D/s First Meeting Fantasy

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D/s First Meeting FantasyThe day is finally – FINALLY – here. i wake up slowly and leisurely, and enjoy this time more than i think i ever have. Knowing that You’re so close makes the between-sleep-and-awake daydreaming all the more wonderful. i rise late, but it’s cool, i’ve got the day mapped out so i know i can afford the time without stressing myself. i get up and grab a coffee…just one with caffeine today to ensure i don’t get a headache; god knows i won’t need the extra energy boost. i move onto decaf and get down some breakfast. Ok, so it’s time to start moving. Right on schedule. Which is the only thing keeping me grounded at the moment. God i wish my cunt would stop dripping…well, maybe. i head into the bathroom and survey the tools i’ve laid out. All the makeup, the perfume, the bubble bath. As the steaming water fills the tub and i start to smell the vanilla lotion i’ve dropped into the water, i survey myself in the mirrors. The polish is holding on the fingers and toes, the skin has all calmed down after the waxing. i’ve seen it many times before but I’m still fascinated by my bald pussy. It feels so much more…prominent. And i can literally see it glistening in the mirror. i shouldn’t, but i take just a moment to slide a painted finger between the labia, and i can’t help but moan out loud. i don’t think i’ve ever been so turned on. i know i have to stop, so i pull out my finger which is now soaked with my juices. i put it in my mouth and suck it clean. Which elicits another moan. The bath is ready so i set the timer for a half hour, and sink into the beauty and heat of it. i lean my head back, close my eyes, and let my arms just float. i probably doze off for a moment here or there, and i spend a little time brushing my hands across my now-hard nipples. Leaving me short of breath. And moaning a little.When the timer buzzes, i’m surprisingly refreshed, and pretty much bounce out of the tub and into the shower. Doing something as simple as using shampoo, conditioner and body wash always makes me think of the showers in the sex club. And i find myself moaning a little again. i check the time when i get out…the day is moving along but i’m on schedule, so no worries. i dry off and wrap my hair up. Contacts are first, followed by makeup, and various products in my damp hair. i take a moment to strategically spray perfume as planned, and smile as i move back into the bedroom where the outfit is waiting. Per Your instruction, i insert the remote control vibe into my dripping snatch, leaving it off…but of course I can FEEL it. My skin is on fire as i pull up the thong and garter and put on the bra. Pretty stuff which i’m sure You will love. i sit on the side of the bed and begin to roll on the stockings. What a feeling…i slip on the heels to complete the feeling, and it’s back to the bathroom to fix hair and apply final bits of makeup. Things seem to be working out pretty well so far.When i come back out of the bathroom, there’s a half hour to go before it’s time to leave. Still on time, but my pulse speeds up at how soon this is going to be real. i stop in my tracks, take a couple of deep calming breaths, and move back towards the black dress. It feels so luxurious as it slips over my head, and I love how the deep neckline falls between my tits just right. It’s really quite flattering, and will only be made more so with the jewelry.i start by clicking the necklace around my neck. I check it out in the mirror, loving how the big blue stones pop against my pale skin. i add the matching earrings and rings, and finally slide on my charm bracelets. And that’s it. Now it’s time for a final look. Not too shabby. The dress and shoes work. The jewelry sparkles. The hair and makeup are good. The lips match the nails. And, i think, most important is the fact that i can almost see the bright sparks of sexual energy shooting off me, especially out of my eyes. i smile and take another few deep breaths. This isn’t the time to lose focus.And we’re at 10 minutes to lift-off. Another deep breath as i fill a deep blue evening bag with necessities – makeup, perfume, credit cards and ID. Keys are in my hand as i shrug on a light evening coat, black, and extend the handles on my two rolling bags…one with some clothing and necessities, and the other, fuller, one stuffed with toys.i don’t know exactly what You have planned but You’ve given me the address and have said i’ll be fine to drive, so i don’t think about it further. When i arrive i leave the bags in the car and head into the hotel’s restaurant. i ask and You haven’t arrived, so i opt to wait at the bar. i remove my coat, settle into a bar stool and order a glass of champagne, and because i know You would want it, engage in a little flirting with the bartender. But, i’m distracted…we’re finally so close! i am getting so excited i can barely hold my glass as i turn slightly to survey the room and keep an eye on the entrance while i continue to chat with the bartender to keep my mind off my growing nerves. All of a sudden, my cunt begins to lightly vibrate. i almost drop my glass from the shock but recover just in time. As i turn back towards the entrance, You are there. Sir, i swear i can see that evil glint in Your eyes from across the room. i stop breathing entirely as our eyes meet. We both smile slowly, softly, as You begin to walk forward. i get in a breath – just one – as i slide off the bar stool. You reach where i’m standing and there aren’t any words…a light hug that gets tighter, a light kiss that gets more intense. As the kiss ends and we just keep hugging for a moment longer, i feel the vibe jump up to medium. My knees are starting to buckle and i hold onto You a little more tightly. As the vibe speeds up even more, I lean my head into Your neck and finally get to breathe those two words. “Oh….Sir….”You smile down at me and lightly brush my lips with Yours as You hug me tight. You still haven’t said a word, but the vibrations stop. i sigh audibly – half from relief and half from disappointment. You take my hand as You scoop my coat and purse from the chair, and lead me out of the bar. As we near the entrance i have a moment of fear that You are actually leading me into the restaurant for dinner – good god You can’t possibly have that much patience! – but i breathe a big sigh of relief as You lead me past the restaurant into the hotel lobby. You’re about two steps ahead as we walk, but You are going at my pace, allowing me to take everything in as we move towards the elevators. i catch up as You press the button, and i wrap my hands around Your arm and press into You. The excitement of the moment, the champagne and the vibrator are all conspiring to drive me crazy. There will be ample time for talking, but this is not it. We get into the elevator when it arrives, but sadly are not the only ones to get on, so we have to behave. Well, at least to a point; after pressing the button, You step behind me and carefully pull me against You, pushing Your body against mine. i feel Your strong hands slowly snaking around my hips, and i’m sure i can feel the start of a hardon pressing into my ass. The elevator continues to crawl along, but finally we reach the floor. You take my hand again, leading me out and down the hall. Of course – because i am feeling every single second of waiting time – You have selected the suite at the very end of the hall.You open the door and escort me inside, and the moment the door closes You are right there…Your lips are on my neck, Your hands are around my waist, and Your thigh is grinding into my crotch. i reciprocate heatedly, wrapping my arms around Your neck and pulling You closer, running my fingers through Your military cut hair. God i love the feel of thick, closely cropped hair on a man! i manage to snake my tongue into Your ear, and return the crotch-grinding with my own thigh. i stop to pull Your suit jacket open and get it off Your shoulders immediately; in an instant the jacket has joined my coat and purse on the floor. i feel Your tongue driving into my ear – eliciting a long moan – as i work Your tie undone. It joins the growing pile of clothes on the floor as i start to undo the buttons on Your dress shirt. i’ve gotten through about a third of the buttons when You stop me by pulling back. Your eyes freeze mine in place as You smile and finally speak: “My turn.” i almost melt as You wrap Your arms around me and find the top of my zipper, pulling it slowly down its length. You help the dress to fall off my shoulders, and work it past my hips. When it hits the ground, i want to step out of it, but wait for Your instructions.You give none, but instead step back and survey Your sub…the blue-green lace and embroidery of the bra and thong, with the matching garter holding up the stockings. The stockings going into the tall black heels. You push me back against the wall and breathe one word: “beautiful”, before Your mouth is on mine again, and i can feel Your brilliant tongue exploring every millimetre of my mouth. i am aglow and gushing from Your praise and Your tongue, as i reach up between us to continue working at the buttons on Your dress shirt. Sir i’m so hot…i cannot believe this is real, but at the same time it feels so natural after so many months of fantasizing about it. You take both my hands off Your strong chest and raise them above my head. You cross my wrists and pin them – gently, lightly – against the wall. When You move Your hands away, mine remain where You positioned them. It doesn’t even occur to me to move illegal bahis them. You detach the garter from the stockings, and leaving them in place, pull both the garter and the thong down my legs. i can’t even imagine how my pussy is dripping! i’m sure i can feel the wetness dragging all the way down my legs. You surprise me – and make me moan loudly – when You stuff both the thong and garter into my mouth. Deeply…filling every crevasse of space. i am trembling with excitement. You reach behind me and undo the lovely bra, and then bring my arms down in order to remove it. As the bra falls to the floor i am naked except for the stockings and heels, and my waxed cunt has never felt so exposed. You cross my wrists in front of my abdomen and tie them off with some type of cord or scarf; it is soft but extremely resistant as I u*********sly begin straining against the bonds. You just smile. GOD You are sexy.You are still mostly dressed, and it is KILLING me not being able to see and taste You in full. i don’t know what’s coming next, but i need it to be something, and quick! As if You’ve read my mind, You drop to Your knees in front of me, and i feel – for the very first time after all this waiting – Your brilliant tongue on my wet, wet snatch. i SHRIEK into the gag with pure lust as Your tongue hits my clit for the first time, and cannot help but grab Your head with my tied hands, pushing You into my cunt! You lick, and especially suck, expertly, and i try to sling a leg over Your shoulder for better contact, but You push my leg back off, and take me off guard as You slap – harshly – the inside of my thigh. i scream again, and at the same time i almost cum.i can feel wave after wave of sex juice gushing out of my twat as You lead me towards the bed, and i feel like I’ve soaked us both. You’ve helped me step over the dress, and i am literally trembling as You walk me across the room. You throw me on the bed and before i know what’s happening, You have secured my bound hands to the middle of the headboard, so my arms are stretched out above my head. i feel one leg being pulled out diagonally, and then cannot move it at all as You have clearly attached it to the bottom bed post. i test out the bonds as You give the same treatment to the other leg: there is some leeway but i’m definitely held firmly in place. i almost knew for certain this would be the case, but there was a tiny doubt that’s now gone: GOD i LOVE this!i look up and see You smiling at me. There is fire in Your eyes as You continue the unbuttoning job i started on Your shirt. i am writhing, and grinding as much as possible, as You remove Your shirt and i get to see Your strong – and newly shaved – chest. The sound that escapes me is something between a moan and a growl as You unbuckle Your belt and toss it to the ground. i can barely breathe through the lingerie gag as You reach for the button on Your dress pants. i can see Your erection outlined against Your pants, but NEED to see it live. NOW!i can tell You are thoroughly enjoying this as You slowly unzip Your pants and shrug them off. They too fall to the ground, and i can see Your rock hard cock poking out from under Your shorts. If i could speak, it would only be another round of “Oh…..Sir…..” as You hook Your thumbs into the waistband of Your underwear.Your face tells me how much You are loving this too as You slide the shorts down slowly and stretch them over Your erection. i think i may have completely stopped breathing watching this, from the audible gasp that comes when i finally see Your rock hard cock…this cinnamon weapon that has been bringing my mind to glorious orgasms for all this time. It’s glistening with precum and all i want to do is taste You! You just smile again as i start begging into the gag, and begin writhing against the bondage. You walk closer to my head and i have a moment of hope that i will get to have You in my mouth, but again it’s not to be. You stroke my cheek as i let out a frustrated sigh – i am truly loving every minute of this, my entire body is on fire, BUT it doesn’t make it any less hard not having any control! – and bend down to take a nipple in Your mouth.It is pure heaven as You run Your tongue all over my left nipple, and as You begin to suck as well, i think i’m going to lose my mind. i’m moaning, i’m writhing, i’m pushing my chest upwards…i’m so into this! As quickly and passionately as it began, it’s over, and i scream into the gag as You bite down hard on my swollen nipple, a forceful reminder of just who’s in charge here. As if that were needed…My left nipple is throbbing from the excitement and the hurt of the bite, and You capitalize on this by applying pressure as You roll it between Your fingers while Your mouth moves onto the other side. At least this time i know what’s coming and try to steel myself for the bite – except that when it comes i’m not at all ready for the accompanying harsh pinch that You apply to the already-tender left nipple at the same time. i shriek again and my body goes rigid…from the shock more than the pain, but i can definitely feel the pain as well. i’m sure i have completely soaked the bed by now.i’m writhing all over the place (as much as possible within the bindings) as You continue to explore my body. You’ve now got fingers applying pressure to both sore nipples as You kiss, lick ad suck Your way down from my chest. Ohmygod i am literally burning up and i don’t think i’ll be able to take much more. The moment Your tongue hits my wet, wet cunt i know i’m done for. You start with one long hard lick from the bottom right up to my clit as i shriek again. As Your lips lock onto my clit and begin to lick and suck, i am screaming into the gag “SIR PLEASE LET ME CUM!” again and again, but You never look up. The pressure on my nipples gets more intense, as does the pressure on my clit. i’m practically in tears already…i can’t let this be how we start the night! Much as i look forward to experiencing Your punishments a million times over, i hoped to be able to build to it, not have it hit me full force right off the bat. My moans are sounding more and more pitiful and i can’t keep still at all. The only part of my body not quivering and thrashing is my eyes, which are locked on Your head in the hopes of some sign of permission. And finally, just when i think i can’t hold on for another moment, it comes: You raise Your head just slightly and we make eye contact. “Do you want to cum, slut?” i moan “PLEASE SIR!!!” through the gag, nodding my head frantically the whole time. i can see the smile as You finally allow me some relief, saying only “Cum now” before locking Your lips on my clit again and ramming three fingers into my dripping snatch. i scream again at this welcome invasion and feel my body begin to tighten as the orgasm builds. Every muscle locks up and i’m completely still, as tense as I’ve ever been…until You push a finger into my ass and break open the flood gates. i shriek again into the gag as i am lit on fire with this wash of pure sexual joy, which seems to go on forever as You maintain perfect contact with my clit despite my crazy bucking.You know instinctively when it’s become too much, and pull back before i have to try and alert You. You gently remove Your fingers and plant a few light kisses on top of my twitching pussy before moving back entirely. You reach up and pull the gag out of my mouth and i know what You want to hear: “Thank You Sir for my every orgasm!” i’ve never meant it as much as i do right now.My body starts to calm down and i can taste my juices in Your mouth as You come up for a long, hard, deep kiss. i love the feeling of Your tongue rolling around inside my mouth, helping to take away the dry feeling left by the fabric. The best part, though, is that You are full on top of me, and it is heaven to feel our peaks and valleys fitting together so perfectly. My still sore nipples are responding beautifully to being crushed against Your chest, and my pelvis is already beginning to move and grind in the hopes of bumping into Your hard cock. Aah…oh, that’s it! i can feel Your head touching my cunt. Oh… there, spreading my outer lips just a little. i can’t help it, i’ve got to have more of this! i use the headboard for leverage as i push myself towards the foot of the bed…between the tight ties and You on top of me, i might only make it an inch or two, but it’s enough. Mission accomplished as Your cock connects with my clit and i am hit – based on Your intake of breath i think we both are hit – with a burst of sexual electricity.Despite a very recent orgasm, i MUST have You inside me! After months of lead-up to this moment i cannot wait another second, and decide it’s worth the risk to beg You for it as i pant into Your ear “Oh Sir please…i need You inside me NOW!” Seems like You were thinking something similar as the only reaction is a smile. i feel Your legs pushing my thighs apart the little that’s possible, but it’s enough to allow me to tilt my pelvis up a bit to meet You better. We both moan as Your head enters my tunnel, and i am not breathing at all as You slowly… slowly…push Your way in to the hilt. Despite being very familiar with the accurately proportioned toys, i am struck by the amazing feel of Your girth…i am so very full. And my g-spot…holy hell You’re hitting it exactly! As You pick up speed, every stroke is sending a focused line of white hot pleasure from my g-spot right up through my abdomen. i’ve rarely felt anything like this, and never consistently. It the single-most illegal bahis siteleri incredible feeling in the world and i’m ready to pop all over again! i’m pretty sure i’m not going to get off this easily twice, but I’ve got to ask: “Sir please, please let me cum for You again? PLEASE?” Your rhythm doesn’t falter even a little as You look up at me and chuckle. “What did you say, slut?” “Sir PLEASE You are driving me mad! Please let Your slut cum for You now!” i’ve either amused You, or You are getting off on how i’m responding to You. One way or the other, i could almost cry with gratitude when You respond with a surprise: “This one’s a freebie…know it’ll never happen again. You may cum.” You speed up Your strokes, never once missing the mark, and my entire body is on fire and i scream Your name as i give into the phenomenal intensity of a g-spot orgasm. You keep pumping and it feels like it’s never going to stop. As soon as i’m able i try to express my gratitude…”Oh god Sir…thank You so much! Tha-“i don’t get any further. You pull out and quickly, expertly untie my ankles from the bed frame. You roll me over and push me up so my ass is in the air fully exposed (the Humble position), with my tied arms out in front of me. Before i know it You’ve pushed my legs open and are pounding into me from behind. And of course i’m doing my level best to push back against Your thrusts…already. i smile as i know what’s coming next…and at that moment i feel the first smack on my right cheek, followed by one on the left. The slaps continue – not overpowering but certainly hard enough to hurt, and i imagine, turn the skin a nice bright red. “Whose are you, you dirty whore?” “I’m Yours Sir, only Yours!” “And what are You?” i shriek into the mattress as You RAKE Your nails down my back before answering: “i’m Your greedy cum craving cunt, Sir, here for Your pleasure only.” i think that was a pretty good answer; i feel You swelling as Your pumping gets faster. A couple more slaps to the ass – which i am LOVING – and then i scream again as You ram at least 2 fingers into my ass. You reach forward and yank at the base of my hair with Your free hand, pulling my head back to an almost impossible angle. “What do you want?” i’m trying to push back as i answer, meeting Your hard fast pounding with my own movements “Sir i want Your cum inside me PLEASE!” i clench my cunt walls around Your amazing cock and suddenly realize how close i am to cumming again. Jesus Christ! “Sir may Your sub cum with You please?” “Jesus Christ bitch if you can do it, do it, NOW!” My cunt walls pulse around Your beautiful cock and i am stunned as I cum for the third time in what feels like mere minutes. BUT…this one is for You, so throughout i make sure to never lessen the pull and pressure on Your hardon, and as my walls convulse i know i’m doing something right: You’ve swelled even more and are pumping even faster. It’s not long before i hear Your growl “I’m going to fill you with my cum slut!” You smash into me as You unleash Your hot cum, and as You eventually finish, collapse on top of me on the bed.i keep my ass raised just a little because i don’t want to let You out; we’re both still twitching a bit and i love the sensation. You run Your lightly fingers all over my outstretched arms as You reach up to untie my wrists, and eventually You do pull out and roll off to one side of me. As You watch with amusement propped up on Your side, i stretch and writhe for a moment in some kind of post-coital twilight, but as i remember where i am i quickly roll back to face You. With a giant grin on my face, of course. We both let out a chuckle and as You roll onto Your back, i snuggle into Your arm and lean on Your chest, lightly, slowly running my fingertips over Your body.Eventually i get up to look for water, and when i come back with it You’re sitting up at the side of the bed. As i walk between Your legs, You put Your arms around my waist and pull me in close. “Well that was a brilliant start. But now I’m thinking we need to get dressed and find some dinner. And make a trip to our cars. I believe there are a couple of toy bags to collect that are going to come in very handy.” i’m already getting warm and tingly again as i wrap my arms around Your neck. “Oh….Sir….”After as much cleanup as possible – as i have nothing with me, a shower isn’t in the cards – we dress for dinner. It’s a little makeshift…since my thong and garter aren’t useable after all that time in my mouth; it seems i’ll be dining without the benefit of undergarments. You seem to be enjoying this thought and add to the scenario by instructing me to insert the remote control vibe. i guess i should be a little concerned about where this might lead…but nope. Not a bit. Partially, i’m sure, because i’m still riding a low buzz from the aftereffects of my three brilliant orgasms, but more because You know exactly what will push my buttons, and i trust You to use that knowledge appropriately. So i just sink into it. With a big smile.Once we both look and feel respectable, and the vibe is firmly in place – You have surprised me by adding a crotch rope to ensure the vibe stays where You want it – we head downstairs to the restaurant for dinner. After some preliminary release of all these months’ worth of tension, the hotel restaurant doesn’t seem as horrifying a concept as it did earlier. It’s later so we are seated right away, and the bottle of bubbles arrives almost as soon as You have ordered it. i love the sound of that POP as the cork goes…it is just sexy. i also love the celebratory clink of the flutes; oh my god do we ever have reason to celebrate! The menus arrive but i don’t even look; i just assume that You will order. And You do. As we wait for the meal, we have a chance to chat. Nothing terribly serious – what could be said? – but some catching up…addressing things that we’ve never had or taken time for via PM, or even via chat when there have always been more important things to focus on. You’ve had questions; I’ve had questions. And now we have some answers. And more talk. It flows easily, which isn’t surprising at all after such a long time. It feels totally natural, which shouldn’t be a surprise, i suppose. i’m so glad it’s working out this way. We enjoy a nice meal – You haven’t abused Your right to order, and i have enjoyed everything – and the champagne has continued to flow. Each time You lean in for a kiss, or run Your hand up my leg, or play with the vibrator via Your phone, i squirm with delight, pressing into the crotch rope and wishing that this dinner, no matter how lovely, would END. i also can’t help but think back to the Valentine’s dinner at the restaurant – we talk about how strange it is to be in a rounded booth, with a crotch rope and a remote vibe, no less – and there is a small part of me wondering whether something insidious might come, but i am more glad than not that is doesn’t. Having to remember what’s real and what isn’t, is harder than i’d expected…fun of course, but a little on the challenging side. Finally the hot beverages are done – my coffee, Your tea – along with the liqueurs, and we are contemplating next steps. We have touched throughout the meal…whether it’s been hands brushing on the table or feet underneath, i don’t think there’s been a minute that we haven’t had some physical contact. While we’ve been enjoying the intellectual elements, this is just too raw…it’s the physical that we need. Once the cheque is taken care of, You take my arm and lead me towards the main entrance to the hotel. Soon we are walking towards the parking garage. We get in the elevator and it’s not half a second before You’re on me, crushing me into the wall as You mash Your mouth against mine and grind Your groin into mine. OH MY GOD I want You so badly! Again…We ride the elevator to the roof, and walk to my van. When we arrive I do my best to pull You in for a quick fuck, or hump, god just anything, but You hold me off with a stern look. Shaking off the insane desire, i shut the door after we’ve grabbed the bags (both the toy bag and my travel bag), and we head towards Your car.i cannot believe that You are making me walk, but down the ramp to Your car we head…between the champagne, the heels and the crotch rope I’m not too sure on my feet, perhaps a little too focused on grinding…but pulling into Your arm helps to steady me. When we finally reach your car You grab Your bag, and we’re on our way.The elevator doors close and i see You have Your phone in hand. The reason doesn’t register until the vibe suddenly jumps from off all the way to maximum power. It’s such a surprise that i let out a little squeak, which only makes You smile. i try to press up against You, but You hold me back, and before i know it the elevator opens and we are making the short walk back to the hotel. As we walk, You speak, quietly but forcefully. “Once we reach the room, you may take care of any needs, and then you will remove all of Your clothing and assume the Wait position.” Your voice has changed and it sends shivers of ecstasy – and a little anxiety – down my spine. It’s all i can do to whisper “Yes, Sir.”We’ve made it through the lobby – i haven’t even noticed – and are in the elevator to the room. This time we are alone, but there is no touching, until Your hand pressing into the crotch rope shocks me out of my thoughts. It’s incredible that You know just where to touch me even through clothes…i think i could cum just from the pressure, but i know better than to ask. canlı bahis siteleri The evil glint is there, and it’s making me so HOT, but a little intimidated as well. Fuck i love this. So i just breathe, and try to concentrate on anything but the vibrations and Your hand. Not easy, but i manage, and eventually the elevator doors open.You say nothing on the walk to the end of the hall, but as You open the door You ask, in that low, cold voice, if i understand my instructions. Again a whisper: “Yes, Sir.” There is no more talking when we enter; You take a moment to lift my dress and remove the soaking wet crotch rope and vibrator (did I hear You say ‘slut’ under Your breath?), and then take the toy bags and move to the other end of the suite. i push my curiosity aside, grab my case and head into the bathroom. Once i’ve undressed, relieved myself, brushed my teeth and touched up the makeup, it’s time to face You. i’m trembling. And covered in goose bumps. All over. i walk to the middle of the suite and as instructed, assume the Wait position. It almost kills me to stare straight ahead; i can hear You but don’t know what You’re doing. Some music goes on…fairly loud. Meant to muffle sounds??? Before i can think that through, You are beside me. With my collar. Which You fit around my neck, tight enough to press but loose enough for my comfort. Even still i’m barely breathing as You buckle it. Oh jesus my cunt is soaking wet. Next comes the head harness with the mask and ball gag (it’s been a favourite ever since those very first pictures) and i’m a little afraid i might fall over as You affix it.The harness is in place and i’m concentrating on controlling my breath through my nose. i wait in darkness and silence as i maintain the position. After what seems like many minutes there is just one word, in that low, chilly voice: “Inspect”. i don’t even think about it: i pull my legs close together and lace my fingers behind my head as i lift up on my toes again. This is not an easy balance position even with the benefit of sight, so i’m hoping i won’t need to maintain it for long. That said, i am already a little nervous…i have no intention of doing anything that will result in punishment. Well, at least not this early :)i feel Your fingers running lightly over my raised arms, brushing down towards the armpits. If You try to make me laugh I’ll be done for. But You move quickly towards my breasts and suddenly all i can think about is the amazing feel of Your fingers as they leave no millimetre untouched. i’m trying so HARD to stay still, but all i can think about is how much i want You, how much i want to feel You inside me. Anywhere. i’m perilously close to losing my balance on my toes when out of nowhere You grab both my rock hard nipples and viciously twist them. i scream into the gag and can’t help but bend forward a little as my feet land flat on the floor. Fuck. i’m trembling now. So hot, so wet, nipples throbbing uncomfortably, a little scared too. And that fear doesn’t abate when i hear another single word…low…cold: “Mistake.” i honestly have no idea what to do. So i do nothing. i hear You moving and some unidentifiable sounds. i jump slightly as i suddenly feel Your breath on my neck. You start to move me around and i am completely disoriented; i don’t know if this has been a repositioning or if You’re just fucking with me…i keep that thought to myself but enjoy a very brief mental chuckle. “Spread your legs.” i comply, moving my feel to shoulder width. i feel something being fitted around my ankles, and then my legs pushed out a little farther. Did You just put a spreader bar between my legs? i try to move but with no success; yes, it seems You did. i’m balanced ok, and very briefly have a moment of gratitude that You haven’t positioned my legs as far apart as You might have. It feels like i’ve been electrified when You take one hand and then the other down from my head and position them behind my back. i gasp as i feel rope being pulled behind my arms at the elbows…and feel like i maybe should be concerned about spontaneous orgasm as You begin to slowly apply pressure to the rope. i can feel my chest being forced forwards as my elbows come closer and closer together. God the feeling is incredible! You’re moving slowly enough that the muscles aren’t hurting, and i’m getting to feel every centimetre that goes by. Oh my god i think they’re actually touching when You stop pulling and tie them off! i can feel my pussy dripping down my legs. You take a moment to attach my wrists as well, and i can feel You moving around me. i jump a little but immediately grind against You as Your hand presses up against my hot cunt. You jam what feels like three fingers deep inside of me, but only for a second, and i wail with frustration as You pull them back out. This time there’s no question what i’ve heard: “What a slut…” as You wipe your now-dripping fingers across my thighs. Just like in the sound file. So evil. So delicious. God I want You so badly!The intense desire is only magnified – which i wouldn’t have thought possible – when You rope my breasts. i don’t know what You’ve used, but they begin to throb immediately and feel like they’re jutting out at 90 degrees. Oh god oh god oh god…i haven’t even absorbed the feeling of the pressure in my tits when the first blow hits. And the second. And the third…and so on and so on. You’re making sure to kiss every part of my body with the whip. From how the blows are landing, it’s got to be a cat…i’m absorbing it ok, but i am ON FIRE. You hit every possible area on my front and back, paying particular attention to my now swollen and sensitive breasts. Just when I think i’m handling this, the first upward swing connects with my twat. i shriek into the gag as it hits, making direct contact with my engorged clit. Oh jesus it hurts, but i can feel my cunt responding at the same time. You hit directly again, and again. Soon i am wailing into the gag not from the pain, but because i’m pretty sure i’m about to cum. As if You’ve read my mind, You are at my ear. “Do you want to cum, slut?” All i can do is nod and moan. And an ominous “Okay, then…” as Your response, and You are slowly pushing on the front of my shoulders…? Up to this point i’ve balanced ok, but all of a sudden this is not the case. The scream this time is fear as i topple backwards…only to hit the bed. i guess this was the moving around earlier…nicely played, Sir. This isn’t all that comfortable…i’m leaning back on my tightly tied elbows, putting even more pressure on the shoulder joints. You grab the bar and bring my heels up towards my ass before pulling my knees apart. Suddenly You’re on my clit…not a little…a LOT…Your tongue, Your mouth…nibbling, licking…and finally sucking like mad. The pressure is INTENSE! And all i want to do is grab Your head and pull you in even more, but i have to settle for pushing up at You. You did say okay, and i cannot worry about it now…i’m cumming cumming cumming as You suck like a vacuum at my clit! It just doesn’t end! And suddenly something else…in a very rare turn of events, i’ve just squirted all over You. Ohmygod what a feeling. You finally release my clit and i just revel in it all as You lap up my juices. God i only wish i could see You!i hear a snap as You unhook the spreader. You’re moving me around again, and i smile big behind the gag as my feet brush Your hair…i know i’m in for a throttling. i can only imagine Your level of excitement right now: You’ve tied me, You’ve gagged, blindfolded and collared me, You’ve disoriented me, You’ve whipped me, and You’ve made me squirt all over You. Total control. The first thrust slams home and there’s no more imagining…My shoulders strain even more as You push forward and it feels like my bound tits are going to explode…oh my god this is heaven. You’re attacking my cunt like a madman and all i can do is moan, and sink into it, and do my best to grab Your rock hard cock with my pussy walls and try to keep You buried inside me…between thrusts that is, as i don’t want to miss even one of those. i’m going to cum again…SOON…and i have no idea how to get Your attention. i feel You swell and Your ferocious thrusts pick up even more speed…i think my shoulders and breasts are going to pop but i don’t care…and suddenly You’re there taking care of me again, as You growl “CUM WITH ME” and i do just that, screaming into the gag…oh my god it’s electrifying! At almost the same second, with an a****l grunt You finally unleash Your hot cum inside me. We’re both panting, boiling hot, sweating, as You collapse forward onto my legs. God i love feeling You inside me! i want this to last forever, but my shoulders and tits have different ideas. i’m moving around what little i can trying to relieve some of the strain when i hear You stir and chuckle. “This can’t be comfortable, can it?” You release my legs and slowly allow the muscles to unclench as You move them down off Your shoulders. i sigh audibly as i feel You pull out of me. You move up and undo the bonds on my breasts, and help me lean forward so You can get at the elbow and wrist ties. You stop and rub my arms, and massage my shoulders, which is lovely, but what i really want is to be able to see You. i find myself making little mewling noises through the gag, which elicits another chuckle from You. “Such an impatient slut!” More gently, more warmly, this time. But You come up and remove the harness. My first really good breath of air is interrupted by Your kiss…just as it should be. “Oh…Sir…thank You.” You set to rubbing the kinks out of my joints and my eyes start to close as i sink into the enjoyment of it. Only, that is, until You notice and shake me back out of it. “Not a chance. The night’s just started, bitch.”

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