Boot Ch. 02

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This is the second part of a story, it might help to read “Boot” first but it’s not necessary.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any thoughts or comments.

* * * * *

Its 7 p.m. and I’m nervously standing at the top of the steps leading to number 13’s front door. Bright polished Oxford’s, grey chinos, new white shirt and light grey jacket, my interview clothes. Not sure why I’ve gone with this but it somehow seemed appropriate. In my left hand I hold a paper bag with the pair of polished and burnished, Kidd leather ankle boots. The boots that had arrived earlier today at different times.

To the left of the matt black door is a small push button door bell, with the beady glass eye of a camera sitting above it. I’ve been standing for what feels like ages, plucking up the courage to push the button. Who do I ask for? The only name I have is Mistress. Should I use that? Will I have to wait longer? Is anyone in or is this someone’s practical joke? I eventually reach out and push the button. As soon as I do there is a short buzz at the side of the door and it opens all by itself. A distant voice calls “Enter, boy.”

On stepping through the door I can see I’m in a long white painted hallway, dark floored with stairs at the end. The door starts to close and I notice the small, thin mouse haired girl from this morning, on her knees behind it. She is naked.

From up the stairs, the distant voice calls. “Leave the bag with Marci, then come up.”

I look down, at the girl, kneeling on the dark hardwood floor. She has pale skin, small breasts,..B cup at the most but then I’m not a good judge of these things. She keeps her head down so all I can really see is the top of her head. “Marci?”

Without looking up she gives a slight nod and holds up both her hands. I drop the paper bag into her hands.

“Thank you, sir… P… please don’t keep mistress waiting.”

I look down the hall then back at Marci. I hurry to the stairs. As I reach the bottom step I look up and see a pair of shiney, black, lace up boots that just go over an older woman’s knees. Above the boots is a short gap of sun bronzed skin then a short black skirt, a red, tightly laced, bodice then a bulging cleavage. Her arms are bare but her nail polish matches the bodice. Mistress? Her face is made up to highlight her sharp features, full dark lips and high cheek bones. Deep blue eyes look out from smokey eyelids. Her long brown hair is tightly pulled back into a high pony tail.

With a slight sneer on her face, she nods to me. “Welcome… boy. I hope the right matches what I could see of the left. If everything passes muster I may reward you. If not…”

I hear a light click of heels behind me. I turn to see Marci is walking down the hall in my boots. Her hips sway slightly as she approaches.

“Hurry up hatay escort boy. I expect you to be seated before Marci presents her boots.”

Turning back I hurry up the stairs.

As I reach the top step I can see Mistress is sitting on a white leather sofa, her boots line up, straight at me. She points to a small wooden chair on her left. “Sit”.

I wonder what I’ve got myself into as I move to sit perched on the chair. Mistresses’ boots creak as she flexes her ankles. I immediately focus on the bright, sharp 5 inch heels resting on the floor. The flow of the line from tip to arch and up the laces to her knee is so elegant and beautiful. The highlights reflected in the shine of the boots shift as she crosses her ankles.

“Do you like?”

I can’t seem to move my eyes. “Y… yes… they are beautiful.”

“They are, but I meant my room. You need to pay attention to the right things boy.”

“Marci, on the coffee table and present.”

Mistress waves her hands in front of her boots and directs me to look towards the top of the stairs. Marci has stepped up onto a low table between the stairs and the sofa and is shuffling her feet until they are about a shoulders width apart. Her knees are slightly bent, her hips pushed forward presenting a shaved private area showing a few glistening drops of moisture. Her arms are folded behind her back with her hands grasping the opposite upper arm. This shows her breasts to greatest effect with nipples proud. Her head is bent down as she looks at the floor just infront of the sofa.

Mistress takes a quick look then says, “Good girl, nice and precise as expected. You’re improving.” She then turns to me, “Good job with the boots, I knew you would do well. But there seems to be a little dust on them now. Be a good boy and give them a quick close inspection”

I look at Mistress, “P…pardon?”

She looks at me as if I’m simple or something. “Just kneel in front of Marci and check those boots are as good as they can be.”

With as little trepidation I step forward and bend down to look at the boots. I didn’t hear her move but I suddenly feel a hand on my belt and then a downward pressure. Then a slight breeze brushes my ear. “I said kneel. It will be easier for the inspection.”

My knees buckle and I almost hit my chin on the edge of the table as my hands reach out to stop me they brush against the soft warm leather of the boots on Marci’s feet. They feel different with a woman’s foot inside them.

“Hands behind your back. You don’t need them… lean in and have a look.”

The smell of leather and warm wax polish seems to drift up off the boots. I feel a hand gently pushing on the back of my head. “You need to look closer… and don’t they smell divine?”

My nose is about an inch from the leather. escort hatay I can’t resist. I move my head the last little bit, run my tongue over my lips then quickly lick the toe of the boot. I can feel the soft leather and the ridges of Marci’s toes as my tongue slides over the burnished leather. Both Marci and I let out a small moan. It feels good.

Mistresses’ hand grips my hair. “Good boy, doesn’t that feel right now. You kneeling at a woman’s feet taking pleasure licking her boots. Good boy.”

I’m in a slight daze. I’ve fantasized about doing something like this for years. To actually do it with a real live woman, two even. It is nearly too much. Small beads if sweat begin to appear on my forehead as I go for another lick. I feel a slight pain in my scalp as Mistress pulls me up short.

“You’re a little over dressed and overheated. Take off your jacket.”

She is right, but her hand doesn’t relax it’s hold. I have to shuffle off my jacket while in the kneeling half crouch at Marci’s feet. I bundle it up and throw it to the side.

Mistresses’ hand releases my hair and I sense she has stepped back.

“This will not do. You are a scruffy, untidy boy, aren’t you. Pick up that jacket. Fold it properly and put it on the chair…there is no need to stand. Stay on your knees. “

There is a steel in that voice that I don’t want to test. I don’t think it would end well. I quickly crawl to the bundled jacket shake it out then fold it and place it on the seat of the wooden chair.

“Stop.” As I’m about to turn I freeze in place.. “Is that shirt straight from the packaging without an iron?”

Oh no. “Y…yes.”

“Another example of your untidyness. You had plenty of time to make yourself presentable. Is this the level of effort you think you can get away with? Remove the shirt it is offensive to me.”

I’m caught. What am I doing? What is going on. I’m half in fantasy, enjoying the feelings, but I don’t undress for anyone. It’s too embarrassing. I have no confidence in myself. It’s one of the reasons I don’t do sport or go to a gym.

Mistress steps in close. “Well boy. What are you doing? I thought you would respect a woman. Off with the shirt.”

I look at her long black boots. The laces dancing just above her knees. I can see my startled eyes darkly reflected back at me from the tops of her boots. So shiny. I quickly glance up. Mistresses’ lips are a tight thin line. I feel like I’ve disappointed her. It feels wrong. I hurriedly undo the cuffs and start to unbutton the front of the shirt.

I hear Mistresses heels click towards Marci on the coffee table. “Not much to look at but, better” she says.

As I pull the shirt off I feel a tingle on my chest my nipples are hard. I quickly fold the shirt and add it to the jacket.

“Good hatay escort bayan boy. Doesn’t that feel better?”

I look up at Mistress and nod slightly. She is standing beside Marci, stroking the young woman’s breast. “You may step down now, girl.” Marci steps off the coffee table but resumes the same stance.

Mistress steps behind Marci and wraps her arm around her. She rests her chin on Marci’s shoulder, runs her hand lightly down the young woman’s stomach and looks straight at me. “You can finish your little tidy up of her boots now.”

I crawl forward. Marci’s feet are lower now. My cheek brushes the floor as I move in.

My tongue tentatively flicks out and I brush the top of the left boot. I hear a soft moan above. It gives me a slight thrill. I begin to lick a bit more forcefully. The soft leather feels so different with the right sized foot in the boot. It’s warm. I close my eyes and only the smell of leather and wax makes me realise I’m not licking a bare foot as I lick up to the ankle.

There is a soft whimper above me and I feel a drop of something wet on the back of my head. A brief look up shows Mistress has two fingers buried between Marci’s lower lips while her thumb rests just over her hood. Mistresses other arm is wrapped round Marci’s waist holding their two bodies together. They appear to be in a world of their own. I’m just a voyeur on the edge snatching my fantasy as a side show.

Marci suddenly goes rigid for a couple of seconds then Mistress allowed her to collapse onto the floor guiding her past the edge of the coffee table. Her legs have splayed either side of me and I’m presented with a close up view of her lower, swollen, wet lips.

Mistress crouches beside both of us. “Clean her up boy, you know you want to.” She puts her hand on the back of my head and guides me forward. I’m surrounded by the musky smell I noticed when I’d originally cleaned the ankle boots. With forceful guidance I’m pushed into Marci’s crotch. “Lick boy, I know you can. Make sure she’s clean.”

I’ve never been this close before. I’ve licked fingers that have been in similar places before but never directly. I tentatively reach out with the tip of my tongue. It tastes and feels so different. Nice, no more than nice, beautiful. I start to lick with a will.

“Not so hard and fast. This is meant to be a relaxing warm down. Just caress and remove the external cum… Good boy.”

After a couple of minutes, Mistress releases my head and I sit back on my heels.

“Well done boy. I think you enjoyed that almost as much as a boot.”

“Marci, dear. You’re done. You’ve had your reward for this week’s work. I’m pleased with your progress. You may leave. See you next week same time. If your progress continues I may even let you wear a collar next time.”

With that Marci pulls herself up on the coffee table, turns and bows to Mistress. Has a quick look at me then heads down the stairs. As she goes I see 5 red stripes across the broadest part of her pert backside.

Mistress moves in front of me. “Now where shall we go from here?”

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