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DIARYMarchIt’s been a while since we talked. She’s got cock on the brain.My roommate Leah’s boyfriend Tom happens to be hung like a bull. She’s constantly fucking him, that’s half their daily routine. The other half is sometimes showing up to class, sometimes sitting around and talking about his dick. She sat me down and gave me a vivid description of her sucking him off in an alleyway near the theater she temps at. At first I contented myself to putting on my headphones during their many-hours long screw, but that just provoked them to fuck harder and harder. She screams at him about his cock hitting her womb, piercing it, she tells him to fuck her like a horse cock should, a stallion unicorn motherfucker, etc. I just got into college on a scholarship, and all of my time is spent studying. I play Bach to try and keep calm, not recall all the times I catch glimpses of Tom’s cock as he passes my eternally cracked doorway to go to the bathroom, touching myself in the dark while they hump. It’s not fair. The wet slapping sounds of their fuck drive me insane. I can’t help but frig my clit to them, their screwing is so fucking intense.I hope my studies won’t suffer or I may have to talk to them about it.AprilTom came over when Leah was out today.He said hello when I let him in, then shut himself in her bedroom. I listened to him go to her dresser, then open a bottle of lube, that distinct click, and noisily stroke his elephant trunk in anticipation of her arrival. He even stood by the door, teasing me, while I pretended to wash my hands in the bathroom and walk past her door, nearly double over in my desire, I could smell him, it made my pink lips below flaring out, my inner cunt convulsing. I needed release, but I couldn’t fuck Tom. My studies would be ruined. I shut my bedroom room and dug out my hummingbird vibrator with rotating beads and a swivel head. It’s noisy, but I figured it was the least he deserved for teasing me so much.I flipped the thing on, clicked my own bottle of lube open and rubbed it down. It’s seven inches or so, but the added features were independently operated at eleven speeds. It was expensive but never fails. I ached for that cock, I wanted to see it fully engorged. I fantasized him slapping the length of my entire face with it, stuffing it in my cheeks, using my hair to steer me as he fucked my throat.I think I might have heard him leave her room, turning up the music, then pretended to go to the bathroom, when suddenly I realized, as I clicked it higher in speed, that he was standing directly next to my room, stroking his cock.I knew he could hear me using my toy, could hear the tiny noises I can’t help but let out when it gets going.Suddenly, I heard Leah coming in the front door. It was late enough that she might have thought I was asleep, but I heard Tom skip a step down the hall and land on her bed in the other room just as she opened the door.They fucked from there, of course, and I finished myself, gasping loudly, drowned out by Leah’s surprised yelps as he fucked her like an a****l.MayFinally given in. Last night, Tom carried Leah suspended on his cock (his hands on her ass lifting her up as she hugged his torso) down the hall, opening my door with her butt.I was of course rubbing one out to the noises they had been making, in fact so bold as to sit above the covers, my cunt spread open, rubbing to almost the point of orgasm when I heard them come down the hall and creak open the door.I even had my lights on. I must have looked like I had my legs open in invitation, because Tom carried Leah to my bed, plopped out of her, and presented it to me as kırklareli escort she lay beside me.”Tom says you might want something yourself, says you study too much, you need to relax.”Leah is very kind. She let me suck it with her, a task in and of itself. He was too big for my mouth, let alone my throat, so we nibbled and licked on either side of it, big around as a beercan and a pulsing cockhead like a tangerine. Over a foot long, veiny and muscled, twitched it at me, laughed at the expression on my face, asked me if I wanted it inside me.His dick between my teeth, I nodded, bobbing on him as best I could, pulling back and spitting on it, rubbing it, tugging at his enormous nutsack, while Leah actually started touching me, flitting my clit with feather touches that gave me shivers.He pushed the bare cock to my pink lips, then tortured me by rubbing it along, butting the head against my asshole, forcing my tiny cunt to slobber along the length, I humped back at him and he grabbed my hips. I was so wet I practically wet the bed with cum juice, the first time ever, actually. I came as he slipped it in, also a first. I’ve never felt something so huge not hurting at first, but it was pure pleasure. He hit my core, he kept fucking his hips at me, it felt so fucking good, made me feel so fucking alive to have that thick meat at last. He didn’t come for a long time, in fact, we all fucked for hours, him alternating between us, at one point setting her in my lap and plopping back and forth between out cunts, finishing himself on us in warm globs. He made me cum so many times I lost count, somewhere around thirty. Leah, meanwhile, sucked his cum out of me every time he shot a load in me, since after the first time he did he hadn’t asked if I was on birth control beforehand, and in fact, it’s a bad time of the month to have him blow loads in me. Leah said she’d get me a morning after pill if I wanted, and gave Tom permission to shoot, in fact, he shot on command. She’d order him to come and I’d feel his cock twitch a warm bloom into my womb. She’d put her face in me when he’d pull out and the cum would dribble or plop out, and of course the whole time Tom never got soft, how unbelievable, I swear his cock is a mythic b**st or something, turns women to jelly, my roommate and I fell asleep cradling it, our faces resting on either side of it, then woke up and did the whole thing over again.JuneToday I had an odd experience in the park with Leah and Tom. I have to say they work out a lot, not just fucking but jogging, and they asked me if I wanted to tag along. Since they fucked me, they both grab my ass occasionally but things haven’t gone that far since that one night, though I helped Tom get his dick wet when he came over one day Leah was out. He tells me my cunt is the tightest he’s ever had, says the way it grips dick is superb.I figured after we got limbered up and ran around a bit they’d want to get some time alone elsewhere, Leah said something about being hungry, her codeword, so I wandered down to the concrete public restroom by the south parking lot while they snuck off to tug at each other in the forest. Of course it’s only natural that the girl’s bathroom was out of order. Being the adventurous spirit I am, I decided to risk the boy’s room just once, maybe to see if it’s true what sort of naughty things might be written on the walls, maybe flick my bean. Since fucking Tom, I’ve had the dirtiest mind. Sometimes I just touch it absentmindedly, not even aware of my wet fingers at first. Smelling his sweat had gotten me hot, running. I needed release.The floor escort kırklareli of the bathroom was sticky, and I swear it smelled like dick. My pussy immediately flared out its lips and started leaking into my running shorts. I chose the middle stall and went in, clacking the lock shut behind me.I’d certainly heard of gloryholes before, but I had never encountered one until today. They were holes about seven inches around, with duct tape along the sides. The walls were, as I expected, lewd to say the least.I wiped off the toilet, placing ripped off squares of toilet paper along the edge of the seat, pissing as I read the nasty things scrawled on the wall. Obviously a lot of men used this stall to get sucked on by what I presumed to be other guys at the time. Crusty semen stains caked the edges of the holes on either side of me. I steadily rubbed my button thinking about that, guys putting their dicks through a hole to get sucked, completely anonymous, a hungry mouth devouring them… I ended up squeezing my thighs together for maximum effect. The smell, the sticky floor, the condom machine littered with graffiti, all sent me over the edge. I had a small trembler of an orgasm just as the door to the bathroom banged open and three boys walked in, their voices echoing off the tiles. They stopped laughing when they saw my feet under the middle stall. I had my panties and running shorts around my ankles at that point, naturally, so I felt a bit self conscious. My shoes were kicked off and my Buddy Holly glasses on the toilet paper dispenser next to me. Regardless of the intense fear I felt then, I kept jerking on my snatch, squishing my fingers into me as the boys peeked first through the edges of my stall, then entered the ones on either side of me.While one bent down to look on one side, the other guy whipped out his dick (sorta flaccid but getting more erect by the second) and pissed in the toilet in two streams.Something about seeing that anonymous cock through that cum encrusted hole made me tremble with excitement. Seriously, does that really make me a slut? I think a gasp escaped my lips when I caught the one guy’s eye, and I certainly groaned as the other guy started stroking his cock by the opening for me. I think the third stayed by the door to watch for people.I lifted my hips off the toilet, and grunted to the glorious sight of two pretty young bucks stroking their organs on either side of me. One finally worked it to full length and stuck it through the hole. I immediately started sucking it, it was easier to gobble than Tom’s, nibbling the cockhead and licking the slit. He tasted like he’d been running around all day, and the strong odor of his sweaty cock and balls overcame my senses. I reached over and started stroking the other guy, then decided to go full out. Cock still in my mouth on one side, I backed my ass up to the other. There was just enough room in the stall to bend over and reach down to position his plum-sized cockhead against my dripping slit. I rubbed it all around the lips and them humped back against him as he thrust into the stall hard. We were making so much noise, they were groaning like I was killing them. The cock in my mouth shot its load in my mouth relatively quickly, and it was tart creamy. I pulled it out of my mouth with a plop and he shot two more globs on my double A titties.The guy in my cunt groaned soon after that, and I thrust back to meet him, grunting encouragingly. He shot into me, then pulled out halfway finished and emptied the rest of his load on my ass, still humping at the air at him. I wanted more, even kırklareli escort bayan then, chin and chest coated in cum, ass dripping.The boys trundled out of there and got their friend, and I saw the shadow of his feet saunter in and rattle at the stall.Just then I was kind of scared. I saw he had black feet, and I’d never been with a black guy before. My mother and father would kill me if I brought a black guy home. I mean, I’m not prejudiced, I’d frigged myself to them fucking white chicks for years. It’s hard to deny how girls encountering their first black cock look so shocked. Similar to how I looked when presented with Tom’s mammoth.I was rubbing my sloppy cum-soaked cunt and unlocked the stall door, as curious and scared as I’d ever been.He wasn’t wearing underwear, and his running shorts were pulled down to past his hips. His dick was well over a foot long, I swear, twitching and pointing at me, wet with sweat. I must have really turned him on, looking like I did, coated in his friend’s cum, a perverse gloryhole girl touching herself for him. He motioned for me to bend over the toilet, so I did, my ass stuck way out in the air, ready.He didn’t even close the stall door. Bracing on leg on the toilet paper dispenser (effectively knocking my glasses to the floor), he slowly slid that monster up my soaked pussy, and every inch he went I reached back, scrambling at him, talking in tongues, wiggling, squealing, scrambling to tug on his nuts, grab his ass, hump back, because it felt like it wasn’t entirely in.Halfway up my cunt his cock started twitching, and I gasped, burying him to the root. He was so thick his shaft was rubbing on my clit with every thrust and it was so good. I came on him squealing, just as his friends both pushed in and said people were coming up to use the bathroom, we should hurry up and finish.Their friend wouldn’t pull out of me, instead picking me up (I’m relatively light, I guess) and sitting on the toilet still inside me. Maybe this was his real idea of a workout.Two older men came in, one using the urinal next to the stalls and the other coming in the stall on our right.He didn’t notice the hole at first in the wall, pulling out his cock out to pee. I watched it as I bit the back of my hand not trying to scream. That monster was buried in me to the root, holding me immobile by my legs, not moving. I could feel that twitching head writhing in my cervix. I gasped noisily as it went in another inch. How was that even possible?The older man in the next stall leaned down, saw that fat black meat stuffed into me, and immediately started furiously masturbating. He wouldn’t report us. I reached through and pulled his cock through the hole, leaning up and tasting it as the savage in my lap thrust up harder.His little dick came in a thin stream all over me, adding to the cum still clinging to my nipples. I huffed and put my feet down on the black guy’s knees, squatting like a frog up and down on him.He hissed in my ear, his hand all slimy on my front, snaking down to my clit, and I picked up the pace humping him. The older man’s friend now had his dick, a thick veiny thicker one, stuck through the same hole his friend had come through. I latched onto it, grasping the shaft and corkscrewing my hand up and down, moaning onto him.As that nasty big black cock started pumping me full of thick spunk, the veiny cock pulsated on my tongue. I started coming as it twitched on my tonsils in time with the rapidly thrusting cock in my pussy, and finger on my clit, up my ass.They knew how to fuck a girl good.I got out of there before they could all recover, and found Leah and Tom fucking in the bushes. Seeing me coated in cum and sweaty, my panties gone, cum-oozing fat camel toe peeking out from around my now-loose running shorts, they started to laugh, then offered to help me clean off.I sat on my roommate Leah’s face while Tom fucked her

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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