Chapter Five XHamster profile of Love2Bused

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Chapter Five XHamster profile of Love2BusedChapter FiveXhamster profile love2busedIt wasn’t long after that when Fred took me over to their frat house to meet with the guys. In the days leading up to this I kept going over and over in my mind what it was going to be like having men coming up to me and pointing their cocks at me and then jerking off in my face. I would imagining their cock heads being pointed so close to my face that I would be able to smell the pungent odor rising from their crotches. Their fists wrapped tight around the shafts of their hard burning cocks being jerked by their hands back and forth on their rock-hard cocks eager to let fly their hot almost steaming sperm onto my already up turned face. I wouldn’t want to close my eyes for fear of missing that first blast of delicious hot milky cum shooting out towards my eager face and open mouth branding me as their cum slut. A feeling of being their submissive slut for them to use as a complete whore sent warm shivers down my body. I found that I was growing to like these feelings and the anticipation of being used by a lot of different men and I couldn’t wait for their cocks to surround me. I wanted more and more to be used by these guys who ever they might be. On the day we left for the frat house Fred gave me a little gift of a pair of shiny, passed the knee, red boots and a small red swim suit to wear that was almost next to nothing. There were two one inch wide straps that came down over my shoulders and they just barely covered my nipples. Then the two straps came down to join together just about an eighth of an inch above my pussy. Then right where they joined together there was just barely enough material to cover the crack of my pussy and then the suit passed through to the back and then up my back until it split at my shoulders again. I was then handed an over sized man’s red shirt and we were on our way.If I told you I wasn’t nervous I would be lying. I was about to change my sexual life into to something I had only just begun to dream about when I was a lone in the bath. When we güvenilir bahis şirketleri finally arrived and I was escorted into what was their living room all I could see was what looked like shock on all their faces. Soon there was a hasty meeting called and they excused themselves and went upstairs leaving me and Fred down stairs wondering what was going on. Fred sat down and I removed my shirt and wondered around looking at the insides of my first frat house. Some of the other members, about fifteen, that were still down stairs couldn’t take their eyes off of me as I walked around their frat house. After about thirty minutes I was called upstairs and Fred was told to remain downstairs for a few more minutes. Once up the stairs I was ushered into a room and into the middle of a circle of chairs that they were all sitting in. Nick then introduced himself as the chapter president and told me that he apologized for the misunderstanding they were about to explain to me. Nick told me that back in September when Fred applied for membership they had voted to not let him join. However, there was a problem, Fred’s dad had been a member of the chapter and that the only way they could keep Fred out was if he was to fail to deliver on a challenge. So they took Fred outside and pointed to me and told Fred he would become a member only if he was able to talk me into doing a bukkake for their frat house. Nick then told me Fred was never supposed to be able to have a chance in hell of getting me to do a bukkake for them.To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Fred never told me I was his challenge in order to get into this frat house. He led me to believe he failed at finding a girl to do this and got me to volunteer out of my love for him. He used me! I was beginning to get really pissed at Fred for deceiving me the way he did and that’s was when Nick made an offer to me I could not refuse. Nick said that if I refused to go through with the bukkake and pretend to get really mad at Fred they would offer a room for me at the frat house for free. All bahis siteleri I would have to do, Nick went on to explain, would be to become their resident naked girl. Seeing my puzzled look Nick went on and said all that would be required of me is that whenever I was in the house I would be either naked or dressed in very revealing outfits. You would be our eye candy and nothing more would be required of you. After thinking over his offer for a few minutes I thought of how much I had been looking forward to having a bunch of guys jacking off over my face. To accept his offer would mean that I would have to give up on the idea of them covering my face in sperm. At that time in my life I was too shy to tell them I was disappointed in not going through with the Bukkake. In my mind I was afraid of what they would think of me. I didn’t think about the fact that the reason I was there in the first place was to receive a bukkake and that their thoughts were already formed. His offer of free room and board was too much to turn down and my mind was made up and I reached up and pulled the straps to my suit off my shoulders and let the suit drop to the floor. Excitement ran through my body as I stood nude before them with my legs slightly spread giving a grand view of my shaved pussy to them and said, “You mean like this!” I spent the next three and a half years giving those boys extreme blue balls the entire time I stayed in the house. Almost daily I would try new ways to expose myself to them stretching, sunbathing nude on the roof, sometimes I would act as if I was unaware that I was slowly stroking me clit in front of them, or I’d hang my leg over the arm of the couch giving them a clear view of my open pussy while I watched television. Every year when the new class of freshmen came to the house was my favorite as I loved seeing the shock on their faces as I walked passed them as if nothing was out of the ordinary and this would bring pure joy to me. Through the entire time I was there nobody brother me as they were all afraid I’d leave and their naked girl would canlı bahis be gone.Fred was pissed that he wasn’t selected to get into the frat but, he soon got over it because I was steady visiting his dorm room fucking the shit out of him and sucking his dick like cum was going out of style. After a long day of being naked around a group of guys I would get so horny I was all but r****g Fred whenever I came over to his dorm room.All that had happened about eight years ago and believe it or not I had forgot just about all of that part of my life. Funny how our minds work like that when there are things you want to forget as you move on with your life. Maybe it’s why I’m able to accept so effortlessly what I’m doing now. Then I thought about Skippy and I wondered if he had missed me this pass couple of days. I’ve only had him for just over a week now and I know I’m missing him. It’s so cute how he climbs up on the bed in the mornings and hangs his cock in front of my face when he wants me to suck him off. Just like any other male would and I’ve been so happy to provide that pleasure for him. I truly enjoy him using me to get his pleasure from as he’s pumping my face. I love knowing it is me that he comes to when he fills the need to get his dick sucked. When he lets out those little whimpers when he starts filling my mouth with his doggy sperm fills me with joy knowing it is me giving him that pleasure. I continue to let him fuck my mouth and hold my lips tight around his shaft as his sperm shoots out and splashes around inside my mouth. My tongue never stops moving around his cock as I keep tasting his cum as he fills my mouth to near over flowing. Then as the flow of sperm stops I slowly allow his cock to slip from my mouth and I hold his sperm inside my mouth for a while savoring the taste before slowly swallowing it down.That was when I realized that my life would most likely never return to normally after this year is up. I also wondered to myself if that would be a good thing or not? Then, with a smile on my face, I knew it would never be the same again. So far I’ve enjoyed what I was doing and I couldn’t ever see me going back to the way I was just a few days ago. It was then that I realized that I was truly going to become a whore for life and from now on I will be pleased with the fact that I am.

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