Catching Up for Lost Time

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It had been so long since I had seen Troy or Jake, not to mention seeing them both this evening. I had known both men for years and at separate times in my life had wonderful intimate moments with both. That hadn’t happened for years; however, we had all remained friends through the years, rarely seeing each other. We silently supported each other during divorces and marriages, births and deaths, and only hoped for the best for each other in the future. It was certainly a surprise when Troy stopped by one evening before the Christmas holidays for a drink and to catch up.

An hour later, the door bell rang and Jake had also stopped by to wish me a Merry Christmas. It was amazing to have the three of us together again. Troy jumped in and gave Jake a huge hug, and the conversation started with everyone trying to fill in the past few years. As usual the conversation was laced with dirty comments and memories of past affairs. Troy, who had stayed single since his divorce years ago, was in a dry spot, not finding any lady friend to catch his eye. Jake had recently broken up with his girlfriend of a few years and was feeling quite lonely. This made me sad. I understand both of them as I was also single and was having a hard time with Christmas just around the corner. They knew it and Jake came over and wrapped me in his arms for a long hug.

While hugging Jake, I suddenly feel Troy step up behind me, pressing into me. Confused and excited, I start asking what was going on. The response was Jake pressing his mouth against mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth. Troy was pressing himself hard into my ass, hands locked on my hips. Troy whispered in my ear that we all needed this and that it was long overdue. Speechless, I tried hard to keep my composure and dignity, which was slipping away from me every second. Every motion was amplified. The coarseness of their jeans excited me through my thin leggings. The feeling of being trapped between the two men who I had known for so long created so much more excitement than I could have expected. I could believe Troy would be up for this, but Jake? He was so shy, I was sure he would back out any moment. As far as I knew, he had a hard enough time being intimate with women, not to mention being this close to a guy. My breathing became thicker and heavier, with moans slipping between my lips. I was losing control and my body was reacting to this intense moment. Each breath I took and movement I made was against their chests, their arms, and the hardness that had erupted in both of their pants.

Both men continued to caress my body, kiss my neck and lips. Both were starting to grind heavily against my body. Troy turned me around to face him while Jake continued on crushing me against him. All I could do gaziantep bayan escort was moan and mold against their bodies. Troy wanted to know how turned on I was, sliding his hands down the front of my leggings. He wasn’t disappointed. I was dripping and the brief touch of his fingers made me moan even louder. Jake continued to kiss my neck, while his hands worked their way up under my tunic. He massaged my breasts hard, rolling my nipples between his fingers. I couldn’t breathe. My knees were weak. I couldn’t put words together. All I could do is moan and get wetter and wetter.

Troy pushed us backwards towards the couch, asking Jake to sit down with me on his lap. Suddenly I was pulled down, leggings down to my knees, Jake’s hands continuing to kneed my breasts and tease my nipples. Troy smiled while he kneeled down, positioning himself to cause me even more torment. Slowly spreading my legs, Troy commented on just how wet my pussy was, dripping down my thighs. Aggressively, Troy pinned my legs far apart and attacked my pussy with his mouth. He started by biting at the lips, pulling them apart. Tormenting me, he licked everywhere but my clit, watching me start to buckle under the teasing of his tongue. Jake continued to pin me down to him, every movement rubbing against his hard cock trapped in his pants.

Jake’s breathing was becoming quicker and every once and a while I could hear a moan from him as he continued to caress the back of my neck. Troy’s tongue suddenly flicked my clit, and it was enough to send me into an intense orgasm, my body going flushed and rigid as cum leaked from my pussy. I think I was screaming, or maybe just moaning really loudly — I am not sure. I was so lost in that moment of extreme pleasure, that nothing else mattered other than Jake’s hands playing with my tits and Troy’s tongue lapping against my clit. Even after the peak of orgasm had passed, Troy continued to lick madly at my cunt while pinning my legs apart and crushing me into Jake’s lap.

I needed my pussy filled, a cock to compliment this pussy thrashing I was receiving. I managed to form the words “I need you in me” between my groaning, moaning, and panting. Troy laughed. He said that it was nice to see me going as crazy as I had driven everyone else for years. Jake chuckled into my ear, agreeing with Troy. I felt Jake’s body go rigid and stop breathing momentarily. He stopped kneading my breasts. Looking down, I saw Troy slowly undoing Jake’s jeans, tugging them down to his ankles. I could sense Jake’s confusion, distress and excitement while pinned under my body. With one final tug of his boxers, Jake’s beautiful penis sprang free, hard and dripping with precum.

Troy took Jake’s cock in his hands and rubbed it against my clit, sliding it over my pussy, coating it with my juices. Now I wasn’t the only one moaning. Jake’s hands were clamped on my tits, trembling, while he moaned at the unexpected sensations of a man holding his cock. Troy smacked my pussy with Jake’s cock, watching how each of us squirmed and groaned under his torment. Every once and a while, Troy would pull the cock away from me to spend a moment lapping up my juices with his tongue, sending me into one intense orgasm after another when he focused on my clit. I would guess from the moaning coming from behind me, that Troy was not ignoring the cock that he held in his hand either. I looked to see Troy slowly caressing and stroking Jake’s cock, coated in my juices while he nibbled at my clit.

Suddenly, there was an increase in Jake’s moans, his breathing becoming faster. Troy had taken Jake into a whole unexplored world in pleasure. Troy had started tracing his tongue over the top of Jake’s penis, licking off my cum from it. Slowly and gently, Troys mouth covered the head of the cock, taking it inch by inch in his mouth. Jake started to panic, but remained stuck while I was firmly planted in his lap. He was unable to say stop as he was moaning and groaning more than ever, his hands left my breasts and clasped my shoulders, digging his fingernails into me. This vision of Troy sucking Jake’s cock while between my pussy lips, and Jake being pleasured by a man for the first time, sent me into yet another orgasm, shuddering and screaming loudly.

Troy took his mouth from Jake’s cock and pressed his hard dripping cock against my pussy. It was pressing at my opening and I wanted him in me. With one grinding motion from Jake, his cock tore into me, filling me up. Troy watched Jake’s cock slide in and out of my pussy, occasionally trailing his tongue against Jake’s moving cock. This was insane. My body started to build another intense orgasm and it was going to be big, but I was working on holding it off as long as possible. Jake continued thrust his cock deep in me while I sat on his lap and Troy returned to molesting my clit with his tongue.

It was then I heard Jake moan and ask Troy to keep going. I couldn’t see what was going on because Troy’s head was buried in my pussy. I gently pressed Troy’s head away from my pussy to see him Jake’s cock buried in me, and Troy’s hand fondling Jake’s balls. Troy’s hand was cupping his balls, while letting his fingers explore Jake ass. Jake was dripping wet from my pussy juices leaking, that Troy was using my cum as lubricant for his finger to dance around Jake’s ass.

Again, Jake asked Troy for more. Staring at me and smiling, Troy obliged. Troy’s middle finger started to disappear into Jake’s ass, causing a long loud groan to come from Jake. With a wink, Troy resumed attacking my pussy while fingering Jake’s ass. I am not sure who was louder, Jake or I, when it came to moaning and screaming. I was having my clit attacked by Troy’s tongue and my pussy filled deeply by Jake’s cock. Jake had his cock stuffed into my pussy while Troy was caressing his balls and fingering his ass.

This was too much. I wasn’t able to maintain control anymore. A pending orgasm started building while Troy continued to harshly prod and tug at my clit with his tongue. Jake’s cock was growing and grinding inside me, hitting all the right areas. My breath became erratic and my moans started turning into a constant growl. I crushed Troy’s head against my pussy while driving my hips down on Jake’s cock. Jake was almost screaming in ecstasy from my pulsating pussy gripping his cock and from Troy’s probing fingers. It was becoming too much for him as well, and Jake started screaming he was going to cum. I felt Jake’s cock pulsate and he sprayed cum deep in my pussy, screaming in sheer pleasure. It was then my turn. Hearing Jake’s eruption turned me on and Troy’s unrelenting tongue took me over the edge. I couldn’t catch my breath as my body tightened and my pussy exploded in such an intense sensation, that I couldn’t sit up without Jake holding me. I flooded Troy’s mouth and Jake’s cock with juices which were running out of me freely. I could feel Jake’s cum sliding out of my pussy, mixing with my own.

This was what Troy was waiting for. As Jake’s cock slipped out of my soaked pussy, Troy started lapping up the flood of our combined cum. He was sucking it out of my pussy, groaning and moaning as he did it. Exhausted I collapsed back on Jake’s chest as he continued to fondle my breasts. We just listened to Troy cleaning us up, moaning and getting drunk on our juices. Eventually Troy lifted his head, cum dripping down his chin and asked for me to take him in my mouth.

Kneeling down I pushed him back to lay on the ground, letting Jake have a good look at my cunt, which was still dripping with juices. I didn’t waste any time and deep throated Troy’s cock hard and fast. No teasing, no tormenting. I was going to make this man cum in my mouth. The harder I gripped his cock and the faster I moved his cock in and out of my mouth, the louder and more urgent his cries became. Jake was watching and asking me to suck Troy’s cock faster and harder. He was enjoying the show. Suddenly Troy grabbed my head and screamed he was going to make me choke on his cum. And that he did. His cum came in wave after wave of hot jizz squirting down my throat. I couldn’t breathe or swallow it all, letting it leak out of my lips and down my chin. At last Troy let go of my head and I was able to lean back onto Jake’s legs. We all sat there catching our breath and I’m sure considering when we would have the chance to see each other again.

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