Becoming Macy Ch. 01

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Becoming Macy Ch. 01My continued exploits with Steve, The middle aged bodybuilder. I began my transition publically while with Steve. . . . only seems right to start with him. In this chapter of my life I had just began transitioning. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Steve and I had been together for close to a year. In that time we had spent a lot of time together quickly. We practically lived together now. Either his apartment or mine, we were always together. We had been experimenting and exploring each other’s fantasies little by little, little more daring here and there. Steve wanted to play a little dominate game. Cloak and dagger type, secret notes with orders for me on what to wear or places to be, how to act. Steve would watch up to a point and then we would bang it out. But it was becoming more of a challenge for Steve to get aroused so the games were starting to lead to nowhere except disappointment for him. Then he’d get angry at me and himself. To much stress or steroids I don’t know. I was already on my way to transitioning into the woman I had always felt I was. Steve just gave me a little more motivation and resources. I had spoken to Steve previously to see if he had a hook up on hormones. He was mixed on me taking my body to the next level. But I had made up my mind, it was the next step. I wanted softer skin. I wanted smaller muscle mass. I wanted to know if I could grow breasts. I didn’t want to look in the mirror and my body not reflect on the outside who I was on the inside. All the research I had done between the internet and speaking to the two transsexual friends I had led me to getting on hormones. I had taken my body almost as far as I could alone making it as feminine as possible. Steve told me he had news but first we needed to play are game. I went to Steve because I knew his roid dealer could honestly get you anything you could want or need and if he couldn’t, he knew who could. I had priced them thru a doctor and they seemed outrageously high in price. After work each day I would go straight to the gym. The gym was called Edge’s, located just off main street downtown in the heart of the city madness. It was a steady gym but not overwhelmingly busy. Edge’s had a small group of straight folks mostly made up of straight women. The majority group and social scene at Edge’s was gay, bi, curious. Transgender men and woman were slowly making their way in and out. Yelp sites and message boards had put the word out on Edge’s. The whole gym was basically a serious meatmarket/hookup spot that practically gave out condoms in the locker rooms. Steve was part owner of the gym and full owner of the smoothie bar in the gym. Pulling up to the gym I looked for Steve’s black Cadillac STS. I parked a spot away from him and made my way into the gym.I made my way to the locker room and found my locker. Steve would place what he wanted me to wear in the bottom of the locker folded. It made me wet thinking about how Steve would dominate me in his way. He loved leaving me the notes with orders or instructions. It turned him on something fierce watching me carrying out his orders. Looking down at the base of the locker brought a grin to my face. A Yoga mat stood in the locker and underneath a small stack of clothes. In the stack was a fresh pair of black tight compression shorts, a thin light grey tank top, a white female’s workout top almost like a sports bra with a racerback and a purple tiny string bikini thong with just the slightest shine to the purple. I looked around looking for Steve and started stripping off my clothes as quick as I could. Wrapped a towel around my waist and went into the showers. I started the shower, hooked my towel and stepped into the steaming tile box. Breathing deep I began to calm myself, clear my head, breathing deeper taking in the steam from the hot water. I pumped the shampoo and started in on my hair. I made my way down my thin lean torso using the shampoo as a body wash, washing off the day of sweat and scents, getting clean. My hair was now down to the tips of my shoulders, dark brown almost black, thick, smooth and straight. I was proud of my hair, it had been an achievement for me. I had never had long hair and it had taken a little discipline to keep it the way I wanted it, keeping it beautiful. Steve loved to run his hands thru it. . . he loved grabbing fists full of it. . . .I loved him grabbing fists full of it. I dried off and made my way to the locker.I took off the towel and placed the purple thong on slowly, tucking my smooth tan cock and balls into place. The thong had just enough room for all of me. I wasn’t that big especially when I wasn’t hard, only a few inches of member and average size balls I suppose. But even when I was hard I was an average six inches. I didn’t mind and no one else seemed to care. I was a bottom before my transition and will be a bottom after so my cock was mostly for me. I lined up the top strings to curve slightly over the top of my smooth perky bubble ass, outlining its curves fantastically. I had always enjoyed wearing thongs since an early age. I would buy them when I was young and wear them out, feeling that tight string rubbing so lightly over my smooth bare hole made me feel sexy and turned on. I use to shave everything, now I wax everything. The pain was worth it. I knew Steve went mad seeing me smooth in thongs and panties. I preferred it. I didn’t wear men’s underwear anymore. I never tired of seeing that deep lust he had for me. It was fire in his eyes. It made me feel wanted, desired, needed. I got the thong situated and slid the sports bra over my head pulling it down over my torso. It only covered down to the top of my abs, I liked it. I had never worn one before. The compression shorts went on over the thong easily enough. They were a little thick but very firm and very flexible. I looked down at my belly button ring and debated taking it out. I left it in. Something was going down with Steve and I wanted to look as good as I could. Steve loves the belly ring, he had his nipples pierced and thought me having my belly pierced ‘completed the picture’. . . wtf’ever that meant. I studied the grey tank top. It was seriously thin and light but not delicate, it would survive the workout but probably not a spin cycle. I found the front and put it on. I looked into the mirror next to the locker. . . I looked great, lean, thin, tan . . . . . I glanced around at the now bustling locker room and noticed that more than a few guys in the gym agreed with me by the looks of them. They were staring and didn’t care that I knew it. I smiled blushing slightly while putting my long dark hair into a ponytail. I use to be about building mass on my small skinny frame muğla sınırsız escort and I had done quite well, 5’9, 195lbs with 7% body fat at my most ripped. Just before meeting Steve my goals changed. I was into the dancer figure now or sporty chick look. I wanted to be packing a great ass and as lean and thin as I could get while staying healthy. I’m not into starving myself by any means. Steve helped me in that department. ‘Just pick a figure you want to look like and I’ll make you a plan on how to get there’ he had told me more than a year ago, before we were dating. At the time all that came into my head were female physiques. I had images of Jessica Biel and Beyonce, I wanted to look good in a bikini. I told Steve. He smiled and with out hesitation he wrote me up a plan on food and exercises. He knew where I was in my transition; I had just gotten my mind right about being who I was already, on the inside. He had been one of the first I came clean with that I felt that I was more of a woman on the inside than a man. No more weights, carbs and red meat. Now it was yoga, pilates, swimming and vegetarian with a little fish. I now stood 5’9, 125lbs, I was well beyond “beginning to transition”. I was already being confused for a woman. I liked it, it was a compliment to me, I was on track. I grabbed the yoga mat and headed out into the gym. I looked for the regulars who I had become friends with over the last year. I saw a two guys I knew, Ben and Jose. They looked like they were in the middle of a serious back workout, everything these guys did was serious when it came to lifting iron. Ben’s massive 6’5, 280lbs body was on the bar pulling everything the machine had to offer down towards his chest. Jose’s stocky 5’9 ball of muscle of a body stood behind Ben yelling at him with intense encouragement. They were bouncers at a club Steve and I went to every weekend. Ben was the only man in the gym that had a better body than Steve in my opinion. Ben was bigger in every way that I could tell but he didn’t have the bulging veins and didn’t shave every part of his body. Ben also didn’t move like the other body builders. I don’t know how to describe it, he just moved like he weighted 180lbs, light on his feet, didn’t run out of breath walking around. He was a different a****l. I knew he didn’t compete in bodybuilding competitions like Steve or Jose. Ben was more of a power lifter.I saw Ben work at the club a few times when people would get out of line. Usually another bouncer like Jose would go and attempt to handle the situation peacefully, if that went south Ben moved in like a lion, scary quick and resolved all physical altercations a second after they started. Once, when we were at the club, four guys started getting loud with two other guys sitting down in a part of the lounge. I looked for Ben and saw him watching the guys from behind the bar. The minute one of the guys put hands on another Ben was already breaking up the fight. Ben flew over the bar, up a small flight of stairs and over a couch before a swing was even thrown. When you see a guy that size that can move like that . . . . . its strangely terrifying. . . . .and arousing. Ben fucking turned me on. Some reason Steve and Ben did not care for each other at all. I didn’t know why. I had been warned by Steve a couple times that he didn’t like me talking to Ben. But I had my own friends and Steve was going to have to deal. Plus, Ben was always sweet to me. He would look out for me, check on me if I was alone at the club or with my girls. I tried hooking him up with a couple friends but he wasn’t extremely social. He came off as a little shy to me but he had a great sense of humor. Walking past them in the gym I nodded at them both, Jose waved and Ben nodded in my direction. Neither of them broke stride or slowed down there workout to even a pause, I respected that. I made my way to the smoothie bar, found a clock and realized I was still 15 minutes away from the next yoga class. Steve’s manager Brenda was working the bar and was in the middle of mixing two shakes for a couple of meatheads. Brenda was 30 beautiful, smart and outgoing. She had beautiful skin, long tight curly hair she always kept in a pony tail. She was a little thick but had great curves, an ass like JLo, small waist, perky B tits. I think she was half Bolivian, I could never remember. She knew about Steve and me and I had become pretty damn good friends with her, she was my little gossip buddy. Brenda saw me, smiled and said “hey you. . . . . . damn I think you need a sandwich with some extra mayo and some time on the bench press not no smoothie!!’. I busted out a loud laugh, she caught me off guard. I replied “don’t be jealous bitch, you’re sexy as you are!” The meatheads smiled, chuckled and kept checking out Brenda’s ass. If they only knew how easy she actually was. All it took was for them to hold a conversation about something other than themselves! She’d take them for a ride they would never forget. “Steve left a note for you hold on a sec, did you want a smoothie hun?” Brenda said. “oh he did? No I’m good for now I’ll get one after class” I said. ‘Don’t he know how to use a cell phone?’ Brenda said, “he does, I don’t know, he is old school you know, romantic.” I said back. I couldn’t tell her it was apart of a fantasy game between us, she was still his employee. Brenda handed the meatheads their smoothies and slid me the note. I opened it, Steve had great handwriting, it said “Marshal, I’ll be watching you in yoga class. Do your best and stretch as much as you can for me! I’ve got you a massage paid for in room 13 after your class, Enjoy!” I folded it up and slid the note in my shorts seam. “I’ll see you later hun I’m gonna go stretch” I said to Brenda, Brenda replied “ok, you are looking fucking hot seriously, love that hair sweetie’ she paused staring at me ‘but I would need you to put on a few pounds before you could handle this”, she winked at me and I smiled thinking to myself “bitch you need a bigger dick to handle this” then thinking to myself. . . . .she probably did have a bigger dick than me. . . at home. . . . in a box. . . . . under the bed. . . . .that girl was a freak.I went to the yoga room, found my spot near the back of the room closest to the windows so I could be seen better. As I started stretching I thought of Steve and all 6’2, 260lbs of ripped tanned smooth muscles watching me stretch. I got in a position to stretch my lower back, laying facedown flat I raised only my upper body with my arms in a almost push up, I looked straight ahead past the other yoga students and into the mirror. . . Steve was on a machine right behind muğla swinger escort me curling what looked like all the weight the machine had to offer. I smiled and kept stretching, ‘showtime’ I thought to myself. The yoga instructor entered the room and began the class. We got in a variety of poses and I made sure to pop my ass out as much as I could, as slow as I could, as seductive as I could. I could see Steve every so often biting his lip, staring at me with hungry eyes, I knew those hungry eyes. . . . . . I didn’t know when . . . . . but I was in for a pounding. blood flowed thru my cock, my face flushed red ‘. . . . this class needed to hurry the fuck up’ I thought to myself. Steve got up and moved and I couldn’t see him anymore. I kept up as I was, performing for my man. The last yoga move we did was freestyle, anything we wanted to do. I spread my tan, smooth legs wide, testing the elastic of the shorts I was wearing, I felt the thong pull tight against my hole. I spread my legs out further and did the splits, leaned forward and laid my chest flat against the floor. My balls were tucked tight in the thong, I could feel them smashing up against the base of my cock. I grinded slightly into the ground rubbing my man clit against the floor before tucking my elbows into my hips and lifted myself off the ground, keeping my legs in the splits, wide, balancing. I looked around, everyone was in there own world in the class but a glance at the mirrors reflection of the gym. . . I had a more than a few eyes staring right at me. One set of eyes belonged to Ben. Class finished, I rolled up my mat and walked out of the yoga room. I looked for Steve. I don’t know if I had turned him on as much as I had turned myself on but I wanted to get off and I wanted him in me when I did that. I scanned the weight room, Steve was near the water fountain. I walked up to him. He mouth was smiling but his eyes weren’t. “Well, what did you think?” I said. Steve looked around shaking his head saying ‘you’re to fucking much sometimes Marshal. I think I did to good with your yoga attire if I do say so’. I smiled, he had the hungry as fuck look in his eyes. I smiled back and replied ‘Yes you did, I think I’m going to keep these. And good. . . . I’m going to shower now and heading to what room was it. . . 13?’. ‘yeah. .. . . .13 you sexy piece of work, your getting more flexible every day aren’t you?’ Steve practically growled it at me. “I think I am” I replied. I left Steve slowly and went to my locker, changed out of everything except my thong. I needed to cum and I wanted to break these panties in. I assumed Steve was going to meet me in room 13 for a romp session. I pulled my pony tail loose and looked behind me, Steve was at his locker stripping his clothes off. I knew it was on. I had awakened the b**st that was inside him. That b**st wanted to devour something and I couldn’t wait to be served up. I left the thong on and wrapped the towel around my waist. I went into the showers and went all the way in the back, started the shower and waited for it to warm up. There were a couple other guys in the showers I could hear them, water running, some skin slapping here and there, it was loud in there. . . . . I was glad. Each shower was private with a two curtains. The first curtain led to a small bench and towel rack, the second curtain opened up to the main shower, it was a large square with more then enough room for two large males. It was like they were made for fucking. I stayed outside of both curtains waiting on the ‘water to warm up’, but I was waiting on Steve to see which shower I had gone into. Steve walked around the corner and saw me at the end. Steve went into the shower right next to mine and started the shower, more noise the better. I left the purple thong on and entered my shower. Pumping the shampoo pump I quickly washed all the sweat from my body, the thong stuck to me like paint, my six inch cock was bulging with anticipation fighting against the front of the thong. I pumped another hand full of shampoo and got down on my knees. I spread the shampoo over both hands. With my left hand I lathered my cock and balls pulling hard at both. With the right I reached back to my smooth hole and rubbed hard and slow on the outside, cleaning it, prepping it. I pushed a finger in deep. I felt my hole pulse on my knuckle the deeper I went. One finger, two fingers. I relaxed myself. I heard the first curtain pull back quickly and pulled back into place, I froze. . . . . . the second curtain pulled back slowly. Steve stood there dripping wet head to toe, ripped smooth muscles shining, he was a beautiful specimen. I never got sick of staring at him, admiring his body. I looked down at his cock, it was primed up and fully erect, all 9 solid inches of him. Steve had the biggest cock that I had ever been with. It took a little getting use to, he just about gutted me the first few times we fucked.Steve stepped into the shower with me pulling the curtain closed. Still on my knees I took my hands off myself and began to rub his inner thighs kissing the base of his huge cock sucking at it. His cock pushed against the side of my cheek as I kept rubbing his legs making my way to his balls. I massaged his balls softly and slowly. The steam was filling the small space. I felt Steve’s large hands on the side of my face pulling my hair behind my head and gripping it into a pony tail with both hands. Steve was moaning quietly and breathing deeply as I started to pull hard on his cock with both hands. Licking and sucking the side of his cock up and down from the tip to the shaft. Steve slowly tightened his grip hard with a fist of my hair, I wasn’t in control of anything anymore I knew that, I was powerless against him, emotionally, physically. I could feel the precum starting to ooze out of me. Steve moved my mouth over his cock and guided it thru my lips, slowly, forcefully in a rhythm up and down slowly getting inch by inch just a little deeper down my throat. I placed my hands on the top of his thighs gripping tight getting ready for a pounding that I assumed my throat was going to take. ‘No’ Steve said quietly while pulling me off his throbbing cock, ‘stroke your little cock, stroke that fucking clit’ he said to me . I obeyed and started to rub my cock with my right hand, Steve almost whispered ‘now rub your sweet cunt at the same time’. I rubbed my hole in a circular motion over the thong with my left hand. ‘that’s it. . . ahhh yeah, my god your sexy you know that? .. . . of course you do. . . but your mine. . . you know your mine don’t you?’ Steve said to me in a low voice. I nodded yes in reply.Steve guided muğla tekneye gelen escort my lips back over his cock and began to pump my head off and on his cock, deeper and deeper. I gagged lightly and Steve pulled me off his cock and slammed it back in my throat holding it there, I coughed around his cock and gagged hard, saliva and precum dripping out of my lips, he pulled me off his cock and bounced his cock on my face as I got my air back. Steve pulled me up by my hair with one hand quickly and brought me to my feet, he could lift at least two of me with one arm and I could feel it from the force. He brought me to his lips and kissed me hard digging his tongue into me tasting me from my depths . . . tasting himself. I was barely on the tips of my toes. One of his hands had a fist full of my hair and the other found its way around my throat firmly gripping, guiding me. He seemed a little angry but it was deep in him, something was off to me. We kissed hard for a moment, I grinded my cock onto his as I gripped his huge cock with both my hands. Steve pulled me away and placed firmly against the wall in the shower. Keeping one hand firmly around my throat his rubbed his other hand up and down my chest, made his way to my cock, pulling the thong over and to the side of my raging cock he started jerking me off furiously. I let out a small cry of pleasure and his grip on my throat tightened, stopping the noise from my throat, then released but stayed firm. ‘shhhhhhh’ Steve said quietly while still stroking away at my cock. Steve said ‘I want you to do the splits for me’ I looked at him opening my eyes saying ‘there’s no room baby’, ‘do it against the wall’ Steve replied. Steve spun me around and forced me against the wall, I looked to the side and watched him admiring my body, up and down. He settled his gaze on my ass. I felt the tip of his cock rubbing up and down my crack. Steve’s left hand started lifting my left leg at the thigh guiding my knee, extending my leg up in the air. I spread my arms for balance, I extended my leg pointing it straight up and leaned it against the wall, I looked back at Steve, his lips met mine lightly biting my lower lip, his hands all over me rubbing, up my leg to my hole, rubbing up my back and down using his finger nails all the way down to my crack. Passionately he kissed me sucking the air out of me. I felt his cock trying to find its way into my hole. I reached back and pulled my thong string to the side, finding his cock I started to rub it over my hole. Steve gripped his cock and began to guide it into my hole, me still doing the splits one foot planted on the ground the other straight up on the wall. Steve popped the head of his cock into my hole, I breathed deep, pushing out with my ass muscles I felt his massive cock bury just a little deeper in me. I moaned softly, Steve found another fist full of my hair and pulled my head back forcing me to face straight up. I closed my eyes and pushed my hips back digging his cock into my hole, my cock was throbbing, I needed to shoot my load already, I felt like my cock was going to explode. Steve got about half of him in me and began slowly in and out, in and out, in and out with me groaning with every in. Steve picked up the pounding and soon I felt his thighs slapping into my ass, he was completely in me. No sharp pains in my ass, just full, full of him *slap slap slap* his thighs slapping against my ass was echoing in the shower over the running shower head. My left leg began to cramp and I lowered it from the wall. Steve kept his fist full of my hair and moved his other hand to my hip gripping it hard. I arched my back popping my apple bottom out as much as I could. Steve became an a****l, he was beginning to groan almost a low roar. I thought for a moment that we were for sure going to be heard but that moment only lasted half a second.Steve pulled back on my hair harder bending my neck backwards toward him, he pounded harder, faster, skin slapping skin with immense force, my hips meeting his every thrust. My ass felt fuller then it ever had, it burned slightly but the feeling and sounds were hypnotic, almost out of body, water was pouring into my face. He was taking me with everything he had. He was also taking some kind of frustration out on me but it was all channeled thru his steady pounding and force into me. “Your mine and no one else’s!’ he growled, *slap slap slap*. Steve pounded hard into me, stopped and kept his monster dick inside of me holding me tight, firmly, impaling me on him. Steve pulled me close to his mouth whispered to me ‘I saw you performing baby. . ‘ Slowly he pulled out of me till the only the head of his cock was in me then violently slammed back into me, I gasped and almost screamed. ‘everyone saw you performing. . . . . but that’s all you are to them. . *SLAP*POUND*SLAP. . . is a fucking performer. . . . ‘ he said. Steve’s large hand covered my mouth, my screams were getting to loud. Steve pulled out to the tip and slammed back into me hard forcing my whole body to slap against the ceramic wall. I screamed a new kind of pleasure but it was stifled ‘but your FUCKING MINE!!’ Steve practically yelled the last part thru clinched teeth.I couldn’t hold my load, it exploded off the ceramic wall. My asshole gripped tighter around Steve’s cock as I came, Steve didn’t slow down any more, he pounded hard and fast to the hilt gripping me harder then he ever had. Steve let out a deep low growl and he buried into me one last time, I felt his load shoot into my insides, the force of it surprised me. Letting go of my hair Steve gripped both hands around my hips and slowly pumped his load into me, shot after shot, deep into me. I squeezed my hole around his cock milking it for every drop. Pulling out of me Steve spun me around to face me, I leaned against the wall staring into Steve’s panting face. I was panting hard, there was no breath left in me. ‘Holy . . . . shit . . . . ‘ Steve said in between breaths, ‘ your almost to fucking . . .. good’. I just stared at him panting heavily, it was so intense but his face looked like it had all been an act now. He was grinning. My brain hadn’t processed it yet. Steve placed his large hand back around my neck pushing me flat against the wall. His lips met mine hard and he grinded he still hard monster cock against mine.Pulling his lips away from me Steve released me completely and started to shower himself off quickly saying ‘make sure you go to 13, there is more there than just a massage ok?’. ‘Ok’ I replied, still panting and catching my breath that he had just fucked out of me. Steve turned around and walked out of the shower. I slid down the ceramic wall and sat on my heels letting the hot water beat over me. . . . . . . . . . . ‘what the fuck just happened. . . . . . ‘ I thought to myself. I reached up and turned the hot water on full blast, it began to steam up the small cube of lust that still lingered, you could almost taste it it was so thick. I wanted to curl up into a ball and melt away into the drain. . . . . . . . To be continued. . . . . . . . .

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