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bloody BBWsWarning! This story contains extreme depictions of brutality. If you aren’t into violent fighting/sex fantasies, then don’t comment on how you didn’t like it. With out further adeau:It had only been a month since the bitter argument that ended their friendship took place. Donna and Ashleigh had been lifelong friends growing up, with their families’ farms right near each other. Ashleigh had always been the headstrong one, always the leader in their clique of friends, the dominant personality, she was not a small woman, but built, from working on the farm. She was a solid 140Lbs, broad shoulders, shoulder-length dirty-blonde hair, small breasts, and overall powerful. Donna was the opposite; she was the follower, with a somewhat timid personality, she was larger, 200Lbs, dark red chin-length hair, and larger breasts. She was strong, very much like Ashleigh, only she kept a far more feminine figure, despite her weight. They had grown up practically together; all through c***dhood and their teenage years they played volleyball, softball, trained in boxing, they did almost everything together. Things were different, though, when the group would get together from school, Donna would typically be picked on, being the third wheel all the time. Even her best friend Ashleigh picked on her with all of the other girls. But on the farm, everything was different, Ashleigh was a different person altogether, and her cruel and vindictive side was dormant, much to Donna’s chagrin. She put up with it, though, there weren’t any other girls around the area, and she cherished the facile-if-any friendship with Ashleigh.-That is, up until a month ago. Both women, now 20, were together at the mall with the group of girls they had grown up in school with together. The usual was happening, the girls were yukking it up at each other’s jokes and humor, while at the same time largely ignoring Donna, or making fun of her with what attention they did give her. Ashleigh was on a particular high that day, and mercilessly mocked Donna’s weight and timidity. After 20 years of 2-faced friendship, Donna had finally had enough. “You fucking bitch! I’m fucking tired of this shit!” Donna shouted. She walked up to Ashleigh and backhanded her. Ashleigh stumbled back, aghast at Donna’s behavior.“What the fuck is your problem, you tubby bitch? You better be ready to finish what you start!” Ashleigh said as she advanced towards Donna. One of the group stopped her, “Not here, you’re both going to get hauled away.” “Name the place and time,” blurted Ashleigh. To everyone’s surprise, Donna the timid, quickly replied, “In a month, in the woods on the back-40, bitch, we’ll settle it then.”“Fine,” Ashleigh replied confidently “but I set the rules, I’ll let you know by the end of the week what the rules are, and you had better not chicken out. I’m going to make you wish you hadn’t touched me, you fat whore.”Ashleigh and her clique stormed off, leaving Donna alone. She angrily returned home, knowing she had a lot of work to do.- That was a month ago.In the time between the falling out and now, Ashleigh had communicated her rules for the fight through one of the other girls in the group. The rules were laid out as follows:1.Fistfight only, full body shots allowed, with taped fists, as well as mouth guards.2.5-Minute Rounds, with 1-minute breaks between.3.No seconds, so the girls get no attention between rounds.4.The fight would go on until one of them was KO’d.5.There was no count-outs, only a 20-second count, after which, the downed fighter would be hoisted to their feet by the timekeeper.6.blood or injury cannot stop the fight.7.No forfeit once a fighter enters the ring.Donna reluctantly agreed to the rules, she felt compelled to face Ashleigh regardless of her distaste for Ashleigh’s conditions. She was simultaneously terrified and excited at the prospect of beating Ashleigh u*********s. She’d be training in boxing since age 10 and was confident in that, but she also realized that Ashleigh did as well. She knew this fight would be a no quarter, knockdown dragged out bloodbath. She was intent on finishing what she started. She had reached the limits of her tolerance of her former friend’s superficial friendship, and she was going to unleash over 10 years of frustration out on Ashleigh.She drove the path to the woods on Ashleigh’s family’s back-40; she got there, shocked to see that a small crowd had gathered at the clearing. Her heart jumped inside her, this was supposed be a private affair, between her and Ashleigh, with only possibly the group of girls spectating. Instead there were dozens of guys and girls all from the same high school they had attended, both older and younger than them. In her mind, she put the car in reverse, turned around and drove off, but her body did not comply. She got out of the car and walked towards the clearing, the anxiety building inside of her. She reached eyeshot of the ring, and stopped in her steps, horrified at what she saw. Ashleigh had built a regulation dimension ring with 4 fence stakes, and used barbed wire for the ropes. She was even more terrified and anxious, she wanted to walk away, but she kept moving towards the ring, determined not to be shaken. The bloodbath she thought this would be, suddenly got exponentially worse. The assembled spectators looked at her with mocking contempt as she made her way to the ring. Ashleigh had invited everyone she could think of that was in high school at the same time as they, and most of them were just her friends. Donna had no one, she was alone, it was a hostile atmosphere to her. “Mind games…” she thought to herself “she’s trying to get me to back out by intimidating me.” She vowed to not let it get to her. She very quietly taped her hands up. She kept tightening them up into fists; she was as ready as she ever would be. She stepped into the ring, where her opponent was already. She had to use a stepladder to climb over the unforgiving barbed wire and get into the ring. She was dressed in tennies and socks, her volleyball shorts, and a t-shirt over a sport bra, and a sweatband around her forehead. Ashleigh was boisterous and obnoxious, as was her fashion. She was dressed in a windbreaker, and a sort of short boxing trunks that were red with white trim and waist. To Donna’s surprise, Ashleigh pulled off her windbreaker to reveal her bare topless body to everyone. The spectators cheered, clearly, they had already been aware of this. Everyone nevşehir escort turned their eyes to Donna, who looked perplexed.“Go on, keep your top on, show everyone that you’re afraid and ashamed to face me woman to woman on equal terms,” Ashleigh jeered. Donna again, reminded herself that Ashleigh was trying to intimidate her. She could not back down now, or her humiliation would be far worse than if she gets beaten to a pulp in this ring. She quickly pulled her shirt and bra off to reveal her sizable breasts and nervously erect nipples. Her topless torso was covered in goose bumps, as the chill of the air rushed over her naked skin. The spectators cheered with approval.The fighters came to the center of the ring. The timekeeper looked them both over and said, “Ok girls, you know the rules of the fight, all I’m here to do is hoist you to your feet when you can’t get up, and tell you when your rounds and breaks are done. May the best woman win.”“I’m going to put you back in your place, you fat piece of shit,” Ashleigh growled through her mouth guard. “I’ve been waiting 10 years to knock you off your high horse, you two-faced bitch,” Donna replied.They both returned to their corners, both careful not to brush the barbed wire. They both stood there, anticipating the order to fight. The generator-powered spot lights illuminating the ring showed the glint of perspiration on their bodies brought on by the mutual nervousness and excitement. The timekeeper stepped back from ring center; looked at both girls and shouted out, “Fight!”The first several rounds were energetic and brutal. Taped fists flew everywhere; mutual blows to the head, shots to the ribs and even a few into their breasts. Both women tried to herd the other into the cruel barbed wire ropes, both fought desperately to avoid it. By the end of the first round, both girls were dripping with sweat; their hair was stringy and straight, sticking to their moistened naked flesh. Neither had drawn blood yet. Their minute expired, and they continued to light into each other with their clenched fists. Midway through the second round, Ashleigh connected a brutal haymaker into Donna, sending her to the grass. She let out her mouth guard and noticed that it was coated with blood. She spit out a mouthful of blood onto the grass, replaced her mouthpiece, and rose to her feet. She turned to face Ashleigh, but the timekeeper called the end of the round. “Next round…” she said to herself as she mounted her corner stool.The third round began like the first two so far, brutal back and forth punching, mostly to the face and head. The girls were fueled with hatred for each other. Donna caught Ashleigh with surprise k**ney punch, and then followed up with a brutally straight-on jab to her face. Ashleigh fell straight back on her ass, blood streaming out of her nose. She was shaken up, and sat there for a few seconds before rising to her feet. The women continued the bloody slugfest, both being careful not to back into the wires. The barbed wire actually created a more brutal fight from the perspective that the girls had to stay closer to one another, or risk getting knocked into the flesh-piercing boundaries. The brutal extremely close-quartered combat continued till end of the third and forth rounds.As both girls rested after round 4, the examined the damage they’d taken so far. Ashleigh’s nose would stop bleeding between rounds, but start up again immediately after taking a few shots to the head in the following round. Her lip was now split, and bruises and swelling began to form on her face. From head to toe she was coated with sweat, no longer a slight sheen, but a shiny glisten, as if just having emerged from a pool. Her chest and stomach were stained with the blood that ran freely from her nose, and the waistband of her shorts had begun to turn red as the blood/sweat combination began to wick into it. The very tips of her hair had brushed her gushing nose, lightly staining the tips. Donna looked just as bad. Both girls had their blood in addition to each others’, as the fight became closer and closer, the spatter from the brutal head shots impacted both of them. Their taped fists were also stained red and soaking wet. They both thought to themselves how nice it was that they weren’t wrecking a perfectly good pair of boxing gloves. Donna had noticed so far that this grossly weighted fight was tilted wholly to Ashleigh. The ref was Ashleigh’s friend, Ashleigh invited the crowd, and Ashleigh made the rules. Donna drew strength from this, vowing to put an end to Ashleigh’s dominance over her. The crowd shouted for more blood and brutality, men and women alike screaming “Kill her, Ash!” and the like. The timekeeper called for the 5th round to begin, and the crowd noise began to pick up again. The girls were noticeably tired now, and were more carefully choosing their punches so not to waste their waning energy. About midway through the round, Ashleigh surprised everyone with a brutal uppercut to Donna’s crotch. Donna involuntarily covered up the affected area, tears filled her eyes from the stinging pain. Ashleigh pressed this distraction and pummeled Donna’s unprotected face. She tried quickly to cover up, but it was too late, Ash was in a rhythm. Donna completely forgot about the wire and kept backing up. Ashleigh let loose with a wild uppercut that sent Donna flailing into the unforgiving barbed wire. The barbs tore into her tender, naked back flesh, drawing blood immediately. The tears that had started with the low blow intensified as she cried out in pain. The crowd cheered loudly, calling for Ashleigh to inflict more brutality on the unpopular Donna. Ashleigh obliged and ceased her attacks to Donna’s head and began using her ample body as a heavy bag, pressing her harder and harder into the sharp wire. Donna tried desperately to cover up, but whenever she’d cover up her midsection, Ashleigh would light into her ribs. Ashleigh finished it with an uppercut, sending Donna bouncing off of the wire and falling face down to the ground. The timekeeper started counting, the crowd roared for her to get up. “Get up, bitch, I’m not done humbling you!” Screamed Ashleigh.Donna lifted her face off the ground, and slowly got to her hands and knees. blood and sweat ran freely off of the tip of her nose and chin. Involuntary tears poured from her eyes. She spit out yet another mouthful of blood before feeling the timekeeper grab her escort nevşehir and start hoisting her to her feet – she had failed to beat the count. Fortunately, the end of the round came before she could totally get propped up, so she plopped heavily onto her corner stool. Her left eye was beginning to swell, and she was having difficulty seeing. Ashleigh was little worse than she was in the previous round. Donna needed to turn this fight around, because she would not survive another round like the last.The 6th began, and the timekeeper had to pull Donna out of her sitting position. Her knees were wobbly and she could barely keep her balance. Ashleigh got right up into her and belted her into the wires, cutting her further. The pain was excruciating, but she managed to push Ashleigh back to get off the ropes. Ashleigh jacked a shot directly to Donna’s solar plexus. Another wave of pain swept through her, as she fell forward into a clinch with her hated rival. Donna knew the clinch wouldn’t last long and rested as much as she could. “Get off of me!” Ashleigh scream in a psychotic fury. She took what clearance she could and punched Donna repeatedly in the ribs and k**neys. Donna’s breath was quickened, and she blew blood spatter down her rival’s back with each punch. She finally let go of Ashleigh and quickly moved out of the way of a counterattack. Donna carefully circled. Both women were bleeding badly, and now both women topless chests and midsections were red-stained. Three minutes into the 6th, Ashleigh caught her again, and again Donna fell into a clinch. Their topless, sweat slick bodies slid easily against each other. Donna had lost her balance and was in a full fall when Ashleigh caught her. Ashleigh couldn’t hold Donna up and fell with her. They landed on their knees.“I said get off of me, you fucking bitch, you’ll learn to listen to me!” Ashleigh screamed. The remaining two and a half minutes were on the ground both women on their knees savagely beating one another on the grass. blood, sweat, spit, tears, all of it, spattered everywhere. The observers cheered wildly as the brutality unfolded. Donna found advantage on the ground, since she didn’t need to rely on her legs to hold her up. Surprisingly, Donna took command of the fight on their knees. She battered Ashleigh, grabbing her short hair, holding her head back, and viciously pounding her face. Ashleigh, now, was in tears and crying out desperately in pain. Here backward-arced body also saw the punishment of Donna’s angry punches. Donna laid into her with a final haymaker, brutally knocking Ashleigh over in a spray of blood and sweat. Ashleigh lay motionless as the timekeeper came over to check on her. “She’s still able to fight,” she said, noting that she was still conscious. Ashleigh had barely started to stir when her count was up, but she, as was Donna in the previous round, saved by the end of the round. Both women now sat exhausted in their corners, their faces are swollen and bruised and bloodied. Both women had an eye swollen shut, and Ashleigh actually had a gash above one eye. The girls wallowed in their misery throughout their rest, carefully resting their arms on the wire between the barbs, sweat dripping off of their bodies as if they were under a shower’s faucet. Donna squirmed uncomfortably, she could feel the blood running down her back from her many impacts with the barbed wire, she looked as if she’d been flogged. She had to press her advantage in the next round and knockout her rival. She sat there, thinking about all of the times Ashleigh had humiliated her, made fun of her, she summoned up 10 years of hatred and pent-up aggression. She managed to rile herself up so much that she rose to fight before the minute was up.“Fight!” shouted the timekeeper. Ashleigh moved slowly out of her corner, and, to her surprise, Donna moved towards her very quickly. Donna leaned into a straight right aimed at Ashleigh’s face. The punch connected and sent her back to where she came from. She took a step out of her corner, only to meet a violent left haymaker from Donna. She fell sideways into the unforgiving barbed wire. She let out a cry of pain, but her cries fell on deaf ears, as Donna closed the distance. Donna proceeded to batter Ashleigh, nonstop for the next several minutes. Haymaker after haymaker, jab after jab. Donna flawlessly pounded all exposed areas, as Ashleigh moved to cover, Donna seamlessly moved to an unprotected area. Ashleigh slid along the now blood-slick wires, severely cutting her back open. She fell once to her rear, sliding down the three wires. She cried out louder and louder as her flesh continued to get pounded and cut open. The entire front row of observers backed off, since they were catching blood, sweat, and spit from the attack. Ashleigh quickly became weak, and was unable to hold her arms up to defend herself. Donna showed no mercy and switched her attacks to Ashleigh’s head only. She held Ashleigh against the wires with one hand, and punched her repeatedly with the other. Donna felt Ashleigh go limp, and she fell into Donna’s arms. Donna shoved her back into the wires, bouncing her off of the blood-slick barbs. As Ashleigh bounced towards her, Donna connected with an uppercut that carried all of her weight behind it. Ashleigh bounced off the wires again, losing her mouth guard in a spray of blood and spit. This time, Donna stepped aside and let her rival fall to the grass. The timekeeper moved in and it didn’t take long for her discover that Ashleigh was u*********s. She motioned that the fight was over, and Donna raised her arms in victory, and let loose a primal scream of victory. She stood there, her topless, beaten body on display for all; sweat still dripping steadily from her. Despite the audience being overwhelmingly in favor of Ashleigh, Donna received a generous cheer from them. She looked down at Ashleigh, who was lying on the grass, covered in sweat and blood, she sighed deeply with relief. She had shown Ashleigh her superiority; she had humbled the proud, and stunned the complacent. She smiled widely as she watched the timekeeper attempting to revive Ashleigh. She spit her mouth guard out, along with another mouthful of blood. She noticed Ashleigh beginning to stir. She walked over to her and knelt down beside her. “Now it’s your turn to feel sorry for yourself, you worthless whore.” She growled. Just to add spite, Donna grabbed Ashleigh’s bruised, erect nevşehir escort bayan nipples and twisted hard. Ashleigh cried out in pain. Donna slapped hard “Shut up, bitch, I’m not done breaking you.” Donna reached down into Ashleigh’s trunks and began roughly fingering and rubbing her pussy. Ashleigh sobbed and squirmed, and the timekeeper looked at Donna in shock. Donna shot the timekeeper a look, and she backed off. The audience was now watching intently as Donna’s effort to break Ashleigh’s moved into a whole new level of personal. She gingerly worked Ashleigh out of her trunks, despite her best efforts to resist. Ashleigh could only very minimally resist Donna’s advances. Ashleigh lay there, naked and glistening with sweat. Donna pulled off her own trunks, revealing her heavy-woman hips, her body, too, glistened with sweat.Donna began to work her fingers into Ashleigh again, this time, gently sucking on her nipples. Donna kissed Ashleigh’s shoulders and neck, and moved in to kiss her lips. Ashleigh resisted and moved away. Donna angrily fingered harder, “Kiss me,” she said. She moved in again, and Ashleigh continued to resist. Donna drew back and punched Ashleigh in the cunt. “Kiss me, NOW,” she commanded. Ashleigh was squirming from the pain, and continued to resist.“Goddamn it bitch, I told you to kiss me!” Donna shouted. She quickly positioned herself in a straddle, trapping Ashleigh’s arms. She began slapping Ashleigh continuously across the face. “I told you to fucking kiss me, you’re going to fucking kiss me!” she growled angrily as she struck her. She violently grabbed Ashleigh’s head and forcibly kissed her. Ashleigh sobbed and thrashed, trying to resist. Donna lay out on top of Ashleigh, stomach-to-stomach, breast-to-breast; she continued to kiss her unwilling opponent. Donna pulled back enough to speak “You better start fucking tonguing me or I’m going to cause you such pain, that you’ll regret the day of your fucking worthless birth.” Ashleigh was now terrified. She complied, and parted her bloody lips for Donna’s waiting lips. Donna passionately kissed her opponent, and began punching her in the ribs as she lay over her. Donna ground her nipples back and forth into Ashleigh’s bare chest. “Spread your legs,” Donna said forcefully, “NOW.” Donna punched her repeatedly until she felt Ashleigh’s legs spread. “Good Girl.”“What are you going to do to me?” a terrified Ashleigh said to Donna.“You’re about to have the most painful sex of your life on the worst night in your life. I’m going to make you cum over and over again, you’re going to beg me to stop, but I’m going to make you squirt over and over again. By the time I’m done, I will have broken you physically, emotionally, and sexually,” toned Donna, “and what’s worse, is you’ll enjoy it now, but you’ll hate yourself later, and you’ll never be the same after tonight.”“P-Please don’t, I’m sorry,” Ashleigh begged “don’t hurt me.”“What was that your rule? No forfeit?” Donna recalled, “I’m not done with you yet.”“P-Please…” Ashleigh sobbed.Donna didn’t reply, she instead spread her own legs inside of Ashleigh’s, and began pumping her pussy with her own. She started with a vigorous back-and-forth rubbing action. Donna was thoroughly enjoying herself as their pussies and breasts ground against each other; their sweaty bodies slid easily off of one another. Ashleigh cried out, and the crowd watched the display of carnal sex like a car accident, they couldn’t take their eyes off of it. Donna and Ashleigh kissed deeply; Ashleigh continued to beg Donna to cease her attack. Donna ceased her grinding and switched to a pumping action, bucking her hips wildly in between Ashleigh’s wide-open pussy. Ashleigh had tears pouring from her eyes as she felt herself come closer and closer to a violent orgasm. Donna, as well, could feel Ashleigh getting close. The redhead was specifically holding back her own orgasm, saving it for later. Ashleigh began to convulse, Donna pounded her harder, and punched her up and down her side repeatedly. Ashleigh came hard, screaming out in to release her forced ecstasy. Donna didn’t miss a beat; she sat upright in another scissor position and resumed grinding. She used every ounce of endurance and strength she had left to grind the blonde as hard and fast as she could. Ashleigh came over and over again, visibly squirting harder and harder with each orgasm. Donna kept grinding, viciously grabbing her opponent’s small breasts and violently pressing and rubbing them. Ashleigh came 10 times consecutively before Donna was exhausted. Donna fell onto Ashleigh. Their chests pressed against each other as they both panted hard from the action. Donna passionately kissed Ashleigh again; her own pussy was throbbing to cum, as she continued to hold back. They passionately tongued one another as Donna’s sweat poured over her former friend. Donna sat up once again and straddled Ashleigh. She shimmied up to her face, “Eat me,” she commanded. Ashleigh complied, offering no further resistance. She began tongue-fucking Donna vigorously. Donna moaned loudly. The spectators noticed that Donna’s hips were involuntarily thrusting to Ashleigh’s tongue movements. The crowd got louder, calling for Donna to cum.“Lick my clit,” she commanded once again. Again, Ashleigh complied wholly. She started slowly, wrapping her tongue around Donna’s swollen clit, then rampped it up by lapping vigorously at it. Donna’s moans turning into screams and cries of ectasy. She bucked hard in rhythm with her former friend’s tonguing; she was shuddering harder and harder. She screamed at Ashleigh to finish her. For a moment Donna froze up, Ashleigh licked fast and hard. Donna let out a primal scream as she came hard. She squirted violently, much to Ashleigh’s dismay. She screamed at Ashleigh to keep going, and she came again, and again. She came 4 times before slumping over. Both girls lay on the grass, spasming from their intense orgasms. The audience made a loud noise of approval. Donna slowly got to her shaky knees and leaned over Ashleigh.“Don’t you ever, EVER talk to me again, bitch,” Donna warned “or you’ll wish for this beating again when I’m done with you.” Ashleigh meekly nodded.With that, Donna rose to her feet and exited the ring a new, confident woman. Someone threw her a towel, and she began to wipe the sweat and blood off of herself. She felt much better leaving than she did when she arrived. She was going to need to heal for several weeks, but she figured that the benefits far outweighed the consequences. Ashleigh would never pick on her again, and Donna had gained a new group of friends that admired her for beating up the two-faced Ashleigh.Now, how to explain this to her parents…

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