind that if you see one on the street you “nail” your car, let her come in, and fuck her with no regards to how much she asks…Then Fabio arrived, a handsome man about 45-50 years old with short beard; she told him ”Fabio this is Angelica, I mentioned it to you, she’s my “creation”” That’ night illegal bahis siteleri I heard my name for the first time. I remember Fabio saying, “but she’s delicious.” Then she said: “I leave you guys, take your time Fabio , I’ll be in the next flat by my friend.” I was confused and embarrassed, alone with a man, but my embarrassment seemed to excite him.Sitting on the edge of the bed he began to kiss me, first my cheeks, licking my neck, then in mouth with his tongue more and more audacious, saying comments like “but you’re a dream my love “,” and who will ever leave you now? “,” you’re all female “and so on.Then he pushed me gently and made me lie down on the bed with him over me kissing me passionately. I was rather amorphous, not very responsive but not hostile neither. I think that he understood very well that he was my first man and this was exciting him;then suddenly he dropped his trousers, and told me to open my legs which he pulled on his shoulders kissing my ankles, legs and stockings, and he came on me from the front with all his weight.I was breathless when his cock penetrated me until his balls; but I could not even take a breath because I had his tongue in his mouth. In that position the cock goes so deep that it seemed to have his cock in my throat. There, I realized that in fact I wasn’t ever fucked … if a beautiful tranny penetrates you, she’s anyway a woman, it is a kind of lesbian sex but a male is quite different. You feel dominated and humiliated , finally fucked… and… female.His vocabulary was changed: he was using all the synonyms of whore: “bitch, slut, you’re just a whore to enjoy”etc ….Under him, I was feeling two forces fighting: the education, the years lived as straight guy, the phobia for homosexuality, and a great desire to let me go, my true nature that was blossoming then after the first signs of my adolescence.Suddenly, her face that I had not considered, seemed beautiful to me; I grabbed him by the hair of his head and said, “fuck me, fuck your slut as much as you want” and shoved the whole tongue in his mouth squeezing he in my arms.I was a woman, with no return. Each strong strike he gave me, I was moaning with “ oooh, my love…” …it seems incredible, but I loved him.This is actually the real whore, the one who falls in love instantly with anyone who’s fucking her.We went on a good half an hour (could seem a short time, but canlı bahis siteleri fucking at that intensity is an eternity …). I finished up with so many signs on my neck that for three days I couldn’t go and have lunch with my parents …Then … the cumshot … my friend tranny didn’t want to cum at all, I did not know what it meant …. a male who explodes inside you … (Condom of course, but it is anyway inside you…). I’ll never forget what I felt, when my very first man cummed inside me…in that moment an idea crossed my mind: “Never again sex as a male”! From that day, only sex as a female was interesting for me.A nice thing was that after having ejaculated he didn’t dress at once and did not leave me, but he lies down next to me, told me quietly beautiful sentences such as “you’re amazing”, stroking my legs and nylons.I was a different person. I lit a cigarette, conversed in a feminine way, exciting him with small kisses; even my voice had changed, more natural; I was moving my hands and body with more grace and femininity.That night I asked to my friend to let me leave her house “en femme”: once I was afraid “to be seen”, now I wanted to be seen.I was so afraid of losing that magical moment and once in my place I went to bed fully dressed (including heels) with the smell of sperm, saliva, sweat of Fabio, my first man, the one who had the privilege to start fucking a handsome boy with stockings, but cumming at the end into a pretty woman.I spent the next day to buy both black and skin-colored stockings, garter belts, skirts, shoes and boots, shirts, wigs and makeup. I spent a lot, but knowing that it was worth to spend that money, for Angelica..After that day Fabio fucked me often, every time he was in Rome. He fucked me in my tranny friend’s home, in motel, and in my own home too. And…I started taking his cum in my mouth and I became very found of swallowing cum.But still one stage was missing: at that time sex for me was Fabio, I wasn’t thinking to others, but he solved the “problem” all out one evening.Without even asking me if I liked it, he said “I’ll take a friend”. Biagio. Not handsome, a little fat, but what a cock … So…I changed again, seeing e hearing Fabio, with his cock in my mouth, saying to Biagio “fuck her, enjoy our slut!”Finally they put 2 cocks together in my ass.If the first meeting with Fabio I became a woman, that night I become a slut for everyone.The following night I went to a sexypub and I toke both in my mouth and ass many cocks even without knowing the name of the…”owners”…And Fabio understood that from that moment he could fuck me but he had to share me with many others. He really looked for this!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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