Don’t date a crazy girl

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Don’t date a crazy girlI’m not sure where to start this story but lets say I hadn’t been in a relationship for a while when I met my girlfriend and was just really happy to have someone so I didn’t always feel like the 3rd and 5th wheels. She was a little different from my friends in that she was a bit more wild and also really outwardly bi-sexual. She was overtly sexual in public and not in a way that made my friends envious but rather in a way that sort of disgusted them. Though she was with me it always felt like I could walk around the corner and find her sucking off a guy at any time. I had grown annoyed by this and had come very close to breaking up with her on many occasions but fighting only turned her on more and we’d have the most wild and kinky sex you could imagine. She was always an exhibitionist. She needed to be seen. Wild hair, wild clothes, overly sexualized, pierced and tattooed like a work of art. One night it finally happened but lets build up to how it all ended up happening. She takes me to this fetish store that she found on google in a really seedy part of town. Inside the place smelled like B.O. and rubber. She convinces me that we need to buy these $400-$500 fetish outfits made out of latex rubber to go to this fetish event that her online friends keep raving about. So here I am in a dressing room trying not to break this stupid outfit as I pull it on. I emerged from the dressing room to see her in this sexy little latex dress with matching boots and she wanted to wear it out. I wasn’t wearing this out in the daytime so I changed back into my regular clothes paid for the stuff and left with her. We went to get lunch at this diner and boy did she draw looks and boy did she love it. Fast forward to canlı bahis this event. She tells me that afternoon that we’re going to this thing so later that evening I start to get dressed and she gets angry at me because i’m trying to wear underwear under this rubber suit and so I take off my underwear and get myself fully dressed…as fully dressed as you could call this – everything was visible. She shined me up with this spray bottle and I put my keys, wallet and phone in her purse – because I had no pockets- and we took off for the night. The club played this horrid industrial music and everyone was pretty much dressed like us so I didn’t feel too out of place – but this upset her a bit because she didn’t stand out the way she wanted to. About an hour into the evening she was already pretty hammered and making out with another girl on the dance floor as they danced and in my jealousy I made my way to the bar and began drinking almost every cocktail that they had on the menu. As the night dragged on I had finally had enough and decided to go look for her to leave and to my surprise I couldn’t find her anywhere. Instead of getting upset over it I returned to the bar, where luckily the bar tender at least had my credit card and decided I was going to drink myself into an irresponsible state so that for once she had to be the adult and come find me. As i’m sitting there at the bar i’m approached by this guy who is a little older than me, balding on top and is dressed in the same unfortunate outfit as I am. We get into a conversation about baseball and we drank together for a good hour or so before the called last call. At that point he asked me what I was doing? I told him I had no clue – maybe take a cab home and see if bahis siteleri she was there with the door open. (I sure as hell wasn’t going to call any friends dressed like this). He invited me to go back to his place and drink with some friends and figuring it was better than sleeping on the street I took him up on the offer. We got back to his place and he cracked open a bottle of tequila. I asked him if he was going to change back into real clothes and he told me that I was stuck this way for now so he figured he’d keep me company. We drank and watched TV for a bit before I fell asleep on the pull out couch in his living room. I awoke from a drunken c*** 100% aroused with my head pounding. I felt lips sucking on my neck and licking my ear in a way that had me so completely aroused that I didn’t even question where I was, I just assumed it was my girlfriend. I felt that the back of my rubber suit had been unzipped from the small of my back to around the front and my penis was exposed and being stroked and it was the moment that I thought about the rubber suit that all of the memories from the night came back to me and I looked over my shoulder and saw it was not my girlfriend who was handling me. “Whoa dude i’m not gay” I told him as he continued to stroke my cock. “It’s okay i’m not straight” he responded. I wasn’t sure if the logic in that was sound but I didn’t question it I was too fucked up. “You’ll like this trust me” he said as he climbed over me and placed his mouth on my dick and started sucking hard. He wasn’t lying, it felt great, and it was already happening who was I to stop it. I thought about my girlfriend in a similar position with another girl and thought to myself “fuck it – what happens happens”. He canlı bahis didn’t suck me to completion he simply got me super aroused and then came back around and started to spoon me. It was at that moment I felt him attempting to penetrate me. Before I could say anything his pre-lubed cock slipped right into my asshole and my body clenched up as the most horrific pain I ever felt shot through my body and I went to scream and he covered my mouth and just held me there whispering in my ear for me to hold on. Momentarily the pain subsided and my bowels felt full. I also felt sober again – probably because of the adrenaline. As soon as things calmed he proceeded to slowly move in and out of my ass. As he did he stimulated my prostate and my body just quaked in pleasure. This was something I didn’t know about myself. I didn’t know my body was capable of such extreme pleasure from anal penetration. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know what to hold on to. All I could do was spasm and shake as he kept increasing his rhythm as his rubber coated body entered my rubber clad ass. He sucked my neck, he licked my ear and he fucked me for what felt like an eternity. It was the longest and most pleasurable almost orgasm but more powerful sexual experience I had ever had. After he came in me about 3 times he zipped my ass back up and fell asleep on the pull out next to me. I kept nodding in and out of sleep the rest of the night and as I would lay there I kept thinking. Does this make me gay now? I guess I can’t give blood ever again. Was he clean? Is that his semen in my ass? Do I have to poop? Should I do it again? Should I date him? I spent the next day at his apartment – still in my latex rubber suit – having sex all day. Every kind of sex imaginable until I was so sore I couldn’t go anymore. That’s when I discovered poppers :-). I still find women more attractive than men, but now I love having sex with men…or rather letting them have sex with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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