Bad Business…

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Bad Business…Bad BusinessAn Erotic Adventure starringKiki and Ty BlazeSpecial Guest StarMr.ActionKiki and Ty Blaze had a great life. They were doing their thing, making good money with the underground porn empire they had built up. They had a successful production company putting out hot ass films, no shortage of folks wanting to be costars in them, a great home and their gem, the club “Freak House”. They were at the top, and had come far and worked hard to get there. The early days of their company “Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch” Productions, like many others were slow. Lots of money going out, not much coming in. Kiki still had a straight job for a while after they had started the company. She worked at a video editing company that handled all types of independent movies, and handled a bit of porn as well. Her job had taught her a lot that was helpful to her Ty getting their company going.While she was there she had a boss named Charles, Jordan Charles. He was a white man, average sized with an athletic build. He was like a lot of manager types, could be a bit of an ass, and certainly believed and tried to have the world believe that he knew a whole lot more than he actually did. He also loved Black ass. The last two things in particular made him extra annoying to Kiki. He was always hitting on her, but in a sly and disrespectful office power play kind of way as opposed to the cute friendly kind of way.Kiki found him to be annoying, and she did not trust him. She was not at all into his flirting, and she let her attitude show it. Her attitude did not deter Jordan’s advances completely, nor his desires at all. He was so turned on by Kiki, and she could care less…Jordan Charles was an arrogant man. Not to the point where he was majorly offensive, but he thought he knew more than he did. He thought he was smoother and more desirable as well. He enjoyed being a senior manager at “Cut n Paste” a moderate sized video editing company that specialized in working with student, and small independent filmmakers. This led them to work with several of the local indie porn producers from the the Bullshit assholes who called themselves producers, and carried fake business card and camcorders to the local titty bars, just to try and fuck a stripper or two, to the ones who were actually putting out decent content. He loved the dealmaking, the editing, and making the finished product and everything in between. What he loved most was his power. He loved to flex and would get into it with some of the guys over nonsense because he loved to let them know who was boss. He also liked fucking around with some of the ladies. Most of them smiled and laughed at his flirtations, making him think “I could fuck that one.” There was one woman however, who did not seem to go for his charm. Ironically this was the one woman he wanted to Fuck more than all of the other ones at the office. Kiki Smith. She was a hot ass black woman with a nice ass, and Big tits. Jordan would watch her walk and think, “Got damn I want a taste of that fine Black ass of hers, and I’d do anything to get it.” Kiki did not pay him no mind at all, and usually answered his flirting with sass and attitude. He thought she was “playing hard to get”, because he just knew this fine Black woman had to be a slut. Kiki would be the first to tell anyone she knew she was a “ho”, but that didn’t mean just anybody could get up in her “Chocolaty Goodness”. She and her husband Ty had a special relationship. They were both so hot and sexual and loved to fuck. They loved to fuck each other and they loved to make each other feel good no matter what. It was their passion and honesty, as well as their desire to make each other feel good that led them to start their porn company. She never mentioned Charle’s advances to Ty, because she had always felt it was no big deal, nothing she couldn’t handle. One day Jordan crossed the line and grabbed her ass. Not only did she slap his ass, she reported him to the board and for the first time ever Jordan Charles was reprimanded. Kiki was seen as an office hero by the girls for putting Charles in his place.Jordan Charles vowed to not only get Kiki back, but to get her ass as well. He went to work digging up info on Kiki, Any info he could find.He was gonna get some info and use it to blackmail his way right into her fine Black Pussy, and he was gonna fuck the shit out of it when he did.Jordan caught a break about two weeks later and jumped on his opportunity. Kiki was away from her desk when he came by and he saw a flash drive on her desk. Not knowing what it was, but hoping to find something he grabbed it ran to his office and copied it’s data to his laptop without looking at it. He had to get it back before Kiki returned. Luck was on his side, because as soon as did her put the flash drive back, she came back into the office. Later that night, at home, Jordan Charles opened up his laptop to check his email. As it booted up, he remembered that he’d swiped and downloaded Kiki’s flash drive. Not really expecting much he decided to see what he had downloaded. He had hoped there would be something compromising or embarrassing, anything that he could use as leverage. He saw as the file opened that it was a video.The video began playing in a very choppy way. it was clear that this was some unedited raw video. As he watched he realized that it was a porn video. Though it appeared to be a bust, Jordan decided to keep watching. He figured that if he watched and saw the porn Kiki liked, it might help figure out a way to approach her that might work. The movie was actually hot. The scene started with two hot black guys, one light skinned with a thin build and a surprisingly long thick cock, and a bald dark skinned black man with what Jordan had heard called “prison muscles”. Jordan kept watching just Knowing that the ripped dark guy was gonna fuck the light skinned dude so hard he would bleed, and he wanted to see that. Though he wouldn’t admit it, Jordan Chase enjoyed gay porn, especially black gay porn. The scene unfolded in a different way than he expected it to. The dark skinned guy started sucking the other guy’s butterscotch colored cock and was looking like a bitch doing it. Charles thought this guy must have really spent some time in prison. He sucked “Butterscotch” for all he was worth. Jordan enjoyed when they switched up and butterscotch sucked on the excon. He thought “Butterscotch’s ass is toast now.” Jordan got another surprise because Butterscotch fucked the excon, and he put such fucking on his convicted asshole, that he was squealing like a bitch. Jordan loved it. “Look at Butterscotch” , he thought. “The way he’s fucking that guy, That is Power.” The scene went on and what happened next made Jordan flip.As Butterscotch was fucking the excon, a woman’s voice ceme in from off screen saying “AHA!!!, I knew you were a fuckin faggot mother fucker.” The men stopped and the girl walked into the frame from behind the camera. He saw her first from behind. She was Black and beautiful (from behind at least). She was wearing a black fishnet body stocking that made her hot Black ass look like the catch of the day. The camera slowly moved around her to reveal the mystery woman. KIKI!!!! It was Kiki!!! Jordan sat up and almost knocked his laptop off the table.He froze the frame. No Doubt about it. It was Kiki Smith. (Jordan did not yet know her stage name was Blaze) SUCCESS! Jordan knew he had her Black Ass now. He watched the rest of the scene and saw the object of his chocolate fantasy in action. Kiki Was a slut and fucked like one. He now had the evidence to prove it, and was gonna use it to finally get into her pants.He was gonna fuck her extra hard for the reprimand and refusing his advances when she was such a slut. Jordan Charles was now angry and he was gonna get Kiki Smith.The next day, Jordan told Kiki he wanted to see her in his office in the afternoon. He chose a time when he knew most people wouldn’t be around. He was gonna get this black bitch right now…Kiki was not at all happy to be called in to Jordan’s office. She felt like something was up, but went in anyway. He had a very smug attitude today. He looked like he was up to something, and he looked like he knew he’d already won, at whatever his game was.He came right out and was bold. Feeling super confident with his new trump card. He said “Kiki you and I both know I want iskenderun hatay to fuck you.” “In fact I have fucked several women here over the years and now it’s your turn.” “Today is the day I get to taste your fine Black Ass, you LOSE baby.” Not sure what his deal was Kiki stood her ground. “I been here with you for 7 months and not only ain’t fucked you yet, but I got your ass in trouble.” “Why would I let you taste anything now?”Charles laughed arrogantly. “Because if you don’t this will end up on the monitors everywhere.” He turned his laptop around and started playing her video. Even though He started it from the beginning, she knew what it was as soon as she saw the guys. The light skinned one was her man Ty. That had been a hot shoot,and at any other time and in front of almost anyone else that video would have turned her on. The fact that Jordan Charles was showing it to her made her stomach turn with anger. “That motherfucker stole my shit.” She thought. “No wonder he was at my desk.” Kiki knew that a battle here might be lost, but the war was just beginning and that indeed would be won by her.”Jordan, sensing victory, and that he had made his point turned off the video. “I think I’ve made my point Ms. Smith.” Kiki glared at him, “Yes.” he smiled,”Good.” “Now I want to taste that fine black pussy.”Kiki was determined that she was gonna make Jordan pay, and she already knew just how. One of the things she hated most about Jordan Charles, was that he was fake. She sensed he wasn’t totally honest. She knew he wasn’t quite the ladie’s man he tried to convince everyone he was. She also knew he wasn’t a nice person before, but stealing her property to get leverage? She knew the perfect way to get back at him. A way that would not only let him know e fucked with the wrong bitch, and show everybody how much of ladie’s man he wasn’t. The main thing on her mind now was taking control of the present situation. She knew that if she was gonna get him back, she could not fuck him unless it was on HER terms and that meant not fucking him Now. She knew she had to outsmart him and knew it wouldn’t be that hard, cause she’d met him before…Besides, motherfuckers like him were never hard to take down. She took the initiative and spoke determined to swing things to her favor without Jordan realizing it. “Jord”. She said her voice soft and sexy, “I will let you do a lot more than taste this Black Pussy you been wanting, I promise.” Jordan Charles smiled feeling victorious. “Good he said and he removed his jacket and took off his tie. “But”. Kiki said. “But?” Jordan repeated. Kiki went on “You can’t fuck me here and now.”“And why can’t I?” Jordan asked, it’s my office. “I know” Kiki said thinking “How obvious”. She continued. “You been chasing this Black Pussy for a while, and now you got me.” “But I can’t fuck they way I want to or the way you would want me to fuck you here.” “You’ve seen my video, you know this pussy ain’t quiet.” Jordan leaned back in his chair with a SIGH. Kiki was making sense. She was loud and raunchy in that video. He wanted her just like that and she couldn’t do that here, but he couldn’t not get something.Kiki said I want you to come to my place and fuck me all night, Friday, but for right now, just to keep you going, come get your taste.”She sat up on the edge of the conference table in Jordan’s office, raised her skirt and said “It’s lunchtime motherfucker come eat this Black Pussy.” Jordan rolled his chair around his desk to the table so fast it seemed like it had an engine. He could not believe it. He finally had gotten Kiki Smith to submit. He sat looking at her pussy for a moment. Drinking in the moment. He had wanted this Black Pussy from the moment he first saw her. Her pussy looked great in the video. Now he was looking right at that pussy. It was so fucking hairy, it was beautiful. Her Cunt scent wafted up to his nose, and he savored it’s intoxicating aroma. Kiki could see that Jordan was already under the spell of her “Chocolaty Goodness”, and he hadn’t even touched her yet. That was a relief. She knew that would make it easier for her to stay in control, and right now that was important. Jordan was gonna get that taste of pussy he wanted, but he didn’t know it was going to be on Kiki’s terms. He had no idea he had bitten off more than he could chew. Kiki was gonna make Jordan pay. “He liked video?” she thought. He had no idea that he was gonna star in one that Kiki was thinking should be called “How to Turn Your Boss Out”. She was now confident that she in fact, had Him where she wanted him. “Well motherfucker?” She said with her sexy attitude. “Are you gonna eat this Black pussy or just look at it?” She kept at him. “I knew your white ass wouldn’t know what to do with it.”Jordan feeling challenged dove his face into Kiki’s Black cunt. “DAMN this pussy tastes good.” he thought. “Kiki’s thought was more like “Gotcha”. Jordan snaked his tongue into Kiki’s Black pussy as though he hadn’t eaten in weeks. His hands were on her hips as he burrowed his face into her cunt. He loved the taste of her black pussy. Kiki was actually shocked at how good Jordan was at eating pussy. He was licking her like a man possessed. Under different circumstances she would have been enjoying his pussy eating, but because of his bullshit, she simply didn’t allow herself to enjoy it as much as she normally would have, had she not been planning to get him back. “Too bad.” she thought. If he wasn’t such an asshole he might have been a good occasional playmate. He was going to be a video star himself though he didn’t know it yet, and if he did know what she was planning he would would not have gone along with it. Jordan kept working her pussy over with his best skillz. he was sucking her clit and had a finger in her cunt. She was moaning a little louder now and he was worried folks might hear.Kiki feeling herself getting too turned on, and did not want to let Jordan make her cum. She was fighting but he was a good pussy eater. He was not as good as Ty was, but he was good enough to make her cum, and that she didn’t want right now. She lifted Jordan’s head and said “I want your tongue up my Black asshole motherfucker.” she turned around and leaned over the conference table and Jordan stuck his tongue right up her asshole. He found her tight Black asshole to be just as tasty as her cunt was. Kiki was fingering her clit now, taking taking control of her orgasm away from Jordan. She’d cum, but when and how she wanted to. Jordan wouldn’t know the difference. She began a slow build up to her orgasm and Jordan responded. He Dug his tongue deep n her asshole and licked for all his worth. Kiki exploded into her orgasm with a loud moan. Jordan covered her moth as she continued. That made her increase the intensity of her moans. He was clearly afraid she was gonna get them caught and was scrambling to quiet her.This of course turned her on because Kiki was after all an exhibitionist. Being the hot ho she was Kiki had reached back with her free hand and taken a hold of Jordan’s cock. She jerked him as he ate her asshole out. He couldn’t believe she was able to jerk him as he ate her ass. Kiki fingered her pussy into an explosive orgasm. Jordan, thinking it was because of him, loved it. It was so hot the he came as soon as she was done. Her orgasm just sent him over the edge. When the two of them had finished cumming, they got dressed. Kiki told Jordan “That was just a taste, you’ll get the whole meal later.”Jordan was excited to hear that. He was imagining what it it was gonna be like fucking this woman for real, all out where they didn’t have to fear being caught. Eager as hell for more he asked Kiki. “When am I gonna get that meal?” “I already told you Friday motherfucker.” “Oh yeah.” Jordan responded. “I can’t wait. It’s gonna be hot.” he continued. Kiki answered him. “Oh Jord, I promise you a night you’ll never be able to forget even if you Want to.” Not knowing but Thinking he knew just what Kiki meant, Jordan smiled his arrogant smile at her. Knowing that he Had no clue at all what she was planning, Kiki smiled her sly “Gotcha” smile at him. She gave him and uptown address for their hook up. She was of course sending him to the “Nasty Nigga n Bad Bitch” studio. They had a camera setup that allowed them to do automated shoots, with multiple cameras going. It made editing a little tougher escort iskenderun at times, but it allowed them to do many things, including shooting someone without their knowing. Something that they never needed to do until now.Kiki Told her man Ty all that had happened with Jordan. She apologized for not saying anything but thought it had been handled with the reprimand. If that slime Charles hadn’t Stolen the flash drive off her desk, it would have been handled. Ty was cool about it. He told Kiki he couldn’t blame her for Jordan’s dishonesty. Ty was excited about Kiki’s plan to Turn Jordan out. The Blazes were a nasty pair, who loved each other. They would do almost anything or anyone together in order to make each other feel good. Kiki liked pussy,and Ty, was down to let a motherfucker suck his dick, and would even fuck a dude on occasion, Especially if Kiki was watching. So naturally he was down with her plan to Turn that scumbg Jordan Charles out. Kiki told Ty she wanted him to fuck the shit out Jordan. He told her not to worry, Jordan was indeed gonna pay for how he trapped Kiki. He liked videos? He was gonna get the shock of his life on Monday morning when he saw the video they were going to make tonight. the thought was delicious….She and Ty shared a blunt while they waited for Jordan.Jordan arrived at the address. He rarely ever came to this part of town, and he never came at night. Normally he would not ever be up here alone at this time of night, but Kiki was not an ordinary woman. He would have gone anywhere to fuck that sweet black pussy. Now that he was here he was too ready, Ready to claim the prize he’d been after for months. Kiki. He pressed the buzzer and Kiki answered. “Hey Jord, glad you could make it.” She buzzed him in and he found her in a room that was like a lounge. There lights were dim and there was some cool Jazz playing and the scent of weed hung in the air. He saw Kiki sitting on a large chaise lounge. She was puffing on a blunt, and there was a glass of wine beside her. She was wearing the black fishnet outfit from the video. now that he was looking at her from the front he could see that the outfit framed her big Black tits in chains. “Fucking Hot.” he thought. “Hello.” he said to her, as he drank in the very sight of her. Her Beautiful Black tits were staining the chains to bursting. Kiki blew a cloud of smoke, and said “Hi Jord.” “You want to take a hit, or have a drink?” Jordan just wanted to fuck. “The only thing I want to drink is your sweet chocolate cream. “Kiki had to fight to keep from rolling her eyes. “How fucking corny can a motherfucker be?” she thought. Her next thought was this shit is gonna be good, I can’t wait.” Ty was waiting in the next room watching on the monitors. Everything was in their favor. The video that Jordan had stolen was an unfinished edit. It didn’t have any titles or credits, so Jordan did not know the name Blaze or who Ty was. He certainly didn’t know they were a couple. Ty was gonna burst in at the right moment, and it would be on. Smiling because of her plans, and not his corny line, Kiki opened her legs and said “Well come and eat this Black Pussy motherfucker.” She opened her legs and once again revealed her beautiful Black pussy. Though her outfit wasn’t crotchless, she had cut the netting to allow access to her pussy and asshole. Jordan was pleased cuz he wanted to spend time eating both of those holes. He got down on his knees, without undressing and started eating Kiki’s Black Pussy once more. It tasted every bit as good as he remembered. Kiki had forgotten that Jordan knew how to eat a pussy. Tonight she allowed herself to enjoy it a little more, as tonight everything was on “Her terms”, and she knew Jordan was gonna get his in a short while. He thought he was gonna get to fuck her sweet Black Pussy, and she knew he might, but it would Only happen when and if She decided it would, and it would be on Her terms. She knew that if his white dick found it’s way into her Black Pussy it would only be because She wanted it and not him, and it would happen even if He Didn’t want it. She laughed to herself as she thought “That just might be the case too.” She’d seen Ty turn a few motherfuckers out. A couple of them wanted nothing but dick after Ty fucked em. Her thoughts and Jordan’s tongue was making her heat up fast. “That’s it White boy.” she said with a lust infused version of her attitude “Eat my fucking Black Pussy.” “Show me how much you like this Black pussy.” Jordan moaned as if to let Kiki know he loved what he was hearing. Kiki kept going.”Eat this pussy like you wanna Fuck it.” “You gotta earn your way up in this pussy whit boy.” Jordan Moaned louder as he tried to dig his tongue deeper into Kiki’s cunt than possible. He was squeezing her fine ass as he licked her pussy out. “Damn.” Kiki thought. “This motherfucker is actually trying to give Ty a challenge.”She laughed to herself “A for effort but nobody does me better than Ty….”Jordan’s tongue swirled around her erect clit. “Oh Yes, Eat me.”Jordan was hard as hell. He knew she was close to cumming and was trying to get her over the edge. “I want to eat your Black ass again baby.” He said. “Shut the Fuck and Eat this Chocolate Pussy motherfucker.” That made his dick throb in his pants. He licked her clit at a higher pace trying to push her over the edge. “Oh Finger me, Finger me while you suck that clit.” Jordan quickly slid a finger into her hot wet pussy. Ty was watching on the monitor in the next room waiting for his cue. He was puffin’ on a blunt as he waited. He could tell Kiki was enjoying herself. He knew the fact that she had Ty waiting to bust in was a part of it. He was looking like a straight up thug. He had a red “DooRag” on his head,leather jacket and baggy jeans hanging low. He had a very real looking 9mm glock as well. This shit was about to be on. He was doing like Kiki said, and waiting for her to get that first nut before barging in.Kiki was moaning louder and louder. Jordan was eating her pussy like a man possessed. “Yes, yes OH SHIT.” Kiki moaned as she started cumming. Jordan lapped up her cream as she came in his mouth. Her unrestrained orgasm was loud, and turned him on. As soon as she was done cumming, Jordan started undressing. He Looked at Kiki and said “I’m gonna fuck your sweet Black pussy hard baby.” From behind him a strange angry voice called out. “You not gonna do shit except get shot motherfucker.” The lights came on (and the video cameras) and Jordan looked over his shoulder and saw a Thug holding a gun, and he thought they were in trouble.” Feeling “Pussy Brave” and not knowing what was Really going on, he looked at Kiki and said “Don’t panic, we’ll be ok.” The thug spoke again. “She’s ok motherfucker, YOU the one with the problem.” “What the fuck you doing to my woman?” “Your what?” Jordan responded sounding shocked. “I said my Woman motherfucker.” The thug answered. Jordan looked at Kiki who was now smiling that attitude smile. He was now beginning to realize that Kiki was not only worried, she seemed to be calm, she knew something. He looked at her and pointed to the thug. “Kiki?”, he asked. “Who is this guy?” Kiki responded with attitude in Full effect, “You should recognize him from the video you stole motherfucker.” Jordan looked, it was “Butterscotch”. “No sweat.” he thought.” “He must just be trying to protect her.” he thought. He said to her, “Tell your actor we’re cool, and he can let us get back to it. I wasn’t r****g you.” Kiki laughed and said “He’s not my actor, he’s my Man Ty.” She looked at Ty, “Here he is baby, the one who stole our video to blackmail me.” Ty, gun still up looked back at Jordan. Kiki went on. “He was always up in my ass at the office. He said he’d do anything to get a piece of my pussy.” “He went and did it too.” “Motherfucker stole our shit right off my desk.” Ty spoke soft and slow. “I hope it was worth it.” Jordan feeling among other things, pretty stupid for not even thinking Kiki could possibly be playing him the whole time he thought he had her. “You really brought me up to kill me for stealing a video?” “Fuck you Jordan.” Kiki shot back. “Don’t try to make it like you didn’t do nothing, you this is about much more than a video.’ “It’s about your white ass harassing me for months and when you couldn’t get no ass from me honestly, you stole my shit.” Kiki wasn’t done yet. iskenderun escort bayan “For all that shit your ass Should catch a cap in the head, but no, I didn’t bring your ass up here to kill you.”“I brought your ass up here to turn you out motherfucker.” Relieved that he was going to live Jordan was hoping that “turned out” whatever it was would leave him feeling it had indeed been worth it to taste Kiki beautiful Black pussy, twice. He asked “what does turned out mean?”Kiki Let out a cloud from her blunt and said “I’ll let Ty answer.” As Jordan turned to face him, Ty who had quickly gotten out his cock had stepped moved toward Jordan. He looked at him as he approached and said “For starters motherfucker, it means you’re gonna suck my big Black Cock. Ty was already bringing his cock to Jordan’s face when he turned to Kiki, “No Kiki, please my wife.” She cut him off “Your fucking wife didn’t mean shit to your white ass when you was eating my black pussy just now or eating my asshole in your office did she?” Jordan was speechless. “Shut the fuck up, open your mouth and take what’s coming to you bitch.” On cue Ty Pulled Jordan;’s head to his cock. Jordan was try to fight, but Kiki joined in. “Oh Hell no. You suck that cock motherfucker.” she pushed his head down onto Ty’s cock. Jordan couldn’t believe it. He thought he was gonna fuck Kiki’s hot Black ass all night and she had set him up, outsmarted him. Now he was sucking her man’s Big Black cock. His mouth felt so full. He had never sucked a cock before. Ty’s butterscotch cock filled his mouth. Ty and Kiki were pushing his head down onto Ty’s cock. Kiki was saying “That’s it, Suck that fuckin’ Big Black Dick white boy, suck it.” Jordan Gagged as she shoved his head down. “You still want this Black Pussy?” “You said you’d do anything to get this pussy, “I’m gonna make your gonna make your ass do anything motherfucker.” She pushed his head back down onto Ty’s cock. Ty moaned and pumped his cock into Jordan’s mouth. Jordan was now over the initial shock and realized that he was starting to enjoy the feel of Ty’s big Black cock in his mouth. Kiki’s nasty talk was definitely getting to him too. She sounded so fucking hot as she told him to suck that big black cock. Spit was running down the side of Ty’s cock. He was really getting into sucking Ty’s cock and the both could tell and he didn’t care. Ty spoke to Kiki, “Damn…..I think somebody’s staring to like sucking dick Kiki.” “Word up Ty. I knew that motherfucker had a little bitch in him.”“He looks so good sucking your Black dick.” Jordan was no longer pushing Ty’s hips back. He was holding his ass and pulling that Black cock towrads himself. Ty moaned as he sucked. He was squeezing Ty’s ass. Kiki suddenly pulled his up off Ty’s cock. He was not ready for that and it must have showed. Kiki laughed. “What, you didn’t get enough of that Big Black cock?” Ty chimed in, “Damn, you were right about him Kiki.” “I usually am Ty.” “You know I can spot a bitch in a motherfucker, and you Know I Love to watch you turn a motherfucker out.” She answered. She looked at Jordan and said it’s time for you to eat Ty’s Black asshole. She Ty turned around and bent over and Kiki pushed Jordan’s face forward into Ty’s ass crack wit force, though she didn’t have to. Jordan was ready to lick Ty’s asshole. He moaned as he tasted Ty’s musky ass. He reached around and started jerking Ty’s cock. “Ahhhh shit.” Ty responded. Kiki smiled, “See Jordan? You swore your ass was a ladies man, but this Black ho you had your eye on, turned your white ass out.” “You still want some of this pussy?” Jordan managed a muffled “Yes” with his face still buried in Ty’s ass crack. Kiki pulled Jordan back and laid him back on the lounge. She was behind his head and pulled his legs back from his ankles. “Time to get your pretty little white asshole Fucked by a Big Black Cock.” Jordan was afraid Ty’s cock would hurt too much. He enjoyed finger play, but a big Black cock? Ty lubed his cock up and slowly jerked it. He pushed his cock into Jordan’s asshole with a strong slow steady stroke. Jordan felt like his asshole was on fire. He cried out and Kiki covered his mouth. “Man up his shit ain’t even all the way in yet.” Ty grunt as he pushed his cock with a good thrust past jordan’s rim and his cock was in Jordan’s asshole. He started fucking Jordan slowly at first, but quickly increased his pace. Kiki always loved watching Ty fuck another dude, but this time was special. She was getting back at Jordan Charles for all these months of harassment. He thought he’d won the day he ate Kiki out in his office, but now he knew Kiki had set his ass up. She loved watching Ty’s big black cock sliding in and out of her boss’s White asshole.“You know you like that shit white boy.” she said, “You know like that big Black Cock up your tight asshole.” “Yes” Jordan answered. “Fuck me Ty, Fuck me hard.” he said, “Fuck me like I tried to fuck your woman Ty.” “Your cock feels so good in my asshole. Ty moaned in response. He pounded Jordan harder and faster. “You like this fucking Black dick up in your ass white boy?” “This is how we punk motherfuckers who fuck with us like you did bitch.” Ty said. Jordan hadn’t noticed that Kiki stepped away for a second. He was so into being fucked that it didn’t matter. “Oh yeah Fuck my white ass with your Big Black cock.” “Your fucking cock feels so good.” Kiki returned wearing a strap on, and told Jordan “Shut up and suck My cock.” She stuff her cock into his mouth and fucked him.She took it out after a minute and asked “That dick feel familiar?” “He knew immediately and his eyes told her. “That’s right, it’s Ty’s cock, now suck it.” Kiki fucked Jordan’s mouth for a while as Ty continued to pound his asshole. After a while they switched. Kiki got Jordan on his hands and knees, and fucked his asshole from behind, while Ty fucked his mouth. Steve wanted to scream so bad but couldn’t, because his mouth was stuffed with ty’s cock. Ty was holding his head so he was able to jerk his cock with one hand and kept the other hand on Ty for balance. As Kiki picked up the pace of her fucking he had to hold on to Ty with both hands. He was surprised at how hard Kiki could fuck. It had to be at partly because she was fucking him with a dildo and wasn’t worried about cumming too soon. The three of them fucked him like this for a while. “Go on Ty Kiki called out, Nut in his fucking mouth.” “Give that motherfucker your Black cum” Ty Fucked Jordan’s mouth a little harder as he was close to cumming. Kiki told Ty “Make him drink it Ty, cum in his fuckin’ mouth.” Ty Blasted his hot cum load into Jordan’s mouth. “That’s it mother fucker drink it, drink up all that black cum. Jordan did as he was told and drank Ty’s cum load down. He held some of it in his mouth so he could savor the taste. He liked it. Ty pulled his cock out of Jordan’s mouth and Kiki quickly and unexpectedly pushed him back on the floor and mounted his cock. She looked at him and said “Don’t think you’re fucking me, I’m fucking you, and only cuz I Want to.” She fucked his cock hard. “You like this Black Pussy motherfucker?” “Is it all you wanted it to be?” “Fuck it like you like it white boy.” Ty was puffing his blunt and stroking. He loved seeing Kiki be dom, but he had never seen her like this. She had fucked herself to another orgasm quickly. “YESSSSSS.” She came hard and fast this time. Jordan was crazed and close to his own orgasm. Kiki slid off his cock. He looked at her and she “You got a taste, now jerk that fucking white cock off and show me how much you like this chocolate pussy.” As if on cue, Jordan started cumming. His load splattered Kiki’s stomach and his own chest. Kiki got up and walked over to her man. Jordan lay there enjoying his post cum glow. His ass and mouth were sore, but damn he felt good. He felt it had been worth it after all. He thanked Kiki and Ty for an awesome night and apologized for the past. As he got ready to leave he asked Kiki “what’s next?” Her answer was “What’s next is you get the fuck out, Ty Fucks me some more and I get a raise.” Jordan laughed thinking she was joking. “Ok ok I’m going but no raise.”Kiki got serious “Yes there will be a raise on Monday or the board see this.” Ty turned on the monitor that revealed to Jordan just How badly he’d been played.“Ok you got a raise.” “thanks Kiki said, and don’t worry I’ll be leaving there soon, but I think I proved my point.” Knowing he’d been played Jordan said “Yes you have.” Thinking he’d better get out while the getting was good Jordan Charles left feeling good. He owed Kiki and Ty for turning him out. Now he hadto turn out His wife……………The End……

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