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BonkabitchGoodhead led Bonkabitch to the edge of the roof.“I’m glad you fixed my shower earlier today Marko,” she said quietly. “I have something special for you. Something special for me.”“Yes ma’am,” said Bonkabitch, sipping from a glass of champagne. Not the kind of stuff he normally drank. He was a beer and shots man himself. He felt a little dizzy. The champagne must have gone to his head. Must have been a little stronger than he thought.“You look really pretty,” whispered Goodhead, taking the glass from Bonkabitch, kissing him on his lipstick painted lips. “You look really sexy, you little cross dressing sissy boy.”Goodhead ran a hand over Bonkabitch’s thigh, moving his skirt aside, running a hand over his black hold-ups.“It’s going to be so good,” she whispered. “I have something special for the two of us tonight.”She took Bonkabitch’s hand, placed it on her crotch. He felt her hardness under her skirt He let out a little girly gasp. She ran a hand over Bonkabitch’s now rock hard cock. She pulled her blouse aside and took Bonkabitch’s mouth to one of her breasts. He moved aside her red bra and took the nipple in his mouth. Goodhead moaned a little.“Are you wearing the black thong and bra I bought you,” she whispered hotly into Bonkabitch’s ear. “The black lace.”“Yes mistress,” rasped Bonkabitch.“Take down my skirt,” whispered Goodhead. “I have a surprise for you.”Bonkabitch took his mouth from Goodhead’s nipple and did as he was ordered. The skirt fell down Goodhead’s long shapely legs to reveal…….her long, plastic cock.“Take it in your hand sissy boy,” she ordered. “Take my cock in hand, you dirty little fucker.”Bonkabitch did.Goodhead took his head back to her breasts. He flicked his tongue over an erect nipple whilst Goodhead watched him stroke her cock. Moaning, she slipped Bonkabitch’s skirt up, over his hips, ran a finger over the black thong, putting just a feather touch over his asshole.“Oh yes. You like my new cock don’t you, sissy boy?” whispered Goodhead. “It’s all for you. Well not all. You see every time you stroke it güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri like that, it moves a second dildo inside me. Oh, so hard. So nice. Take off that skirt.”Bonkabitch slid down the skirt he wore and stood before her in thong, bra and hold-ups. His cock strained at the thong. Tight, hard, bulging.Goodhead took Bonkabitch’s hand and showed him how he could slip his fingers under the harness. She gasped as his eager fingers rubbed at her clitoris. She pulled Bonkabitch onto her. He pumped at her cock and the other half pumped inside her pussy. Goodhead pulled the black thong aside. She pressed against his asshole. He gasped as she slid a finger inside. Their mouths sought each others, breathing hot and shallow as they fingered each other. He on her clit and she in his ass. She slipped a second finger into Bonkabitch. He rocked his hips back, taking the fingers in, wondering what the plastic cock would feel like. Nervous. Excited.“Get on your knees you little pervert,” gasped Goodhead, slipping her fingers from his ass. “Take my cock in your mouth. Take it.”“Yes mistress,” said Bonkabitch.He took it.Goodhead hit record on a HD video camera“What are-“ mumbled Bonkabitch around a mouthful of hard plastic cock.“Shut up and suck my cock, sissy,” snapped Goodhead, thrusting her pelvis forwards.Bonkabitch held the base of the cock and took it all in. Each time his head rocked back, he looked up at Goodhead. She was moaning at the sight and the feel of the dildo inside her as she worked Bonkabitch’s mouth.“You’re a natural at this submission role,” she laughed, pulling his hair, making him choke on the plastic. “Fuckin’ – dirty – little – sissy – boy – bitch.”She pushed Bonkabitch’s hand aside and took the base of the cock in one hand and pulled his hair with the other. She thrust her hips up and forwards, driving the cock into his mouth. Deep-throating the fuck out of him.“Dirty – little – bastard,” she whispered. “Taking cock like a pussy whipped bitch.”Goodhead pushed Bonkabitch aside and lay on güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the floor.“I want to eat your ass,” she rasped. “Give it up, sissy boy.”Bonkabitch straddled her He sucked on the strap-on. Goodhead moaned with pleasure as he teased at her clit. Bonkabitch moaned as she ran a tongue over his ass. He eagerly sucked on the strap-on as she tongued his ass.“You like that?” she gasped. Bonkabitch moaned with pleasure as her tongue probed his asshole again.“Please, mistress,” rasped Bonkabitch. “Play with my cock. Please.”Goodhead slipped a hand over his hard balls, whilst continuing to lick his ass. She stroked his erect cock.“Are you ready, sissy boy,” she asked. “Tell mistress what you want.”“I want your cock, mistress,” rasped Bonkabitch. “Please fuck me with your strap-on. Fuck me hard, like the naughty bitch I am.”“You dirty slut” whispered Goodhead, changing position, she reached for some lube, slipped it over the plastic cock, slipped her wet fingers easily into Bonkabitch’s ass. She placed the tip of the cock against his ass, pushed gently and it slipped in. She took Bonkabitch’s hips in her hands and went to town on his skinny ass. She really started to fuck him. She grabbed his hair and pulled his head back. Moaning and gasping, Bonkabitch pushed his ass back. Driving the cock into himself.“Take it, sissy,” ordered Goodhead. “Take my cock.”He did.Goodhead slammed the cock into him and the other half into her own pussy. She reached around and slipped her fingers under the black lace bra and played with Bonkabitch’s nipples.“Push that ass back, sissy,” she ordered. “Take my cock deep. Ride that cock.”“Yes, mistress,” gasped Bonkabitch.He lowered his shoulders to the floor and raised his ass. He pushed back against her as she drove into him. She pinched his nipples and he rode her cock harder. Goodhead pulled out from him and sat on a chair.“I want to look into your eyes,” she whispered. “I want to look at you when I put this big, hard cock back inside you. Sit on it.”He did.Goodhead, güvenilir bahis şirketleri sat stroking her cock with her legs wide. Bonkabitch straddled her and lowered himself as Goodhead worked at her clit with her fingers. Bonkabitch took it in. Goodhead thrust her pelvis up and took his ass in both hands. Once the cock was deep in his ass she sucked on his nipples. He bounced down faster and faster on her cock. Her breathing quickened as she fucked him hard.“Do you want to cum, sissy?” she whispered, driving the cock in again.“Please, mistress,” moaned Bonkabitch. “Make me cum, mistress.”“You’re going to cum all over your new panties,” whispered Goodhead. “You dirty little slut.”Goodhead let out a little laugh and fucked him harder. Deeper. Her cocked moved deeper inside Bonkabitch and she rubbed at his hard cock beneath the black thong. She knew that the little bitch needed to cum. It wouldn’t be long now. She wanted to come too. She was going to cum any moment. She drove her strap-on into him again.“You dirty little cunt!” she gasped, biting down on one of Bonkabitch’s nipples, slamming the cock in one last time. Bonkabitch let out a yelp and came. Cum erupting from his cock, soaking his panties, his stomach and Goodhead’s breasts. Goodhead came a moment later. The dildo inside her making her cum hard. Hot pussy juices squirting from her swollen lips.“You think he killed her for that?” asked the Chief, watching Bonkabitch through the one way glass. “It went global on the net,” said Bumfelt. “The biggest humiliation of all time. Eighteen million or more hits.”“She reamed the fuck out of him,” sniggered Ballsakey. “Had to have hurt. Both his reputation and his ass.”Bumfelt sniggered. Hid it with a hand and a cough. The Chief glared at them.“You pair of fuckin’ idiots,” snapped the Chief. “Can either of you two fuck-ups stand there and tell me that if you had been in Bonkabitch’s place you wouldn’t have wanted a piece of that action?”Bumfelt said nothing.“Well…shit yeah,” said Ballsakey finally. “She was fit as fuck. Powerful, rich dirty bitch. She could ride my ass like it was a My Little Pony.”“Exactly,” snarled the Chief. “Ain’t a man alive who wouldn’t want a piece of that. You got nothing on him and-““I say he has motive, opportunity and means,” interrupted Bumfelt.“You’ve got nothing, gentleman,” said the Chief. “He lawyered up. Cut him loose.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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