Dominated By Older Guy- First Time

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Dominated By Older Guy- First TimeMy only experience with another man was with a hypnotist when I just graduated college. I met him at a seminar in a hotel conference room. The seminar was not well attended and it did not last very long, but during the talk he was paying attention to me. So after the talk we chatted and I was attracted to him but I didn’t know why (I am a masculine guy and love women). He invited me up to his room and I accepted. He was confident, tall and handsome. As soon as the door to his room closed he pushed me down to my knees and told me to drop my pants. He knew what he was going to do to me. So I started to drop my pants and he said ‘No, do it seductively’. Then he turned me around and bent me over so that my ass was sticking out, ‘Now take them off slowly’. I did and when I turned around he had his dick out of his fly, it was fat and about 8″. He told me to get on my knees and put it in my mouth and hold it there, no sucking. He said he wanted to see if I could follow instructions. With me on my knees and a mouthful of cock, he told me to look him in the eyes and don’t stop while I unbuttoned his pants and he told me to tighten my mouth on the dick. He was getting harder and bigger than when it first went in my mouth. After he got his pants off he told me to stick my ass out and then started walking backwards to the chair in the room. He told me to crawl on my knees with dick in my mouth. He said it turned him on to see his bitch crawl on the floor with a mouthful of dick. I was surprised when he said ‘His bitch’ because he knew that he could do whatever he wanted to me at that point. He was older and more experienced at turning out young newcomers.He sat down in the chair and pulled me by the hair toward him. By this time my mouth was full of saliva and he told me to drool it down his dick to get it wet. When he grabbed the back of my head, I knew what was güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri coming next. He slowly forced his cock to the back of my mouth and it pressed against my tonsils. My mouth was watering and I remember my nipples getting hard. He pulled my head back all the way to the tip and pushed firmly again until my mouth was full again. I was drooling uncontrollably and his dick was really wet. He told me I was going to deep throat him now and he pushed my head down even firmer than the first time and his cock pushed past a bump in my throat and suddenly my face was pressed in his bush. It felt fucking great, even though my eyes were watering, my nips were hard and I got chills. I must have moaned because he said something like “You like that bitch?” and I moaned as best I could with the dick in my throat. He said he was going to throat fuck me and he did. In and out of my throat, I remember moaning a lot and was surprised that only 15 minutes ago I was a masculine guy and then I turned into a moaning, drooling bitch for this guy. It was his confidence and firm manner that I loved submitting to, and am looking for to this day.After about 10 minutes of throat and cheek fucking and nasty talk he told me he was going to cum in my mouth and that I was to swallow it all. I moaned again and he pushed the dick down my throat and I could feel his muscle pulsating and the head of his dick swelling in my throat. I didn’t even need to swallow as I could feel his cum jetting down my throat and into my stomach. Then I came up for air and he rested my face on his thigh and stroked my hair and told me I was a great cocksucker.He told me we should clean up and took me into the shower all the while he was fondling and slapping my ass.During the shower he concentrated on my ass a lot. He told me to bend over like a bitch and he soaped up my ass and hole and told me perabet I was going to get fucked and was going to love it.When we finished the shower, he put me down on my knees and just put his soft dick in my mouth. He told me to suck it, which I did. While I sucked he started to walk back again out of the bathroom and to a mini bar stool where he sat down. He told me to get down on my knees and grab the stool legs and deep throat him. I tried my best but needed his help with the last push (now I can swallow a big dildo with ease). He did this over and over and I loved the sensation of my throat filling with dick. After a while he pulled me up by my hair firmly and took me over to the bed near the windows. He laid me down on my stomach with pillows under my hips and he told me to pull my ass open. He said I had a great hole and without warning got on the bed and stuck his tongue in my asshole.I nearly jumped 3 feet from the sensation, I loved that too. He did this for a few minutes while we were both moaning, then he got up and grabbed a long tube of lube. He lubed up a finger and stuck it in my ass to loosen me up. Then he took the tip of the tube and stuck that in my ass and squeezed almost all of the lube into me, I remember because it was cold for a minute. He said he liked a really sloppy hole on a bitch while he fucked me. I was so excited I couldn’t stand it and my ass was definitely in the air for him. He climbed on top of me and spread my legs with his and put the tip in my asshole, which had a very minor stinging sensation. The he laid down over my back and put his arm under my chin and around my neck with a firm hold. I felt his hairy chest pressed against me as he whispered in my ear that I was going to get fucked like a bitch now as he slowly pushed his dick into my asshole. I could feel the length slide in. He held it for a second then pulled out all of perabet giriş the way to the head. He pushed in slowly all the way in again and I could feel the lube squeeze out onto my balls. I moaned like a bitch and he asked me if I liked his dick, I called him Daddy and told him I loved it.He started fucking me with some rhythm and I remember my dick was rock hard in the pillow, the sensation was incredible. After a long while he told me he was going to fill my ass with cum. And he did. I could feel his dick pulsating all the way inside of me and I remember feeling like a bitch that got seeded.He got off of me and told me to get on all fours and stick my ass out so he could see his cum drip out of my gaping hole. He loved that too and told me I look like a total whore. I loved that nasty talk. The guy went to the bathroom and washed his dick off and when he came back he told me to go clean up as well.After my shower I came out of the bathroom and he was sitting on the chair again stroking his dick. He told me to come over there and get on my knees and lick his balls over and over while he jerked off. He told me it was in appreciation for the good dick he had given me. I agreed and kneeled down and started to lick. He said tongue only, so I wet my tongue and licked while he jerked and smacked my face with his dick. My tongue was getting dry when he said he was about to come. He told me to open my mouth wide and stood up and he came in my mouth, which tasted great. He told me to hold his load on my tongue so he can see it and after a while told me to swallow it. I gulped it down loudly. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, my mind was blown and I would have done anything he said.Unfortunately it was time to go, or rather he told me it was time to go. He put on a robe and I got dressed and he told me I was a hot fuck and I told him the same. Just before I left he grabbed me by the hips and thrust a few times against my pants. I could feel his dick and I secretly hoped he would tell me to come back in and suck on some dick some more, I would have done anything. But he closed the door without saying another word.I went home totally turned on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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