Encounter with an older man

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Encounter with an older manI read my email and sure enough, an email fromTrelane was waiting for me. My heart started to poundas I read it, then it was pounding even faster!Trelane told me that he had a friend, another top, whowas wanting to join us for a threesome. I had oftenfantasized about being with two men at once, and herewas my chance. I sent a reply stating that I would behappy to meet his friend, but being sexual with himwould just depend on what happened at our firstmeeting.A couple of days passed, along with a fewe-mails.We finally decided to meet at Trelane’s place on aSunday afternoon, which was the 5th of March, 2000.The weather was nice as I drove to Trelane’s, and Iarrived right after lunchtime. I laughed as Trelanemet me at the door, and I said, “What’s with all theclothes? Last time I came over, you were naked.” Hewas wearing shorts, a t-shirt and was barefoot. Wehugged after he closed the door, and we walked insideto meet his friend “Tom”. (Not his real name.)Tom made my heart skip the first time I saw him.He was probably 6’1″ tall, around 225 – 250 lbs, verymasculine in appearance, with a great smile andmarvelous blue eyes. I shook hands with Tom and Iguess he could tell that things were going to happensoon. We all sat down and talked things over whilehaving a beer. Tom, married for 25 years, not exactly”gay”, but very bi, hadn’t been sexual with a man foralmost 15 years. Tom was a true top, like Trelane,and wasn’t into sucking or being fucked. Ourdiscussion continued for about 30 minutes until Iannounced that I had to take a leak. I went to theclosest bathroom and shut the door, then removed allmy clothes. I pissed in the toilet and flushed, thenwalked back to the living room, stark naked.When I got to the living room, Tom and Trelaneweren’t there, so I walked to Trelanes bedroom andthere they were, both stark naked. We all laughed andTom said, “Well, I guess we’re all on the samewavelength!” I went to Trelane and gave him a hug anda kiss, then I moved to Tom. Tom was very hesitant ashe embraced me, so I took my time, rubbing his backand his bare asscheeks, until he brought his lips tomine and gave me a very passionate kiss. I reacheddown to feel Tom’s cock and was amazed that it washard as a rock already. I felt Trelane move behindme, then I was sandwiched between two masculine, sexymen. My right hand found its way back to Trelane’scock, and I sighed as it was already pretty hard andvery thick.Trelane’s hand found its way between my cheeksand I felt him start to lube me with something. Tomwas kissing me again, and I moaned into his mouth asTrelane’s fingers probed in and around my ass. BeforeI knew what was happening, Trelane had three fingersburied inside me, then he was stroking them in andout, very slowly. I started leaning forward a bit, andTom took that as a cue to back up. I kissed my waydown Tom’s hairy chest until I was bent over at thewaist and his cock was at eye level. Tom’s cock was alittle longer and thicker than Trelane’s, and it wascut. I enjoyed seeing his large cockhead up-close,and smiled as I noticed large amounts of precum oozingout the tip. My lips had a life of their own, and Isoon discovered that they were wrapped around Tom’sthick meat and I was sucking him for all I was worth.As I sucked Tom’s wonderful cock, I realized thathis cock was really flowing with precum. It seemed tofill my mouth, and it had a wonderful taste! In amoment, I found myself facing Trelane’s cock and Istarted sucking it, but felt myself being pushed downtill I was on my knees, Trelane’s cock still in mymouth. I was moaning and groaning, totally enjoyingmy first threesome with two manly men. Trelane kneltin front of me and I went back to sucking his cock. Ifelt Tom’s fingers in my ass, then I felt them beingreplaced with his big cock. I groaned really loud asTom’s big cockhead invaded my ass, but my groan wasmuffled because Trelane’s cock was stuffed in as faras it would go. Thanks goodness that Tom took histime! He was talking to me and rubbing my back as hiscock slipped inside me. After a while, I’m not surehow long, I felt Tom’s skin touch my bare ass and Iknew that he was all the way in. Tom’s hands slippedback to my waist and he held on as he started pumpinghis big cock in and out of me, very slowly at first.Trelane seemed to be very turned on by what washappening. His precum was flowing and his cock wasthrobbing, canlı bahis then he started to fuck my face like a realman. Long, smooth manly strokes, and I felt like Iwould just have to relax and enjoy the ride. Tom andTrelane seemed to find a common rhythem… theircocks seemed to slide out at the same time, and slideback in at the same time. They seemed to keep thesame pace for a LONG time, until Trelane startedmoving faster and faster, his cock stretching my mouthand making sexy squishing sounds. I could feel thefamiliar shaking in Trelane’s body and was rewardedwith a hot mouthful of cum! I swallowed, and wasrewarded with another mouthful, and another, and onemore. Trelane sat back, spent, but still interestedin watching. Tom seemed to be VERY turned on now, andhis hips started smacking into my ass, faster andstronger… I could only gasp and grunt as my manlylover fucked me good! Suddenly, my ass seemed tostretch more and more and it was hurting a littleagain, then it stretched even more! Tom was shakingnow, almost vibrating, and it felt like he was so deepinside me with every thrust. Then, I could feel myasshole spasm, and I was cumming and cumming andcumming… I was crying and groaning at the same timebecause it was just overwhelming! I grunted and mybreath went out of me as Tom pulled me to him, his fatcockhead reaching deep inside me, then deeper, and Icould feel it expand as his cum started to fill me…a nice warm glow deep in my ass.It felt like Tom was going to collapse on top ofme, but he kept his composure and massaged my prostatewith his still hard cock. He kept up a nice strokingmotion while his cock got softer, until it squishedout of my ass. Trelane and Tom helped me up and weall went to the bathroom where we took turns in theshower. Trelane went first, then me, then Tom. Ileaned against the bathroom counter and watched Tomdry his wonderful body. I went to him, knelt down infront of him, and started sucking his cock. I suckedand licked and sucked some more, enjoying every secondof it. Tom’s cock was hard again in no time… buthis staying power was compromised this time! :-)In a very short time, I felt Tom shiver and start togroan. He gently held my head as it bobbed on hiscock, then he groaned VERY loud as his cum filled mymouth. I gulped over and over again until it was allgone.Tom lives about 150 miles away, but he says thathe will visit me and Trelane every chance he gets.I somehow believe that he will! lolI checked my “personals” mailbox one day inDecember of 1999. I was surprised to see a reply froma man called “cen-tex bear”. I had forgotten allabout placing the personals ad months before, whichbasically stated that I was looking for a man to havesome fun with from time to time in the Central Texasarea.The ad listed a phone number, so I called it andtalked to a man I’ll call Trelane. He told me he was59 years old (I’m 38) and that he was basically a”top” only. I responded that I’m basically a “bottom”only and that sounded fine with me. We chatted awhileand he invited me over to his place (he lives alone).I took some leave time from work and flew over to hisplace, which is located about 20 miles from my job.I met Trelane at the door to his place and Ithought that he looked a lot like me. Kind’ve a bigbelly, beard, hairy legs and arms. We sat on hiscouch and talked about what we were looking for,sexually speaking. Trelane informed me that his cockwas uncut and I told him that I preferred men who wereuncut. I spoke about my previous experiences andabout how I had only been fucked once a few yearsback.Trelane said that his cock was as old as he was andmight not get hard enough to fuck me. I put his mindat ease by telling him that was OK and that pleasinghim was my first priority.Trelane and I got up together and I followed himto his bedroom. We both began stripping off ourclothes and were standing naked together in a coupleminutes. Trelane said that he had never sucked a cockand never would, and that he had never been fucked. Ihugged him and kissed him and told him, “no problem”.It had been well over five years since I had been withanother man, so I was very, very excited at thispoint.I kissed my way down Trelane’s neck, then down tohis nipples, where I paused to suck them and nip themsome. I continued my path down to his stomach, thento his cock. I buried my face in his pubic hair andinhaled deeply, bahis siteleri savoring the manly scent. I rubbedhis balls and kissed them, licking them a little too.I looked at his cock and noticed that his cockhead wasfully hidden by his foreskin, and that the tip of hisforeskin appeared to be very wet. I slowly rolledback his skin and exposed the head of his cock, whichwas very pink and very, very wet. I heard Trelanesigh and say, “I think I’m leaking quite a bit.” Itold him that it turned me on and I started lickinghis precum and savoring the taste. I noticed that hiscock was getting bigger and stiffer, so I slipped mylips over the soft head and started sucking him. Icould really feel his cock thicken in my mouth, so Istarted bobbing my head up and down a little faster,really enjoying the tastes and smells.Trelane motioned for me to stand, then moved bothof us to the bed. I slipped onto my back and sawTrelane move up to my head, kneeling beside me withhis cock pointing toward my mouth. I smiled and tookhim in my mouth again. I took my time and did thingsright, sucking him deeply, caressing his cockhead withmy tongue, swirling it around and around. I couldtaste his precum as it flowed into my mouth and I wasamazed at just how good it tasted.Trelane’s legs started to shake and I could feelhis whole body vibrating. He mumbled that he wasgetting close and I felt him trying to pull out of mymouth. I pulled him close to my again and buried hiscockhead inside my hot mouth, continuing to suck onhis hard cock. I heard him say, “Oh yeah!” and then Ifelt his hot cum against my tongue. I couldn’t feelit spurting against my tongue or anything like that,but it felt more like a warm glow filled my mouth. Icould feel his cock expand and twitch while he emptiedhis hot load into me. Again, I was surprised that hishot cum tasted so damn good! As a matter of fact, Ithink it tasted better than his precum. I swallowedonce and continued to suck. I was rewarded withanother mouthfull, which seemed to just flow out verysmoothly. Again, I swallowed a mouthfull andcontinued to suck, and I was amazed when my mouthfilled again! Finally, Trelane was spent and wecuddled together on the bed. Trelane masturbated mewith his hands which felt really good, and I groanedvery loudly when I finally came all over my stomach.I haven’t had the chance to get back with Trelanesince that encounter, but I’m hoping to get with himagain very soon.I really enjoyed my first encounter with Trelaneand wanted to get back together again. I exchangedsome emails with him and even talked with him on thephone a couple of times. We finally made a date athis place, for the second Saturday in February.On Saturday morning, I took great care to makemyself presentable for my new friend Trelane. While Iwas in the shower, my mind wandered to our firstencounter, and I remembered how great his cock felt inmy mouth. I noticed that my cock was starting toswell just from thinking about this older man’s cock.I kept thinking that it was too bad that he didn’twant to fuck me, or at least he thought he wouldn’t beable too since he was an “older man” and his cockwouldn’t stay hard enough. I enjoyed sucking him, andI even enjoyed the way he masturbated me when I wasfinished sucking him. I made a mental note to justtake things one step at a time, and that he mightchange his mind.I met Trelane at his door right at 11:30 AM, likewe had agreed, and I was kind’ve shocked because hewas naked except for a silver cock ring. He laughed,because I was staring, then he pulled me inside andclosed the door. The next thing I knew, I wasenveloped in a big bear hug and was being kissedpassionately. I felt a little dizzy as Trelane led meto the big couch in his living room. I did noticethat all the blinds were pulled and it was a littledark, even though it was bright and sunny outside. Ifelt Trelane’s hands on my clothes and suddenly I wasnaked before him. I sighed as I felt Trelane’s handsroaming all over my body, touching my cock and my asscheeks, even probing between them and touching myasshole just a little. Out of the corner of my eye, Inoticed Trelane slipping his cock ring off and placingit on an end table.I watched as Trelane sat down on the couch,spreading his legs and looking up at me. I moved tohim and knelt down between his legs, looking at histhickening cock. I kissed his thighs and ran mytongue over the hairs, güvenilir bahis moving up and down, but workingmy way towards his cock, trying to tease him a little.I looked into his eyes as my tounge found his cock andhe really seemed to be having a good time. I slippedthe tip of my tongue inside his foreskin while Irubbed his balls with my hands. I gently probed hiscockhead for a few seconds, then I slowly peeled hisforeskin back and wrapped my lips around his moistcockhead. His cock was really getting thick and hard,and I was having a good time making things happen forhim.I felt Trelane squirming around a little, and itseemed like he was trying to reach my ass. He movedaround so that he was lying on the couch and we werealmost in a 69 position. I felt Trelanes hands on myass and noticed that he was gently rubbing my assholenow and then. I continued to lightly suck his cock,because I wanted this to last a long time. I heard arustling, then I felt something kind’ve cold on myasshole, which made me jump a bit. Trelane laughedand slapped my ass, which made me jump again. Isighed as I felt Trelane rubbing lube on and into myasshole. I was thinking, “Well, maybe he has decidedto fuck me, or maybe he’s just going to use hisfingers to get me off.” He was using his long, strongfingers to really reach deep inside my ass and it wasfeeling good.I finally noticed that Trelane’s cock was superhard now. I had fallen behind in my cock suckingbecause I was enjoying the feelings in my ass, plus Iwas almost dizzy from how fast things were happening.I resumed sucking his cock, and was trying to do it asgood as possible. I used long, full strokes with mymouth, and swirled my tongue around the head now andthen. Suddenly, Trelane sat up on the couch, and Ifelt him pulling on me. I thought he was just wantingto hug and kiss for awhile, so I moved up to him andstarted kissing his lips and face. I heard him grunta little and noticed that he was pulling me hardernow, almost on top of him. My brain finally kickedinto gear and I realized that he wanted me to sit onhis cock.Now that I was in on the plan, I quickly moved sothat I was straddling his big cock. I slowly loweredmy asshole until I felt the head of his cock probingaround, trying to find its way inside. I reached backand held his cock while applying downward pressure,and I was rewarded by the wonderful feeling of hiscockhead gliding into my well-lubed asshole. I closedmy eyes and faced forward, placing both of my hands onTrelanes shoulders. I lowered my ass down kind’veslowly, but with a steady pressure. Inch by inch, Ifelt his big cock invade my asshole. To tell thetruth, it did hurt somewhat, but I was glad that hehad decided to try it. I felt my asscheeks come torest against Trelane’s skin, and I though that hiscock was in all the way. But, I grunted out loud asTrelane shifted and I felt the rest of his cock plungehome inside me.I finally opened my eyes and saw that Trelane waslooking at me, smiling… “How does that feel to youbaby?” I nodded at him, smiling, and said, “It feelslike I’m so damn full of your cock, but it feels sogood too.” I started moving my hips and got into anice, slow fucking motion, and I really enjoyed theway his cockhead felt as it massaged my prostate. Iclosed my eyes again and felt Trelane pull me closer,then we were kissing as we fucked, right there on hiscouch. I kept a steady pace for I don’t know howlong, but it felt so good that I noticed my hips weregoing faster and faster, then I was cumming all overTrelane’s belly, moaning and groaning. Trelane movednow and I could feel his hips bucking underneath me,and he hissed out, “I’m cumming!!!” I really couldn’tfeel his cum “blasting” inside me, but it seemed thatI could feel the warmth of his cum inside me.We stayed in that position for awhile, andTrelane’s cock stayed kind’ve hard, so I moved my hipssome, sliding his cock in and out of my well-used ass.It felt REALLY good and I got into it quite a bit. Itseemed that Trelane’s cock would soften some, thenstiffen some, and I was able to keep a very slow,steady pace as we fucked and kissed. After a fewminutes of cuddling, kissing and rubbing, Trelane’scock was pretty hard again, so he laid me on my backand fucked me, my legs spread at first, then wrappedaround his back. I was moaning and groaning becausehis fat cock felt so good in my ass! It felt likeTrelane fucked me for an hour, but I’m sure it wasnowhere near that long. My ass starting contractingand spasming, and I was suddenly cumming again, andTrelane did too, deep inside me.I hope to post more of my true adventures for yousoon.

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