Cléo – The main course.

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Cléo – The main course.Continuation of the text: https://pt. Xhamster. Com/stories/cl-o-a-lady-of-respect-9742776The candle sparkles, almost goes out, they hold their breath until the light fires. Rodolfo lights the other one. The room illuminates up enough tô make the place more cozy.The sound of a sax gives the rhythm, creates an even more stimulating, seductive atmosphere.Rodolfo twists the opener and pulls it gently until the cork comes out. Hold and pour the wine into the crystal glass. Smells, swings and takes a short sip tô savor the texture and aroma of the drink.- Great.Serve the other glass and deliver. Cléo admires the color of the wine before beginning tô sip the soft taste of the beverage that the boy served.- What music is that?- Call Maputo, it is an instrumental.- Hummmmh. I’ve heard, can’t remember where.- Ancient, but I like it for moments like this. Sanborn is always special.- Oh, there! Need?- Don’t like it?Cléo drinks again, still laughing.- Who doesn’t like it?Both laugh. . Rodolfo wears a long-sleeved, folded blouse and the pants are tight, all in black which gives him an even more attractive look. Cleo loves men in black, only the wide buckle that shines when the lights hit her, finds it exaggerated. At least the music is special and the wine, hummmhh, the wine is delicious and she drinks more. While the boy brings the first courses, the soups, for dinner, Cléo puts the glasses and cutlery.If Rodolfo dresses more formally, she wears a red jersey, which, although it is fair, does not show the disproportionate belly, all the more sóin half light whereby they go tô dinner. This makes Cléo more comfortable, confident and willing tô experience what will happen.Rodolfo returns bringing two smoking pots.- Tomato cream, is it?- Ya.He serves and she sits in front of the round and wide table- And what’s yours?- Asparagus.Both pay attention tô the taste and smell of the soups. Rodolfo refills her cup almost tô the top.- Huuuh! Enough, that’s enough. That way I get drunk again.- Good, I love u looser, uninhibited.- Crazy, you made me get out of control. Drink too.He fills his own glass until it almost spills. – Cheers!Cleo raises the cup and they touch in the air. They both overflow, wet their hands. Rodolfo laughs, Cleo dries his fingers. She feels like cursing, but the laughter of the other diverts her attention and she enters into the game. Feels like a girl, with first boyfriend, she remembers.He drinks a little, then he takes a sip of everything in the halkalı escort cup. Cleo does the same, coughs, almost drops the cup. Rodolfo laughs at her discomfort.- Drinks slowly, but drinks, baby. It will help.- Help?!- Go, go help tô the main course.- Why? What’s drinking got tô do with what we’re having for dinner?- Drink, do as I say. Take my advice. He completes her cup again. Cléo drinks and takes the soup. She was always very weak with the drinks, she doesn’t need sómuch tô get a little dizzy, her head spinning, but it’s nice tô stay like this. Out of herself, but after what happened earlier she is not sure if it is good tô drink like this, even more with him.Cléo starts laughing, laughing for nothing. More restrained, Rodolfo is also getting into the mood, taking the opportunity tô smooth the legs of the mature lady, more and more out of control. It is then that the mouths meet, they exchange a short, cheeky kiss, Rodolfo sticks his crazy tongue in the middle of her mouth, the tongues curl up forming a bow. The hand of the man holds the knee up slowly until it finds the lacy panties.- No, no, sir. Don’t be cheeky, don’t putting the hand where it shouldn’t.- You’re very hot.- Have some manners, that’s not the way tô talk tô a respectable lady. Stop!- It’s just a cuddle, a treat, don’t you like it?- Silly, it’s just that I… I’m not used tô it. So… I don’t know, I’m a little out of practice.- Try it, u paid dearly for it, didn’t u?- I paid for you tô give me a few massages, not tô touch like that, do that.- But that was a massage… A special kind of massage.- I know, you made me do things I didn’t even think I would, even more with a stranger.Cléo smiles ashamed. – So if my c***dren and grandc***dren will know!- Only if you tell.- Not me! What, are you crazy?Cléo moves the chair away from the table which makes the other’s gestures easier, Rodolfo puts his hand, of big fingers, between the folds of the jersey until he finds the small breast. She doesn’t move, just follows the affection he gives.Rodolfo finds the beak: holds, squeezes, stretches. He grows, hardens.- What?- You don’t stop! Too abused, who says you can. First we eat dinner… Then we make love.They both exchange a brilliant look, Cléo more and more in love.- Why later? You leave me like this.- Right, but I’m hungry!- Me too, very hungry.Rodolfo wraps bosom with his firm hand and his voice becomes hoarse, sensual.- taksim escort What are we having for dinner? What’s the main course?- You, the dish is you.- Enough, stop!Cléo starts shaking, the voice gets louder and louder.- Stop, no! We’ll have dinner, after… After I I leave.- I’m hungry now.- But… Now, here! Rô, stop being a c***d!- Why not?The man unbuttones, opens the red jersey. The another hand sinks between the ripe woman’s thighs until he finds the lips behind the lacy panties.- My God, Rodolfo.. Rô get a grip!She begs in a crying, sly voice, that only triggers the boy’s desires. The glances cross just before he gets a sick, wet kiss. His tongue goes in her mouth like a horny penis. It goes deeper, deeper, licks the roof of mouth until it almost reaches throat.Cléo enters the climate, opens his mouth – surrenders. Rodolfo abuses his perverted tongue. Sucks, sucks the tongue out of the female, ripe. Cléo moans, howls. Mouths wet their faces. Rudolfo sticks his long fingers into her lacey panties. Feels the hair, the folded flesh of her torn mouth, the intimacy her.Cléo stays on the end of the chair. Bites his lip following the boy’s obscene gestures. The breath is getting short, Cléo feels a delicious ardor anticipating what will come, what he will do.Rodolfo kneels in front of her, gently pulls on his lacey panties until it stands on one of Cleo’s feet. He then admires Madame’s hairy, nervous center sitting in front of him. Then he falls of mouth on her small breast, bites, sucks her hard, dark beak. At the same time opens his legs, exposes her whole.- Crazy, you’re too crazy boy.- Cum for me, let me see.- What! Here… Now!!- Do it, cum girl, cumming. I like tô see it, make u come like this.Rodolfo massages her lips, smoothes her hair, exposes the button – fingering affectionately. Cléo twists his eyes… Head bends… Sensation widens.- My God! Then… Like this, continue… Assiiimmm…Rodolfo sticks two long fingers in the wet, hot vagina. Cléo stands on tiptoe, even still sitting. Tense, excited..- Aaaaaannnhhh!!! Uuunnnnhhhh!!!- Beauty pussy, I love a broad pussy.- No! No!!! Don’t talk like that!- Yaa… Yesssss!!- Ooohhh!!! Oh, my… Mother of Gooddness!!! Rodoooolfo.The boy sticks four long fingers into the hot, drooly pussy, the thumb massages the clits. The heat rises, Cléo shivers, trembles…- Rô… Rodol… Fo. I… Mmmmm…The voice comes out whispering, terrified, in love…- Kiss… Kiss me.He obeys, and his şişli escort tongues are rolled up in inside their mouths. Without realizing it, Cleo fells a volume, a pressure right in the middle of the legs… Right in the middle of vagina. The heat rises, the atmosphere is like an oven.- What’s that?- That’s me.- Oh, my God! Your hand?! Aaaiiiii Haahhhh…The male hand and the long fingers go deeper and deeper into that open cave. Cléo bends against the back of the chair, raises his knees and holds the legs with the hands flattened.Rodolfo amplifies the increasingly frenetic movements. Spins, twists the fist and every gesture does Cléo meows, screams, yells… Between frightened and enchanted, in a mixture of embarrassed and at the same time adoring herself as a whore, yes a whore of that cheeky boy. Her sparkly gaze, she screams and the pussy gets wet and blinks. Pussy, your pussy bites the man’s hand, all, whole.- Rodolfo! U BITCH… I I… NAUGHTY DOOOOGGG!! A strong, out-of-control spray, sneezes from her. Along with the acute, guttural scream. Cleo bends the body further, the back. Tasting his jouissance tô the fullest.- That’s it, girl, beauty. Do it like this, more like this.Rodolfo bends over, stretches his tongue, his mouth kisses the shiny lips of her intimacy. Frenzied he sucks the entire length of drooling, cracked vagina.- Boy! Enough boy…Cléo pulls hair until she finds her mouth with the smell, the taste of pussy. The kiss comes intense, sublime. It’s her turn tô stick her crazy, uninhibited tongue licking, sucking everything in his mouth, Cleo bites the man’s tongue… Sucks imagining his cock. Until they walk away slowly.- If it goes on like this, I don’t know if I’ll make it tô tomorrow.- It was nice tô see you in an orgasm like this. That’s all I wanted for this dinner.- How about you?- What do you think?- Did you cum?He shakes his head, she laughs like a curious girl.- Let see.He stands up, unbuttones his trousers and Cléo drops his zipper and half flaccid limb appears shiny, a long white drop appears stuck tô the head of the stem. Cleo quick, anxious, opens his mouth and lets the drop down in tongue, nice shows the cream and swallows it savoring the taste of a man… Sweeter and sweeter. She swallows the young stick, crazy, sucks with taste, opens her mouth tô the maximum, swallows everything. Cléo feels more and more like a professional in the business, she sucks with desire, with skill… The taste of the cream mixes with her saliva, the dough gradually goes down the throat, Cléo tastes it, without disgust.She sucks everything, cleans the boy’s phallus, the smell of sperm takes over the nostril… Cléo laughs satisfied.- Better than a dessert?- No, honey, no! I’m hungry Rô, very hungry.The look shines, Cleo makes a naughty girl’s face.Tell us if you like it and leave your comment.

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