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I was having one of those days. One when it seemed if it could go wrong it did. First I was late getting up and ready for work, than I had car trouble. At work my computer crashed and it took all day getting it back on line. Then my boss tells me that unless business picked up he was going to have to let me go. At home, I walk in to find my air conditioner has died on the hottest day of the summer. At this point I was ready to just scream.

Sitting on the couch I looked around my little house. “No way I can stay here. If I do I will roast.” I mumble to myself. I decide to go take a cool shower than figure out what I am going to do. Stepping into the shower I let the cold water run over my body. It feels so good after the day that I have had. My nipples become erect as the water hits them. I feel the muscles in my stomach tighten and a rush of heat wash through me. I slowly run my hand down my body. Leaning back against the wall, I take my hand and spread the lips on my pussy open so the water can hit my clit. The pressure from the water has my body-rushing head long into an orgasm. I play with my nipples while the water beats at my clit. When the orgasm washes through me I let out a long moan and slid down the wall to sit in the floor while I get strength back into my legs.

While getting dressed my friends call and invite me to go to a new club. ” I promise it will be fun.” They tell me. I agree and tell them I will meet them there in an hour. I select a new short black dress that has a shear top. I have not had an opportunity to wear it yet but after the day I have had I really need to feel sexy, and this dress does that in spades. Because of the heat I decide to go without pantyhose and just pull on some lace black thongs. I sit down to put my make up on and fix my hair by pulling the long fall of black curls on top of my head. Giving myself a long look in the mirror I decide I look really hot. Who knows, I might find something or someone to make my day better. With a laugh I leave for the club.

Arriving bursa escort at the club I am surprised to see how many people are waiting to get in. I get into line behind a couple and lean up against the wall waiting on the line to move. Starring off into space I notice a movement out of the corner of my eye. The guy in front of me has slid his hand up the skirt of his girlfriend’s dress and is playing with her pussy. She starts to move her hip in time with his fingers as they slid in and out of her. Just watching this I start to get so turned on. I move my hand to my breast and start playing with my nipples and squeeze my thighs together.

Looking around to see if any one is watching, I notice that the crowd is so large and everyone was packed together. No one could see what I was seeing. I turn back to see that the guy is watching me as his fingers fuck his girlfriend. He pulls up the back of her skirt to show me his hand. By this time I am so wet I can feel my juices on the inside of my legs. He is sliding two fingers in her tight pussy while watching me play with my tits. He whispers something to her and she looked back over her shoulder and sees me. Looking me in the eye she starts to cum. Her whole body shacking and a slow moan slipping from her lips.

“You liked that didn’t you?” she whispers to me. “Yeah, I did.” She just smiles at my answer and looks me over from head to foot. “You look good enough to eat! Would you like to get off now?” I just looked at her. I didn’t know what to say this. She reaches out and moves my hand from my breast and gently squeezed me tit. ” Do you want me to get you off now? You help get me just off by watching. It is the least I can do is eat your little pussy.” I look around me. I really do need to cum soon. My whole body was tight with need and my nipples were begging to be sucked by her.

But there was no way I was going to do it here with so many people around. Seeing the look on my face she just laughed “I will altıparmak escort be back.” She tells the guy. With that she took my hand and led me out of the crowd and to the parking lot. She stopped beside a car and unlocked the door. “Take your dress off.” I looked back at the club. You could see it from where we were standing but the light was to dim to make out what anything we were about to do where we were standing. “I said take your dress off! I want to see what I am about to fuck” she demanded.

I take my lower lip between my teeth and bite it hard but I reach down and begin to slowly lift my dress and pull it over my head. Standing there in the darkened parking lot in nothing but my bra and panties I felt very vulnerable. Any one could be watching this. Just thinking that turned me on even more. She opens the door and motioned me into the back seat. Stepping up to the door, I feel her move behind me and gently bite my neck. She runs her hands down my body and then slaps my ass. “Get in!” she ordered. She put her hand on my back and urged me into the dark car.

Sitting on the edge of the back seat she pushes me back until I am lying flat on my back. She moves in over me, and then starts kissing me. She slides her tongue into my mouth and I suck it in deeper. She moans when I do this. I feel her hands on my breast, then the brush of air on my nipples. She starts kissing my ears and neck working her way to my tits. I need to feel her hot little mouth on my nipples. I grab her head and put her mouth where I want it.

“You want me to suck you?” she teases. I moan as she just blows a light breath on me.

“Yes, do it now!” I order back. She takes my nipple deep in her mouth and sucks it hard. I arch my back into her mouth demanding more. It felt so good but it was not enough. My entire body was on fire, begging to cum. “Touch me!” I demand. She continues sucking my breast but her had slides down my body and in to my panties. Her hand rubs over my görükle escort smooth pussy lips and than pressed a finger into my wet slit. I work my hips into her hand. I am whimpering now. It feels so good having her finger working in and out of my tight little pussy.

“I need to feel your sweet mouth on me.” Taking her head between my hands I push her head down my body to my waiting pussy. She pulls my thong panties down my legs, biting and licking on my inner thighs as they slid of me. She slowly blew on my wet lips, just teasing me.

“Lick me!” She sucks at my lips for a minute before I feel her tongue flick my clit and a finger open me. She is sucking my clit hard now. Sliding her finger in and out of me. She is driving me fast and hard, driving her finger in deep and moving it around and sucking so hard on my clit.

“I want your tongue in me!!!” I demand. She obeys my wish and puts her tongue as far in me as she can. I am starting to cum now, my body is tight and shacking with a dull ache that is centered on her tongue. She starts rubbing my clit now with her fingers that are wet from being inside me.

“I’m cumming, fuck me harder with your tongue! Harder, yes, that is it! Ooh yeah, I am going to cum all over your face!!” My whole body is shacking now, just begging to cum. Her tongue is fucking my pussy and I feel the first waves of pleasure wash through me. Grabbing the back of her head I hold her tight to me while I come apart with her tongue deep in me. Arching my back I scream as I have the hardest orgasm I have ever know crash through my pulsating pussy.

Laying in the back seat of the car looking up at the ceiling, trying to get my breath back, I feel her move back up my body. She starts kissing me. I love the taste of my own orgasm on her tongue. I suck it deep into my mouth, trying to get all I can. She lifts her head and smiles down at me. “Now aren’t you glad we called and invited you to the club tonight?”

“Yeah I really needed that. You can eat me any time you want!” I smile up at her while I play with her breast. “I guess we should go catch up with Gray before he gets bored.” We both laugh, and I start getting dressed knowing the night had only just started. I smile as I wonder what my friends have in store for me the rest of the night.

– The End –

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