Daddy’s Little Girl

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Daddy’s Little GirlSarah’s surprise for Daddy.It was one of those lazy Saturday mornings perfect for lying around and doing nothing. It was slightly overcast and there was a chance of rain. Sarah came up from downstairs and crawled back into bed with her dad. She cuddled up next to him, dressed only in one of his large t-shirts, and rested her head on his chest. Her hands came up to his stomach and she lightly ran her fingertips over her dad’s stomach. She tilted her head up so that her eyes met his. He kissed her on the forehead and she smiled. This felt right. Even though it was so wrong, it still felt so right.They laid there; watching television, content with their bodies bundled together. She continued to run her hands across his stomach and she felt that every time she ran them on the lower part of his stomach, his body would involuntarily jump. She continued to do this, moving lower and lower each time. Eventually she felt the head of his penis hitting her fingers. She moved her hand down and began lightly running her fingers up and down the underside of his now hard penis. She heard her father moan his approval. She did this, dragging her fingers over his cock, for a little while before moving down and giving his yummy balls the same treatment. She loved making her father feel good and today was a special day. He thought that they were going to spend the day alone together, but she had other plans.She became more wanting with his cock and started palming his cock, moving lightly up and down, remembering to fondle his balls. After a few minutes, she grasped his cock and started lightly pumping it up and down. She never moved from her cuddling position, only using her hand to make her father feel good. She slowly pumped all the way down, then brought the skin up and over his large head and then pumped back down on his cock. She loved the sight of her hand on his cock. She knew that he loved it too.–DING—They both jumped at the doorbell. He father grasped her body and she just looked up at him. She smiled and removed her hand from her father’s cock. “Surprise!!!” she said. “What?””You have to get up. I have a surprise for you,” she said as she scooted out of bed, grabbing her father by the hand and pulling him up. She paused for a second and looked at her father’s naked body and almost pushed him back into bed, but resisted.”You have to get in here,” she said as she opened up her father’s sliding closet door. The closet door was one of those with the wooden slats that, from the inside, slanted down letting you look out at anything below your normal line of sight. She put him in there, naked, and closed the door.”Don’t go anywhere. Trust me, you’ll like this,” she said.She disappeared from his room leaving him wondering what was going on. After a few minutes passed by, he felt a little weird being naked, all alone in his closet and the thought crossed his mind that maybe he should get out and see what was going on. That’s when he heard Sarah and another girl talking. He recognized the voice. It was Sarah’s best friend and fellow cheerleader Amber. Sarah had become inseparable from her since they were in cheerleading together in junior high. They were even going to be going to the same college. Sarah came into the room backwards, pulling Amber into her father’s room. He could barely make her out as the slats limited his view, but he could see that she was in some black volleyball shorts and a black sports bra. She must have been on her way to the gym before coming over. “What about your dad,” Amber asked.”Oh, don’t worry about him. He won’t mind,” Sarah bahis siteleri replied and with that she pulled Amber onto the bed so that Amber was on top of her. From his viewpoint, he could see the blonde Amber straddling his daughter and then, without warning, saw her lean down and begin kissing his daughter. Sarah brought her hands around and embraced her friend as they made out for their unknown spy. Sarah’s dad admired the two girls, with their full lips, enjoy each other. The sight made his cock throb and he began to slowly stroke it. He admired Amber’s amazing ass, barely covered by the short tight shorts. Sarah’s hands began exploring her friend’s back and moved down to caress her friend’s ass. Amber was about the same height as his daughter, large round c-cup breasts, dirty blonde hair and a body to die for. She worked out at least 6 times a week and it showed.Amber sat up and removed her sports bra. Her beautiful tits came into view and he wished that he could get a better view of this action, but knew that this was about as good as it was going to get. Sarah, while still lying down, removed her father’s t-shirt, leaving herself naked and pinned beneath the gorgeous body of her best friend. Amber then leaned down and began kissing Sarah on the neck. Sarah tilted her head to the side and looked directly at the closet and smiled. Amber continued her way down and took one her Sarah’s nipples into her mouth. Her hands ran up the side of Sarah’s body, feeling the smoothness of her skin as she sucked one of her perfect nipples into her mouth. She continued down, running her tongue across Sarah’s flat belly, her hands cupping each side of her stomach. As she moved down, Sarah moved her legs out, spreading them for her lover. Amber teased her tongue on the inside of Amber’s legs.”You are such a slut for me, aren’t you?” asked Amber. “Uh-hmmmm,” Sarah moaned. “Eat my pussy and I’ll give you something you’ve been wanting for a long time.””Oh really?” asked Amber, darting her tongue across her friend’s clit. “This sounds good.”With that, she ran her tongue up her friend’s pussy, licking it from bottom to top. She expertly used her tongue on Sarah’s pussy, playing with her clit and labia, licking up the sweet nectar that resided in her friend’s bald pussy. Her dad noticed that they did not seem timid about this experience so he figured that this was something that had been going on for a long time. It was so hot seeing these two girls engaged in the very same acts that he had envisioned repeated times while masturbating.Sarah’s body was writhing from the sensations that Amber’s tongue was delivering to her pussy. She grabbed her friend’s hair and shoved her head into her pussy. She was yelling now. “FUCK….. OH FUCK…… OH MY GOD, YOUR TONGUE FEELS SO FUCKIN’ GOOD…….. DON’T STOP………. PLEASE DON’T STOP…….. OH..OH…OH….FUCK,……..O H SHIT…… I’M GONNA CUM, OH FUCK DON’T STOP, EAT MY PUSSY…….. FUCK FUCK FUCK……….AMBER…….. FUCK ……….. IT………….F EELS…………. SO………… GONNA……… AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. His daughter screamed in pleasure, her whole body tight and convulsing as her friend continued to lap at her pussy. She began to shake and her legs grasped Amber’s head. Amber stopped and looked up at her lover. “My God girl, I’ve never heard you scream like that. A little horny today?” amber asked redundantly.”Come here,” Sarah requested, pulling her friend to her, wrapping her legs around her as well as her arms. “I love you Amber.” Sarah’s dad was still stroking his cock, incredibly turned on, but bahis siteleri scared that if he got himself off that he wouldn’t be able to keep quiet and he was scared of alarming Amber. How would she react to unknowingly putting on a lesbian sex show for her friend’s old man? Probably not to well.”I got that toy you’ve been wanting for some time now,” Sarah said, brushing her friend’s hair back.”Which one?” asked Amber.”The big one. Only it’s bigger than we thought,” replied Sarah.Even from his viewpoint, he could see a quizzical look on Amber’s face.”It’s in the closet,” said Sarah. “Go get it.””In the closet?” asked Amber. “This whole time?””In the closet?” thought Sarah’s dad. He was in the closet. He began to worry now. Had his daughter just sold him out? What had his daughter put in here? How was he going to explain his nakedness and excitement to his daughter’s friend? He quickly became extremely nervous.”Quit looking at me like that and go get it, slut,” Sarah said playfully and pushed her friend off of her.Amber stood up looking at Sarah and then at the closet. She slowly walked over to the closet and grasped the knob. She pulled open the closet and Sarah’s dad instinctively tried to cover himself. “Are you serious?!?!” squealed Amber. How did you pull this off, Amber asked looking back at Sarah?”I seduced him,” replied Sarah, who was playing with herself. “How else does a woman get the things she wants?”Amber looked back at Sarah’s dad, naked and struggling to cover himself. “Mr. Russell, have you been spying on us? How naughty. I think you should do whatever we say cause you wouldn’t want anyone to find out about this, now would you?”The girls giggled and Amber grabbed Sarah’s dad by the arms and pulled him out of the closet. She moved his hands away from his hard cock and looked at Sarah. “Oh my god, he is huge.”Sarah just smiled. “I know, and let me tell you, it feels so good inside of you.””Slut,” was all that Amber said before kneeling down on the ground and taking his cock into her mouth. Sarah repositioned herself on the edge of the bed and watched as her best friend gave head to her father. “Doesn’t she have an amazing mouth, daddy?’ asked Sarah.”Oh yeah baby, yeah she does,” he said. Sarah got off the bed and got next to her friend. “You better make him feel good. That’s my daddy and he deserves the best.” With that, she grabbed her friends head, and grouped together a bunch of hair and then began moving her friend head on and off of her dad’s cock. “Take it all the way you slut. He deserves to have his whole cock in your mouth.”She pushed her head down all the way, causing her friend to gag on her father’s cock. Amber pulled away, saliva connecting the large cock and her lips. Sarah reached over and stuck her tongue out, licking at the saliva strand, bringing it into her mouth. She then leaned in farther and took her father’s cock in to her mouth and with one try, took him all the way down her throat. Her father moaned with delight.Sarah continued to suck his cock and moved her friend’s head next to hers. Amber began to lick and suck on Sarah’s dad’s balls. He put a hand on both of their heads, enjoying their young mouths on his cock and balls. Sarah stopped sucking his cock and looked up at her father. “Dad, you have just got to feel Amber’s pussy. It’s so tight. I want to watch her fucking you.”With that, she got up and pulled her friend up and moved her to the same dresser that she had bent over when her father was fucking her earlier. Amber was still dressed in her shorts and Sarah began to caress her ass. “Come feel her canlı bahis ass. It’s so amazing,” said Sarah. Her dad walked over and began to play with Amber’s ass. It was amazing. Sarah moved her father closer and eventually his cock met her ass. He grabbed her hips and started humping her as she was bent over. Amber moaned. “Tell my daddy how much you want him to fuck you,” said Sarah demandingly. “I want you to fuck me,” said Amber.”Be more convincing,” said Sarah, with a little more volume.”Please, fuck me. I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time. Sarah knows how bad I’ve wanted you. Please fuck me,” moaned Amber, my cock still wedged between her ass cheeks. Sarah’s dad stepped back and pulled down her shorts, kneeling at the same time. He came eye to eye with her pussy and asshole, on display due to her legs being spread. He grabbed her hips and went in with his tongue. He began to lap at her pussy and continued up to her asshole. She moaned, her head being pulled back by Sarah who still had a firm grip on her hair. Sarah’s father continued to lick and eat her ass and pussy. He then stood up and rammed his cock into her young pussy. Amber screamed in delight as he began to fuck her. Harder and harder, his resistance fading and his lust taking over. Sarah grabbed her father by the hand and pulled him away, pushing him back on the bed. Amber turned around and jumped on the bed, impaling her wet pussy with his cock once more and began riding her friend’s father. Sarah kneeled next to her and, for her father’s visual pleasure as well as her own sensational pleasure, began to kiss her friend and play with her tits. She reached down and played with her friend’s clit as she rode her daddy. “Does it turn you on to see us together daddy?” asked Sarah.”Oh my god yes.””Does her pussy feel good daddy?””Uh-huh””Don’t cum in her daddy. I want her to feel your cum on her face like I did the first night”The continued, Sarah using her hands and mouth on both her friend and her father, teasing and kissing, as Amber’s young pussy continued to pump up and down on his cock. He felt himself getting close and announced it.Sarah pulled her friend off of her father and everyone jumped up. Amber knelt down in front of him and Sarah grabbed her father’s cock and began to stroke it vigorously at her friend’s face. She played with her father’s ass as she did and felt his balls rise. He grunted and began to spray, shot after shot of hot cum onto Amber’s face. Once he slowed down, Sarah commanded Amber to clean her father off and Amber leaned forward and took his spent cock into her hot mouth. She cleaned all of the cum off of his cock and then moved back. Sarah then moved in began to lick the cum off of her friend’s face and then she tilted Amber’s head back and Amber opened her mouth. She let the cum fall from her lips into her friend’s mouth.”Don’t swallow it yet,” said Sarah. She continued to lick the cum and then deposit into her friend’s mouth. Once most of it was done, she leaned in and kissed her friend and they shared a cum filled French kiss. They finally stopped kissing and swallowed the remaining cum. Then they both giggled and hugged each other. “Oh my god, that was the hottest thing ever,” said Amber.”I know. It was so hot seeing you and my dad together,” said Sarah.They both stood up and came over and each one took turns kissing Sarah’s dad on the lips. They noticed it was raining outside and now dark, even in the middle of the day.”What a great day to just stay in bed all day long,” said Amber.”I couldn’t agree more,” said Sarah and then they both pulled her father into the bed. With one on either side, he laid there, an arm around each of them as they rested their heads on his chest. They all fell asleep, naked and content.It was going to be a good summer he thought as he drifted out of consciousness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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