Erotic story of BINITA. 10

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Erotic story of BINITA. 10Chapter 10: Thakur Protects a RelationshipThat woman next door had to be stopped. Thakur was determined to make sure that Sheila, the neighbor who had spotted him fucking his daughter-in-law did not carry the tale to others, notably his son. The young woman Binita had been wrapped around him and was fluttering like a rag in a storm; she had taken in Thakur’s not inconsiderably large cock and her stomach, womb and countless other internal organs were aflame.The precise moment when they were spotted, the passions were incredibly high and stopping was not an option. They stumbled indoors and the fuck-fest continued on the drawing room rug. But over the intensity of their physical intercourse, Binita had cried for the possible loss of both Thakur (her father-in-law) and Pritam (her husband), if Sheila aunty next door were to tell Pritam of her sighting the old man pounding his attractive, svelte bahu. Wild with lust, Thakur had continued to slide in and out of her lips and later her pussy, promising to control events in due course. Actually, at the moment of making the promise he had no clue on how he might do it. But he just needed the woman to go on and on. Her inherent sauciness had matured beautifully at his sexual coaching and she was now an expert sexual partner. He luxuriated in her attentions and nothing could come in the way of his primeval burst. He felt a special strength in the surge of his cum when he was with her. Promises, not necessarily false, egged her on. No less in the grip of lust, Binita too took her complete pleasure.It took Binita this realization of the threat of loss to submit herself completely to her babuji. She explicitly told him that she lusted his seriously large, a****l cock, taking care to make a distinction between her lust for him and her love for her husband i.e. his son.Thakur was comfortable with that idea. After all, early on both he and Binita recognized, implicitly or explicitly, that the only way to keep getting each other was under the cloak of legitimacy offered by her married status in that very household. Subsequently, Binita was torn between guilt and lust and tried to cure herself of the lust for that all conquering cock. But the Thakur never let her be.Time and again, the chemistry between them ensured that old flames reignited to the quick. And where she showed greater determination to stay away from him, he broke all barriers.On the few occasions he had used force, it merely heightened her own pleasure and she ended up begging to be fucked and treated like a sluttish whore.From that, to the current situation where she had wept as they fucked, asking for thakur to protect their relationship was a welcome evolution for thakur. But she had asked for, and possibly already gotten something more from her father-in-law that day. He had suggested that she get pregnant so that her position within the household would be secure. Binita had asked him to make her pregnant. And he well might have, given that she felt his warmth soaking her womb and then drench the floor beneath.Satiated, and feeling manly as ever, Thakur had strode out of his son’s flat to accost the peeping lady next door. He had his lungi (sarong-like lower garment) thrown on at a rakish angle. His body was glistening with the oil that he was being massaged with when the sexually charged atmosphere combusted. He was sweaty and glowing from open pores; but equally perhaps due to the glow of a fantastic session with his unbelievably competent bahu.He was all fuelled up for threatening and bullying the neighbor into submission. To his mind, as he exited the door, it was just another of the typical sessions of threatening and intimidation that he had carried out for years in his village. It was the bedrock of his dominance of the local economy. He felt very very different each time he fucked his bahu (daughter-in-law). She made him feel young, youthful and powerful at a completely different level. Thakur was still sexually active with the loosely organised harem around his haveli in the village. So it was not as if he had rediscovered sex in the arms of Binita. But the energy levels and outcomes were dramatically different with Binita. That sense of power added to his bounce in the step and more so today when he wanted to intimidate the neighbor. That lady next door had no business intruding the privacy of his son Pritam’s apartment. And yet she had, and she had spotted Thakur and Binita intertwined in a primal embrace, fucking, riding and ravaging one another. It had startled Binita and later she felt threatened. She had wept that Pritam would come to know from Sheila and the neighbor and that would be the end of the intense sex.And there he was at Sheila aunty’s door, next door. Sheila and her husband had taken the young couple next door under their wing. Their own c***dren had left home for higher studies. The emptiness in their home was well compensated by Binita and Pritam’s acquaintance and growing friendship. When she had spotted the gripping fingers on a man’s back and the grinding of bodies together through the trellis of her balcony, Sheila had no clue who it might have been. Many a time, she had heard the a****l sounds of coupling through the walls. That had clearly been Pritam going at his young wife. It was a turn on and though she never discussed it with her own husband, the arousal had brought a new energy to their waning sex life. With increased activity came an increased appetite for all things sexual.Fittingly, therefore, the first bodily reaction to the sighting was arousal. Sheila watched in fascination; the real thing overshadowed even the slickest produced soft- or hard-porn movie she had seen. The sounds, the wild clutching, the marks left by fingers on his back – and all this at a very close range.As her hands crept into her track pants she realized the man was not Pritam. The woman was definitely the lively Binita. Who? An affair? The only older man in their building who might have come home had to be the watchman or the milkman. Was her young neighbor likely to indulge herself with someone below her social class? Unlikely, though the typical UP-wallahs were supposed to be prodigiously endowed, according to her kitty party gossipers! (UP is a northern Indian state and along with another state Bihar, is the source of a majority of migrant workers in the Indian cities of Mumbai and Delhi. Rural in their origins, they are strong, muscular and hard working folk, whose families stay behind in the villages. It would be entirely plausible that these sex-starved men are well able to match the needs of the city-dwelling ladies whose men folk are rather eviscerated by the stresses and pollution of city-life.)Sheila stroked her pussy which had moistened at a quick pace and was lost in the excitement of the moment when she heard father-in-law and daughter-in-law exchanging endearments as they reacted to each other. Shock and confusion reigned in her mind as she considered the implications of her discovery. She felt a sense of responsibility towards Pritam but equally, was unsure if she would merely end up wrecking a home. Her aching cunt demanded attention and her fingers got busy, stroking from clit downward, plunging in her digits into an increasingly soppy cleft between her legs. It was then that Thakur caught her eye. She didn’t withdraw her hand, betting that he might not be able to see her below the waist. His eyes traveled down her body and she saw him focus on the movements between her legs. She was spotted! She withdrew her hand in embarrassed shock. But if that man had spotted her, she too held a card against him. When Binita and Thakur staggered out of sight, fucking all the way as they moved off, Sheila went indoors too, aching to soothe her burning cunt. Her husband Girish was not home. He had gone off to shop for fresh fish and he would be a while. She didn’t want to tell him about the illicit relationship between their lovely neighbor Binita whom they treated as one of their own, and her father-in-law, before she herself had sorted her mind out. But she needed Girish right now to fuck her. Desperately, she lay down on her reclining chair which was positioned close to the wall her flat shared with Binita’s. She masturbated furiously, closing her eyes, imagining Binita being fucked while hoping to catch the sounds of the wild coupling. She rolled down her track pants around her ankles and legs spread wide she fucked her self. As her need grew so did her aggression and soon she found herself on the brink of hurting herself as she desperately sought release.She heard a manly growl and timed her own release to that. Her eyes were closed and she imagined herself in Binita’s place, taking in the older man. He was even older than Sheila herself but clearly the younger woman had found immense pleasure alanya escort in him, age notwithstanding. Immense enough for Binita to throw caution, tradition and restraint to the winds.That reality allowed Sheila to imagine a man who surely must know how to touch a woman in every place she needed it most. She imagined a man who through all those years had learned and discovered all there was about pleasure. And now a man who was sharing his experience by giving a young, inexperienced woman all the pleasure her husband was to learn at the altar of lovemaking. An advance taste of what the young woman had to steer her young man to.Those thoughts led to a wracking release which had Sheila thumping her ass vigorously on the cushion below her and briefly lusting for the man next door. The intensity was such that if he walked in through the door she would have fucked him silly. As the tremors subsided, sanity returned. Drowsy now, she thought about the dilemma. It seemed less of a dilemma. The girl was just plain lucky and it was within the family. “Why not?” she thought, as she pleasantly allowed sleep to overcome her.What awoke her was the furious clanging of her door-bell. She threw on a caftan and rushed to the door. She opened it to find at her doorstep the man, who if he had walked in a little earlier, she would have been willing to fuck all the way to sexual nirvana. “Kahiye?” asked Sheila enquiringly, leaning on the door, arm stretched over her head. (What can I do for you?) She was relaxed from the intense orgasm she had had. She was thankful that she had masturbated herself to a furious release, otherwise she might have assaulted Thakur at the spot where he stood.Sheila admiringly eyed the rustic’s broad muscular frame. He glistened with oil and was clearly wrapped in minimal clothing. The redness on his skin could have been his robust health or perhaps the last tinges of the flush from sexual release. All told, he was quite a man and Sheila found herself sympathetic to Binita’s fall to temptation. “Shall we go in?” he asked, a little non-plussed by Sheila’s chutzpah. The Thakur was used to submissive behavior from all those he addressed in his village and in his household. But this woman seemed to be enjoying his predicament and possibly taunting him. Sheila stepped aside to make way for him. Thakur strode past her, nearly brushing her body with his. Sheila scrambled out of the way to avoid contact. She was sure he was fresh from fucking that girl and she didn’t think he had time to wash. She shut the door and followed Thakur who had been presumptuous enough to walk around the apartment sizing up the place. She caught up with him in the kitchen and asked him, “Aap ko kuch chahiye kya?” (Do you need anything?)”Dekhiye,” he replied, drawing himself to his full height to exude authority, “Aap ney jo bhi dekha usey bhool jaiye.” (Look, forget whatever you saw today.)”What shall I forget? The sight of a dirty old man plundering his own bahu?” asked Sheila, taunting him.”Whatever I did was with her full cooperation and desire,” replied Thakur.”That doesn’t it make it right,” countered Sheila.”But it doesn’t concern you,” persisted Thakur.”Maybe it does,” said Sheila turning her back to him, her hands going up to her hair to tie it into a bun. The action lifted her breasts up.The Thakur’s nature belligerence burst forth. “How?” he asked aggressively. “Any thing that happens to her, concerns me. I have to know,” she replied.”You have to know what? Whether she enjoyed herself? Whether she was willing? She is part of my house and I know how to handle her,” he challenged her gruffly.”There is so much that I don’t know!” Sheila answered, hands on the table behind her. “You don’t know what it is to fuck around with me. Maybe I should just show you,” said the Thakur, his face red. He stepped forward.Sheila enjoyed the idea that he had lost his temper. That gave her control. “Don’t make empty threats,” she said provocatively, turning around as she said that. He could not possibly assault her; and definitely not sexual. She was confident of that at least. As she turned she saw Thakur’s hand lift his cock through the thin cloth of the lungi Sheila was startled by this display of uncouth behavior but also by the obvious stirring of his manhood. Quickly, she turned back, away from him. Her body was burning with embarrassment and she just wanted the bastard to leave.Instead, she felt Thakur grip her arms and shove her forward on the kitchen table. Sheila placed her hands flat on the table to balance herself. Before she knew what was happening, his strong rough hands had bunched up her caftan and she felt the cool morning air on her thighs and ass.”Rukiye! Stop!” she commanded him, spreading her legs to brace herself. Perhaps all it did was present the Thakur with a stable target. His hands roamed under her caftan and quickly discovered she was wearing nothing beneath. He stroked her belly with one hand and slowly crept upward to check out her breasts. She had a bra on. He insinuated one leg between her legs and knocked her knees apart.”Isn’t it enough you have fucked your daughter-in-law?” she asked, hoping to stop him with questions on the morality of the situation.”Now I have to make sure the secret is kept,” he replied, jerking his lungi free and letting it fall to the ground. He held his semi-erect cock in his hand and the pumped the clammy tool to bring it to full attention.”Leave me or I will make sure everyone hears of it” Sheila threatened, even as her nipples felt unreasonably confined in the bra cups. “I will give you a secret of our own for you to remain busy with,” said Thakur and he inserted his cock, now sufficiently erect between her ass cheeks.Sheila braced herself for further resistance and tried to turn but he had her in his grip. “Besharam! Bahu ko zarur aise hi chodne par majboor kiya hoga!” she gasped. (You shameless man. You must have coerced your daughter-in-law in this same fashion.)”Is that how it looked when she had her legs locked around my hips?” he asked.”That was today. How about the first time?” asked Sheila twisting and turning to deny him progress.”The first time she nearly ****d me!” he replied. “Now we are addicted to each other, that’s all” said Thakur. As Sheila tried to make her body rigid, he thrust forward. “NO!” screamed Sheila as the cock prodded her roughly, and nearly prised open her anus. She leaned forward to prevent that mishap. Thakur reached between them and directed his cock to her cunt which was now more open, with all the wiggling. Sheila desperately hoped the older man would not feel the fluids in her pussy surging and flowing downward. Before the unconnected response from her body became open and obvious she had to stop this.”Don’t compound your first mistake with another one now. We can always talk about this,” she gasped as she tried to wriggle out of his iron grip.”That’s what I came here to do in the first place,” he grunted, as he guided his cock to nose around her nether regions.”Whatever it is, she is your bahu,” went on Sheila, confident that this change in conversation could reverse the situation. She also assessed the largeness of his cockhead and felt sure that she was going to have this man, it would have to be with her lying back, and legs open wide and enough lubrication to avoid being rent asunder.”I think the best way for you to understand this would be to experience what she experienced. Then, maybe you can relate to this. Which was she first — a woman or a daughter-in-law? And how to resist intense pleasure?” explained Thakur as he continued to caress and stroke her ass and back with one hand. The other hand continued to guide his cock to coax open her already parted pussy lips. He could sense wetness but that could well have been his own cock smearing her. “There will be temptations. That does not mean one succumbs,” argued Sheila, trying to close her legs together. All she achieved was rubbing her own legs against the leg he had placed between hers. The hard muscular limb, with his hairy legs caressing her soft thighs, fascinated her. He seemed to be made of steel. She felt burning desire in the pit of her stomach as her mind imagined and wondered, “How steely is his cock?”.”Yes, that’s what philosophy says. Let us see if you can practice it,” said Thakur. He resented her preachy tone. He just needed to teach her the lesson of her life in temptation and succumbing. He now reached under her below her belly. His middle finger slid to her slit. His fingers spread her lips. The other hand was used to guide his cock. When his cock felt his own fingers, he knew the target was found.Instead of thrusting his hips, he carefully pistoned his cock in a precise movement which would have made a sniper proud. The cock slid forward with precise force, focused on the well-juiced escort alanya target. Without any waste of energy in a general thrust, it splayed open the cunt and rode for some part of this length, before meeting further resistance. Sheila bit her lip so that she would not be heard signaling the pleasure with an approving groan. When the bulb got stuck in the channel of her cunt she wished the flow would reach and lubricate him inward. But she could not be seen cooperating.”You will have to stop this. With me. With her,” she ordered futilely. As she tried to move she realized he had her pinioned. Movement was impossible. Except if she thrust back — and that she was not about to do.”Try this and tell if you can stop. If you can stop and do stop, then I will stop it with her too,” replied Thakur. The woman’s cunt was tight — obviously not enough was happening in her marital bed. This was going to be pleasurable.He rocked back and forth sawing along the long slit of her cunt and soon enough felt the surge of fluids — clearly not his own. Hands slipped upward towards her breasts, still encased in her bra. His fingertips breached the underwire. Sheila shuddered involuntarily as the rough surface of his hands aroused a million trigger points in her soft, mildly saggy skin.Her breasts were merely handles to grab. His eyes were closed and his mind was actually on the precise effect her cunt was having on his cock. The trunk was being caressed by lips and the head being pleasured by the narrowing passage. “Sheila-ji,” he murmured in mock respect. “Aap thoda tayar rahiye,” he said, (do be ready for this) rocking into her gently, hands gripping her breasts. As he did so, the bra, tethered by only one hook, gave way and she felt his hands claim the entire territory, except for her nipples. And they instantly started to ache, begging for attention.”For what?” gasped Sheila, tearing her mind away from his hands, his cock and his legs, all of which were touching her in intimate spots. She gripped the sides of the table. “Aap galat kar rahe ho,” she stammered. (You are doing wrong.)”Let your body be the judge of right and wrong on this one,” he countered. “Then only can you decide about Binita. Just prepare yourself to discover that pleasure conquers everything. I want you to realize that.” Sheila stared out of the balcony as her cheek lay on her kitchen table. He was asking her to prepare herself. She could barely move from his grip. Her body was responding independent of her mind. She had never felt a man, firm and hard like this before. And as for his cock — no definitely nothing like that. How could she prepare for this?She had a new worry — that of her husband returning from the fish market. She should not have opened the door so wide that he could saunter in. and now she herself was wide, wide open.”My husband could return at anytime,” she mumbled, her body aflame and her mind numb.”We already see a change in concerns, don’t we?” sneered Thakur, continuing his teasing rocking. Sheila had felt the broad cock struggle to slide in the narrow channel between her legs. The cock had firmly prodded her entrance a dozen times. He needed that action on himself to make his erection absolutely full. He also needed to grind pleasure out of her — or the willingness to receive pleasure. Both objectives were well met.When she heard him sneering, Sheila felt angered. “Was this a hunt? A conquest? The bastard!” She gripped the table hard steeling herself for a full battle to escape from his clutches. No harm was done. Yet. As she tensed, he rammed forward. The cock seared her cunt walls as Thakur yelled in pleasure. The sliding of her walls on his pillar was exquisite. He fucked her hard.Sheila exhaled with a long “Haaaaaaaaaah!”The hairy pubis slammed against her ass. She felt the prickly hair on her skin. Her eyes were closed. He had spread her wide, really wide. The cock was a monster-cock. The lubrication was excellent. As each enveloped the other, pleasure soared. She felt her inner thighs become jelly as her body opened out. She squeezed to reclaim the searing pleasure. The clamping effect on the cock was not lost on Thakur. “Bas! That’s it!” he exulted. Now he was ramming in and out of her, hard and fast.Sheila’s resistance could not have held up. Neither physically, nor from the pleasure quotient. If pleasure had not started she may have stopped it. But there was no question of having taken him in and not feeling the pleasure while he pulled out. And then there was no question of not having him ride in again, filling the unbearable vacuum he left behind. She felt snug and full of him, engorged. She luxuriated in that for a split second before she craved the friction of his cock against her cunt again. Pleasure is a cycle, she thought. Either you in or you are out. And once in, you need to go through the paces. She let her body go limp as she realised any stoppage was going to be distressing. But she was also distressed as the hopelessly compromised condition of herself.For Thakur, the fucking was a lesson being administered. From the pleasure point of view, he needed to quickly climb to the pinnacle and release. This erection and fucking while pleasurable, was his second fuck and it was close after the first. The impulse to manage a cum quickly was high. And yes, there was her husband to worry about.He should have rather worried about Binita. His daughter-in-law had been wondering about his whereabouts. The answer came when Sheila aunty’s kitchen table thumped against the wall. The dull thuds, their rhythm and the periodicity seemed to suggest a fuck. Could he?In a flash, she was at the door of Sheila’s flat. They had neglected to latch the door. She stood in the doorway, watching as Sheila lay forward, her cheek on the table, and face away from the front door. Behind her stood her Babuji, ass muscles clenching and releasing as he fucked like the a****l he was. The old man was indeed an a****l. She had seen him taking his pleasure with the bevy of maids in the village. And now this.Both Thakur and Sheila were oblivious to the young woman watching jealously from the doorway. Thakur was now humping Sheila with a ferocity. Between his quest for release and the need to pound Sheila into submission Thakur had now worked up a sweat. “Ye lo. Take this! Unh! Ah! Do you see? Do you……..?” he demanded.”Thakur saab! Thoda… ah… please! A little softer? Let me feel you? Not so hard, please?” sobbed Sheila as she clung on to the table.”No. first you promise that you will not recount this morning’s incident,” insisted Thakur. He clutched at her breasts harder.Sheila was angry with her body for betraying her with its wet, squishy response. “I will tell everyone not only…aaaah!… that you fuck your bahu… uhh… but also…unhh… that you fucked — oh fuck! — me………!” yowled out Sheila as Thakur hammered into her. “Will you also tell them….uh… that you became slick with juices and opened wide for me?” he stammered, as pleasure played havoc with his diction.”That’s not my fault, you dirty old man,” cried out Sheila as she felt her body surge with a build up. It was beautiful, the way he opened her out and his cock massaged every cell along her pussy lining to awake her body.”Neither was it Binita’s,” concluded Thakur triumphantly.”But you corrupted her,” said Sheila as she felt her body melt completely. An orgasm of earthquake proportions was upon her. She had never felt so helpless in her release as today. Usually, her pleasure was within a threshold of control and she used it to pleasure back her husband. But Thakur was a pleasure-machine and she just took it. Suddenly imagined Binita’s finger nails digging into his back and realised she wanted to feel his body as well.”And you? Are you not corrupt now,” Thakur paused. A hand slid down between their bodies and his fingers dabbed up the mix of juices. He brought his fingers to her lips and held it there. “What is this?” he demanded. “Are you not a slut now?””Let me show you how much of a slut I am!” she hissed. She leaned up and quickly took the caftan off, baring her entire back to him. Thakur leaned forward and kissed her between the shoulder blades. Sheila gasped at the hot touch of his lips — but also at the vacantness inside her as the cock slipped out from the change in posture. “Fuck me like you should really fuck a woman,” said Sheila pushing him back and turning around. She held her legs up, spread wide and invited him back into her cunt. As Thakur stepped forward, cock once again in his fist to guide it in, Sheila turned her head and was shocked to see the fixated figure of Binita.Her legs dropped and she tried to push aside Thakur as he moved closer. But he grabbed her thighs and laid them over his shoulder. He looked down. The cunt was defenselessly spread wide now. He held alanya escort bayan his cock to the cunt. “Thakur,” whispered Sheila, nodding towards Binita. A woman can control herself, but a man in lust doesn’t pause. Thakur rammed his cock back in with a loud sigh of relief at reclaiming his soppy refuge. Sheila screamed with pleasure at the invasion. Her hands gripped his strong arms. “Babujee,” she wailed, “aapki bahu!” (Your daughter-in-law).”What of her? She too has had this” — he fucked harder for emphasis- “pleasure” he ended ramming himself into her repeatedly.Thakur gripped her breasts hard, very hard. The flesh was in his hands, tight and hard. But the nipples and the area around them were free and left alone. The blood engorged the nipples as his hand held tight. She wished he would touch them, kiss them and give them relief. The tingling sensation was huge.Thakur angled his cock to graze her clit repeatedly as he slid in and out.”Babuji, look there!” she exclaimed, her hand pointed to Binita.Sheila’s hand was outstretched toward Binita. Her other hand gripped his arm for pleasure. Her cunt was open and being pounded. Her breasts were being mauled. The experience was unimaginably good. But she should have seduced the man for the sake of her own pleasure. Binita seeing her in this slut-lust condition was not what she wanted.”Beti,” she called out to Binita. (Come, my girl.) Thakur turned towards Binita. Their eyes met. Thakur continued to fuck, sweat pouring down his brow and chest. The amalgam of bodies was a squishy mess. Thakur’s face was wincing as shots of pleasure ran through his body.He slowed a bit. Only to have Sheila thrust back with an urgency. Her hands grabbed back at Thakur and she thrust her hips lewdly towards his loins. “Arrgggh!” shuddered Thakur as the assault from the woman ravaged him. He thrust back to quell her. Binita stepped forward. Sheila moved her legs from Thakur’s shoulders to around his hips. Her heels hammered at the muscular ass, urging him to fuck them both to the grand finale. She clutched at his chest, her fingers mauling his nipples , hurting him. Thakur reached for her hands, releasing her breasts. “Damn!” thought Sheila. She needed his hands everywhere. And his cock deep in her cunt. Thakur and Sheila held hands, fingers interlaced. They pulled themselves together. Then their palms pushed backwards. Sheila and thakur briefly became a single b**st comprised of two parts. The two parts levered against once another, hands, hips and bodies — all with the single goal of pistoning the cock and cunt to release intense pleasure.When Binita reached close, Sheila released Thakur’s hand and caught Binita’s soft, small hand. It held a mobile phone which she took from the girl and placed on the table. Then with her other hand, she reached for Thakur’s hand and placed Binita’s hand in his. Soon the three of them were holding hands three-ways. Thakur’s right hand clutched Sheila’s left hand as they fucked with increased vigor. Sheila’s right hand held Binita’s left hand gently; this was her latest guidance to the girl she had taken under her wing in the city. And Binita’s right hand was in Thakur’s: a familiar union of Binita and her Babuji. Thakur’s grip on Binita’s and Sheila’s hand was hard; he was focused on the fucking he was delivering his newest conquest. Sheila guided Binita’s hand to her own neglected breasts which were aching for attention. Binita’s fingers stroked the nipples and the mass of flesh. Sheila aunty’s skin was hot and burning. There were also drops of sweat from her Babuji’s brow and Sheila aunty seemed to be sweating too. Binita gathered the mound of flesh in her fist, but also let her thumb flick and pleasure the nipple. “Yes beti,” gasped Sheila, thanking her ward for pleasuring her rather than playing games. As orgasms rippled through her body, Sheila pulled Binita down to her breasts. The younger woman sucked and milked her aunty’s breasts. Her hand crept to Babuji’s ass as it pounded into Sheila aunty, stroking and encouraging him. Her lips moved further up and kissed Sheila’s throat, which was bobbing and pulsating with the pleasure coursing through her body.Sheila’s body bucked and thrashed as the combined attention of the old man and young girl overpowered her. The rhythm of fucking was lost as the hips thrashed in uncontrolled orgasms. Sheila’s lips smeared on Binita’s lips as she lost control of her neck muscles too. Sheila was in effect, thrashing her body against Binita and Thakur, squeezing new found pleasure out of her system. This was incredible! She had never experienced such pleasure before. She was lost in her own world.A flash of light brought her back to reality. Thakur was holding up Binita’s mobile and had taken a photo of the two women kissing.”What are you trying to do?” mumbled Sheila through the haze of pleasure. “Something to remind you of how you feel in pleasure,” replied Thakur. He tossed the phone aside to focus on the finish. His ever reliable Binita came to assist. Her hand, till now caressing his ass, slid lower and reaching under him stroked his sac and perineum. The clenched muscles which held back Thakur’s release were let loose. Binita pushed his buttocks aside with fingers as if to invade Thakur’s ass. Thakur’s face contorted and helplessness washed over him.Sheila could see the transformation in the man who had dominated her till just now. He seemed weak and wobbling. She could see he might cum anytime, but she could not know why. She was older, yes; but she was nowhere the younger one’s sexual prowess or experience. Thakur groaned his orgasm out aloud, as he released into Sheila’s plundered pussy. Binita stepped back to let man and woman exchange the moment of passion. Sheila hauled herself up, hands shimmying up his arms till she was able to sink her own nails into his broad shoulder blades, signaling her own aftershocks of pleasure. The gap between them closed as her breasts crushed against his broad chest, the chest which she had admired so much. For the first time, their lips met. Thakur shuddered as his semen spurted into Sheila. She screamed into his throat in disbelief at the sheer quantum of seed spilling into her. To cum twice at his age and then so copiously was a wonder!As he fucked her in the rapidly receding orgasm, Sheila clutched onto this wonderful man. Subsidiary orgasms coursed through her body. The two mashed their lips together, clinging, grinding and releasing. Thakur’s hands roamed her back and in a final act, he cupped her ass and lifted her onto his cock and thrust as deep into her as she could.”Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” sucked in Sheila as the cock touched her in a few more unexpected places.Binita stepped back, thinking these two had no place for her in this intensity. As she did, Sheila’s hand found her again. She stopped her from stepping away. The younger lady stopped there. Tantalizingly close to two people she admired a lot, locked in their own passionate release. She was fully clothed and not part of the sexual tryst. But then again, she was the key link in the equation between these two.Sheila allowed the quakes to subside and as soon as the storm passed, her body sagged. She ran her nails down his chest as she allowed her body to lay back slowly.Thakur let go of the woman, his mission accomplished. “Come beti” he beckoned to Binita. “We shall have no trouble from her!” he announced. He bent to pick up his dhoti and wrap it around his waist. He took her hand and led her out, leaving a drained Sheila shocked at the abrupt departure. Binita was looking back at her Sheila aunty as her Babuji dragged her away. She wanted to stroke and soothe that beautiful woman- how warm and erotic she seemed! She wanted to tell aunty that Babuji’s approach to Sheila was not her own attitude to Sheila. She wanted to touch, hold cling and talk to Sheila aunty. She wanted to lay her head on her breast, sucking, toying, caressing. She had always wanted to reciprocate that lady’s warmth and kindness. The possibility of holding and conveying her feelings seemed so much preferable to the traditional methods of thanking.There she was laid back, open and available. And here was thakur dragging her off.This was not the time. As they left the flat, Thakur, his face sweaty and flushed, bare-bodied came face to face with Sheila’s husband. Thakur surely looked suspicious coming out of the flat in this state. But the properly attired Binita who followed saved the day. That left the matter of the woman on the kitchen table, helplessly laid out nude and in satiation.”Don’t close the door!” said Sheila’s husband, “I don’t have a key!”Binita shut the door. Hopefully, that gave Sheila aunty the time she needed.Father-in-law and daughter-in-law slid into their own flat, Binita suddenly thankful that her Babuji had treated it as a transaction; had they lingered, they would have been caught.Finally, her Babuji had countered the threat of exposure. She felt satisfied that he cared for her. But she should have known he would solve it using his manhood as a weapon. And of that, she was jealous.

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