Blackmailed by my s*n

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Blackmailed by my s*nI am 16 years old and I am going to a local college close to my house. My cute 38 year old m*m still likes to sunbathe nude during the day, always dressed when i get back from college and unaware that i have seen her. She has a fabulous body, i think all the time she spends in the gym has paid off. Shes toned and pert!and as yet the only real woman i have seen naked.It began one sunny lunch time when i nipped home, she had fallen asleep and dad had taken our German shepherd Kiaser to the vets, this was the start of me watching her naked when ever i could! Which sadly was not often as i had to sneak out of school or pretend to go out for day at weekend.When I left the house on days i knew i could sneak back, i would leave both the outer garage doors unlocked , which meant i could slip in to the garage which overlooked the yard where she sunbathed, one day i would be brave enough to go through the other garage door in to the garden…one day! Anyway this fateful day shortly after christmas i came home at lunch, it was a hot sweltering day and i hopped i would be lucky. I even had left my new camera and phone in the garage, would i dare take some pics? I must confess this fanatsy alone had resulted in several bouts of masterbation!It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and sure enough m*m was sunbathing in the back yard. I have told m*m she has to write the next bit and as will become apparent later she has..!Sylvias (m*m)version…I was sun bathing naked in my back yard, its a little overlooked is one spot near the garage window which is secluded. Its always been my naughty little indulgence feeling the sun on all my skin. i often find myself quite aroused and have on more than one occassion made us eof my fingers to relieve my self. I usually dress in a sarong incase anyone calls but if Peter my hubby or the k**s where to return i would hear the car or front door, or if i didn’t kaiser would and he does bark loudly!This day I fell into a very deep sleep. I don’t worry about it because I have a timer that wakes me up. Well, I was having a great dream about what Peter and i had been up last weekend. I just love oral and Peter is very good! This however dream felt more real than ever!! Peters tongue felt huge and rough. I pushed my hips against his tongue and i awoke in the throes of a very very intense orgasm.Peter a rough tongue? i mused as i lay shaking the sensations continuing, wow what a dream even now as a second orgasm built i could swear i could feel that tongue.Without realizing it I was waking up but I thought it was still a dream. As i came i opened my eyes and looked down to see Kaiser my d*g. He was licking my pussy, I pushed his head away but he cam right back for more. I sat up shocked as my post orgasm breathing subsided. I was confused, it had felt so good, I could not believe it. It was wrong, i knew it, completey taboo but i had cum , twice more powerfully than i had in years. I could feel my pussy oozing, it craved more, my head said no.Kaiser nuzzled my legs. I pushed him away but he was insistant, conflicting thoughts crowded my head. His head slipped past my hand and i felt that tongue again..i shuddered..wowHere in this garden who canlı bahis şirketleri would know? was it really so bad? Perhaps my little dirty secret…I decided I would let him continue despite every fiber of my being telling me I should not be doing this. I closed my eyes and lay back parting my knees and tilting my hips.Jack continuesSo I came home and snuck in to the garage and looked out of the window , what i saw blew my mind, m*m lieing back knees raised with Kaiser between her legs. I could see her expression and lips moving, eyes shut she was clearly in heaven and moaning but i couldn’t hear.My hand dropped to my aching cock and i unzipped my pants to release my throbbing cock..god i was so horny and hard..m*m was being a total slut! Just like in the porn i liked to watch and read online.I watched spellbound before i remember my camera and phone, this was too good not to remember.I set the phone on video and balanced it near the window while i snapped a few pics. I was so excited, my m*m a total whore! I knew she was saying something and too excited to think clearly i turn the video off and taking the camera and phone, i snuck quietly into the yard. Once outside i could hear her clearly but quietly. I zipped myself back up then snuck closer snapping pics one handed and using the video with the other. At this point my m*m is rubbing her nipples, pullng and queezing them. She is really into it and enjoying herself.Shes moaning aloud and crying out the most obscene things i have heard..”lick my cun… make me cum… lick me lick the bitch i am .. i want your dirty d*g tongue on my cunt… use my as your dirty whore..”My m*m sounded just like a porn star! Carefully i set my camera down placing on the wall facing m*m. I switched it to video, what i wanted was to film myself filming my m*m! I crept forward filming on my phone , it was awesome as my angle changed i would get small glimpses of her very wet pussy.I was to intent on filming and knocked a plant pot over. Immediately she pushes the dog away and covers her pussy and tits back up with her sarong. She looked at me frozen and unable to speak. “What are you doing home?” she shrieked, My m*m looked so angry and shocked , she yelled at me for sneeking up on her.”Oh er i forgot a book and my tried garage” i sheepishly repliedThen she spotted my phone.”what where you doing with your phone”she asked nervously.”oh i was trying to ring you” i liedShe looked more relieved but then began to berate the dog, she tried passing it off like Kiaser just now put his head between her legs as i showed up. This gave me time to think. I had read many stories about what people did when caught doing something wrong. They excited me, now here i was , my sexy m*m in a sarong caught with the d*g..What to do?”It must have looked bad if you saw it a the wrong time” she pleaded” it wasn’t how it looked””Oh yeah “I said and then replayed the video to myself. She could hear her voice begging the dog to make her cum. She paled .”you filmed it?” she was almost shaking and her eyes where wide.I showed her the video i had captured of her letting Kiaser lick her pussy. Her face turned white. “Now what?” she asked me. canlı poker oyna Kiaser was sniffing around her pussy again but my m*m was stopping him by moving her legs in the way of the dog’s nose.”Please don’t tell your dad” she beggedMy head span. What to do? I had not only filmed my m*m but shown her. I had never had such a raging hard on before it ached, it clouded my thoughts, it drove my thoughts. Ideas froms tories flashed through my head.”maybe i should send dad a copy now?””NO !”she screamed”Please no, look promise you won’t and i will..” she pausedYou could see her marshalling her thoughts.”I wil pay you!”I paused this was a whole new world opening.”I will pay you $1000 ” she said wide eyedI knew she was worried , i had power over her, i liked it!”maybe i should send a copy to grandpa and your work colleagues?”” NO please” she sobbed” i will do anyhting “she wailedThere were tears in her eyes now.”Anything?” i asked”Yes ” she replied with a bowed head”So………How did it feel?” I asked her.”Surprisingly good” she replied.”Yes , i could tell” cock ached, her legs where shining in the sunlight her nipples and breasts bold against her sarong. Desire swamped me as did an urge to abuse her, make her my toy, have her to command. I wondered what could i get away with?My pulse was racing, my face flushed.”Lie back on the lounger ” i said”huh?””M*m this will only work if you do i say and don’t question”..a sense of power and a glow filled me.She lay back, folding the sarong round her, Kaiser still sniffing away.”Now undo the sarong and let Kiaser continue licking” I said and slowly kelt by her side. “But..” she protested.I stood up and turned, this always worked in stories. My heart pounded so loudly i thought i would go deaf. One step, two. I raised the phone and began to tap away, instinct took over . This was make or break. Its got wifi so I sent myself an email, with the vids attached, this way m*m could never delete them!”STOP” she calledI turned.”and?”Her sarong was open, she was sat up.I had won i knew it. What a buzz. I stepped back towards her.”Now lie back m*m, just like before, close your eyes”She nodded and obeyed.I knelt by her as she lay naked and prone. I reached out and touched her knee , she shivered but offered no resistance as i pulled it gently up and forwards. Her pussy was in full view but not for long as Kaisers head darted back. I could not believe how wet my m*ms pussy was. I remembered the other camera and moved it to get a better angle on me, m*m , her pussy and Kaiser. Returning to her side i started to video on my phone again.her breathing had quickened.Turning to the camera i said “Enjoying this m*m?, Enjoying having Kaiser lick your pussy?” She replied in a somewhat shaky voice “Yes, I am. “”m*m please.. yes Jack or yes son…””sorry “she gasped ” yes son i am enjoying it!”Suddenly I see her arch her back up a bit and her toes curled up. She was having an orgasm. Her mouth opened wide and she convulsed a good 4 or 5 times in a row moaning gently.”Wow “I said to her, “did that dog make you cum , m*m””yes son””You had a few orgasms there huh!?” She just bit her lip , smiled and nodded. She then said “I have only have 2 bahis siteleri or 3 orgasms in a row before and they were never that intense.” I looked at Kaiser and I spotted a little pink tip near his belly.”Oh my god” I said. “It looks like Kaiser enjoyed this as well. You should return him the favor” I said.”What do you mean? she muttered.”I don’t know, jerk him off I guess. I have seen it on a web site before.” I laughed”Oh you have?” she replied.She sat up and started petting our dog and slowly reached for the d*g’s penis. She had it in her hand and started stroking it.”What’s it like?” I asked.”Your d*ds i guess but hotter and smaller”I was amazed. This was totally awesome. Our d*g was fully erect at this point and m* m had it in her hand. She was naked and so embaressed she had not noticed the phone or camera!or for that matter was making any effort to cover herself. Her nipples where rock hard! and between her legs glistened and shone wih all the moisture.”you know m*m what else i saw on that site?”Head down , shake of the head.”They gave the dog a blow job til it cam!”She looked at me eyes wide.”Remember..shh”She nodded.”If you do it i will delete the video…”She looked up “promise?””Sure promise to do that and i wil delete it now, there are two clips but that will ne one gone”I was so glad i had emailed it to myself already!She looked at me and knelt forward inches form her hand and Kaisers penis.” Promise you will i asked?””Yes” she replied”Tell em what your going to do””I am going to suck Kaisers cock till he cums jack.””Good for you m*m!”I turned slightly ,showed her my phone and me deleting the file. Also this meant i could check the camera was in the right angle to capture this! It was!”your side of the bargin m*m”I grinned , i really hoped i would be able to hear all this when i replayed the vids!A pause, had i gone to far?”I can’t!””You promised and i deleted one of the vids, don’t make me regret that””But..””Now how to send to first?” i mused”No, just give me a minute”I could see how sacred she was, how much she was in conflict and turmoil.Tell you what m*m, close your eyes and pretend its d*d.She nodded and learnt forward.I held my breathe.A pause , she swallowed hard.I decided to hell with risk and grabbed my other camera.I turned the video on that off, making sure my phone video was on and began to snap pics..m*ms hand wrapped round Kaisers stiff erect cock, her naked and clearly wet, herface inches from the cock.A deep breathe then she opened her mouth and learnt forward pushing her lips over the end of Kaisers cock and down over it.”yeah go m*m””suck that d*g good” “I wanna see him cum in your mouth” “Use your hand to wank him”She obligied and Kaiser began furiously humping her mouth, occasionally she would choke or gag, the sound loud and clear. I moved to film better angles.Occasionally i would see the bright pink tip clearly in her mouth.Kaiser twitched, cum dribbled out the side of m*ms mouth.”Go m*m drink that doggie cum!”What a sight my m*m naked with d*g cum over her lips!Suddenly we hard the garage door open fully , its loud when it opnes fully i guess thats why she never guessed it makes no sound if you only sneak under it.”Shit d*ds back!” i said, putting the cameras out of sight.M*m dashed inside and i followed d*d would not be far behind.I snook out the front as d*d closed the garage.The game was over for now, but i had so much video and so many pics ( i hoped). The game ws over but only for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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