“Coyote and the Wolf” part 5

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“Coyote and the Wolf” part 5Coyote and the WolfPart 5The evening sky began to brighten as the sun started to rise in the east. The night creatures, finishing their activities, scurried home to their borrows to hide from the light of the sun. In the inn, on the second floor, the two canines slept peacefully in each others arms. Both were erect again from the pleasant dreams each were having. The sounds of song birds stirring awake, began to filter in through the window. Ku’o, his head nestled on the big wolf’s chest, began to awaken. Slowly opening his eyes, looked out the offending window to see the oncoming light of day. Looking down the torso of the sleeping wolf, Ku’o saw the large erection protruding from the wolf’s sheath. With a devious grin, he licked his lips and moved closer to the tip of the wolf meat. The lingering musk from the night before filled his nose, drawing a response from his own hard cock. Ku’o began liking away the dried cum from his partner’s pulsing shaft, and then started to suckle on the engorged head, taking most of the shaft into his mouth. Soon, the knot of Lupo’s dick began to inflate past the sheath. Hearing the wolf moaning softly, he felt a hand stroke his back and neck. Letting the cock slip from his mouth, he turned his head to look at the awakened wolf with a smile on his face. “Good morning my lovely wolf.” Not waiting for a response, Ku’o rose up to kiss Lupo deeply. Pausing to catch his breath, Lupo responded, “Aren’t you the horny one this morning!” Grabbing the coyote by the arms, Lupo returned the kiss. “I take it that you would like to take your turn now?”“I don’t see why not, other than making our new armor, most of our work is done. There is no reason we can not enjoy a lazy morning here in bed for once.” Ku’o answered. Swinging one leg over the wolf’s chest, he presented his aching crotch to Lupo’s face. “Care to lube me up so I can enter you easily?”“He he he, OK, granted!” Grabbing the coyote’s rear, he pulled Ku’o closer to his face and deep throated him, letting his saliva coat the hot cock in his mouth.Feeling the wolf’s tongue swirl around his head, he thought about face fucking him again but Lupo pulled away, the excess drool running from the corners of his mouth. With an excited grin, Ku’o moved down to the wolf’s groin. Lifting Lupo’s legs up to the wolf’s chest, he angled his cock to Lupo’s hole, touching it to the entrance and slowly pushed in. Once the wolf relaxed, he slipped in a little farther, burying himself up to his knot. Holding there to allow the wolf to grow accustomed to the intrusion, he looked down at the wolf cock pulsing before him. His own cock pulsed in response with urgency, and he began thrusting with gusto. Lupo reached up and grabbed the headboard to steady himself from the assault on his ass. His balls slapping against the wolf, Ku’o slammed his meat into the wolf, trying to force his knot in. Finally, with a mighty thrust, it popped home. Continuing to thrust the small amount he could move, he grabbed Lupo’s cock to beat him off, quickly bringing them both to a climax. Collapsing on the wolf, they both rested, enjoying the afterglow.After about a half hour, at the edge of their awareness, they both could hear a strange clanging noise. In a rising panic, they tried to identify the sound. Each looking to the other, they said at the same time….”Cow bell!” Pulling himself out of the wolf, Ku’o jumped from the bed to fetch his bow and arrows,stopping at the nearby window he said “Lupo, arm yourself and meet them in the field. I will cover you from above till my arrows are bahis firmaları spent, then I will join you! With a nod from Lupo, he vaulted from the window onto the first floor roof, then climbed to the second floor roof to find shelter behind the chimney.Lupo sprang from the bed and ran down the stairs, grabbing his sword and sheath from the pile of supplies he had left on the floor the day before, he buckled it around his waist. Selecting another sword and shield from the wall, he stepped out side to confront the intruders. Choosing to make his stand near the cauldron, so Ku’o could pick off the enemy without straying too far from cover, he turned to face the approaching menace.A lone figure appeared, followed closely by an ox and wagon filled with hay and barrels. The figure was covered by a long hooded robe and appeared to be unarmed, continued toward the inn.“Come no closer, who are you and what do you want? Shouted Lupo.The hooded figure stopped and pulled the ox to a halt as well. Looking to Lupo, the intruder spoke with a woman’s voice. “I seek a wolf and a coyote who are traveling together.”“What would you want with such an unlikely pair? Remove your hood before you answer!” countered Lupo.The figure reached up with one hand and revealed her face, she was a feline with the markings of a snow leopard. “I was sent by a common friend with supplies, he told me that you probably both would be unclothed and have the smell of sex about you.” smiled the cat.Laughing, Ku’o stepped from behind the chimney, “Sounds like something Argent would say” Dropping gracefully down from the double roof and landing on the ground, he continued “What kind of supplies did our friend Argent send? I am Ku’o and my large and menacing friend here is Lupo. And you are?”“You may call me Snow. I have for you this ox and wagon for your journey, and some supplies for the inn that may have been lacking. I also have feed and grain for the oxen that have not yet arrived. I take it you have found plenty to eat up till now in the forest?” glancing at the elk skins stretched on the racks.“Flour is the only thing we are out of, other wise the larder is well stocked. Do you require assistance with the ox? We should get cleaned up and fix a meal before you go rest from your journey.” Ku’o replied, extending his hand in greeting.Attempting not to stare at the fine nude figure in front of her, she took Ku’o’s offered hand. Turning to look at the wolf, she saw that he was trying to hide himself behind the shield and failing. Greetings to both of you. I can handle the ox, is the wagon all right where it is?” Getting a nod from Lupo, she continued. “Very well, I’ll take the ox to the stable while you two make yourselves more presentable.” Turning, she started unhitching the ox from the wagon, while the canines went to the bath to clean themselves. After making certain the ox had plenty of food and water, she went into the inn to see what she could start for a late breakfast. Finding the stove cold, she went about starting a fire.The canines, now dressed, came down the stairs and started their morning routine of getting breakfast. Lupo going out to fetch some eggs and feeding the chickens, while Ku’o started a pot of chicory and gathered ingredients for their meal. Handing a bowl to Snow, he said “Would you care to get some flour from the wagon? It will be nice to make some biscuits for a change.” With everyone pitching in, a large wholesome breakfast was soon ready to serve. The meal was eaten mostly in silence, aside from the occasional compliment to Ku’o’s cooking. Finishing his kaçak bahis meal, Ku’o got up taking some of the finished plates, and took them to the kitchen, then returned with the pot of chicory to fill all the cups. “So, how long are you staying with us?”“I was told to wait for Argent to return, I expect him sometime tomorrow.” she answered.“We have most of the food stuffs we need, but now that we have flour, we can make some trail bread as well. What skills do you have that can help us prepare for our journey?” Ku’o asked as he sat back at the table. The three of them spent the morning discussing what was still needed and who would do what task. By high noon all three were busy at their chores for the day.Later that evening, after they had eaten their dinner, cleaned the kitchen, and prepared for the following days breakfast. They gathered around the central fire place to work on various pieces of armor and weapons, discussing their plans for the next day when Argent would arrive. Snow was still very guarded about any information regarding Argent or where exactly the canines were headed on this expedition to the west.After finishing the armor straps he was working on, Ku’o stood up and told Snow,” There is a separate room up stairs that you can use to sleep in, Lupo and I use the large bed near the stairs in the main room. For now I bid you a good nights rest, and I will see you in the morning,” Stroking Lupo’s cheek as he walked by, he added, “Come up when you are done with that, the night is getting cold!” Turning, he walked up the stairs to bed. Alone now with Lupo, Snow stood up and sat next to the wolf, noticing his slight discomfort at her presence.“You are a handsome example of a wolf, why are you so shy around me?” Snow asked.“Huh? Oh…ah… not shy….. Just a little uncomfortable around…..ah…cats is all.” Lupo responded.“Around cat huh? Are you sure it is not something else? Have you no experience with women?” Snow asked, looking at Lupo intently.Yes!….errr.. I mean no…….There are cats in the Federation, but I was taught that they are not always to be trusted. And no,….I’m not experienced with women.” Lupo muttered. “ I don’t find them attractive.”“Oh? So you are only attracted to males. I heard that is not allowed in the Federation.” Snow pried.“NO It Is Not! Only unions that can produce cubs are allowed.” Lupo answered. “That is why you were greeted with hostility when you arrived. I am being pursued by the Federation for it, even though it was consensual. I was accused of unwanted advances toward someone under my command, and now he is hunting me down.” Lupo put the breast piece he was working on on the floor and stood up. “I’m sorry, I can’t talk about this any more!” He walked over to his sword and scabbard, took it off the peg, and walked out he door into the night.“Damn it!….Well there is always that luscious coyote upstairs!” Setting the belt aside, she crept up the stairs to try her luck with Ku’o. Reaching the top, she saw the coyote asleep on his back with out any clothes. Stepping lightly, she made her way to Ku’o’s crotch and inhaled his virile scent. Quietly, she knelt down and began to tease his prick from it’s sheath.“Lupo! It’s about…. wait….What?…Snow!? What are you doing here? Where is Lupo?” Ku’o exclaimed, getting up from the bed.“Shhhhh! Lupo was unwilling to help me with my need, so he left the inn to go or a walk. So I came up here to get you to take care of me, what else does it look like?” She straddled Ku’o’s body, pushed him back down on the bed, and took hold of his cock. “Now, are kaçak iddaa you going to fuck me, or do I have to force you?”“All you had to do was ask!” Ku’o answered in surprise.“Well I’m asking now, so sit back and enjoy the ride!” Pointing his dick into her dripping vagina, she mounted him fully to the knot, then started slamming down on him hard. “Oh yes, that’s what I needed! Come on, help me take your knot!” she panted, forcing herself down on his shaft, faster and faster. For a long while she rode like this, getting wetter and wetter with each mini orgasm, making the canines bed damp with her juices.She rolled on her back with her legs wrapped around his waist. “Come on now, shove that big fat knot into my cunt and fill me with your seed!” Ku’o, nearing his climax, pounded her hard trying to force his knot in to her. “Come on dog, HARDER!” She screamed, arching her back. Ku’o pushed hard, and popped his knot in as she clamped down on him tight. His sperm jetted into her as he howled. Jerking his cock in and out with what little he could move, he shot stream after stream in her, then collapsed on top of her breathing heavily. Ku’o had never been knotted so tightly, both soon passed out with the effort on the canines bed.After leaving the inn, Lupo wandered the night forest sleepily, till he was too tired to walk any farther. Finding a tree with a nice smooth root, he lay down and slept.When he awoke the next morning, the dreams of his life in the Federation were still with him. The power at his command, the camaraderie of his outfit, and respect of his peers. All gone now, due to one wolfs stupidity and hunger for power, which he would have gained by himself in time. A rumbling in his stomach forced him to his feet in search of breakfast back at the inn. As he approached, he heard a second cow bell. “That’s odd, Argent wasn’t due till later this afternoon.” Then it dawned on him, “What if…” he was too late, he could now smell the wolves and felt the sharp point of a spear at the back of his neck.“Don’t move commander, you are surrounded” said a wolf behind him. Another to his left, stepped over to him and relived him of his sword belt, then tied his hands behind his back. He was about to resist when he saw Ku’o and Snow bound naked to the skinning racks. Slumping his shoulders in defeat, he allowed himself to be pushed into the clearing. As he was lead closer to the inn, he could see that Ku’o and Snow were still alive but u*********s. He was brought to the back of a wagon with a large thick pole mounted in the middle, fitted with chains. There he was hauled up and chained to the pole.Loud boot steps could be heard from within the inn, a tall wolf stood in the doorway with his left arm in a sling, it was Lucious. “Well, it took you long enough Lupo, we’ve been waiting on you to show up.” Lucious sneered. Looking to someone behind Lupo, Lucious added “Yes commander this is the one we want. I recommend taking the other two inside and setting the place on fire.”“NO…NO You Can’t! NO PLEASE! Don’t do this!” Lupo cried “PLEASE NO, LET THEM BE!” Receiving a heavy blow from behind for his outburst, Lupo fell silent, tears welling up in his eyes.“Yes Lieutenant Commander, it will be done” Lupo watched helplessly as his friends were cut down from the racks and dragged inside the inn. Solders came outside bearing brands from the central fire pit, and quickly went about setting the inn ablaze. All of the solders formed ranks and headed out of the clearing along with the wagon.Lupo scanned the sky for any sign of Argent, but saw none. Weeping openly for the loss of his love, yes it was love, love enough to be his mate. Now his mate was gone, and he had nothing more to live for. Lupo collapsed the floor of the wagon, shuddering with sorrow, and tears streaming from his eyes.End part 5.

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