College Friends Streak and Sneak

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There were eight of us in the dorm room. Five girls and three guys. One of the girls, let’s call her Violet, was always trouble. She suggested strip poker. It would distract us from studying for finals. Everyone laughed and she stopped us and said it would be fun.

Two of the guys responded enthusiastically, while I was a little hesitant. My girlfriend was with us. Of course, I wanted to play, but I didn’t want them to see her naked. As for seeing the other girls, well I was all about that.

To my surprise, my girlfriend laughed and said why not. It was then that everyone agreed to play, while I reluctantly accepted.

I wanted to see two of them naked. Britt and Lauren. They were total opposites from each other, while also being different from my girlfriend.

My girlfriend was cute. Tall like me, shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, small breasts.

Lauren was blonde, tall, long, glistening legs in short jean shorts. She wore a white lacy tank top with a push-up bra.

Britt was shorter, black hair, dark eyes, pale skin, but one arm had a sleeve of tattoos. She also had large breasts. Not gigantic, but they seemed quite nice. Like grapefruits and I wanted to hold them in my hands.

Violet was fun to be around, but I wasn’t attracted to her. She liked to make people uncomfortable and that can be entertaining, but it wasn’t what I wanted in a girlfriend.

I don’t remember who won first and who was naked first, but where we ended up was pretty close to ideal in my mind. I had taken off my shorts. The guys were down to their boxers. All of the girls were in their bras and panties, except Violet. She didn’t wear bras apparently…

Once everyone was in this state, I felt more attracted to Britt than anyone. I wouldn’t tell anyone that then, and I don’t know if it was obvious. I felt my erection forming in my boxers.

I started to worry about losing two more rounds. They’d see it. Britt would see it. I wanted her to see it.

We played another hand and I was about to take off my shirt, while the girls removed their bras, when there was a knock at the door.

“RA! Checking on housework.”

Once a month, the RA did random spot checks to see how we were cleaning our rooms.

But that night, we all scrambled to put our clothes back eryaman rus escort on. Girls and guys weren’t supposed to be in each others dorms. It happened, but it was frowned upon. We didn’t want it getting back to our parents, many of whom knew other students in our building.

“One second,” I yelled.

We pushed the girls down the back hallway and out the laundry room door.

Crisis averted.

Which leads us to the following night.

I was in my girlfriend’s room on her sofa, her head in my lap as we watched a movie. Britt walked in and sat on the chair beside us.

“Whatcha watching?”

“Bad 80’s horror movies. All day marathon.”

“Cool,” she said.

So after the first few people died, and some clowns and space demons terrorized small communities, we ended up on a movie where there was a lot of skin shown. One even had a strip poker scene where it was broken up by some goofy looking masked person. All of the naked college students run. Two of them take off for the football field. We were laughing as penises and breasts were flopping everywhere.

Before we knew it, it was almost midnight. We weren’t tired, and with all of the exposed skin, it seemed there was a tension in the air. To me, it felt like we were all horny.

“We should go streaking,” I said. My girlfriend smacked me.

“Remember how we almost got caught last night?”

“Yeah, but I mean… Not on campus. Let’s take a ride out to the country. There’s a lot of farms nearby.”

“No,” she said.

“Just the three of us,” Britt said.

“Yeah,” I said.

“I’m down,” she said.

“What?! We can’t do that. In public?”

“Sure we can. No one is out there,” I said. “No one will see us.”

She caved and within a few minutes, we were in my truck, barreling through back roads until we were on a dirt road. There were no lights in sight. No houses. Nothing. I pulled over and turned off the truck.

“Well, here we are,” I said.

We stripped while on separate ends of the truck. The moon was just bright enough that I could see them clearly, their faces anyway.

“On three, ready,” I said.

They nodded.

“Wait, which way?”

I pointed to a hill. It was the only thing around. This farm grew sod, and by the looks of it, they owned miles ankara escort bayan of the stuff. Probably some mega corp who would never know we were there.

“One, two, three!”

I stepped out and the girls looked at me. My girlfriend laughed, and with the ice broken, so did Britt. I looked down.


“Nothing,” they both said at once.


They looked at each other.

“I’m a grower,” I said.

Britt looked to my girlfriend who shrugged.

“I wouldn’t know.”

“You guys haven’t had sex yet?”

“Nope,” she said.

“Wow. Two months and no sex. Props. I’ve never made it that long.”

The truth of it was that we weren’t in a hurry. We were taking things slow. I didn’t know for sure that we would last, because as I’ve already told you, I found two of our friends more attractive.

Britt stepped out into view and I looked her over quickly, and then out of respect, turned away. I didn’t want to ogle her and make her uncomfortable. I couldn’t believe they had both agreed to do this. What I saw made my heart leap. Her long, wavy black hair fell down her back, as she walked toward me. Her breasts, indeed the size of grapefruit, hung firmly on her chest. Her nipples erect. The tattoo sleeve on on arm. She had a tight, defined stomach, which I didn’t think to expect, but she did go to the gym every day. Her legs were strong, lean, and my eyes traveled up them to where her pussy was smooth, tight and compact.

My girlfriend walked over and she covered her breasts. She didn’t quite feel as comfortable and confident as Britt. It was a shame too, because she looked good. Yeah, her breasts were small, but she was cute and in good shape. She looked good. Her pussy wasn’t smooth. It was obstructed by hair. Not a lot, but enough to hide it. Slowly, she let her hands down until they were awkwardly by the side.

No one feels entirely comfortable being naked in front of friends.

I started running toward the hill. After a moment, I turned around to see them thirty feet back, their hands supporting their breasts as they bounced around wildly. They were laughing and bumping into one another as their feet fell in tractor rut after tractor rut. I got it. I had to support my balls because they had started to elvankent escort bayan slam around with each footfall.

I ran up the hill and stopped at the top to take in the view. Fields on all sides. A few seconds later, they clambered up the hill.

“It’s lovely,” Britt said. “Everywhere you look is field after field.”

“I think it needs a vending machine,” I said. “I’m thirsty.”

“I have a water bottle the truck,” she said.

“See ya!”

I sprinted down the hill, hands on my balls again.

She opened her purse and pulled out the bottle.

“Does it get this big?”

I shrugged.

“I don’t know. I’ve never measured it.”

“I’m curious,” she said.

“Britt! Knock it off. He’s mine.”

“Aren’t you curious? I’ve seen a few, but I hear it’s the tall, thin guys who have the biggest ones.”

Again we were disturbed. A car, a mile down the road, coming this way. They would be on the same dirt road as us, so we had no choice but to hop in the truck. There was no time to dress.

As I floored it further on the road, my headlights still off, we all held our breath. Britt was in the middle because she was shorter and her knees didn’t hit the stick shift. We escaped the cop or farmer or whoever.

I felt Britt’s warmth next to me. Our bare skin touching at our hips. The smell of her shampoo filling the cab as I rolled the window down. Was it getting hot in here or was it just me? My girlfriend stared out the window and Britt kept staring straight ahead.

I felt her hand on my cock. At first she ran a finger up and down my flaccid penis. Slowly. Back and forth. I felt my balls shifting and changing and preparing.

Her finger kept rubbing me, but faster now. My cock rose up hanging ever so slightly over my balls, hard and thick enough for her to grip me. Her hands were warm and smooth. She stroked me faster, all the while, staring out of the windshield.

I felt close. I felt my cock throbbing. She did too, because she squeezed the base of my cock, firm with her thumb, keeping cum from traveling upward. Keeping me from release.

I turned to look at her briefly.

“Later,” she mouthed. “You and me.”

I nodded. She let go of me.

A few minutes later, I pulled over in a wooded area, where a picnic table and a grill stood by a small stream. A park of some sort. We dressed so we could get back to our rooms.

“I’m so horny,” she said. “Can you come over later tonight? Bring a condom.”

“I ‘ll have to run out first.”

She nodded. “She’ll fall asleep by then. Good.”

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