Brandy (Chapter 8)

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Brandy (Chapter 8)Take it Down Her ThroatBrandy still wasn’t sure whether she liked the taste of cum, but she knew it didn’t matter to Michael. She obeyed him without question, each time teaching more about being a woman, all leading up to the moment when he would take her innocence from her and she would feel for the first time the pleasure of having a man’s cock inside her. The sun was getting warmer each day, two days before Michael called her from the clearing not far from their houses. He knew exactly when she got home as if he could read her mind. She hurried down the path to the clearing, their clearing, Michael waiting for her. She looked, a blanket spread on the ground next to him. Would he fuck me finally? She felt the sudden shudder of juices between her legs.He looked at her in her shorts, clinging to every womanly curve in her body, a t-shirt that could barely contain a lovely set of naked tits that bounced so erotically as she walked. His cock was hard and demanding, Brandy here to satisfy his lust. “You look good enough to eat, Brandy.”“TTThhank you,” not sure what to make of his words. “Take off your clothes for me, Brandy.” Michael picked up his camera, aiming it at her, seeing the surprised look on her face.Each time she had stripped for him in her own bedroom, she never really knew or saw him, more of a surreal scene then this. It was the middle of the day, the sun shining brightly; Michael only a few feet from her, his camera trained on her. He was filming her, expecting her to strip bare for him and his camera. She looked at him, knowing he expected her to obey without question. And she did, slowly raising up her tee shirt until her breasts were bared. She flipped off the t-shirt, smiling back at him as the camera scanned up and down her chest, Brandy sure that he was taking closed ups of her hardening nipples.“Those lovely shorts, Brandy, take bahis şirketleri them off.” Michael had a slut of his own to obey his every sexual whim and desire. A young slut that was untouched until he got to her. He would train her in all the ways to please him. All with her young, tight body.The camera continued to play over her body, the green light recording every bit of her nakedness as she opened her shorts and slid them down her hips to fall at her feet. She didn’t have to be told, her panties following them down until both of them were bunched at her ankles.Michael got close ups of her pussy, the dark bush neatly trimmed, accenting the pink lips of her pussy. “Kick them off and lay down on the blanket. You can leave your tennis shoes on.” He played the camera all over her naked body as she got down on the blanket, lying on her back, her legs coyly together. “Spread your legs for the camera, Brandy. Show me all of your treasures.”She spread her legs like a wanton whore, not like a virgin. The camera continued to explore her body as she revealed herself to it intimately. It was shameful, yet at the same time exciting, her pussy soaked with her juices as she imagined Michael watching the video over and over again, masturbating as he watched her expose her body to him. He put the camera on the stump, aiming it at her, the green light still on. She stared back at him, mesmerized as he undressed, her eyes trained on his pants and shorts until his giant cock reared up, hard and naked. Her eyes were trained on his hand as it stroked it, watching it grown even larger. He was going to fuck me. Brandy was sure of it.Naked, Michael walked over to his naked girl, her legs spread, her tight pussy lips revealing the wetness that gave away her arousal.  “Put your hands at your side and leave them there,” he ordered her.She didn’t know what to expect, but it illegal bahis dawned on her quickly when he crouched down over her, this time his cock only inches from her face, his head between her legs. She almost came when she felt his tongue, but she had to worry about the thick cock that was trying to enter her mouth, her lips stretched wide as his hips began to drive it into her mouth. The sun was blocked by his body as he began to spear his cock into her mouth. His mouth was beginning to work over her pussy, licking up and down her slit, gathering up all of her arousal, her tongue began to reciprocate, licking the thickening cock in her mouth as he filled her with the taste of his arousal. He had her when his tongue found her clit, sucking the growing bud into his mouth, his tongue licking and teasing it. She never even thought of it, her lack of experience leaving her open. One minute her mouth was full of hot cock, the next she was gagging, Michael’s body dropping down onto her, his cock too long for her mouth, slamming to the back of her mouth, the thick helmet of his cock blocking her throat. “GGGGLLGHH,” her stomach turning over, chocking her as it tried to enter her throat. He couldn’t be doing that. It would never fit! Michael began to throat fuck her, her body pinned under his, his tongue licking her clit until she was unable to stop him from having his way with her. His cock jerked in pleasure when she choked on his head, but Michael was ready, pushing harder as her throat opened in reflex, the head of his cock feeling like it was in a tight vise as he slowly began to squeeze his fat cock into the tight hole of her throat. He pulled apart her ass cheeks, his fingers finding her crack wet with perspiration, his fingers entering her asshole with ease. Her mouth opened in shock when he pierced her rectum, his cock digging deeper into her throat. Her illegal bahis siteleri muscles began to ripple up and down his cock as he slowly threaded his cock into her resisting throat, her asshole gripping his finger almost lovingly. He had her speared at both ends, her body squirming uncontrollably beneath him. She felt it in her throat as she choked and gagged on it, but she couldn’t stop it as it slowly entered her throat like a snake, slithering down into her gullet. She almost swallowed it whole when she felt his finger slide through her anal ring, stretching her, feeling like a little cock was being shoved up her ass. Would Michael do such a thing to me? He seemed to be fascinated with my ass, would he take me up my virgin asshole as well as between my legs? Her throat burned as he began to thrust his cock up and down her throat. It felt twice as big as before, her mouth and now her throat jammed with his thick cock. He was in so deep that she could feel his balls banging on her chin, his pubic hairs tickling her lips. She couldn’t believe what he was doing to her, but his tongue and finger was making it almost enjoyable, in spite of choking on a cock that was almost in her belly.She came just after he did, not sure what drove her. Was it his cock spewing his cum directly in her belly, or was it his tongue and now a second finger up her as that drove her over the edge? He unloaded the last load of cum in her mouth, pulling from her throat reluctantly, but wanting her to learn to love the taste of cum.She could feel his cock growing in her throat, knowing from the other day that he was ready to cum. It was strange, feeling his cock spurting inside her, but it went directly into her stomach, feeling the hot fluids filling her. She could finally breathe again, his cock pulled from her throat, sucking in mouthfuls of air, but also a load of cum coating the inside of her mouth until she reluctantly swallowed it to join the rest filling her belly.Michael got up, filming her cum covered face, making her lick the last of his juices from her lips before he got dressed, leaving her still laying there on her back.

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