Bubble Gum Club Chapter 4 A

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Bubble Gum Club Chapter 4 AChapter 4A slut is born.***During that night the gum Kimmy had swallowed that day went to work. It pumped out a large amount of female hormones into her new body. It especially sent a lot of it to her breasts. It made her breasts grow and they now filled the cups of her bra. The bra then went to work on pumping in silicone to further the growth. The gum also had large amounts of vitamins and minerals in it. It used these to grow her hair. The worm attached to her brain stem also did more things to change her. ***My alarm woke me up at five am. I wanted to go back to sleep, but I knew I had to find the perfect outfit to wear to school. So I sat up in bed and stretched. I noticed two things. One, I now had boobs. Not large ones, but I thought they were at least a small B cup. Second was that my hair was now shoulder length. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. Kasey was already in there doing her makeup. “Hey s*s, looking hot” she said to me.“Thanks” I said yawning.I pulled off my panties and jumped in the shower. The warm water felt great. It woke me up and it also made my nipples hard. The water was turning me on for some reason. Just the warmth of the water spilling over me felt great. I finished up and dried off. I straightened my hair and Kasey helped me with my makeup. We both got dressed and went downstairs. Krystal was there waiting for us she had breakfast waiting for us and there was also a box next to each plate. I sat down and began eating, as did Kasey. When we were done eating. Krystal told us to each open our box. Inside was a new butt plug for each of us, there was also 2 packs of gum for each of us. The butt plug was four inches long and three and half inches at its widest point. They were also black steel.“I want both of you to wear those to school. I want to start training you to be always ready for cock. So get to it girls.” Krystal said.Kasey and I both pulled down our jeans and panties and worked them into our ass. It was cold, but damn did it feel good once it was in. We pulled our panties and jeans back on.“Good girls. That’s what I like to see. Well off to school young ladies.” Krystal said smiling. She slapped both our asses hard as we walked out the door.“Hey Kimmy, do you want a ride today?” Kasey asked.“Nah, I’m good, thanks anyway s*s. I’m going to take the bus with my gf’s.” I said as I walked down the street towards the bus stop. I was still early and the only ones at the bus stop were those two boys from yesterday. I now noticed they were checking me out. I noticed one of the boys try to adjust his pants. His cock was totally hard I thought to myself as I licked my lips. I then purposely dropped my pack of gum I was holding. I bent over from the hip and made sure to give the two boys a peek at my pink thong. The one boy who had just adjusted his cock walked over to me. “Hey there slut, you’re looking fine. Are you new here? I don’t think I’ve seen you canlı bahis siteleri before.” He said.I giggled. Thanks and yea my family just moved here. I’m Kimmy Cloverdale, I said. I looked up at him and smiled while still chewing my gum. Here was this black guy a little over six feet tall. He towered over me even in my heels. He was built. He was probably a football player by the look of him. “So you’re one of those BGC girls huh? He said looking down at my pink top.“I’m James by the way.” He said. He was now scanning my body with his eyes. I noticed him getting hard. This time he didn’t adjust himself, he just smiled down at me. He saw my tongue slip out as I licked my lips again. We chatted a bit more over the next ten minuets. There was still no sign of Mandy or the other girls when the bus came. I got on and walked to the back of the bus and sat in the same seat I sat yesterday. James also walked down to the back and sat next to me. “You know there are empty seats right? I asked him.“Yea but why would I sit by myself when I can sit next to a hotty like you?” He said as started to rub my leg. I bit my lip and breathed in heavily. Damn did his hand feel good on my leg. “You like that, don’t you slut?” He asked in a husky voice. “Yes” I said as I licked my lips again flashing my tongue stud at him. He reached out with his other hand and grabbed my small breasts. I groaned in pleasure. I could feel my nipples harden at his touch. I then reached over and started to stroke his cock through his pants. It instantly grew rock hard. James leaned over and kissed me. I kissed him back, furiously letting my tongue explore his mouth. I was now unbuttoning his pants and pulling out his now rigid cock. He stopped kissing me and grabbed the back of my head, pulling my hair. He moved my head over to his cock while he whispered in my ear.“Get to work slut! You know you want it.” I did want it. I wanted it now. I opened my mouth and started to suck the tip of his cock. Licking his cock head with my newly pierced tongue. It was driving him crazy. I then repositioned myself and knelt on the floor between his legs. I started licking his shaft getting it nice and wet, coating it with my saliva. James then grabbed my head and pushed me down on his cock. I swallowed it, and kept swallowing it until he was balls deep in my mouth. He then proceeded to throat fuck me. He was moving in and out of my mouth so fast that other guys noticed and decided to come watch.We pulled up in front of our school and he pulled out. He then twitched and shot his hot cum all over my face. I gathered what I could with my fingers and licked them clean. I swallowed it all, and boy did it taste good. I took out my makeup and used the small mirror to clean myself up before I got off the bus. Today had started out really good. I was the last one off the bus. I had about fifteen minutes before my first period started. I walked through the halls perabet with a whole new perspective. I now noticed all the guys and all the attention I was now receiving. I added more “sex” to my step. Shaking my ass a little bit as I walked to up the stairs to homeroom. I heard whistling coming from somewhere below me, I smiled. Homeroom started promptly at nine fifteen. I sat down in my seat and started to touch up my makeup. I could hear the other k**s whispering behind me, and I knew it was all about me. When my name was called for attendance “Kevin Cloverdale?” I raised my freshly manicured nails skyward and said “here. From now on can you call me Kimmy?.” My teacher, Ms. Sanders just stared at me in confusion. I didn’t pay her any attention, as I was putting the finishing touches on my makeup. The bell rang and Ms. Sanders was still staring at me in confusion. I packed up my things and walked out the door towards first period. First period was science with Mr. Vorgan. He was a new teacher I heard of the k**s next to me say. He was about thirty, and was not very manly. He was about 5”10” and skinny. He had no facial hair and big round glasses. He was a geek in my opinion. Class was super boring. The other girls my age were not friendly at all to me. I heard them call me “freak” and “sissy” under their breath. I paid them no attention.I suddenly had a brilliant idea. Well if it worked. The bell started to ring and I packed up my books and things a bit slower than usual. I got out an extra pack of gum and held on to it. I got up and smiled at Mr. Vorgan. I licked my lips and made sure he saw my ass as I walked by him. As I was about to walkthrough the door I dropped the pack of gum. If my plan worked, things were about to get interesting.Second period was gym. When I walked into the boys locker room to get changed all the boys stopped undressing and looked at me. I just smiled and made sure to daw as much attention as possible. Some of the guys were getting turned on I could tell. Their boxers tenting, and some of there cocks actually came poking out of there shorts. They were embarrassed as some of the other boys were teasing them about being attracted to a little “fag”, as they called me now. Mr. Kline, or rather Coach Kline came out of the office and yelled at the boys. “Whats going on out here? Why aren’t any of you getting dressed?” He didn’t wait for an answer as his eyes followed theirs and found my thong covered ass bent over. I was digging in my bag for a new piece of gum. I got up and turned around. The entire locker room was staring at me. “Well thats a lie. They were staring at my body.” The coach then shook his head and spoke up. “Kloverdale, in my office. NOW! The rest of you brats head out to the field”I stood up I hadn’t finished dressing. I was still wearing just my bra and my tight gym short shorts. The other boys were running out the doors as I seductively walked over and into the perabet giriş coach’s office. I walked in and he followed behind me. I knew he was staring at my ass. I went over and sat on his desk. I watched as he shut the door. He then walked passed me, adjusting his pants in the process, and sat down at his desk. I giggled to myself. “Well?” He yelled at me, questioningly. I stopped smiling and looked away. “Look at you! What are we gonna do? I know your mother, hell most of the staff knows her. What would she think, with you just sitting there?” I was so confused.”If your mother was here she would have already had made me cum at least once!” He grabbed me with both hands and lifted me over to his side of the desk and dropped me on the floor beside him. He then dropped his pants and boxers and yelled “This cock isn’t going to cum on its own, you SLUT”. My mood immediately switched and I engulfed his massive 9″ cock. He forced my head down until he was balls deep in my throat. I chocked a little at first, (but my throat is getting used to large objects going in and out.) He stood up and pulled out of throat. He then pulled me up and bent be over the desk. I knew what was coming, so I pulled down my shorts and panties. Then I pulled out my butt plug and started to suck on it. My ass tasted so good. I could feel his cock against my ass cheeks. Suddenly he rammed his cock straight in with no lube. Good thing my plug had been in all day. I was ready for it. “Just as any slut should be.” Krystal always reminded us in the morning.Coach fucked me over his desk for a solid 25 min. The office now wreaked of sex and sweat. He pulled out and motioned me to follow him. We went over to the old couch he had on the other side of the office. He laid down and I kneeled down and straddled his cock. I reached behind me and guided his cock back into my ass. I began riding him. He was holding my hips moving me up and down. I was in complete ecstasy. He then reached up and began squeezing my small breasts. It felt so good. He was about to put me over the edge when he pulled out. He knelt me down on the floor and stood up. He was about to grab my head, but I was already on his cock. I was sucking furiously. I wanted, no needed his cum. It was driving me crazy. I was fingering my ass with four fingers. My nipples were on fire. My body jerked.His body jerked, and I was now receiving my prize. I hungrily swallowed everything he gave me. It tasted so sweet, that it made my body quiver. I was still moaning on the ground when he got up. He just looked at me and smiled. “Your mother should be proud” he said as he was putting his pants back on. “You better get dressed, the bell will be ringing soon” he whispered as the boys were all piling back into the locker room.After the bell rang the coach waited till all the boys were gone. He opened the door and motioned me out. As I was walking passed him I got a hard slap on the ass. “Have a good day Klover,” he laughed as he shut the door behind me. Before I walked out I changed bcd into my outfit. I then reapplied my makeup and reinserted my plug. “Im gonna need a bigger one” I said to myself. The one that was in was almost falling out now.

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