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Basement Fun

“C’mon, Charlie,” Karen begged. “My mom’s a great cook and I really think it’s time for you to meet my mom and dad.”

“Geez, Karen, you’re dad, too,” he chortled. Karen lived with both her parents and an older sister. Charlie had been to her home a couple of times in the past, but never as an invited guest to dinner. He was feeling a little overwhelmed.

“Really, Charlie. It’s no big deal. They’ll probably talk your ear off about how great I am and how lucky YOU are to be going out with me. I’m their little princess, you know; can’t do no wrong!” her smirk divulging her obvious dis-satisfaction with the pedestal they put her on.

“You know I’ll do anything for you. It’s just I’m not really good at small talk.”

“Small talk or no talk, it doesn’t matter. They’ll love you because I love you. Come on let’s go.” Charlie couldn’t hide the shocked expression on his face at that last admission.

Dinner was excellent, the conversation nondescript. Karen’s parents were jovial, showing interest in, and contributing as necessary to, the conversation. As dinner concluded, Charlie began to help clean off the table, but Karen’s mom placed her arm across his chest to stop him.

“Charlie, you’re a guest, so you just sit there and chat with Willy while Karen and I finish these up”.

“You sure, I really don’t mind helping out,” he responded, fear beginning to creep into his being. The thought of one-on-one with Karen’s dad was a little intimidating.

“Hmm, you might have a good one there, honey,” Teresa smiled. Karen’s mom, Teresa, was one of those moms every kid wanted their mom to be. She was a stay-at-home, baker, cooker, cleaner, and did all those things The Beaver’s mom did back in the day. And, she carried her forty-five years VERY well. Standing about five foot four, her hour-glass figure belied her age. Soft blonde hair that rested on her shoulders, she always looked like she was ready for a photo shoot. Charlie had noticed her beauty previously, in passing. Long legs, ending in a cute butt that had just the right amount of jut; maybe small titties, he really couldn’t tell, she was always dressed conservatively whenever he had been around. Her face was nothing short of beautiful, with a killer smile that she used frequently, setting minds at ease and showing just how much she enjoyed life. Her sparkling blue eyes always seemed to have a glint of humor in them. Charlie’s head swiveled from Karen to Teresa and back again. All he could think of was that Karen was probably going to look just like her mom when she got to that age.

For the next twenty-two minutes and twelve seconds, Charlie and Willy talked about almost everything under the sun. Football, baseball, school grades, ‘oh, and what are your plans for the future’, yea that was a big one. But Charlie fielded them all confidently and actually got to like Willy as a person. He was intelligent, articulate, and pretty funny, for an old guy!

Finally, Karen and Teresa entered the living room from the kitchen. Seeing the two ‘men’ still deep in conversation, Teresa whispered to Karen, “Honey, I think they may have hit it off. Hopefully not TOO well, though,” she smiled.

“I told you he was awesome, mom. He’s nothing like his jerk step-brother; I just really enjoy spending time with him, no matter what we’re doing. He makes me feel like I’m the only one in the whole world!”

Teresa’s fleeting look at her daughter awoke a realization in her that Karen was probably falling in love. Could be worse, I suppose. She just turned eighteen the previous week and this was just one of the life-altering decisions she would be confronted with in the near future. He looked like a nice young man, Willy seemed to have taken to him and he IS really cute, she bemused, then blushed inwardly at her last thought.

“Hey, Charlie, you want me to teach you how to shoot pool?”

“Pretty funny, Karen,” he sniggered. “I’ll just have to sink a couple on you and show you what’s what!”

Teresa and Willy caught each others attention, eyes wide and taken aback at that last comment. It could be taken a number of ways, they thought, but surely it was an innocent comment, not the sexual innuendo that they each, separately, thought it was. While they were each lost in what they thought was their own unique notion, Charlie and Karen were out the back door and heading for the outside, and only, entrance to the basement.

Entering the basement through the outside door, Charlie wrapped his arm around Karen’s waist, spun her around, and mashed his lips against hers. His tongue pushed past her teeth, her hands wrapped around his waist. She slipped a hand up to the back of his neck and pulled his head tighter to her.

“Let’s go into the back room,” Charlie said. Karen’s dad, Willy, had spent many, many hours hand-digging the dirt out of the basement, which, at the time, was little more than a crawl space. After the tireless effort of enlarging Travesti the space, he built a rec room in the main area and a furnace room that took up the rest of the space. The furnace room really wasn’t a room, it was simply the space left over after finishing the main room. There was a pool table in the middle of the rec room, a couple of photos hanging on the wall. He opened the door into the dungeon-like area, the two of them stepping into the semi-darkness. Charlie immediately grabbed Karen by the ass cheeks, pulling her to him, and resumed his tongue-lashing.

“Charlie! My parents are right upstairs,” she whispered

“Don’t worry,” Charlie responded. “We can hear them if they walk out the back door”.

She reluctantly nodded, closed her eyes and let her mouth gape open as his lips pressed against hers. Charlie’s tongue snaked into her mouth, slid across her teeth and found her tongue waiting for battle. His hands rubbed up and down her back, stopping to cup her ass. Round, soft, yet firm, he squeezed her cheeks through her jean shorts as he pulled her body tighter to him. A sudden realization hit Charlie as he thought that with the similarities between Karen and her mom, this is probably how Teresa’s ass felt if he were squeezing hers. His cock sprang to life, between the mental arousal visualizing Teresa and the physical arousal kissing and fondling Karen, he was hard as a rock in no time.

“Charley,” she whispered, trying to get his attention away from the wonderful feelings he was giving her and focus on the danger of their current situation. Leaving her ass cheeks, Charlie’s hands slid upward, under her tank top. Feeling the warm softness of the naked flesh of her back caused a slight whimper from him as their kiss continued. His hands skimmed over her bra strap, lingering at the clasp.

“No, Charley, not here, not now. My parents…” Karen moaned into his mouth. Her arms curled around his hips, squeezing his butt cheeks, her actions belying her remarks. She moaned again, forcing her tongue into his mouth, licking his teeth and massaging his tongue. His hands slid down her back and around to her hips. He pulled her closer to him, crushing her breasts against his chest, drawing her pelvis into his erection.

“Fuck, I’m so turned on right now! C’mon, we can be careful; I’ll listen for your parents. At the first sound of them coming down, we can stop.” he almost begged. He kissed her again, shoving his tongue into her mouth. Her moan became a groan as his hands slithered up her sides, coming in contact with her bra beneath her arms. His right hand slipped over her left breast, squeezing it gently, eliciting a low growl from Karen. He cupped her tit, rolled his hand over her nipple, and pinched it between his thumb and forefinger.

“Oh, God,” Karen whimpered. “Don’t stop, Charley. You feel so good.” His left hand dropped to her rear-end and cupped and squeezed her cheek. Karen pulled away from the kiss and dropped her face between his neck and shoulder, sucking on his neck until a welt formed. Her hands pulled his pelvis into her as she rubbed her pussy against his manhood through their clothes, dry-humping him, trying to get the protrusion of his cock to stimulate her cunt lips.

Removing his hand from her ass, he tucked it up under her tank top and using both his forearms, lifted the tank up and over her head, leaving her standing in just her shorts and bra. Her bra was low-cut, allowing her ample ‘c’ cup breasts to bulge out. The front was a lacey material and he could clearly see her lovely nipples struggling to be free of their confinement. Her areola were about as big as a silver dollar; her taut nipples sitting proudly on top, sticking out a half-inch.

“Charlie,” she whispered again. He allowed his hands to drop away from her breasts, sliding his palms up her ribs until his hands were under her bra cups, the crook of his thumbs and forefingers supporting her ample bosom. Pulling his hands slightly outward and upward, he lifted the bra off her tits, the cup of his hands fondling her soft yet firm mounds and pert nipples. No longer able to hold himself back, he lunged at her right breast, taking the nipple into his mouth. He sucked for a moment, then backed off slightly and licked around her areola, tonguing her nipple. Her moans urged him on and his left hand came up to her other breast, covering it with his palm and squeezing it gently.

Still locked in a tongue-mashing kiss, she stroked his cock through his pants, eliciting another moan, only this time it was Charlie. Karen found his zipper and pulled it down. Reaching inside his jeans, she slithered her hand into his boxers and wrapped around his hardness. As she squeezed his cock, her hand slid up his shaft and draped around the head. She could feel the sticky pre-cum oozing out of his slit.

“We need to stop.” His cock twitched in her hand. “Not now, we could get caught.” Her hand was wet with pre-cum, his quiet, muted moans pushing Antalya Travesti her on. His cock twitched again; she squeezed him tightly and pumped quickly for a number of strokes. Charlie was on the verge of ecstasy at having his rod pulled by someone else for the first time.

The heat was rising alarming fast for Karen and she began to think there might not be a way to stop the journey they were on. Karen had been drawn to Charlie through his step-brother, who also happened to be her boyfriend. Well, used to be her boyfriend, since they had broken up because of her feelings for Charlie. She wasn’t really certain what affect this relationship had on Charlie and his step-brother, but she really didn’t care. His step-brother was an ass-hole and she was happy to be rid of him. But falling for Charlie this quickly hadn’t really been in her plans. He was good looking, reasonably intelligent, but terribly lacking in experience. Sexual experience, that is, she thought. Having only been with one other person, she was no where near being a slut, but she had been fucked and, to her and her then-boyfriends delight, she really enjoyed fucking. While not entirely certain, based on past performance, or lack thereof, she had the feeling that Charlie had yet to visit the promised land.

His ministrations on her tits were having the desired effect. Her loins were burning; she hadn’t been fucked since the breakup with her ex a month ago. But she was mildly hesitant about where this was all leading to this evening. Charlie and she hadn’t done much more than heavy petting, lots of French kissing and dry-humping, but flesh to flesh contact had been pretty minimal. Tonight was as far as they had ever gone and she wasn’t completely certain she wanted it to end where it was headed. But the burning….

While one hand was stroking his cock, her other hand reached for the buckle of his belt. Tugging on it, she pulled the belt through the buckle and pushed it aside.

“We should really wait, sometime when my parents are out,” her hand reached for the button on his pants and she pulled it through the hole. Charlie’s jeans were open in the front, staying up only by reason of his hips. Her right hand continued stroking his meat, cork-screwing up and down the shaft, squeezing the head, and distributing the copious amounts of pre-cum up and down his rod.

“Babe, no…” she moaned, all the while cupping his balls in her hand.

Charlie reached down with both hands to the front of her shorts, unbuttoning the buttons down the front. Pulling the material apart, he slid his hands around to her ass cheeks, causing the shorts to glide down her legs. Charlie backed off slightly to take in the vision in front of him, as Karen stood there in her bra and panties.

Her long, tapered legs were capped by deliciously full thighs and round bottom. Her bikini panties barley covered her pussy and he could almost see through the material. Looking more closely, he could make out a slight damp spot at the apex of her legs and see her outer lips pouting at him. He couldn’t tell for sure, but she looked like she was shaved clean, a hair-less pussy. His eyes drifted up to her flat, toned tummy, to the luscious breasts with their nipples surging outward, the bra still draped above.

“Charlie, we really can’t! My mom and dad are just up stairs, they could come down here any second!”

Charlie ignored the comment since her hand continued to stroke him. He felt her actions belied her comment again. She wanted to get fucked and he was about to leave his virginity behind. His left hand reached around her back, grabbing her ass again. He squeezed and mauled her butt for a moment, then let his other hand drop to the side of her thigh.

Gently sliding his hand over her hip, his fingers came into contact with her panties. He followed the hem of her panties along her hip toward the joint of her leg and stomach. Karen’s breathing suddenly changed to short gasps, her breasts heaving with each breath. Following instinct alone, he cupped her mound, feeling the sticky wetness and the heat emanating from deep within. He pushed the heel of his hand into her lower abdomen, just above the crease of her slit, then cupping her fully, slowly ran his hand up and down her panty-covered cunt, pressing inward as he stroked her.

Charlie’s middle finger found the cleft between her puffy lips and gently slid along the panty-covered indentation. Slipping up under the hem, Charlie came into contact with her outer lips, stroking them gently while his hand continued down her pussy. Charlie’s first personal contact with a cunt was almost more than he could stand. He could feel his cock get harder yet, even while Karen continued jacking him off. Her hand gently cupped his balls, then resumed stroking. His finger found the space between her cunt and ass hole and massaged the area as Karen sighed, “Charlie, we can’t…” but her moans urged him on. Her body was making a liar Bursa Travesti out of her. Her nipples were hard and jutted straight out; her aroma permeated the air; and the hot, moistness between her legs was turning to steam. Her hands were at the side of his shorts, she pushed them down, leaving Charlie in his t shirt and briefs.

While his finger was trying to find a way into her depths, his other hand was inside her panties, kneading her ass-cheek. Pushing down with his hand, Karen’s panties were forced down her legs by his wrist. He pushed them as far as he could, thinking he would have to let go of his largesse to finish the job, but Karen twisted her knees together, making her hips slightly more narrow, and her panties fell at her feet.

His hand returned to her mound, his finger spreading her juices up and down the crack of her cunt, separating the lips, one from the other. As his finger moved back up her pussy, it finally broke the barrier and his finger slipped through her outer lips. Her wetness provided all the lube he needed and soon found his finger toying with her clit. His first contact elicited a guttural groan from Karen and when he left her clit to slide his finger down and into her hole, her moan was so loud he thought they might be heard. He stopped, stood very still and listened.

“Oh, Geez,” Karen moaned. Charlie’s finger was sliding in and out of her cunt effortlessly and was soon joined by a second finger. His middle and ring finger were jabbing in and out of Karen, while the heel of his hand rubbed and mauled her clit. Karen was euphoric as her arousal continued to build.

“Charlie, stop, we have to stop,” she moaned. Her hand was on his cock. Spreading her legs slightly, she slipped his dick between her legs. He was now rubbing along the slit of her pussy, searching for the key to unlock the treasure chest. He slid back and forth but couldn’t find the entrance. “They might hear us,” as her hips moved forward and back, helping his cock stroke the burning desire between her legs.

“Babe,” she whispered, “we need to stop,” her thighs tightening around his cock, creating even more resistance. Charlie continued to slide his pole through the slickness of Karen’s melting pussy, searching for her entrance. On the verge of frustration, Charlie dropped his hand down to her crotch, grasping her pussy fully. Two fingers slipped in effortlessly down to his palm, irritating him more, still unable to grasp why his fingers worked, but his dick didn’t!

Pulling his fingers out, he once again slid his cock between her legs, eliciting yet another agonizing moan of appreciation. Sliding along her slit, his engorged head bumped against her clit, resulting in an empassioned groan from Karen. Still finding no opening, Charlie rocked his hips back and forth, creating as much friction as he could between her pouting lips. Once again, he reached down with his hand, only to have his fingers gobbled by Karen’s wide open hole, lubrication pouring out of her.

“Fuck!” Charlie cursed in frustration.

“Babe, push me against the door,” Charlie leaned into the closed door to the rec room. His eyes were glazed over with lust, his hips not stopping their yearning search for her hole. “OK, now lean into me, push me against the door, tight.”

Charlie leaned into Karen, his hands automatically dropping to encircle the half-moons of her delicious ass. Squeezing them and stretching them apart, Charlie continued to slide his cock along Karen’s slit.

“Grab my ass cheeks where they meet my thighs, and hold me tight! Don’t drop me!” Karen barely finished her comment when she threw both her legs in the air, wrapping her thighs around Charlie’s waist. Like a bee to honey, Charlie’s over-lubricated, stiff as a rod dick slid deep into Karen’s cunt. She responded with an appreciative “uuuhhh, yeah,” and Charlie was welcomed into man hood.

“Oh, Charlie, we shouldn’t…not with my parents…uhhhhhh,” she moaned when the head of his cock broke through the initial barrier and slipped into her melting hole. Karen’s faux resistance came to an end, her legs wrapped around Charlie’s waist, she pushed her hips into his, burying her intruder to his balls, pushing into him until he finally started stroking back.

“Ohhhh, Ma…..ummmmmm that feels sooooo goooood,” she moaned, catching herself before she made the ultimate death knoll to any new relationship. She had almost moaned her ex-boyfriends name, having these feelings arise with only one other person, she almost slipped his name, even though he, himself, never entered her mind. Fortunately for Karen, Charlie was so lost in passion and focused on his own new-found feelings, he didn’t catch the near-slip.

Charlie was almost unable to focus, his cock buried to the hilt in the soft, moist, juicy heat of Karen’s cunt. He let his hips rest against hers, feeling his cock grow yet, while her pussy muscles milked him. Slowly, he started slipping his cock partially into her pussy. Pulling out, as her motion began forward, Charlie pushed hard and fast, slamming into Karen, bottoming out on her cervix. His dick slid out and back into her velvety interior, again, and again…

“Oh, fuck, Karen, you feel fantastic.”

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