Confessions of a first time dogger

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Confessions of a first time doggerI’d been dressing for some years at home before one day, I dared step outside climb into my car and go for a drive. I was dressed in my school girl outfit which was quite daring considering this was my first public appearance. I headed straight for a local dogging spot I knew. An old stretch of road that is now only used as a cut through for the odd bit of thru traffic. I drove slowly up and down passing a few parked cars and vans whilst cautiously looking at the drivers to see if they were looking. After a short while a guy who was parked up smiled at me. I drove back passed him once again to confirm it wasn’t my imagination. He smiled once more so I went a little further up the road parked up and waited anxiously. It wasn’t long before he drove back slowly towards me to check me out. He was obviously interested and so was I.He parked up only few yards in front of me, got out of his car and walked towards me. My heart raced as he approached me. I opened my window so he could see that I was actually a boy dressed as a girl. He was quite a sexy guy, middle aged but with a fit body. He reached in and ran his hand up my exposed slender long legs under my short tartan skirt and onto my cock. His hand played with me for a while before I reached out and rubbed his crotch. He was hard and obviously wanted more so I obliged him by taking it out.It wasn’t long before I was out of the car and onto my knees in front of him. I took it all into my mouth sinking my lips down onto his shaved cock. He started to move it slowly in and out of my eager moist mouth whilst holding onto my head. I couldn’t believe it, this was the first time I had tasted another cock and was loving it. I must have got carried away at one point as he was close to cumin and withdrew his cock from my mouth.I now wanted him badly and he too me so I quickly pulled out a condom and ran it down his 7”shaft. I lubed him up well once more with my wet mouth before he turned me round and spread my legs wide. The top half of my body fell forwards and my head rested on the seat as he sank his cock into my male pussy. I breathed heavily as he filled me, in and out getting faster and faster holding onto my hips tightly whilst I wriggled and groaned out load. His cock pounded my cheeks for a good 3 or 4 minutes before I finally felt him start to tremble and shoot his load. A few seconds later he pulled it out wiped his cock clean and smiled at me once more, before saying with a wry smile “I’ll see you again”I climbed into my car adjusted my clothes and drove off. I drove round for a while thinking about what I had just done for the first time. I couldn’t believe it I had just been fucked by a man for the first time and loved every minute of it, I wanted more!!!Since that day casino oyna I’ve been back many times, and each time I score lucky. My most recent adventure was 6 guys. ….Not all at the same time I might add but an interesting thought for the future. I was in hot mode that day and typically dressed as the slut. Within minutes of stopping, cars were cruising slowly by, with horny guys looking and smiling at me. It wasn’t long before I had my first cock of the day. The driver of a van pulled alongside looked and beckoned me inside. He looked about 50ish. I slid open the door to see a welcoming fat cock and immediately slid in alongside him grabbing it out of his hand. It was probably the fattest I’d witnessed in the flesh so immediately opened my mouth wide to accommodate it. No sooner was my lips around his cock when his hips thrust forward pushing it deep inside my welcoming mouth. I gagged immediately as he pushed it in and out before quickly shooting his thick load into my mouth. I coughed a little as he withdrew but licked up what was left dripping from around his cock. Within 5 minutes he was gone. I wasn’t sure if a guy coming that quick was satisfying to me but nevertheless it had happened and I felt really slutty Mmmmmm.No sooner had I cleaned up around my mouth, when another guy pulled up in front of my car and climbed out. This time a much older guy and probably well into his early 70’s walked towards my car and climbed in beside me. My cock was just peeping out from under my skirt as he ran his hand up my leg to the exposed flesh above my over the knee socks. He fondled my balls and cock before going down on me. After a few moments of him sucking my cock he sat up right and pulled his cock out from his jogging pants. It was quite small and I knew this time I would not be gagging, never the less I eagerly went down on him and sucked hard as I moved my mouth up and down with his hands gently pushing down on my head. His watery cum spurted out slowly as he let out a slight moan, before I sat up and smiled at him. He looked rather pleased and told me I looked gorgeous, kissed me on the lips and left. By now I was feeling so so sexy and definitely hot. As I checked my make up in the rear view mirror I noticed another car had been parked up behind me. The driver flashed his lights and I beckoned him towards me. This time two guys got out and came alongside the passenger door. After a short conversation I stepped out and went around alongside with them. One guy was tallish and the other rather short and a little chubby. I pulled out a picnic rug from the back seat and spread it out on the grass verge. The car was fairly close to the hedge but we still had enough room to play. I got down on my knees as the short chubby guy pulled his cock out for me to canlı casino siteleri play with. The taller guy went around to the back of me and lifted my skirt up and fondled my buttocks. As I sucked on the chubby guys cock, the taller guy forced my legs apart even more and stuck his middle finger in my hole gently working it in and out. I felt my G-string being pulled to the side and a lump of spit hitting my hole before he slid his cock in between my bum cheeks. As he thrust I fell forward and down between the chubby guys legs, he dropped to his knees and lifted my head up by the chin and again putting his cock into my mouth. Within a few minutes the tallish guy pulled his cock out and I felt warm spunk running down my tranny bum cheeks. The chubby guy grabbed my head, as his cock thrusts into my mouth began to shorten and slow down to a stop before he groaned out “you fucking slut” as once again spunk flowed into my mouth. That session lasted about 15 minutes before they thanked me for being such a greedy slut and disappeared down the well-known dogging lane.I decided to drive a little further down the lane and pull into a small clearing in some woods. By this time I needed a rest just to gather my thoughts and wonder if it was not now time to go home. However cars were still driving slowly past and the drivers glancing. Some of the cars I recognised from earlier times but they carried on. Some then turned around and came back once more for a look, I just glanced at them and smiled before eventually one pulled up behind me and waited. As he looked in his rear view mirror I pressed my brake lights 2 or 3 times as a signal for him. At first he just sat there and I wondered if he was just not interested. After a few minutes he got out, stretched his legs and walked up and down past my car, each time looking at me. He eventually came up to my driver’s side and I wound my window down. He was quite good looking and appeared quite nervous. But after some small talk I asked if he wanted to sit in my car. He obliged and walked round to the passenger door and climbed in. We chatted some more and he mentioned that he had seen my car before but I looked busy and so drove off. It was also the first time he had chatted to a t-girl. Anyway enough of this chit chat it was time to test his nerves. I placed my left hand on his thigh and slowly slipped it up between his legs and rubbed a little. He reclined his seat back a little as I continued to work my hand around his crutch area. The more I rubbed the more his cock increased in size. I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out to work my magic even more. I looked at him and his eyes were closed so I leant over and gently kissed him on the lips, before pushing my tongue into his mouth. He began to breathe casino şirketleri heavily and he returned the favour with his tongue. After some snogging I lowered my head down onto his cock and sucked him gently. He laid there running his hand up and down my back, his breathing got heavier whilst I moved my mouth up and down and flicked my tongue on its reddish head. I began to feel his hand wander down my back towards my arse cheeks and squeeze them, it was nice and I loved it. I sucked him for about 10 minutes before he finally shot his load. After the usual clean up session we chatted a little more and he told me he was getting married in a month, but asked if he could see me again. This was his first time with a T-girl and he wanted some more. It’s sort of sexy in a way to know that the guy who is enjoying my company is going to be married soon, but wants me as his slut on the side. This story will follow later I hope!After the nervous guy had gone I was just about to go home when a builders van pulled up nearby. A guy got out and started to check his load of scaffold pipes. The usual eye contact was made and to my slight amazement he pulled his cock out and started to wave it about in his hand. Strangely as it may sound I felt a little uncomfortable, but then he pointed to a fallen tree nearby in the clearing and walked over to it. When I got to him I immediately recognised him as a guy who had once had me before. He had shot his load before he even got it inside me. Still not to worry I thought let’s give it another try. I sat on the fallen tree as he pulled his cock out again. It was quite long but thin and easy to take in my mouth. Take it slut he blurted out as he pushed it into my mouth. I squeezed his balls as his cock slid in and out of my mouth. All the time he was talking to me, calling me a slut and reminding me how much I was enjoying his cock. This time I was determined not to let him shoot in my mouth but instead I wanted his cock in my arse before he shot his load early again.I stood up, turned around and placed my hands down onto the fallen tree trunk bearing my hole towards him with wide spread legs. This time he managed to fuck me good before shooting his load. With a slap on the arse he called me his favourite slut and withdrew. I stood there remaining bent over and squeezed his warm spunk out of my hole and let it run down the inside of my leg. He watched a while said goodbye and walked to his van before driving off, leaving me to clean his mess up. I decided then that my fun was over for the day and it was now time to go home. What a day it had been. I was blown away, 6 guys, 2 fucks and 4 blowjobs in about 3 hours. Without a doubt I was a slut and would definitely be back for more one day.Since then things have gone fairly quiet down my dogging lane. The police are now cruising all the usual dogging spots in my area and have frightened everyone away for the time being. Having said that it’s now winter time and a bit too cold for outdoor fun. Roll on spring time 2014.

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