Dominance and Submission

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Dominance and SubmissionOn my 15th birthday I went to live with Shelly. Shelly was a family friend who agreed to adopt me indefinitely. She was a beautiful 28 year old and quite independently wealthy. We got along well – I gave her no cause for complaint and respected her for letting me live with her. I did everything Shelly asked and in return she was like a big sister to me.After I had lived with Shelly for a week, she began to reveal her true intentions. After dinner, during our usual conversation, she said, “I need to discuss something with you now that you’re comfortable with me. You’re very obedient towards me and I want to take that further.” I had no idea where she was going and my silence prompted her to continue. She said, “ I want to try the D&S lifestyle with you. Do you know what that is?” I admitted that I did not know what she meant. Shelly continued, ”You could say that it is a game we play it 24 hours a day. I will teach you the rules as time goes on. For right now, learn this: you will call me Mistress from now on. To my friends, you refer to me as Mistress Shelly. You will address all my friends as ma’am and sir. From now on you are called Tommy instead of Tom. Are you willing to do as I ask, Tommy?”“Yes, Mistress!” I replied.“Good. Now, you must understand that I own you sexually. You are not allowed sex without my permission. Tommy, do you know what blue balls are?”“Yes mistress, I do.” I answered.“I’ll bet you have them now don’t you boy? Tell Mistress Shelly the truth!”“Yes ma’am…” I sheepishly admitted.Shelly stood up and gestured for me to do likewise. She said, “Strip! I need to see what kind of boy I own!” I gave Shelly a blank look and hesitated. “Well?” she snapped. I jumped up, saying “Yes, mistress!” I undressed, having no idea what to expect next.Shelly knelt down in front of me so that my cock and balls were at face level. She hefted my balls in her palm and exclaimed, “These are big balls for a 15 year old! These are as big as hen’s eggs! If you weren’t my Submissive, I could call you Tiger Balls!“ She hefted my balls until I was rock hard. She said “Poor Tommy, all that testosterone makes you a horny, naughty boy! Look how hard it’s made you!” With that, she pressed the head of my swollen cock against her lips and gave it a big sloppy kiss.Suddenly she stood up. “Tommy, as my Submissive, you need to learn a lesson right now.” She opened her shirt to reveal her breasts. “Tommy, what are these?” she asked. “Your breasts?” I tentatively answered. “Correct!” she said. She flipped her shirt closed and buttoned up, depriving me of the view. Again she cupped my balls in her hand. “What do we have here?” she asked. “My balls?” I again tentatively answered. “Wrong!” she said, turning the gentle hefting into a powerful squeeze. It started to hurt. afyon escort “These are MY balls!” Shelly corrected.Shelly taught me to be a good Submissive and allowed me sexual release when it suited her. I was not allowed to masturbate, and I had to ask Shelly permission for sex. Gratification was always delayed and I had to “earn” sex from Shelly and her friends.After two months of this, Shelly began the next phase of our D&S relationship. One evening after dinner Shelly announced “You have been excellent in your role as my Submissive Boy. It’s time for you to take the next step.” “OK! I mean, yes Mistress!” I said. Shelly said, ”I want you to become my Submissive Girl”. Shelly waited for a response, and all I could say is, “How do I do that?” Shelly said, ”Obviously, I want you to dress like a girl, but there’s much more we can do with you. If you let me have my way, I can really surprise you with this. I promise that you’ll enjoy what I have planned for you.” I liked letting Shelly dominate me so I said, “Yes, Mistress, whatever you desire!” “Good! We can start right now!” she said. “From now on, we will call you Tammy instead of Tommy.“ Shelly pressed the duty button on the intercom. “I need two maids in here to help me dress Tammy!” she ordered.Two of Shelly’s maids appeared and followed Shelly and I to the luxurious master bathroom. They had me strip and shower. Before I dried off, the maids shaved my body hair, except for my head, which Shelly already had me grow past shoulder length. The women began dressing me as a girl and applying makeup and jewelry. My eyebrows were shaped, my nails painted, perfume was applied. I received a girl’s haircut. They thought of everything. The whole process took over an hour.Part way through the make-up process, Shelly handed me some pills and a cup of water. “Down the hatch!” she said. There were two small white tablets and a yellow capsule. “What are these?” I asked. Shelly pretended to pout. She replied, “I want it to be a surprise. I promise it won’t make you dopey. Don’t you want to please me and be a good girl?” I replied, “Yes ma’am!” then swallowed the pills with a gulp of water. When the women finished, Shelly directed me into the bedroom. “Drop your panties and lay across the bed!” she instructed. I did as she asked. Shelly peeled back my mini-skirt, exposing my bare bottom. Suddenly I felt the unmistakable sensation of an injection being placed in my rump. I held still. A moment later Shelly said “All done! You can put your undies back on!” As I pulled up my panties, Shelly noticed my bewilderment and said, “Just trust me on this. You need the pills once a day and the shot once a week. Trust me for just one week and see how it goes.” “OK” I agreed.A week came and went. Then two weeks. I never asked Shelly about escort afyon the medicine she was giving me. I felt fine. I was having fun being Shelly’s submissive. I stayed with Shelly’s program of turning me into a girl. After a month, I realized that I was never horny and I wasn’t having erections. My cock and balls were getting smaller. My nipples became sensitive and were starting to swell. All of this was fine with Shelly because it made me less masculine. After two months I was used to being a girl and I began to enjoy my new gender. I enjoyed it more as time went on. In the beginning, I had mixed feelings about the whole affair, and I was often embarrassed around Mistress Shelly’s friends. It turned out that Shelly’s friends were supportive and my feelings turned to interest, enthusiasm, even confidence. I liked pleasing Shelly, but being a good girl for her became my top priority. She was glad when I finally decided that I really was a girl now and I wanted to stay that way. She took me shopping for new clothes to celebrate.I had been Shelly’s girl sub for several months when Shelly decided to take her Domination of me another step:Sonia was Shelly’s doctor and friend. Sonia had been examining me regularly since Shelly put me on the d**g regimen. I knew the drill. Shelly and I met Sonia at her office. We all went into the examination room where I stripped and then lay on the table. I was strapped into stirrups, feet up and legs spread. Sonia examined me, paying special attention to breast development and genital atrophy. The two women discussed my progress as Sonia poked and peeked. Sonia was digging her fingers into my scrotum, trying to feel my balls. They had been shrinking steadily since the end of my first month as Shelly’s girl. Even I had trouble finding them now, since they had become so much smaller than the sack that contained them. Sonia told Shelly, “Wow! We have really made some progress here. They’re the size of g****s now!” Shelly asked Sonia, “Is now a good time? Can we . . .” “I think we have to at this stage!” said Sonia. Shelly said, “I’ll explain it to her afterwards. Go ahead.” The women began their usual chit-chat as Sonia swabbed something cold onto my sack. After a couple of minutes, I felt a slight pin prick in the middle of my sack. A few more minutes passed. Sonia again dug her fingers into my sack, trying to locate the elusive testicles. “Does it hurt when I do that?” she asked. “I don’t feel much of anything!” I replied. Sonia continued the chit-chat with Shelly as she worked on my scrotum. I had no idea what Sonia was spending so much time with. The usual exam took much less time. In ten minutes Sonia announced “There! All finished! Now, Tammy, you need to lie quietly for a while before Mistress Shelly can take you home.” Shelly afyon escort bayan turned to me and said “It’s time to tell you what all your pills and shots are.” I spoke up, saying, “Mistress, I like being your girl now! I’ll keep taking whatever you ask! I WANT to be like this now…”Shelly said, “Yes, I know, but let me explain. You know what hormones are don’t you, Tammy?”“Yes ma’am!” I said.Shelly continued, “The little white pills are estrogen and the shot is estradiol. You probably realize that these are female hormones that have helped turn you into a girl.”“Yes” I confirmed.Shelly continued,” The yellow cap is a testosterone blocker. You have been chemically castrated for months. I’m sure you know what castration is.”“Like having no balls!” I answered.“Yes.” Shelly said. “Like having no balls.” I spoke up again, saying, “You can keep me castrated, Mistress…”Shelly said, “Good. Then I’ll let the doctor explain the situation.” Sonia said, “Your testicles were completely atrophied. I just spent the last ten minutes taking them out. They had to go.” She held up a specimen jar containing preservative and two g**** sized glands. Sonia glanced at Shelly, then continued: “We decided it would be easier on you if we just went ahead and did what needed to be done.” I sensed tension.“What a pleasant surprise!” I said. “Now I don’t need the yellow caps any more!” Shelly had an expression that I recognized as guilty. I also sensed she was relieved and surprised at my reaction. Sonia usually gave me my hormones on the days we visited her office, so I spoke up and said, “Doctor, it’s time for my treatment!” She handed me a cup of water and two tablets. “Down the hatch!” I said, winking at Shelly. I gulped down the tablets then I hopped down off the table. I turned around and bent over across the table, offering my bare bottom to the doctor. She obliged me by injecting the estradiol into my rump.It was time to get dressed. I picked up my panties, but didn’t put them on immediately. I gently patted the bandage covering my scrotum while remarking to Sonia, “Doctor, I feel better already. Thank you!” I was amused because I was enjoying it and the women were obviously a bit surprised.Soon we were in the car on our way home. Shelly was silent until we got home. She parked the car and before we got out she said, “I know I should have asked your consent first, but they were already too atrophied, and, and . . .” I finished the sentence for her: “ . . .you just HAD to make sure I was castrated soon. Am I right?” “Yes!” she admitted, after a pause.I explained, “Mistress, you just don’t get it. I enjoy my role and have learned to anticipate your desires. I knew my castration would please you and I hoped you’d indulge yourself this way.” I held up the jar and gently swirled the contents. “If I’m a good girl, maybe Mistress will get me a vagina?” Shelly again looked relieved and surprised. She said “You’re a sweet girl, Tammy. I picked a good one when I got you!” She kissed me on the forehead, then we exited the car.

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