Burt and Holly: First Adventure

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After an unhappy marriage that lasted too long, I suddenly found myself living alone again. In the past, in similar circumstances, I turned to Lit for companionship, so that is what I did again. I did not expect quick results, but in the first hour I came across Holly’s posts, photos, and tantalizing stories. I was immediately drawn in by her intelligence, wit, writing ability, long dark hair, and of course her incredible body. She was looking for older men, and I fit that category, so I sent her a private message.

As I opened Holly’s response to my message, I was both anxious and excited. Her response was positive, but she did not indicate if it was because she had read my many stories or just because I was an old guy. I offered to share in writing stories together as a way of getting to know one another, and she thought that was a good idea. Stories can, of course, be totally fictitious, or they can be based on actual events. It will be up to the reader to figure out if the following is just a made-up story or a description of a real first encounter.


I chose a nearby park as our meeting place, and Holly showed up right on time. We recognized each other from photos we had shared. She wore her long black hair down, and it reached to her full breasts that strained against her tight linen blouse. She greeted me with a big smile and a quick hug. She did not seem at all nervous, at this, our first meeting.

At a nearby coffee shop (she had tea), we got to know each other. She was English, and I enjoyed listening to her accent. Our conversation began with Lit, her photos and posts there, and soon we were talking about the stories we had posted there. From those stories, we knew each other’s sexual preferences, and we spoke in detail about what was real and what was fantasy in those stories.

With the preliminaries out of the way, I invited Holly to my nearby motel room, and she shyly, but eagerly, agreed to accompany me. Once we were in the room, there were a few awkward moments as there often are on first meetings. Holly broke the ice. She walked over to me, wrapped her arms around me, and kissed me. It was a long, powerful kiss with tongues intertwined and breathing becoming more irregular with every passing minute.

I pulled away from her trying to catch my breath. I moved closer canlı bahis şirketleri and kissed her neck as I began unbuttoning her blouse. As each morsel of skin was exposed it was kissed and licked and nibbled—shoulders, arms, upper chest. Confronted by a sheer bra, I reached around and unhooked it. Holly removed it from her luscious breasts, fully exposing her dark aureoles and large, engorged nipples. As I caressed and sucked first one and then the other breast, Holly began to moan quietly and her body began to sway side to side.

I kissed my way down her stomach to the waistband of her skirt which she helped me remove with a couple of deft flicks of her wrist. I pushed her back on the bed so I could get between her spread legs. I tenderly kissed her upper thighs, and she responded by spreading her legs farther apart and thrusting her pelvis toward my mouth.

She lifted up as I slid her panties down, exposing her shaved pussy with just a landing stirp of trimmed hair remaining. I kissed all around her pussy, slow, gentle kisses on her inner thighs, up to her belly button, and down to the edge of her asshole. The more I kissed, the more she moved her hips. Clearly, she wanted more than just teasing kisses. I licked her clit, and she moaned out loud. For the next several minutes, I licked and sucked and kissed her exposed slit. Eventually I focused on her clit, nibbling and sucking it until she had a shattering orgasm. Her ass came up off of the bed, and she cried out in pleasure. Her legs clamped tightly around my head as I continued to suck her clit through her climax.

Without giving her a chance to recover, I raised up over her and thrust my hard cock between the flared lips of her pussy. I buried my cock deep inside her time and time again. Her tight pussy clenched my cock, unwilling to let it withdraw on every stoke, but I persisted and fucked her deep and hard to the point where we were each on the verge of cumming. And then I pulled out. She opened her eyes and asked why I was stopping. I looked at my watch and realized we had a few more minutes, so slid my cock back between her slick pussy lips and fucked her again to the point of climax. As I withdrew again, her hips thrust upward trying to prevent my departure.

Just at that moment, there was a knock at the door.

Holly was on the bed, legs canlı kaçak iddaa splayed apart, pussy juices dribbling down between her legs, “Don’t move,” I said. “We have a visitor, and I want you to stay just the way you are.”

I rose from the bed, fetched a towel from the bathroom, and answered the door with my erect cock tenting the front of the towel. The pizza delivery was prearranged, and its timing was perfect. The delivery man was somewhat shocked to see Holly naked and spread out before him. I explained that if he did as I said, he would receive a big tip. I instructed him to sit in a chair that was opposite the foot of the bed where he had a direct view of Holly and her nakedness.

I returned to the bed and stood over Holly. I could not tell what she was thinking, but I knew that she needed me to complete the fuck that I had twice interrupted by withdrawing. As I moved over her, she pulled my head down and gave me a long deep kiss with her tongue twisted around mine. I lowered myself so that my cock was positioned at the entrance to her pussy, and she reached down and grabbed it, pulling it toward her at the same time thrusting up with her hips to find it and suck it in. I made sure our visitor had a good view as I trust deep inside her, sending a shiver through her body.

We fucked like two animals filled with built up sexual tension. As I thrust downward, Holly pushed her hips upward so that every stroke of my cock was hard and deep. Her clit was pounded between us on every stroke, and each time it was, she shuddered in pleasure beneath me.

Finally, we came together in one of the strongest climaxes I have ever shared with another. Holly’s body was wracked with tremors and convulsions, and she moaned loudly over and over again. My own climax felt like the head of my cock would come off as I shot a massive load of cum deep inside Holly’s pussy.

I collapsed on top of heras we both worked to catch our respective breaths. I looked back over my shoulder, and I could see the pizza man flogging his cock. I knew that he had to be close to cumming.

Pushing myself off of Holly, I turned and ordered the pizza man to stop in mid-stoke.

“Get undressed and come over her so you can clean up Holly’s sloppy cunt,” I told him.

Surprised by my request, he hesitated, but a quick glance at Holly’s canlı kaçak bahis still splayed legs and gleaming pussy was all the incentive he needed. He cleaned her pussy with slow, tantalizing licks starting at her asshole and sliding up to her clit which was covered in cum. As he licked, Holly began to move beneath him, trusting her hips upward to make her every crevice more accessible. She moaned loudly, then moaned again. I stood nearby and watched as his tongue licked and explored. I saw that her moans were caused by his slipping first one and then a second finger into her willing asshole. He pushed his fingers deep inside her as his tongue probed her pussy. Holly let out a primal scream as she came with an orgasm that flashed throughout her body. Her arms thrashed at her side, and her hips moved thrust repeatedly against the pizza man’s mouth and tongue. Her orgasm went on and on as he licked her pussy and sucked on her clit, his fingers still deep inside the clinching asshole. And then it was over. Holly’s body relaxed, and the pizza man pushed away from her and headed for the chair where he had piled his clothes. His cock stood straight out from his body clearly in need of relief.

“Not so fast,” I said as he began dressing. “Holly is a cum slut, and now she wants to suck that huge cock. Am I right, Holly?”

Without even raising her hear, Holly said only two words. “Hard cock.” Barely able to comprehend his good fortune, the pizza man kneeled on the bed beside Holly’s head. . He thrust his oversized cock into her waiting mouth, and she took it eagerly, sucking it in until its head bumped against the back of her throat. With Holly licking and sucking on his cock, it did not take long for the pizza man to dump a huge load of cum into Holly’s mouth and on her face. She sucked him dry, licking off every morsel of his cum, before raising up a bit from the bed and giving me a big smile.

As the pizza man dressed to leave, I counted out his tip and soon he was on his way. I was sure he would share the story of this day with all of his fellow deliverymen.

Holly and I sat on the bed and ate our now cold pizza. We were both naked, and it was our first chance to fully examine one another’s naked bodies. Holly sat with legs crossed in front of her, so that I had a direct view into her still dripping pussy. She certainly was not shy, a true exhibitionist. I liked everything I saw as I looked her over. I wondered what she thought of me, an older guy, still in fairly good shape, but certainly no spring chicken. I guess I will know if she decides to see me again.

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