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ANNhe Meeting”Ummmm, Mark…..?””Yes, Becca?””Before you meet my mother there is something that you need to know…””….and that is?…””She is not your average person.””Well, neither am I!”We both laughed at my big cock joke.”No…I mean it. My mother is…is a…well, she…””Cat got your tongue, almost wife?””Not cat but you are close. Pussy is more like it.””There is only one pussy that I am concerned about this evening, Becca.” and I gave her upper thigh a squeeze then watched my fiancee blush and instinctively open her thighs at the same time.”Stop it. I’m trying to be serious.” her mouth said but her thighs didn’t close.”So am I…so am I….” and I moved my hand higher feeling the moist heat of my fiancee’s horny little pussy through her delicate panties. Then I slid a finger under the seam, limned the edge for second, and then tickled her through her furry nest.”Stop it! We’re almost to my mother’s house.” Becca whispered as she hornily slid her hips forward on the tanned leather seat.”Awww….” I said and slowly, sensuously, slid my thick probing finger into her pussy, all the way in, and then withdrew it just as slowly, sniffing and licking at the juices that coated it.Becca groaned and blushed deeply wiggling her luscious ass around in her seat while adjusting her panties and pulling her short skirt back into place. She tried to sit there demurely but I knew that her libido was smoking! She started licking her lips while slowly caressing my thickening 10 incher but then quickly withdrew her fingers.”Turn in here, at the pink cottage.” she nodded. “Oh, SHIT!””What?””Look over there!”To my left I saw a little gray-haired old lady sitting on the front porch rocker smiling and waving at us.”What’s wrong? Your mom looks like she is just sitting outside enjoying the day.””Oh, she’s enjoying the day alright but that is not my mother…that’s my aunt, Zelda. Look over there!” and Becca physically turned my head to the right. I had to hit the brakes or we would have hit a tree near the driveway.”I don’t see anything…””Beyond the bushes.””What?…where?…Ooohhhh!….”In the late afternoon shade of a large and gnarly old oak a tiny woman in a gold sling bikini was standing on her tip toes waxing her black Porsche 911. Her jet black hair was done up loosely in a bun. She must have stood all of 4′-6″ (although it was difficult to accurately judge her height from the erotic pose she was in) but had tits out to here and an ass that was…was… magnificent! Her daring sling seemed all the more naughtier because it was wetly metallic and did nothing to hide the dark tan lines from a different bikini that horizontally crossed her body accentuating her wonderful curves. Becca’s mother’s taut muscles gleamed with the sweat of exertion and I swear that I could see her…well, her…asshole… peaking out from under the thin strip of cloth.”You bastard! Stop it!!” hissed Becca.”What?…Stop what?..” I mouthed while keeping my eyes glued to the wonderful feminine body so openly on display.”That’s my mother!” Becca hissed again and dug her nails into my thigh.”Ow! Dammit! Her? You mean she?….Shit!…””Oh, just put a fucking sock in it!” and Becca jumped out of the car and stalked over to the vision before me, jawing loudly as she walked. Becca was no slacker in the looks department. She, too, was short at 5′-2″ but stacked and had a nice big ass that swayed delightfully with each step that she took. Her long auburn tresses stopped just short of her jiggling breasts.The two beautiful women, one completely dressed and the other practically naked, stood toe to toe and started yelling at each other. Ann took a roundhouse swing at her daughter but Becca ducked. Becca spun on her heel and strode into the house, awesome in her anger and still radiating sensuality. Her tightly packed 34C-25-37 body jiggled quickly through the back door.Ann watched her go, shrugged her shoulders putting those big tits into a glorious motion, and then slowly pulled the tie from her black hair letting it fall past her shoulders then to her waist as she shook her thick mane into place. At least I think it was in place because I was too busy staring at the sexy feminine flesh jiggling about ever so pleasantly. With a quick glance and a wink my way she slowly bent over at the waist giving me a terrific ass shot, eyed the mirror finish of the Porsche closely and took a single last swipe at the front hood of her car ( I am a fan of sports cars but truly don’t know which was hotter, the 911 or my fiancee’s mother!). Becca’s mother slowly stood up, deliberately ran her hands over her body, and then walked, strutted more accurately, toward my car. Becca had told me that her divorced mother was 50ish but, to me, her mother looked like she was in her early 20’s.”You must be Mark.” she said in a little girl’s high pitched voice.”That’s me…” I squeaked. “That’s me.” I repeated lower.Ann leaned into the open window pushing her dangling right breast into my shoulder and planted a wet kiss on my mouth.Follow me, dear boy!” she directed and set off for the front porch, her wide-hipped swing swayed and twitched in a natural motion that brought immediate wood.I shot out of the car and followed my future mother in law to the front porch trying to discreetly adjust my throbbing member through my khakis. Ann, as if reading my mind, turned slightly as she walked and giggled when she saw what I was doing. I had just met this woman, moments ago, and all I wanted to do was throw her down and fuck the living shit out of my mother in law.”Zelda….Mark. Mark…Becca’s Aunt Zelda. Have a seat and get acquainted while I fetch you a drink. Tea, coffee, filtered water, Tequila…?””Whatever you are having is fine with me, Mom.”Ann tensed for a second at the word “mom” and then strolled into the house kicking off her clogs and pulling at the sling riding deeply into her ass crease.”Well, nice to meet you young man. You definitely have your hands full!” Zelda giggled looking directly at my crotch. I wrenched my head away from the vision of Ann retreating, blushed, and covered my tented slacks with my hand.”Shoot! Don’t you worry a second about that! My sister Ann has had that little effect on all men since she hit puberty. Now, here’s a bit of advice for you, honey. Becca may be your fiancee’, and all, but Ann’s house is like one big ass, man hunting, spider web…so be careful!” and Zelda laughed again.I didn’t know how to respond so we just sat on the porch in an extended silence until Ann showed back up with a tray of Margaritas and my fiancee in tow. A somewhat mollified Becca sat beside me on the swing and Ann settled into an overstuffed chair directly opposite. The silence deepened as we sipped at our sweaty glasses. Ann had “covered up” with a gauzy tie-dyed shortie wrapper, looking even sexier, if possible. Finally, Zelda broke the ice with some local gossip about the town’s city council that had somehow managed to become the laughing stock of the entire state. Some of the member’s egos, and one man’s in particular, had clashed and become great public entertainment. We tossed their latest local issue around for awhile until Ann excused herself to dress for supper. Becca barely kept her cool when her mom waltzed by us “accidentally” nudging me with her hip. My cock was actually starting to ache when her fragrance lingered. Zelda didn’t help any when she laughed and told us a few short tales about one of Ann’s recent summer jobs as a hostess at a nudist camp.Thankfully, the dinner bell finally rang and we all went inside to find an immaculately set table including elegant little ceramic knife holders. As we all sat I also noticed that even our crystal champagne flutes had a different decoration on the stem to make them distinct if you moved around, very clever and quite stylish. To top it all off the heady aroma wafting in from the kitchen smelled just great! Dinner”Be out in a minute, everyone.”Then my future mother in law walked in with a large platter of smoked pork ribs, which she first presented to me for my approval, and then placed onto the table. I barely noticed the food. My attention was riveted on the large tanned breasts practically spilling out of her denim halter top and the matching frayed denim short shorts that were pasted to her ass, clearly outlining her labia in the little triangle of open flesh at the top of her toned thighs. Ann had pulled her long hair back again with a bunched denim tie and was perched on tiny high arched denim heels with small denim flowers on the toes. She smelled of flowers and pheromones.”Oh, fuck!….Mom this is a dinner not the fucking State Park!” seethed Becca.”And you, dearie, are my guest in my home. I’ll thank you to remember that little fact, and your manners, tonight. Now, a toast to my other guest!” she countered winking at me. Ann filled all of our glasses with the champagne that had been cooling in the sweating chrome ice stand near the table.”My top to your bottom, your bottom to my top, your middle to my middle… be a good boy and you might just get a little!” my future mother in law husked while looking me in the eye and then quickly tossed her drink down while my fiancee choked beside me and Aunt Zelda laughed.Zelda took a sip of hers and then winked at me.”Yep, you sure have your hands full, tonight!” she laughed.Somehow we actually managed to pass the food around and filled our plates.”Your ribs are delicious.” I said in a compliment for our hostess.”Why, dear boy, if you think my ribs are delicious wait until you taste the rest of me!” she winked very naughtily.Zelda and I laughed at her joke but Becca stared straight ahead and chewed her mouthful in a rigid silence. I really couldn’t understand Becca’s pissy attitude but would have to wait until we got home to discuss it. The rest of the meal passed in a strained atmosphere of small talk and the usual edirne escort casual “getting to know you” questions. I discovered that Ann had worked for a local insurance agent for years and had traveled widely for business. She had been married (and divorced) 3 times (“Lucky bastards!” I thought to myself.) and her last husband was rich (that explains the Porsche). She definitely is a vivacious “edgy” person, very appealing in spite of her age, and, quite obviously, ready to try anything. Becca eventually cooled down enough (after several glasses of an excellent California champagne) to actually talk directly with her mother and even laugh a little at some of the embarrassing stories Ann offered up about Becca’s c***dhood. Becca, like her mother, really loved being the center of attention.As the conversation finally started to flow we finished our dinner and all retired to the living room, relaxing with after dinner drinks before dessert. The living room was decorated in a very sensual style that made me think more of a 1960’s bachelorette pad than anything else. The carpet was a sculpted salmon shag and each corner of the room held a statuette copy of Rodin’s “The Kiss.” On the light green wall above the couch was a large black light poster of a nude couple tightly engaged in a hardcore sweaty love knot, the woman was obviously orgasming, literally running juice around the embedded cock while passionately chewing on her lover’s tongue. A large wet bar and 64″ flat screen TV took up the opposite wall. On each of the three window sills psychedelic Lava lamps glowed, their slowly jelling globs of color rising and falling in perpetual motion. On the textured ceiling an elegant disco ball spun slowly throwing a sparkling hypnotic pattern around the room. In the corner was a stone fireplace. Beside it was a low purple-velvet lounge, a piece obviously designed for one thing and one thing only, love making.”The only thing missing in this bachelorette pad is some weed, a bit of toot, and a bowl of condoms!” I laughed, whispering in Becca’s ear while slyly cupping one of her breasts.”Ssshhh…stop that!” she giggled and whispered back but I could see the tension of her horniness reappear in her face as her legs automatically opened.”I heard that, Mark! You know, I just might have a little something special to smoke stashed around here someplace but you’ll have to provide the rubbers. Becca tells me you are quite large!” laughed my future mother in law and tossed back another shot of something frosty.”Mother!””Guess that definitely sounds like my cue to leave!” laughed Aunt Zelda. She stood up and shook my hand and then thanked her sister for a pleasant meal. I watched her pinch her sister’s arm, hard, and whisper, “Take it easy on him, Ann! These two are definitely in love!” Ann grimaced and turned away from her, pouting.”Welcome to the family, Mark, and goodnight all. Have a pleasant evening, but not too pleasant, hear?!” she said and winked at me.Definitely a little tipsy, Ann staggered some on her wobbling heels as she walked Zelda to the door. I heard them whispering together briefly and then her voice called out from the foyer, asking us if we were ready for our dessert yet.”Yes, Mom. Can we take it poolside?” Becca answered for both of us while giving my crotch a quick squeeze.”Of course, dear. Do you want to serve or would you like me to?””Why don’t you, Mother? I think that Mark might definitely like that!””Are you sure?””Absolutely!””You two go ahead then. I’ll bring it out in a jiffy minute!” Ann said, a new excitement registering in her girlish voice.Becca and I strolled, hand in hand, out to her mother’s large pool that glowed light green in the ambient light. In a corner a large hot tub set in a miniature jungle of succulent plants cascaded its steaming backlit overflow into the bigger glowing pool. Intermittent twisting vapors of steam rose around us. Becca immediately dropped to her knees releasing my manhood into her wet sucking mouth while pulling my khakis down.”God, Becca! What the hell? Your mother will see us!” I gasped popping Becca’s mouth off my 10 inch cock.I tried to quickly pull my slacks back up but Becca slapped my hands away and wetly licked the underside of my balls before she allowed me to fasten my trousers.”Booze always makes me extremely horny, Mark. You know that!” she said letting her hand stray under her panties.”Well, horny or not, I can hear your mom’s heels in the house clicking their way toward us. Fuck, what has come over you?””You will soon see, my soon to be husband.””What? Shit, Zelda was right when she said that I have my hands full with you two tonight.””My aunt said that to you? Meddling cunt! Well, as you heard me say inside I gave my mother permission to serve you dessert and I meant it so whatever she serves you is OK with me, understand?””…..Yeah…I’m not an idiot but….””Here she is.” Becca whispered patting my cock.I jumped up but all I could manage was a silly grin as Ann set a large tray on the stand conveniently standing near us. She motioned toward my chair and we all sat down in the canvas and wood deck chairs arranged poolside. Becca did not even so much as blush when she rose from her knees and sat in hers not bothering to cover up. I laughed nervously and tugged at her skirt.Ann didn’t seem to notice. She lit up her cigarette with a retro Zippo, closing it with its distinct metallic click, and took a deep drag letting the smoke gradually curl from her mouth and nostrils up through her long hair in a slow sensual exhalation. She looked me in the eye and then took another drag squinting a bit as the hot smoke touched her eyes and coughed. Both Becca and Ann giggled at some invisible joke. Right then a very distinct smell hit me, a sweetly resinous odor that I haven’t smelled in decades.”Is that…? Are you smoking….?””Pot? Why, yes it is! Want some?” smirked my future mother in law and held the smoldering number out to me.”Are you k**ding me?…I haven’t…we haven’t…Becca….?””I said that whatever she served you is OK with me, remember? This is something that Mom and I do only on special occasions.” Becca said cuddling against me.She took the joint herself and pulled hard making the ember glow brightly orange. A scorched seed popped and arced away from her mouth, like an organic shooting star. A fragment of ashen rolling paper fell away and the weed smoked and sizzled. Becca sucked the heavy smoke deep into her lungs, held it, and then leaned toward me beckoning for a kiss. Ann smiled and nodded. I let Becca kiss me then and felt her exhaling into my mouth. The smoke felt cool and I drew it in and then sucked on Becca’s tongue while accepting the shrinking joint.Mom and daughter watched me as I flicked the growing ash off the tip and then turned it around and placed it in my mouth so just the lipstick stained end stuck out. I leaned toward my fiancee blowing a thin, but potent, stream of smoke toward her.”My, my, my! We have a man of some experience here, Becca!” Ann giggled, watching us intently from her chair, her fingers absently stroking high on her exposed thigh.Becca inhaled all she could in two stages and then gestured, choking some, toward her mother. I raised my eyebrows to be sure and she just nodded and waved me away from her, the pot smoke streaming into the night air.I turned and suddenly found myself nose to nose with Ann who winked and waited. I blew the smoke toward her and then found her kissing me with a deep searching kiss while inhaling. I jerked away in a panic but she pulled me back to her lips and then I felt Becca also pressing me toward her mother’s face.”It’s OK….just keep blowing….” my fiancee wheezed exhaling a thin cloud of smoke that encompassed us all in a translucent bluish haze.I kept kissing and blowing until the joint grew too hot and I had to breath. I pulled away from a very stoned Ann. Our lips momentarily stuck together but then parted.”You finish it, Mark.” said Becca curling against my chest. “You’ll need it all for the dessert.””But I thought that this was the dessert!” I said and inhaled deeply again feeling the front edge of a pot high tickling my brain…and then, a little lower.”Say…what kind of pot is this anyway, Ann? It kind of smells a little like some hash I smoked once at a party.”Well, daughter, I have to say this one is definitely a keeper! Experienced and perceptive! This little doobie is some excellent Nepalese Black that I picked up on a trip to Kathmandu ages ago and have kept in my freezer for a very special occasion. The hash you are smelling is a sprinkling of some righteous Afghan hashish from just east of Kabul. They blend into an excellent smoke, don’t you think? And there is an excellent aphrodisiacal side benefit as well, isn’t there?….Ummm….Becca?””I already told you that it is alright with me, didn’t I?” said my very stoned fiancee openly pulling at a long nipple through her clothing.”Just making sure, my darling daughter, just making damn sure! Is it OK?”The roach was now burning the tips of my fingers but I still managed one last toke that was more air than smoke before putting it out with my wet fingertips. I looked around for an ashtray but didn’t see any.”Just go ahead, Mother. I am really starting to get hungry again.””Ann, uh what….where…?””Just eat it, Mark. You will really get off.”So I did savoring the charred spicy smoky flavor and then we all laughed at some unknown cosmic joke for awhile until the tears rolled down our faces and our sides truly ached. My cock was now in an aggressive state of arousal that made me wish Becca and I were alone. I swear that I could actually smell the women’s cunts through their clothes!This evening’s dessert is chocolate brownies with fudge frosting…and me.” intoned Ann.”Huh? But…” Becca silenced me with a finger on my lips.My future mother in law clicked escort edirne a remote that sent heady bars of some very mellow jazz into the atmosphere around us. Ann rose slowly from her chair and, as Nina Simone breathed out a soulful tune, Ann started a very slow, seductive, strip tease. I immediately shot a glance at Becca who actually smiled and pointed at her mother. At first, I didn’t know what to think but was enjoying the erotic sight of my future mother in law pulling first one breast and then the other free from her halter. She arched her heart shaped butt into the air, a great ass that threatened to tear apart the seams of her tiny shorts, and let her big tits dangle and sway. She licked her lips and sat in my lap while kicking off her denim heels. I could feel the coolness of a big tit even through my shirt and then felt my hand being drawn to the waistband of her shorts. Ann just sat there, squirming, on my growing boner while I looked into my fiancee’s shining assenting eyes and popped the snap on her mother’s shorts. Ann gasped and shifted around on my boner.”Becca, you told me that he was well hung but…..Oh My!”She nestled my thickening meat between her cheeks and leaned back so that I could more easily find her zipper. Her hair smelled great! I found the pull and slowly eased it down, down, and still farther down revealing a growing wedge of delicate feminine flesh decorated with lavender lace.Ann stood up and bent over in front of me pulling her skimpy shorts completely off, practically shoving the scented mound peaking out of her triangle of flesh into my watering mouth.”What a fucking woman!” I thought I said to myself.”Why, thank you dear boy!” husked Ann whisking off her panties and spreading her legs wide apart. She looked at me from between her legs and held my gaze. Her eyes were glowing with lust.”Isn’t she!” whispered Becca who again succeeded in freeing my aching rod and forced her lips around the huge knob, making me cry out.Dessert”Go slow, Becca. We want this night to last.””Yes, Mother.” Becca pouted obediently after removing her lips but still kept up a languid stroking on my grateful member.Now I felt the real power of the hashish kicking in and wasn’t sure which spell was the stronger, the ladies blowing my mind or the dope. Naked Ann strutted sensually to the silver serving tray and retrieved a plate of brownies. She delicately lifted one free and smiled as she scooped up a thick dollop of frosting with a long purple nail and then carefully anointed her nipples and wrinkled belly button, an innie. Her nipples immediately tightened and lengthened and, from this closeness, I could see rows of goose bumps crawling over her chest, stomach, and thighs.”Are you cold, Ann? Can I…?” but Becca hushed me with her slender finger and then stood up, staggering a bit herself.”Just watch, Cowboy. And remember that I love you very much!””Huh?” I felt helpless under the hashish and, all of a sudden, confused.Becca quickly shucked her minidress and then stepped out of her panties. Naked as the day she was born she carefully d****d her pink panties over my cock and then slid into a long hot kiss with her mother.”What?…Wait a minute!…Shit…What??…”Becca and her mother quickly slid to the turf and locked into a fiery 69 of desire, all wet tongues, tangled hair, wobbling tits, and drooling hairy cunts. My cock wilted as I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. Becca broke free for a minute and licked the frosting from her mother’s tits and then focused, sucking, on her belly button. In spite of myself, my cock started to rise again at the sight of these two women before me making forbidden love to each other. I started sliding Becca’s soft pink panties up and down my big cock.Alert Ann was the first to notice my response and quickly broke their heated clinch.”What?…Dammit, Mom!…I want your pussy!…” Becca gasped and tried to insert her slender pointed tongue back into her mother’s open cunt.”Becca, dear…behave now…someone needs our attention!”Ann pushed her daughter away from her and reached for the brownies again.”Oh!”Then both naked women crawled on their hands and knees toward me. Ann smiled, stopped my hand, and slowly pulled Becca’s panties loose. She held them to her nose, gathered a bit of the precum oozing from my pecker and anointed the panties, closed her eyes, and inhaled deeply. Her nostrils involuntarily flared at the mingled scent of her daughter’s aroused cunt and my masculine fluid. Ann carefully looked me in the eye and actually put the crotch of the stained panties into her mouth and sucked, savoring the combined juices. When Ann looked at me it was with a leering lust that contorted her lovely features making her look younger and even lovelier. Both women pulled off my clothes and then started smearing chocolate frosting on my mouth, nipples, cock, and balls. Becca bent to the task and soon was gently sucking on my sweetened balls, alternating her attentions there with occasional licks on my erect cock.Her mother, meanwhile, launched herself at my nipples and mouth, renewing the sensual kissing we had begun earlier with the joint but the kissing had intensified now with her lust and the stone from the Asian dope. With her mother trying to drive her tongue down my throat and Becca pressing her hot lips along my shaft I responded by trying to come in Becca’s mouth while gripping Ann’s lovely ass and sucking on her extended nipples.Both of the randy females broke off their ribald ministrations and, as if on cue, retreated to the hot tub beckoning me after them. They lay beside it kissing and fondling each other, taking great care to deliberately finger the other’s wet pussy and grasping asshole….looking me directly in the eye when they nastily probed and licked the deepest. Then they rolled into the steaming bubbling water, laughing and splashing.The Hot TubFeeling like I was dreaming I slid in too and found myself immediately locked in a sensual embrace with my fiancee and her mother. Our tongues tangled and our bodies slid and slipped deliciously together. I wasn’t quite sure who was stroking my cock or which one was cupping my balls but, at this point, I really didn’t care since the fingers of one hand were buried in my wife’s hot wet pussy while my other hand caressed the finest ass in two states.”Becca?” Ann queried in a hot whisper.”Hmmmm?” Becca responded in a stoned stimulated daze.”May I?”Becca’s pussy simply gushed juice and she nodded.Ann slowly stood up before me and then bent over the edge of the tub spreading first her legs and then her glistening pink pussy in obvious invitation. Even heavily stoned on some potent dope I knew my cue when I saw it and steely cock in hand stumbled toward the hot bitch. Then, with no further preliminaries, I slotted my bulging head against her puffy eager snatch. Ann sighed and pressed backwards striving eagerly to get me inside her cunt. She pressed harder and wriggled around moaning and groaning in her efforts.”Are you OK, Mom?” I managed between gritted teeth concerned that I was hurting her. She was so fucking tiny!”I…told…you…Shit!…Ooooo, it’s so big!…Don’t call me ‘Mom’, Dammit!…”I held onto one of her big swaying tits for leverage and watched her pussy stretching wider and wider before it finally decided to accept that huge head. She almost passed out when I finally slid inside of her but I caught her. My future mother in law panted for awhile then dropped her head even lower dipping her long hair into the steaming bubbling water. With a determined look Ann’s eyes widened as she fucked me in deeper and deeper for awhile, grunting and gasping with pleasure, until I sank completely in, balls deep!”YES! Oh God, YES!” Ann cried out in her girlish accent. “Becca…OH SHIT!…He’s so fucking BIG!!!”My fiancee came up behind me pressing her slippery boobs against my back and whispered hot dirty suggestions into my ear.”Now…fuck her horny cunt! Twist the bitch’s nipples harder…she loves it rough! Shove your cock head all the way up to her throat! Come on, Cowboy, really fuck my mother’s juicy pussy!”I wasted no time and hammered my future mother in law’s greedy stretched out cunt with short intense strokes that jolted her hard, driving cries of obscene pleasure from her lovely mouth.”Oh FUCK, Becca…what are you….doing to him?…That monster is still swelling up in me….getting harder….thicker…and I’m cumming….cumming…OH SHIIIITTTT!!…I”M….CUMMING!…” Ann howled at the moon.My future mother in laws luscious pussy spasmed in her joy and gripped my pounding cock in a vise of feminine flesh.”Fuck her through it…really fuck her!….come on fuck the damn slut…she wants it…she fucking needs it…” Becca whispered chewing on my neck and then inserted a slim probing finger deep into my ass.”GRNSHHH!” I bellowed and blew a hot load deep inside her mother.”Mother, he’s coming!” Becca yelled and pulled me back and out of Ann’s slick swamp allowing the next long spurt to land on Ann’s shoulder. Becca vacuumed me into her mouth and took the next two blasts down her throat before Ann spun around and accepted another long stream in her nostril, on her right eye, and on her hair. The two bitches, looking more like sisters than mother and daughter, pulled my erupting cock back and forth jacking, licking, and sucking, deliberately savoring every last drop of hot sticky semen.Finally spent I fell back gasping and shaking but Becca and her mother weren’t quite done yet. In the soft moonlight they cuddled and kissed with hot passion, driving their tongues deep into the other’s mouth, and then kissed and caressed more tenderly. With a bold glance in my direction Ann opened Becca’s mouth with her fingers and let the cum she had collected drip into her daughter’s mouth. Becca groaned and slid her fingers over her mother’s face, breasts, edirne escort bayan and bottom. Becca then yanked her mother’s hair forcing Ann’s head back and did the same to her, looking me directly in the eyes as my spent semen drained slowly back into Ann’s open mouth. Ann paused long enough to naughtily blow some cum bubbles before she swallowed the collected mass of semen. The women billed and cooed for awhile licking and cleaning the smaller found remnants of cum from each other. I slid through the water to the embracing women and kissed them both. We all drifted along for awhile in the giggly heady afterglow of spent sex, an afterglow enhanced by the hashish and the pot.At some point I remember being hand fed a couple of brownies, one by each of the ladies, but Ann definitely had the best technique. She started with a brownie balanced on her left breast and then laid back on the edge of the hot tub shimmying and shaking until the brownie slid slowly down her belly and tangled in her delicate muff. Fragrant pussy juice mixed with chocolate frosting is, definitely, my favorite dessert!When the water started to feel too hot we all dove into the bigger pool to cool off. Becca and her mother played at a very twisted version of submarine which Becca won by managing to snare my cock with her mouth three times on her long underwater dives to her mother’s two. By now I was ready to fuck anything in sight and threw a shrieking Becca over my shoulder, tossed her onto a big overstuffed corner settee, and fucked her until her teeth rattled and she had orgasmed twice. Ann had settled nearby and quietly fingered herself to her own climax as she watched us cavorting.Becca and I fell into a deep sleep and her mother fished out a large blanket from somewhere, covered us completely, and then burrowed underneath with us. Some time in the middle of the night I roused, only to find myself alone under the blanket.Revelations in the Night”Shhhh…you’ll wake him….oh fuck that feels good…please Mom….””I know exactly…how you like it, Becca….relax this won’t take long…here…wait…”Near the house I could hear the muted whispers emitting from the mingled shadows of the two women kneeling together on the lush summer lawn. Becca was on her knees in the grass with her head down and her big ass raised high. By the sound of her voice I could tell she had been worked up for quite awhile and was nearing an orgasm, and not her first! What I didn’t expect to see was that her mother was kneeling behind her and was fucking the shit out of her daughter with a huge strap-on that glistened, even in the dark.”Slap…slap…slap…slap…” went the rhythmic sound of Ann’s belly slapping against Becca’s upraised ass.I stumbled to my feet to get a closer look at the amazing sight of a mother soundly fucking her only daughter. A sweating Ann was gripping one of Becca’s swaying tits firmly with one hand and pulling on Becca’s raised hip with the other so that she could drive the big dildo deeper still into her daughter. “Nnnnnggggaaahhh….FUCK….YES…YES…YES…shhheeeeiiiittttt!….” wailed Becca in the strangled familiar cry she always used just before falling over the edge.”Take it, Becca….come on…take it!….don’t hold back…fuck it…” her mother panted and gasped above her.”What?” I said out loud. “What are you two doing??!””Oh YES, Mother….fuck…my…tight….little…asshole….I’m coming…..cumming….CUMMING….CUUUUUUUUMMMMMIIINNGGG!…” yelled my noisy fiancee, oblivious to me in her passion, as her mother fucked the piss out of her.”Mark!…Oh SHIT!….You weren’t….supposed to see….this!!…” gasped Ann as she stopped and started pulling free from Becca’s grasping asshole.”Dammit, you CUNT!….Don’t….FUCK!….I’m CUMMING…don’t stop now…FUCK!!….” howled Becca as she threw herself back and forth on the pleasuring dildo and roughly pulled her mother’s hair trying to get the dildo in deepest.”Becca!…Ow, you bitch!….Becca…Mark!….””Harder….cumming….Huh?….What?….Mark?…Mark!..AHHHNNNGGGHHH!!!.”Becca finally started to realize her predicament and froze in midstroke but couldn’t quench her powerful orgasm. What a sight they were! Gleaming in the moonlight, butt naked, my fiancee looking like a deer caught in the headlights and her mother smiling some strange embarrassed twisted smile, panting and steaming in the coolness of the night, and Becca cumming hard while absolutely begging her gorgeous panting mother to fuck her in the ass…which she always refused to allow me to do!For an extended moment we all remained motionless and then, still fucked up on the dope, I started to laugh.”Ha, ha, ha, hee, hee, Ho!”Becca and her mother remained stock still.”Ha, ha, Ha!…You should see your selves….ha, ha, ha, ha!” I laughed holding my sides and falling to the grass.Ann recovered first and tapped her daughter on her ass and then slowly withdrew what looked like a foot long whopper.”Oh fuck!…Ha, ha, ha!….This is too much!…Shit!….Ha, ha, ha, ha, hee!…”Ann joined in the laughter in her squeaky high pitched voice and that set Becca into motion with a quieter embarrassed giggle.”You mean you aren’t mad?” Becca somehow managed while her asshole still spasmed and winked.”Mad? Mad?….Hell no!….Ha, ha, ha!…”Then we all snuggled on the dewy grass with Becca clinging to my side while her mother tried to disentangle herself from the big dildo, cussing in her frustration with all the straps and buckles.”Here…let me help you with that, Mom….””Don’t call me ‘Mom”, I hate that! It makes me feel old, dammit! And I can manage myself, quite well, thank you!…FUCK!”I reached around and unbuckled the last thin little black belt and freed my future mother in law’s gorgeous hips from their burden of vinyl pleasure.”Where did you ever find one this big, Ann?””Never mind!””And…is this little scenario a regular occasion for you two? Shit, from the way you two were carrying on when we first pulled up I thought that you were mortal enemies.”Silence.”Well?”Still silence.”Well…somebody better talk soon or I might be the next one using my own personal monster on one of your tight little assholes!”Ann covered her mouth and gasped at that thought and then broke the standoff.”Here’s the short version, Mark. Years ago Becca and I entered the same local beauty contest. She was dressed in her red leather mini and boots, a sexy outfit that always turns men’s heads, and I had on the denim ensemble that you saw me in earlier. We were quite drunk and the city beauty contest soon devolved into a redneck wet t-shirt competition we hadn’t expected. I was drunker than my daughter and eventually won by stripping down till I was buck naked. Becca stood there in front of that large crowd seething and shivering in her soaked red vest and transparent white shirt. After that, she always has resented my “exhibitionism”.”Yeah…OK….but what about the hot little lesbo relationship you too have going now? Not to mention the i****t!””That’s getting a little personal there, bucko!””Oh, I see…and fucking the shit out of you and watching you share my cum with your daughter isn’t?…Come on…all of it!” I said grasping my long thick pecker and shaking it threateningly at them.”Ok, OK! Here’s the rest of the story, Mark.” said my still embarrassed fiancee, rubbing her already well-fucked ass while uneasily eying my prick.”One night my first husband and I had been out on the town and gotten really drunk. Mother was visiting and offered us some weed to mellow us out. Well, one thing led to another and soon my husband had passed out in mid clinch with me. Mother and I just kept on going.””And?…””Shit…do you want me to literally spell it out for you?…””Actually?….Yes!””OK…well…she…I…Shit!…I can’t!…Mom??….””Becca and I got it on.” Ann stated simply.”We both liked it and got higher. I ended up finally fucking her in the ass with a strap on that I had kept from one of my swinging parties.””Just like that?” I said looking at my fiancee who blushed a deep crimson I could see even in the fading moonlight.”Just like that.” repeated Ann.”Mother and I were both more than a little shocked at what had happened when we came down. We didn’t do anything for a long time afterwards but from time to time over the years we still like to overindulge and let our inhibitions loose, and, on really rare occasions, that means including others.”Unable to even look at me after their explanations, my future mother in law hung her head and Becca started to cry.”Aw…come on you two, buck up!….I didn’t mean to hurt anyone…I just thought I deserved to know…after seeing…seeing…you know!….”Becca nodded through her tears and Ann snuggled quietly closer. I couldn’t help my next response. Ann held me close and then felt my rising cock pressing against her soft breast.”Becca….Becca!…Looky here!” Ann giggled in her nasally high pitched squeak and pointed. We have some big time company!”This time I was the one blushing. Becca’s mom, however, gobbled up my cock with no hesitation causing it to grow and stiffen like a rod of iron.”Damn!” gasped Ann. “Didn’t I tell you that he is a keeper? Can you believe the size of this fucker??!” and she fell back to her task with wanton abandon!”By the way, Mark.” said Becca. “Mother left out one very important detail.””Gulp…gulp…gulp…Becca!…gulp…Don’t you dare!…gulp…gulp” Ann threatened as she continued sucking my dick. What a slutty cocksucker!”She LOVES having a man fuck her up the ass too!” she husked into my ear and then chewed on my earlobe panting hotly.I emptied my nuts into her mother’s hot sucking mouth.”Yuuummmmlllpppp!” Ann grunted as spurt after spurt of my hot cum coursed down her throat. She nursed every drop from my balls until I had to pull her away from my too sensitive cockhead.”He likes it!…Hey, Marky!….Marky likes it!” Becca joked and we all roared with laughter. We trooped back under the big comforter where I fucked Becca’s mother while we all shared a joint. Then, tangled wonderfully together, we all drifted off and slept like the dead. END

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