Ass-Scent of a Goddess

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Ass-Scent of a GoddessAs I sit in the waiting lobby of a beautiful marbled complex, I look at the women around me.I’m surrounded by beauties of all shapes, colours and sizes.I know I look good, but these girls ranging between the ages of 18 – late 40s are all so beautiful.There’s a beautiful marble fountain in the middle of the room emanating a calm soothing sound of flowing water, like a steady stream.It’s intricately decorated with statues of Rubenesque women sitting on the faces of smaller men and women.Each statue is made up of platinum and silver and gold and other precious metals.The centrepiece is an 18 inch high beautiful goddess of a large naked woman made from a cloudy diamond, with the water spurting from jets over her like a shower, she’s casually bathing under the water whilst using the faces of both a small slim boy and girl like a toadstool, propping her up with the side of their faces supporting her large cushion-like buttocks as they kneel below her. I noticed both their noses are aimed between the middle of her cheeks, clearly sniffing at her crack with a facial expression which suggests they’ve reached nirvana.I feel a little uneasy, this is my first time coming to such a place.Nervous butterflies flutter around inside my stomach like I’m about to sit a very important test.I guess, in a way, I am.I look up at the large mirror across the room, and see myself sitting on the white leather sofa beside a couple other gorgeous ladies.My small red crop-top stands out strikingly against the white surroundings, against my flawless peachy pink skin. As does the dark ruby red colour of my lipstick.My long golden honey-coloured hair dr@pes stylishly down my shoulders.My tight black leggings creaks slightly against the leather as I adjust my crossed legs.I have on black high heels to complete the look.I stare into my deep green eyes, which are surrounded by the small black shadows covering my eyelids,with a small black beauty spot resting on my cheek.Damn I look good!I adjust my double D size boobs under my top, and look towards the receptionist.A pretty young brunette woman, of about 25, typing quietly on her desk computer.She’s already let a couple women in through the evaluation room, through the large white door beside her desk.I’ve been waiting patiently for half an hour now.I look around once more at my luxurious surroundings.There’s a gallery of paintings hanging on a section of wall.The scenes depict more goddess worship, as beautiful buxom naked women with beachball-like rear-ends are sitting upon the faces of their loyal appreciative half-naked subjects who are idolising her crevices with loving sniffs.Some of the painted goddesses are simply leaning forward, spreading their cheeks for the worshippers to sniff their divine roses.Others are on all fours, sniffing some painted daisies in front of them as a worshipper is on their knees, leaning their nose delicately into the inviting maw of the goddess’s ass and sniffing the divine scent of her special flower.I’m reminded, looking at those exciting paintings, of just why I’m here today.I hope to find myself worshipped in such a way.”Ms Vítr?”The receptionist calls my name.I stand up and walk over to her desk.As I do, I check out the curvy shape of my butt protruding out inside my leggings in the mirror.It’s without a doubt my best asset, and I intend for it to look good for this occasion.”Hi there, thank you for waiting.”The receptionist greets me,”Pleasure to meet you -“I stop to look at her name-tag on her white buttoned shirt covering her perky chest,”- Hannah.””Let me just check your application form.”She smiles sweetly at me before taking my form from the top of the pile of other forms on her desktop.”I thought I could detect a little bit of a Eastern European accent in your voice.”She tells me as she eyes over my form.”Yes, I am originally from the Czech Republic.”I inform her, clearly she’s reading my profile information.”How long have you lived here for?”She asks in a friendly manner.”For 10 years now, I came here when I was 12.”I explain to her.”Nice, well I’m real glad you did.”She looks up at me and grins.”If you would like to go through now, Mr Bryan is free to see you.””Thank you.”I smile at her, and head to the door.The door slides open for me, like it’s got a motion sensor, like the kind you’d find at a supermarket.I’m greeted by the sight of a what appears to be a luxurious penthouse bedroom.It’s mainly decorated red, with white marble inlays and skirtings covering the lower third of the walls and décor.The whole floor is made with white marble, with splashes of red provided by the fluffy shag carpets and rugs.Stood to attention in the middle of the room is a somewhat tall man with soft-looking brown hair and matching coloured eyes.He has a slight tanned appearance to his skin although he is obviously Caucasian. He smiles at me.He’s wearing a white-buttoned shirt with black slacks, and black socks on his feet.He’s got quite a nice almost athletic looking body to him, but not like as if he works out.It seems like he’s just naturally fit without having to make an effort.He gives off an air of professionalism about himself.”Hi, you must be Bryan?”I greet him with a friendly smile.”Yes, it’s a pleasure to meet you Ms Vítr.”He now grins.”Pleasure to meet you too.”I grin sweetly back.”Oh no, the pleasure’s all mine, I can assure you.”He softly chuckles.”I’m sure.”I flirtatiously wink at him.Well, it always helps a determined girl to use her charms.He nervously grins some more, I seem to have caught him off guard.”Well – um – I must say, and I hope I don’t over step the mark by saying how attractive you are,you’re very beautiful, really a gorgeous woman.”He compliments me.”Thank you and yes it’s ok, I love hearing it!”I flash my strait pearly white teeth in a coquettish grin.I pick up on the american accent to his voice.”If it was all purely down to looks, you’d be at the very top right this second – sorry would you mind just giving me a little twirl,let me see exactly what you’re bayraklı escort working with?”He requests me. I know just what he’s wanting to see.I playfully spin on my heel, and slowly turn around.I lean forward slightly, showing off the goods.I place my hand on the crux of my hip as I push my bottom out, and flash him another cheeky grin.I catch him clearly checking me out with his brown eyes almost popping out of his head.”Yes, so very attractive indeed.”He compliments me as he takes several rushed breaths.His heart must be pounding out of his chest.I turn back around, and coyly giggle as I face him.”You really are stunning, but you know, looks will only get you so far in this process…”He continues to compliment me, and explain,”To make it to the top, you need to have more than just a good look.””Oh, do tell?”I nervously smile.”Looks only make up 20% of the overall evaluation. 30% is in the personality, and judging by what I’ve seen so far,I’m sure you’ll do wonders in the personality range.”He explains.”And what makes up the rest?”I ask.”Well, the most biggest at 40%, is smell, you need to have an amazing smell… Looking at what you got – I got high hopes for you in that regard!”He playfully grins as he looks down towards my hips and back up to my eyes.”I aim to please!”I playfully remark.”But that’s only 90%, please tell, what’s the remaining 10%?””Well, the 10% is for those hoping for the highest ranking of all. It’s not something just any goddess-in-waiting is willing to do.It won’t stop you from being a goddess, but for those who are willing, it’ll take them up to the top echelon.”He tells me.”What?”I ask, sounding a littler nervous.His lip tenses up, he’s looking a little bit timid to say.”Well, for those trying to reach to upper echelon…”He takes a small breath,”You got to have a high-ranking ability to – um – fart…”I notice a small blush colour appear on his cheeks.”Fart?”I chuckle.”Well I’m a woman, I do that, what’s so special about that?”I continue to softly laugh as he grins nervously.”I don’t mean just a fart! It’s how you fart.”He explains.”What like, fart in a real lady-like manner? Quietly push it out as I cross my legs and cover my mouth with my hand?”I ask and continue to laugh.”No not like that!”He laughs with me, really easing the tension in the air.”Oh, so like do it like a trooper and just let it rip!”I continue to joke and laugh.”Kind of!”He laughs along with me before finally explaining,”No, I mean you’ll have to do it in the face.””What?”I pause my giggles and try to process what I just heard,”in whose face?”I can’t contain myself and nervously chuckle.”Well, that depends. You don’t have to do that, of course, I understand how most women might feel really uncomfortable by the thought of doing such an act. As I said, it won’t stop you from becoming a goddess, so it’s perfectly ok if you want to refrain from that.”He contains his desire to giggle and explains.To be honest, I never even thought about doing that before.I mean, yeah sure I’ve sat on my fair share of adoring faces before, and I’m more than comfortable being sniffed,but I’ve never actually come across actually being wanted to have me fart in someone’s face before.I stop laughing and take in the prospect of doing such an act.”It’s entirely your decision, there’s no real penalties or obligations to do that.”He reassures me.”Oh no, that’s good, and well… Maybe.”I tell him. I’ve always been one to try anything once.”Any way, it’s just something for you to think on. There’s plenty of time to decide on that later.In the mean time, I’ll need to evaluate your, what I’m sure will be, delightful scent.”He nervously grins.”Ok, Mr Bryan, how would you like me?”I playfully grin back at him.”Oh don’t, there’s so many options!”He chuckles.”How about just where I stand?”I ask with a cheeky glint in my eye.”Sure, that’s fine with me. I’ll need you to pull your leggings down first and lean forward for me.”He tells me. I place my hands to the waist band of my leggings, and hook my red-painted fingernails into them.”I didn’t know if I should wear any knickers or not for this today, so I decided to play it safe and wear some small panties. Is that ok?”I ask as I begin to pull my leggings down, he’s already walked behind me to watch as my round peachy bum slips out from the tight confines of my leggings.”That’s fine. I only need to smell the scent right now, it’s not crucial to be fully exposed.”He explains with his voice getting slightly heavier as he breathes a little harder, watching the thrilling sight.”I was going to wear a thong, but as you can see, these panties are quite little on me already.”I casually mention, knowing how much of a cheeky tease I’m being.”I mean, just look at the way the soft cotton fabric rides up into me!””Mmm it’s lovely underwear.”He sighs. The knickers make a V-shape against my bottom, as most of my bumcheeks are on full show.”Ready when you are.”I remark as I lean forward, sticking my butt right out. My crack is calling for his nose.He kneels behind me, and gently nuzzles the tip of his nose to the middle of my butt.He didn’t try to kiss it, or touch it with his hands, it was an automatic response from him.A natural urge and reaction for him to just stick his nose to my butt and sniff.His nostrils were aimed so perfectly at my hole, that it felt to me like his nose was just made for sniffing ass.I always enjoy when I got a nose smelling me.I love the feeling of power I have, and yeah I guess it’s a little ego-maniacal of me to have my natural smell adored.Can’t say I blame him or anyone else for loving my smell, it’s a real good smell. The kind of sweet yet dark smell that just beckons to be loved and cherished.I feel a small cold breeze seeping from my butt as he inhales the air around it into his nose.I love that cool tingle. It’s pretty damn pleasurable actually. I can’t help but get a little turned on having my ass sniffed in such a way.Although, I’m also kind of anxious. A tiny doubt starts to creep in. What if my smell isn’t good escort bayraklı enough?It must be good enough though, right? I mean he’s still sniffing it so that’s a good sign, right?Oh god, maybe he doesn’t like it. Maybe he’s detected some trace to it that he doesn’t like?I nervously bite my lower lip, until I hear the most reassuring sound possible.”Mmmmm…”It’s a soft pleasurable moan from him.He sighs heavily before he takes in another whiff of my ass scent.”Is it good?”I just have to ask.”Really good…”He sighs his answer and sniffs.”I know it is.”I reply, putting on an air of confidence.He smells me for 10 whole minutes, before he reluctantly pulls himself away.”So, what’s the rating, sir?”I anxiously ask with a grin.”It’s more than a passing mark!”He beams.”Usually you have to be judged to have a scent rating of 15% out of a possible 40% scent mark to pass,but for you I’m calling it right now, you’ve got an easy 35%!””Oh wow, really?”I almost jump out in celebration, before quickly gathering my cool demeanour.”Of course. In fact I feel a little hard done by only 35%…”I can’t help but to softly chuckle as I try to act disappointed by an unworthy “low” score.That only 40% is good enough for me and anything less is an insult.”Sorry but it’s the rules, I can only give a maximum of 35% out of 40% during this initial evaluation, I can only give full 40% once I’ve sniffed your bottom completely exposed and through various hygiene smell tests.”He explained.”Well, I can pull my knickers off and get it over with and claim my 40% now!”I giggle. He sighs as he looks at me, clearly he’s very tempted.”I – I’m sorry, Ms, but I must decline – I don’t want to decline, but alas, I must!”He sighs again.”Aw too bad, I know you would have liked it.”I wink at him, teasing him.”Well you pass this evaluation with flying colours, so I’m sure I’ll get the chance to sniff you again, real soon.”He smirks.”I’m sure.”I smile and pull my leggings back up, covering up my butt.”Let me just mark your score card and give you your pass.”He tells me in a friendly tone of voice and walks over to his marbled desk.”Phew…”He sighs to himself as he sits down in his big red leather office chair.He swivels himself round to face the desk and signs a small form, and then stamps a card.”You all right, there?”I ask concerned by his brown eyes looking a little glazed over.”Yeah, sorry please do excuse me, I’ve gone a little light-headed.”He reassures me.”Aw sorry, my scent has that affect on people.”I giggle.”What a scent it is…”He breathlessly sighs before sliding the card over towards me.I walk over and pick it up off the desk.I look at it, it’s got my picture on the side of it, and the words “Goddess-in-Training” written in big raised letters on it.Underneath that is a stamped “Pass”, right beside my profile information such as name, nationality, date of birth, etc.”Talk to the lovely Hannah at the reception desk, she’ll let you know what to do next.”He smiles, starting to compose himself again.”Thank you.”I smile at him.”No, thank you!”He grins. I grin back.I then turn around and begin to walk out of the room.I can feel his eyes burrowing into my ass.I know I have a nice natural rhythmic sway and jiggle to my butt as I walk, but just as an extra treat for him,I decide to sway my hips a little bit more, really working what I got to leave a lasting impression on him.As if I needed to do that though, as my awesome scent will already be stuck with him for days!I walk out the room and up to Hannah at the desk.She’s busy doing some paperwork, but not too busy to not notice me.”Hello, again, how did it go?”She looks up at me with a smile, seeming genuinely happy to see me.”It went great, thanks!”I beam and show her my card.She looks at it.”Wonderful! That’s good news, although not unexpected.”She grins, really pleased for me.”Thank you.”I thank her.She takes it from my hand.”Let me just borrow that for a moment.”She swipes the card into a machine, which doesn’t look too dissimilar to that of a credit card reader.A message pops up on her computer screen.”Ok thank you.”She hands me my card back.”If you’ll just wait one moment please, I’ll get your forms for you.””Ok, thanks.”I reply, not really sure of what to do now.I stand at her desk as she types some stuff.I catch her beautiful eyes peering off her screen and onto my hips.She tries to be subtle about it but I know she’s checking me out.She seems to focus her sight on my thighs when she peeks.I pretend not to notice, and just feel flattered by her attention.”Bear with…”She quietly reassures me as she finishes typing.She prints out a couple forms, and collects them from her printer under the desk.She then signs them and hands them to me.”That’s your accommodation sorted out. If you go to the lift over there, swipe your card in the slot and when inside, press the “house” symbol above the letters marked as ‘apts.’ it’ll take you up to the penthouse suites, where you’ll be staying.”She explains to me in her lovely warm English accent.”Staying?”I ask, realising I wasn’t expecting to stay any where.”It’s Ok, Samantha will help sort out all the moving arrangements for you and get you settled in.You’ll love it, I promise!”She grins reassuringly at me.”Ok…”I nervously reply. I didn’t know how to feel about that. I’m someone who likes my own home.I walk over cautiously to the elevator. I reassure myself by thinking that I’ll just check it out but if I don’t like it, I’m not staying.I swipe my card against the slot on the wall, and the doors pinged open.I walked inside and did as Hannah instructed.The doors pinged closed and the lift began to travel up.Soft gentle guitar music played. Actually quite nice for elevator music.Usually it’s just a cheesy muzak tune, but this guitar is quite nice and relaxing.The doors pinged open. I’m at what feels like the penultimate highest floor. Just one floor below the very top.It’s a light pink hallway with white fluffy carpet underneath.I step out of the lift and walk down the non-threatening corridor.There’s bayraklı escort bayan loads of doors at either side of the walls with names and numbers signed on them.I’m suddenly spooked by one the doors opening as I walked past.Out steps a pretty blonde woman of about 24 years of age, laughing as she finishes her sentence with another occupant inside the room.She closes the door and looks at me.”Oh hi there, you must be Ms Vítr, but may I call you Tina?”She greets me pleasantly and reaches her hand out to me.”Hello – um – sure I guess you can.”I nervously reply and place my hand in hers.She takes me a little off guard as instead of shaking my hand, she instead raises my hand to her lips and kisses the back of my hand.I’ve never known a woman to greet another like that before.”I’m Samantha, but you can call me Sam.”She tells me.”Hello Sam, nice to meet you.”I raise a smile.”Come, please, I’ll show you to your room.”She grins excitedly, eager to show me to my room.She links her arm around mine and walks me down the hall.”So, Tina, that’s a nice name.”She remarks.”Thank you but it’s a shortened version, my actual name is Kvetina, but people have trouble saying that.”I explain.”Kvetina?”She repeats.”Kvetina Vítr…””Well done, you sounded perfectly Czech then!”I grin playfully.”It’s a beautiful language, so melodious.”She remarks.”Thank you.”I reply.”You wouldn’t know you was Czech by your accent, I mean you got a slight hint of Eastern European to your accent,but you mainly sound like you come from a posh area of London.”She informs me.I nervously laugh.”Well I learnt to speak English when I was little, and I was raised in London during my teenage years, so I naturally picked up your accent.”I explain to her as we walk.”Not my accent sweetie.”She replies.”But yours is English accent, yes?”I ask confused.”Yes, but it’s not a London accent.”She informs me.”Is there a difference?”I chuckle.”Yes.”She giggles back.”I’ll explain later. Oh well, here we are!”We stop at the end of the hall, in front of a blank white door.”Wait, before you go in, let me just get a good look at you, I love this part…”She remarks, not really reassuring my anxiousness.I look at her as she looks at me.”Go on, check out your room.”She grins.I nervously grab the handle, and open the door.I walk inside and my jaw nearly hits the floor.My eyes couldn’t believe it. I was standing in a luxury penthouse suite apartment.The décor was so stylish and beautiful. Not to mention, incredible expensive looking.I looked around at the extravagant home. It was so modern and stylish.A huge open living room with a marble fireplace and a heated swimming pool running through the middle of the room.Whoever heard of someone having that, a swimming pool in their living room?It was a 2-floor apartment, a big black marble kitchen off to the side.The living room had a big long red chaise lounge. A huge flat-screen TV on the wall.A large black oak infused diamond glass coffee table.I could go on and on but it would take days to list every item of luxury.I couldn’t believe this is where I could be staying.In fact, I decided there and then that I’ll happily move in.”I love that look!”Samantha cheered.I turned to look at her.”What?”I ask.”That look on our special guest’s face when they see their apartment!”She beamed.”You like?””It’s amazing! The owner of this place must be super rich.”I respond.”Oh yeah, you’d have to be to afford all this.”She replies.”Have you ever met him? He’s so mysterious I couldn’t even find out about him when I was researching this organisation.”I ask her.”Sure.”She grins.”What’s he like? Go on you can tell me, it’s just us girls here?”I playfully chuckle.”Rich.”She replies with a giggle of her own.”That it? Bet he’s a right creepy perv!”I jokingly laugh.”Maybe. Certainly got a few pervy kinks!”She laughs.”Like what?”I ask.”Well I’m partial to a nice bit of wind now and again…”She casually answers and nonchalantly starts checking her fingernails.”What?”I laugh taken aback by her answer.”What? I can’t help it, I love it!”She grins and blushes slightly.”Not you, I meant the owner? …Oh god, you’re the owner, aren’t you?”The obvious suddenly dawns on me.”Guilty…”She nervously chuckles and raises her hand.”Oh my god, I’m sorry I didn’t mean anything by that ‘perv’ remark!”I quickly apologise.She just laughs.”It’s ok, I understand.”She reassures me,”Sorry, what was that you said about wind?”I ask now nervously chuckling myself.”I like girl farts. Well, love actually.”She casually tells me, still blushing slightly.”Oh.”I chuckle.”Really? Cool.””Cool?”She chuckles.”Yeah, if that’s what you’re into, then good on you!”I reassure her.”Yeah, thank you. Go me!”She raises her fists and laughs again.”Anyway, I would ask what you’re into but think I already have a pretty good idea.”She nods her head with a knowing grin.”I’m sure.”I smirk knowingly back at her.”Well, I can promise you your natural desires and qualities will be thoroughly indulged during your time with us.Your full potential will be realised and your dreams and goals with come true. Of that, I have no doubt.”She encourages me with a calm smile.”Thank you. I hope to do my best.”I humbly reply.”I’ve already alerted our top-notch moving team to collect your things for you at your previous address. Rest assured they’ll bring you everything you want and need and will take the utmost care in handling your goods. If they bring anything you don’t want, our cleaners will dispose of it and see to it that you’re handsomely repaid.”She explains.”Oh right – um – thank you.”I thank her, a little surprised by that.”Don’t you worry, you’re going to be treated the way you’ve always deserved to be treated – better than a queen!”She grins.”Hey thanks.”I gush, loving the sound of that!True to her word, within a couple hours I had all my possessions moved into my new apartment. I spent the time checking out everything in the luxury apartment and then meeting with some of the other lucky goddesses in training.Most were all very nice and fun to hang around with. Samantha came round again, making sure all of us were happy and settling in ok.She then instructed us on proceeding with our training/evaluations.”Tomorrow at 1, starts your first test; facesitting!””Bring it on…”I softly grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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