Aunt Abby and The Artist (Part II)

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Aunt Abby and The Artist (Part II)This is the continuing saga of Abby and her nephew. While it is a work of fiction, it has been inspired by and dedicated to my dear friend Abby Rhodes, in case you haven’t already figured that out. I had intended on uploading some of her pictures with her permission, but they wouldn’t upload, so if you would like to see more of the incredible woman who inspired this piece of reality-based fiction, here is her page. you haven’t read Part I yet, I suggest you do so. If you have, then on with the show… and there will be a Part III Aunt Abby and the Artist, Part II‘This can’t be happening’, Davey thought to himself. There was no way that the most beautiful woman in the world had just given him his first blowjob. This was his Aunt Abby, the woman he idolized, admired and fantasized about… the woman who he had secretly watched lay by the pool in a skimpy bikini as he stroked his boyish cock to his first ever sperm-squirting orgasm. She just couldn’t have sucked his hard penis until he came in her mouth. But as Abby led him by the hand to her bedroom, with her magnificent, naked ass swaying in front of his eyes, he knew that it was all too real.Davey’s mind flashed back just a few minutes to the moment when his gorgeous aunt took his hard dick in her mouth. He remembered the incredible feeling as it was encased by a warmth and wetness that even his most vivid fantasies could have imagined. Then there was her tongue, and the way it swirled around and around before finding the sweet spot right underneath the head. And finally there was the moment when he surrendered himself to Abby’s expert oral ministrations, and his thick cock began spewing young cum into her mouth as she moaned an approving “um hummmm,” while swallowing every drop of bittersweet juice that he could feed her. Now as they walked back towards her bedroom, the teenager wondered what was going to happen next. But if he had any worries that the sexual activity had ended for the evening, he couldn’t have been more wrong. Sucking her nephew’s cock, and swallowing his thick load of rich cum had left Abby with a dripping pussy that needed to be satisfied… and she was about to teach her young lover exactly how to do it.When they reached her bedroom, Abby swung Davey around and pushed him back onto the bed. As he landed on his back with a slight bounce, she could see that his beautiful penis was already semi-erect again, and smiled in approval at the amazing recuperative powers young men had. Then as her eyes moved up from the inflating tube of man-flesh lying on his stomach to his handsome face, she saw a look of apprehension. It was then that she realized things might be moving a little too fast for her virgin nephew, so she decided to slow things down a bit.Abby crawled onto the bed, and then lay next to Davey with her right leg d****d over his, and her wet pussy pressed against his thigh. At the same time she could feel the length of his growing erection pressing against her hip. As her beautiful face hovered over his, she smiled and whispered, “Davey, can I kiss you like a girlfriend kisses a boyfriend?”The lump in throat felt like the size of a baseball, so as he stared into her beautiful green eyes he just nodded and said, “Uh huh.”With her nephew’s blessing, Abby leaned forward and gently kissed him. At first she felt his mouth tighten with uncertainty, but as she began massaging his lips with hers, she felt him relax, and the two shared in a deep, romantic kiss. This wasn’t’ their first kiss, but the one they had shared after his blowjob had been urgent and forceful, while this one was sensual and loving. And as their tongues teased each other, Davey could still taste the feint remnants of his semen in her mouth.As they kissed, Abby began pressing her pubic mound against her nephew’s thigh, causing small, almost orgasmic tremors to reverberate deep in her groin. She could also feel his cock pressing against her hip as it swelled to a full erection. And Davey could feel the damp, matted hair of his aunt’s full bush pressing against his leg as she ground herself on him in a hard circular motion. What he may not have realized was Abby’s cunt was aching now, and in desperate need of attention.After showing Davey what a real kiss felt like, Abby looked into his eyes and said, “So did you enjoy your first blowjob?”“Oh Jeez Aunt Abby, it was the best… I mean you were, the way you… ummm, yeah I really liked it a lot,” Davey replied as he stumbled for the right words.Abby thought it was adorable that he was still a little uncomfortable, and giggled a little as she said, “Well I’m glad you liked it Davey,” and then she asked, “So how would you like to return the favor?”“Huh?” Davey asked, uncertain if he understood what she was asking.But then she removed all doubt when she said, “I’m asking you if you would like to try licking my pussy?”“Oh wow, I mean yeah I’d really like to try licking your… ummm, you know,” Davey replied, nervously.Abby giggled again at his awkwardness and then she said, “Davey, it’s okay… you can call it my pussy, or cunt… and you can say, tits, ass, dick, cock, whatever you like… you won’t offend me honey, alright.”Her nephew smiled, and as he looked at her beautiful face, he inhaled deeply and then said, “Okay… I’d love to eat your pussy, Aunt Abby.”“Mmmmm… I love it when you talk dirty,” Abby said, half-joking with her handsome nephew, and then she took his face in her hands and pulled his lips back to hers in another deep kiss. As their tongues intertwined again, Abby felt Davey’s hand slide up her side until it cupped her right breast. She moaned softly into his mouth as he dragged his palm across her hard nipple, before he gently tweaked it between his thumb and forefinger.Tiny electric impulses were traveling straight from Abby’s nipple to her groin as her nephew played with the hard nub of flesh. Then, almost instinctively, he broke their kiss and slid his lips down to the nape of her neck. Her whole body shivered as Davey used his lips and tongue to tease the soft skin just above her collarbone, while his fingers kept playing with her nipples. He may not have had any experience, but you certainly couldn’t tell by the way he was finding his aunt’s erogenous zones.Abby’s breathing was getting more shallow with excitement and anticipation as Davey kissed and licked his way over her chest towards her magnificent breasts. She could actually feel his long, hard cock pressing against her leg as he slid downward, and for a moment she thought about rolling him over and impaling her smoldering cunt onto his magnificent organ… but instead she allowed him to continue his exploration of her body. Then suddenly she felt his warm breath bathing her nipple, right before he sucked the hard tip into his mouth.“Oh God Davey… YES,” Abby cried out as she felt his lips lock onto the excited nub of female flesh. Her back casino siteleri arched in an uncontrollable reaction of pure pleasure, almost disengaging Davey’s mouth from her nipple, but her young nephew was relentless as he began swirling his tongue around and around on her areola, and flicking at the eraser-like tip.Davey moved from one breast to the other, using his lips and tongue to torment his aunt’s excited nipples while his hands kneaded her ample tit-flesh. Abby had never had an orgasm solely from someone sucking her nipples, but she could actually feel the muscles deep in her groin beginning to tighten, and thought that it might happen. But just as she thought she might cum, Davey’s lips left her breasts and began kissing their way downward again towards their final destination… her cunt.Abby was moaning steadily as Davey’s lips traveled over her soft belly, and as he did he moved his body so he was lying between her legs. When his mouth had made its way to just above the thick triangle of soft pubic hair covering her mound, he turned his head and used his tongue to trace the tattoo on her left hip, and then did the same to the one on her right hip. This move made Abby’s magnificent ass involuntarily lift from the bed, and she let out a squeal as he tickled her body art with the tip of his tongue. As Davey’s tongue expertly teased her, Abby couldn’t help but wonder how this inexperienced young boy had learned to be so sensual. But she didn’t have long to contemplate the question, because she suddenly felt her nephew’s hot breath penetrating her thick layer of dark pubic hair and washing over her mound… just fractions of an inch above her aching pussy.Davey’s face was now dangerously close to his aunt’s drooling pussy, but before the teenager took his first taste of a woman, he decided to burn the moment in his memory forever. First he took a close-up look at her womanhood, and saw how swollen and wet the outer lips had become, and how her juices had matted the dark pubic that surrounded her opening. Then he inhaled deeply, allowing the scent of Abby’s pussy to permeate his nostrils and excite his senses. She smelled earthy and enticing as the pheromones she emitted caused his nostrils to flare, and his cock to twitch against the mattress.Both of their hearts raced as Davey’s face hovered over Abby’s quivering cunt. They seemed to know this was a moment that neither of them would ever forget, and as Abby raised herself to look down at her nephew, she found him staring right back at her. Then as the two looked into each other’s eyes, Davey leaned forward, extended his tongue, and licked a woman’s pussy for the first time.“Yesssssss,” Abby hissed as she felt her nephew’s tongue slide up and down her swollen labia. Her back arched and her head fell back as he began lapping away at her dripping cunt. She didn’t know if it was by design or wonderful coincidence, but Davey’s tongue would always stop just short of her hard clit, extending her pleasure. He seemed like a natural, dipping his tongue deeper and deeper into her steaming cleft with each up and down stroke, but saving the best for last.Now Davey was actually tongue fucking his beautiful aunt. He couldn’t believe how wonderful her thick juice tasted as it leaked from deep inside her cunt and collected on the thousands of taste buds that covered his tongue. It was pungent but not unpleasant, a syrupy liquid that coated his lips and bathed his tongue with an odd combination of savory and sweet. At that moment he decided it was the most delicious thing that ever entered his mouth.Abby was grinding her mound up towards Davey’s face… forcing his tongue deeper into her pussy, and at the same time trying to make some sort of contact with her clitoris. What she didn’t know was that her cute nephew had done his homework. A friend had given him a ‘how to’ sex book, and the teenager had been fascinated by the chapter on how to perform cunnilingus, and now he was finally getting to put that knowledge to use. He had been purposely avoiding any contact with his aunt’s clitoris until she had reached a frenzied state, just as the book said. And now that he had her writhing and squirming beneath him, he decided he had teased her enough, and used his tongue to launch a full scale assault on her nerve-filled pleasure bud. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Abby screamed as Davey’s tongue flicked and stabbed at her overexcited clitoris. The muscles in the walls of her cunt immediately began to contract, as did the tight ring of tissue around her puckered anus. The beautiful thirty-something woman was being expertly eaten by her teenage nephew, and she was on the verge of an epic orgasm. But before she allowed herself to cum, she reached down and reluctantly pulled his handsome face away from her pussy, and as she tried to catch her breath she gasped, “Wait a sec… second Davey… just wait a… a second.”“Am I doing something wrong Aunt Abby,” Davey asked in a disappointed voice, his lips, cheeks and chin glistening with her secretions.Abby’s chest was heaving as she wheezed, “Oh God, not at all baby… I just want to do something I’ve… I’ve always loved.” Then as she said, “I want to sit… sit on your face.”It was true… Abby had always loved sitting on a man’s face. For some reason it was a fetish she had always had, and now she wanted to do it with her handsome young nephew. But Davey wasn’t really sure what he needed to do, so Abby had him roll onto his back, and turned herself around until her knees straddled his head… and then she slowly lowered herself until her hairy cunt and magnificent ass covered his face and mouth.Davey was having difficulty breathing as his aunt ground down on his face… with her thick ass cheeks surrounding his nose and her dripping pussy covering his mouth. But that didn’t stop him from wrapping his lips around her clit and sucking it between his lips, and then forcing the tip of his tongue underneath its protective hood and flailing it against the hard, nerve filled organ.“Oh God Davey… that’s it,” Abby cried out as she pressed her hairy cunt onto his face. The amount of juices pouring from her pussy, combined with the sheer size and weight of her ass surrounding his nose, caused Davey to keep adjusting himself to get air, but the eager teenager kept relentlessly attacking her clitoris with his tongue. It wasn’t long before Abby was approaching orgasm again, and that was when she reached down and took Davey’s cock in her hand, then leaned forward and sucked it into her mouth.“Mummmppphhh,” Davey grunted into his aunt’s crotch as she sucked his raging prick deep into her mouth. He hadn’t anticipated this, but the incredible feeling didn’t stop him from the task at hand.Abby was groaning around Davey’s thick cock shaft as he brought her closer to orgasm. The sound of him gasping for air, but never taking his tongue from her clit, was driving her on even more. Just then she took her mouth canlı casino from his prick, and as she continued jacking his swollen organ with her hand she groaned, “Oh God Davey, don’t stop… you’re going to make me cum baby.”Abby’s words inspired Davey. He didn’t care if he suffocated while doing it, he was going to make his beautiful aunt have an orgasm. It was getting more difficult to breathe, but he just kept moving his face to get just enough air to continue, because there was no way he was going to stop. Even her hand jerking his cock had become unimportant… all that mattered was pushing her over the edge. Then just as he feared he might actually pass out from lack of oxygen, Abby arched her back and screamed, “Oh fuck Davey that’s it… I’m CUMMMIIINNNGGGG!!!”It felt like an earthquake hit Abby’s groin as spasm after orgasmic spasm rocked her pussy. Tremors erupted deep in her cunt and then radiated throughout her body as she experienced one of the strongest climaxes of her life. When she arched her back, her fleshy ass cheeks lifted, allowing Davey to breathe through his nose as he kept licking her clit. Abby was crying out incoherently as she came, and Davey could actually feel the contractions deep in her pussy as they forced more of her sweet juices into his mouth.“Oh yes… oh God yes,” Abby moaned over and over as her convulsing groin muscles finally started to relax. Davey kept gently licking her pussy as her orgasm started to wane, and as he felt her body start to go limp, he gave her one last surprise when he gripped her full round ass cheeks in his hands, spread them wide, and then tickled the tiny rosebud of her asshole with the tip of his tongue… causing her to squeal with delight. As her orgasm ended, Abby rolled off of her nephew and then turned around so she was lying next to him again, and then she gave him another long, romantic kiss. Davey could feel her still breathing hard as their tongues tangled, first in his mouth and then in hers as they took turns being the aggressor. She could also taste her own pussy juice on Davey’s lips… a taste the teenager had quickly learned to love.When they finally broke their kiss, Abby leaned her face over his, and with a satisfied grin she said, “There is no way that was the first time you’ve licked a woman’s pussy… you were amazing!”Davey just smiled proudly and said, “It really is… but I did read a book about it once and tried to do what it said.”Abby laughed and said, “Well make sure you tell me the name of that book so I can send the author a ‘thank you’ note.” And then she said, “Is that where you got the idea to lick my bum too.”“Uh huh,” Davey said as he nodded, and then he asked, “Did you like when I did it?”“Very much,” Abby replied, and then she said, “You’ve always liked my ass… haven’t you Davey?”After everything they had done, this question still made the teenager blush, but he answered honestly when he said, “I think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”Now it was Abby’s turn to blush, and as she whispered, “Thank you Davey… that’s really lovely,” she d****d her leg over him again, and that was when she felt over eight inches of hard, thick cock pressing against her thigh. Even though he had already cum twice… once when he jerked off upstairs, and again when Abby had sucked him off, his teenage libido and his sexy aunt had him ready to go again. Without saying a word, Abby’s hand slid down his body, and then he let out a low moan as her soft fingers wrapped around his hard shaft. Slowly she began masturbating him, at first just staring into his eyes without saying a word. Then Davey could see a pensive look come onto her face, and at the same time he could clearly see her eyes begin to mist over with tears. The sensitive teenage boy was immediately concerned and asked, “Aunt Abby… are you alright?”Abby sniffled a bit, and then as a single tear rolled down each cheek, she smiled and said, “Davey, I never expected this to happen, and part of me thinks I should feel guilt or shame, but I don’t… in fact, I can’t remember the last time I was this happy.”Davey’s compassion got the best of him, and as tears welled in his own eyes, he softly said, “Well this is the happiest day of my life Aunt Abby.”As her hand kept slowly stroking his rigid penis, Abby said, “I’m glad Davey, because I don’t want this to have any bad affects on you. I want the next few days to be a wonderful experience for both of us, and when it is done, I want you to go home and find a girl your own age to fall in love with, and show her all the wonderful things you are going to learn here… but I always want this to be a special memory for you.”Davey understood what his aunt was trying to say, and as he fought back his own tears he said, “I know we aren’t going to be, like, boyfriend and girlfriend Aunt Abby, don’t worry… but this will always be more special to me than anybody will ever know.”With that the two hugged each other like they never wanted to let go, and then with her hand wrapping around his cock again, Abby said, “The other reason I got a little weepy is because I have something very personal to ask you… and I don’t want you to let the excitement of the moment make your decision.”“What is it Aunt Abby,” Davey asked, truly having no idea what could be more personal than what they had already done.Abby took a deep breath, and then as she looked into her nephew’s eyes she said, “Davey, if you want to wait until you do meet that special someone, and have sex for the first time with her I will totally understand,” and then as tears filled her eyes once again she said, “But if you are certain it’s what you want, I would love to be your first.”Davey’s own tear ducts began flowing as he said, “Aunt Abby, I’ve dreamed about doing this with you since the day I learned what sex was, and there is nothing in the world that would make me happier than for you to be my first.”Abby was overjoyed, and she released his throbbing cock and wrapped her arms around her nephew. And as tears streaked both of their faces they shared another deep, romantic kiss. As their lips pressed together and their tongues dance a sensual tango, Abby rolled until Davey was above her. Then she felt him shift his body until his legs were between hers, and the entire length of his cock pressed against her lower belly and pubic mound.Davey could feel the thick patch of his aunt’s pubic hair tickling his balls and pressing against shaft. Then as he lifted himself he felt Abby’s hand slip between their bodies as she reached for his twitching cock once again. As her fingers wrapped around the swollen column of excited flesh, they broke their kiss and stared deeply into each other’s eyes. Abby maneuvered Davey’s hard shaft until the swollen head of his prick came in contact with her puffy, wet pussy lips. At first she held him in place, allowing both of their minds to process the moment, and prepare for the incredible event that was about kaçak casino to take place. Then as she pulled his face to hers and kissed him again, she released his cock and he began to enter her.A low groan emanated from deep in Abby’s throat as she felt the bulbous head of her nephew’s magnificent organ pressing against her wet pussy lips. Then as Davey began to push forward, she broke their kiss and looked at him … wanting to see his face as he was losing his virginity. Slowly he fed himself into her, and Abby’s moaning became louder as she felt the swollen knob pass through the outer lips of her cunt, followed by the thick shaft as it stretched the velvety walls of her pussy, and filled her like she hadn’t been filled in years. Inch by inch Davey pushed himself into her, concentrating on the new sensations, and making a permanent memory of how amazing his aunt’s tight cunt felt as it gripped his shaft. He had fantasized about this for years, and now that his dream was coming true, he wasn’t about to rush the moment. He could see the pleasure on Abby’s beautiful face as his cock began to stretch her pussy, and the two of them moaned out loud as with one last push, the head of his cock pressed past her cervix, and their pubic bones met. Now, for the first time in his young life, Davey’s hard penis was buried deep inside a woman’s vagina, and it was the woman he had desired his entire life… his Aunt Abby.Abby’s legs were spread wide, and her hands reached down and cupped Davey’s small ass cheeks, holding him deep inside her as she relished the moment along with him. She was still overcome by the emotions of knowing that she was taking her nephew’s virginity, and tears still filled her eyes as she released his buttocks, and then she groaned aloud as he began slowly fucking her.Davey had never felt anything as amazing as his aunt’s tight pussy gripping his cock as he began plunging it in and out of her. Even the incredible blowjob she had given him earlier felt completely different from this, and as he looked down at Abby’s beautiful face, his hip movements became more forceful, and he began fucking her faster and harder.Abby’s hips began rising to meet his thrusts as his strokes became deeper and more deliberate. At first Davey had been making love to his aunt, but now his cock was like a jackhammer, and as the hard shaft and puffy head invaded every inch of her womanhood, Abby felt another orgasm starting to build. Davey’s face was becoming distorted as his own passion began to rise, and Abby could sense that he was going to cum soon. She thought about asking him to fuck her doggie-style… her favorite position, but she decided she wanted to be able to see his face as he filled her pussy with a load of hot cum for the first time, so instead she urged him on by saying, “That’s it Davey… fuck me honey, fuck my tight little pussy.”Abby’s naughty words of encouragement spurred Davey’s desire, and while she didn’t think it was possible, it felt like his long, thick cock was actually going deeper inside her. She could feel her groin muscles starting to tighten involuntarily, which surprised her a little because she didn’t always have an orgasm from intercourse… but this wasn’t just anyone’s cock pounding in and out of her, it was her teenage nephew’s, and that thought was making the moment even more exciting. Davey could also feel the tension at the base of his erection building as he fucked his beautiful aunt. He had fantasized about her since he learned to masturbate, and now he was actually having sex with her. The feeling was so intense that if he hadn’t already had two orgasms, Davey probably would have cum the minute his cock entered her tight cunt. Instead he was able to hold back, and give his aunt a long, hard fucking.“Oh God Davey… that’s so good,” Abby groaned as she lifted her plump round ass off the mattress, forcing as much of her nephew’s magnificent cock as deep in her cunt as she could, and causing his pubic bone to slam against her clit over and over with each hard thrust. Davey could feel the muscles in the walls of her vagina gripping him like a vice, and as his balls starting to pull up against his body, and the tension at the base of his penis reached a breaking point, he groaned, “Aunt Abby… I’m gonna cum soon.”That was all Abby had to hear, and as she gripped his ass with her hands, she growled, “That’s it Davey, cum for me for me… shoot all your hot cum in my pussy.”Even in his wildest fantasies he had never imagined his beautiful aunt using words like that, and as she begged him to cum inside her, he began slamming his cock into her tight cunt until with one last violent thrust, the base of Davey’s prick began contracting uncontrollably, and he screamed, “Aunt Abby… I’m CUMMMIIINNNNGGGG!”Abby’s pussy was gripping Davey’s thick cock so tightly that as he cried out, she could actually feel the shaft jerking and twitching as his searing hot cum splashed against her cervix and coated her vaginal walls. Feeling her nephew cumming inside her pushed her own senses beyond the point of overload, and as she screamed in pleasure, her cunt suffered its own nuclear meltdown.“OH FUCK DAVEY… YEEESSSSSSS,” Abby screamed as her orgasm ripped through her body. The muscles deep in her groin began to involuntarily clench and release as she came, and the feeling of her nephew’s spurting cock flooding her cunt only intensified her climax. As Abby came, Davey could feel her pussy milking his jerking cock. The feeling was overwhelming for both of them, and as they surrendered their bodies to their mutual lust, their mouths devoured each others in an urgent, passionate kiss.Davey kept slowly thrusting his cock in and out of Abby’s trembling pussy, keeping both of their orgasms going until the spasms at the base of his cock finally stopped, and then with one last plunge he buried himself inside his aunt’s pussy, and then collapsed on top of her.Abby could feel his warm, sticky cum leaking from her pussy as Davey’s cock began to deflate. Rivulets ran down over her asshole, causing her to shiver as it tickled the sensitive area. She wrapped her arms and legs around her handsome teenage nephew as her own orgasmic spasms came to an end, and then she kissed him on the neck and as tears filled her eyes once again she whispered, “Well you can’t say you’re a virgin from now on.”Davey’s heart was still pounding from a combination of physical exertion and pure joy as he lifted his head and looked into his aunt’s eyes, and as he did he said, “Please don’t be sad Aunt Abby… I really wanted you to be my first.” As tears rolled down her cheeks, Abby said, “These aren’t tears of sadness Davey… in fact I’ve never been happier.”Davey fought back his own tears as he whispered, “Me too… this is the happiest day of my life.” And as the two kissed again, one thought ran through both of their minds… they still had two days left to continue their sexual exploration.FINAs always, this copyrighted story is property of the author. It is a work of fantasy, is protected by law, and meets all federal and state statutes involving written erotica. Any attempt to reproduce this story will be met with legal action.

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