Enjoy this evening II

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Enjoy this evening II*Snick* the lock made a satisfying sounds as my wife pushed it shut. The locks small loop was threaded through my new metal chastity cage. The cage was short and made of steel rods and made to keep my penis in a very tight space. As soon as the cage was lock I felt my cock trying to stiffen only to be stopped but the containment. I groaned in frustration and my wife chuckled “perfect” she sighed while fondling my balls and contained penis.“Ok get dressed, you going out” my wife commanded. “Really” I said “ I though you and I were going have some fun”. “Oh you’ll have fun” she said, smiling. I slipped some jeans and a shirt on. My wife handed me a wrapped box and slip of paper. “Here take this box to the address on this paper, when you get there do as your told” she said. “Ok, can I ask who will be there” I said nervously. “No, now shut up and get going” she said “and remember, do as your told, whatever your told” she continued walking me toward the door.I got in my car and punched the address into my phone and started driving. The box sat in the passenger seat and I eyed it nervously. It was too short for a crop or a switch, but there were plenty other things, both pleasing and not, that could fit in it. The drive was not a long one but I did not recognize the house that I pulled up in front of. I got out and with the package in hand walked nervously up to the front door and rang the bell.The door opened revealing Tina a woman that worked with my wife. Tina was short, stocky and a little on the butch side. She was cute enough with her brown hair done up in pigtails. She wore flats, dress slacks, a short sleeve blouse and glasses. She gave off a vibe of being a lesbian or at least bi to me which tallied with the fact I had seen her eat my wife’s friend Jane out at the rather lavish bachelorette we had thrown Jane. “Come on in” she said, clearly not surprised to see me and turned around walking back down her entry hall giving me a nice view of her ample ass in her dress slacks as she walked.I closed the door and followed her down the hall to her living room. When we got there, I handed over the package and said “this is for you”. She took it from me and un-wrapped it. She opened the box and pulled out a harness with a rather large dildo already mounted in it. “Excellent, as promised” Tina said smiling. Then Tina stepped forward and with no hesitation grabbed my crotch. Feeling the cage in my jeans her smile grew even bigger and she said “also as promised, this is going to be fun”. “Have a seat” Tina said “I’m going to go change” and she disappeared into the back of her house. I sat down nervously looking around. I was seated on a long couch facing a large flat screen TV. It was clear Tina lived along and from the photos I saw she spent a fair amount of time outdoor, photos often featured her either in climbing gear or hiking, far from mousy she look fit and strong in the photos. Tina re-emerged wearing a tight tank top that showed of her small nicely shaped breasts and a pair of loose fitting cotton draw-string pants. From the bulge in her pants it was clear she was wearing the harness and dildo under them. aydın escort I felt my cock try and stiffen only to be immediately denied, and I shifted around trying to relieve the pressure some. “Feeling constrained?” Tina asked giggling, and sat down next to me. “Let’s watch some TV” she said and grabbed the remote.She flicked on the TV and the image of a man hog tied on his stomach filled the screen. His hair was being held while a woman in a corset forced a strap-on into his mouth. “Oh I love this scene” said Tina and the woman on screen roughly face fucked the tied man as he gagged and drooled. Again blood surged into my cock and I felt mixture of pleasure and discomfort and my erection was denied. Tina must have noticed because she instructed me to take off my clothes “I want to see you cock all caged” she said. I stood and removed my clothing. After I was naked I sat back down and Tina reach over and began fondling my captured cock. “ I like your cock like this” she said “its helpless and that makes you what you are to me, a fuck toy”.Tina reached down and undid the draw string of her pants allowing her silicone phallus to spring out. She placed her hand on the back of my head and said “come on toy get down there and suck my cock” as she pushed my head down. I opened my mouth to accept her girlcock thinking she would allow me to bob my head. Instead as the head of her cock passed my lips she pushed my head down hard while thrusting her hips up driving her silicone dick deep into my throat. I gagged and coughed as my eyes began to water. Undeterred Tina began fucking my mouth hard and steady. “Suck me you whore” she growled out, her hand now gripping my hair as she pushed my head down hardly allowing me to breath. Tina proceeded to fuck my face harder and harder, regardless of my gagging and drooling, after what seemed like forever she stopped but still held my head down so while I was not gagging my mouth was completely full. “Don’t take my cock out of your mouth, but move around so you kneeling on the couch, slut” Tina told me. I did as instructed so that my head was in Tina’s lap, my mouth full of her girlcock and my ass was in the air, my caged cock hanging heavy between my legs. I felt Tina’s free hand slid along my back until it reached the crack on my ass which was open slightly. She worked her fingers into my crack and I felt them find my rectum. “There’s that pussy” Tina said working her finger tip around the outside of my asshole. My cock tried to leap to hardness as the humiliation and stimulation I was experiencing but could only swell inside the cruelly small cage.Tina began fucking my mouth again, but more slowly this time and not as deeply either. Tina took her hand off of my ass for a second but it quickly returned and her fingers felt slick with what I assumed was her saliva. She began pressing her finger against my asshole in time with the thrusts into my mouth and in no time she had worked one finger into my ass to at least half of its length. In spite of myself I moaned out loud. “Oh you like this, do you?” Tina asked with a smile in her voice “you’re such a good slut”. With that Tina worked escort aydın a second finger into my asshole along with the first, I moaned again louder. Tina picked up the pace and depth with both her cock and her fingers and pretty soon I was gagging again.Tina arched her ass off the sofa while her hand, gripping my hair, forced my head down so that my lips collided with base of her silicone shaft and at the same time she was working two fingers in and out of my asshole. All the while he kept of a torrent of comments about how I was a slut and a whore and how she was going to **** my asshole. I moaned and drooled around her silicon dick pretty much living up to her assessment of me. “You better get that cock good and wet with your spit, whore” she said pausing on an up stroke so that I gagged hard “that is the only lube you are getting for your pretty little ass”. She took a few more strokes in and out of my mouth and then, using my hair she pulled my head up. Strings sliva ran from my mouth to her glistening phallus. “Good boy, that is wet and ready” Tina said. She then pulled her fingers out of my ass and directed me to get on my hands and knees on the floor.I climbed off the couch and got down on the floor on my hands and knees facing the TV. On the screen I could see the same couple from earlier, now the woman was behind the man driving a huge dildo in to his ass while he grimaced and strained against his bindings. I looked back to Tina get up off the couch and take of her pants, flinging them on a near by chair. She wore only her tank top and the harness my wife had sent her. Her silicone phallus jutted out from her hips a strand of of my saliva dripping off the tip and I must admit she looked very very hot, my cock swelled in its cage and my asshole tightened in anticipation.Tina moved behind me and knelt down. I turn my head to watch her and she reached out and slapped me hard “you keep you eyes forward” she snarled, I quickly turned my head to face front. I felt her grab my cheeks and spread them, then she spit on my asshole. She roughly grabbed my hips and pulled me backwards and I felt the tip of her strap on against my rectum. “Ready?” she said and without waiting for a response she shoved her girlcock into my ass. My mouth opened in shock and lust and I let out a gasp that turned into a moan.“That’s right, you whore, you love it” Tina said pushing her cock deeper into me.The combination of her forcefulness and the thin lube of Tina’s and my spit meant I felt the friction of her thrusts more acutely. It was equal parts pleasurable and uncomfortable and in spite of my self I felt myself strain away from her thrusting. “Your, not going anywhere” Tina snapped and she reached forward to grab a handful of my hair simultaneously pulling my ass back to her and forcing me to arch backwards. She thrust her hips forward and buried the entire length of the dildo in my ass hold it there withe one hand gripping my hair and the other holding my hip. She began a series of short hard thrusts never allowing more than a inch of two of dildo to withdraw from my anus before she rammed it back in to the base. Tina was ramming aydın escort bayan her strap on into me as hard and fast as she could grunting with each stroke, while caged cock swung back and forth with the force of her thrusts, spotting the floor under me with pre cum.After what seemed like forever Tina stopped with her strap on fully inserted. My thighs were quivering and I was sweating. Every so slowly Tina withdrew her silicone phallus from me til the head popped out and I felt myself gape slightly. “You wait right there” Tina said getting up and leaving the room. In a few mins she was back but I did not dare turn to look at her. “You can sit up” she said. She had removed her strap on and tank top, she was fully naked and her skin shown withe sweat. In Tina’s hands was a large black dildo and a tube of lube. The dildo was at least 8 inches long and very thick and had a suction cup base. She bent over and attached the dildo to the floor in front of me and then coated it withe a layer of lube “I’ll take some pity on you, she said smiling. “Now get over here and sit on this” her tone hardening.I turned around and she placed the head of the dildo against my anus “Sit down” she said. I did as I was told grimacing slightly as my asshole was stretched even wider. “All the way down, slut” Tina commanded “ I want that cock to disappear”. She placed her hands on ly shoulders and pushed down and I sank down on the shaft feeling it drive deeply into me and my rectum stretching out as it widened to its base til my ass cheeks rested on the floor. “Good boy” Tina cooed straitening up and walk around in front of me. She turned around presenting her ass to me and bent over “I want you to eat my ass” she said backing up to my face.Tina reached back and grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her ass. I opened my mouth and found her asshole and began messaging it with my tongue. She pushed back and down onto my face driving me down on the dildo so that it reach a new depth in my ass. I drove my tongue into her tight asshole “That’s it” she moaned reaching her other hand between her legs to begin playing with her clit. Tina began humping my face as I tried to steady myself with my arms acutely aware of the massive dildo in my ass. She tighten her hold on my hair driving my face deeper into her cheeks as I probed her asshole as deeply with my tongue as possible. “That’s it, tongue fuck my ass” she grunted as she picked up her pace on her clit. I drove my tongue in and out of her til I felt like it would tear off as the roots listening to her grunting become more guttural with passing second. Suddenly I felt Tina buck and she let out a growl that turned into a guttural scream and she began to cum. She squirted down my chest withe her first spasm. “Open your fucking mouth” she said shoving my face in toward her pussy. I did and with her second and third spasms she squirted in my mouth and on my face.Her thighs were still shaking and she released my hair and stumbled forward with her hands on her knees. “Oh my god, that was great” she said her pussy still dripping. Tina turn around and patted me on the cheek “you did good slut”. “Now” she continued “I’m going to take a shower, you can clean up the floor and the toys with what you find in the kitchen. You are not to clean yourself just get dressed and go home, you have more work to do”. and with that she walked out of the room.

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