FIlling my ass in Lake Placid

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FIlling my ass in Lake PlacidThe clamps were tight, almost too tight. Nah, I LOVE them super tight. And the chain between them was just heavy enough to make them tug me. All the time. My stockings were thigh highs, sheer grey and so soft against my freshly shaven legs. Dark grey suede heels with open toes showing off my red nails, but only three inch because I can’t walk well on higher ones. I was completely shaven and feeling very feminine, even though I knew that I didn’t look very feminine, even with my makeup and wig. But he didn’t mind that. He liked it. A lot. His sweet cock was pushing against his jeans as I posed for him. “Turn to the left baby” he’d say. “Now bend over and let me see your ass.” He sipped his cup of bourbon. I loved posing, I loved wearing sexy lingerie and makeup too, I felt so sexy. My cock was hard. Not as hard as his, you just can’t compare a 55 year old cock with a 22 year old cock. But my 55 year old cock was pretty damn hard. “When are we going to stop posing and start fucking, you young stud?” I asked softly. He was sitting on the bed, we hadn’t even pulled down the comforter yet. We had a Lakeview King at the Northwoods Inn in Lake Placid. A view of the lake we were told, but dark out now. We’d see in the morning. “Soon baby, really soon.” he replied. “Not good enough baby.” I said as I took a sip of my bourbon. “These plastic cups don’t do my bourbon justice sweetheart.” I walked to him, leaned over him and started unbuttoning his shirt. He put his hands on my thighs, rubbing softly. With each button I exposed a little more of the blonde hair that covered his tanned chest, and with the last button I opened it to expose his nipples. Beautiful dark red nipples, and big! I kissed one, ran my tongue around it, licked a few times and then took it between my lips and sucked. It was stiff and a little salty, he moaned, I throbbed. I stood him up and pulled his shirt off. Muscular, thin, beautiful. I kissed his lips, soft at first and as he pressed kaçak bahis back we kissed harder, tongues searching each other. I knelt in front of him and unbuckled his belt.”You don’t take no for an answer, do you?” I replied “way too old and bitchy for any No’s baby. I need your cock in me.” I unbuttoned his jeans, pulled down the zipper and slid his pants down around his knees. He was wearing paisley boxer shorts. I didn’t see that coming, not paisley anyways. The boxers were loose and did little to constrain his erect penis. It had sprung into the air as I pulled his jeans down over it and was pointing straight at me, pulling his boxers up with it, with a wet spot giving away just how long I’d been turning him on. I wrapped my hand around his shaft with his boxers on and stroked gently. “Mmm, darlin’, let’s take those boxers off please..” Wasn’t going to happen yet, my turn to tease a little. With my hand on his shaft I stopped stroking, holding still, and started kissing the insides of his thighs. Working my way up into the boxers and back down. Then up to the tip of his penis to give it a little bite, still holding his shaft. “C’mon baby…” Damn it. I wasn’t any more patient than him. I pulled the boxers off. His penis was large and veined and curved a little bit up and to the right. He wasn’t cut but his foreskin was pulled most of the way off his glans because he was erect. His balls were shaven and only a small triangle of blond hair was left above his penis. I held the bottom of his shaft and admired him for a few moments…long enough for a drop of precum to ooze from it. That was my cue. I licked the sweet precum off him, pulled his foreskin all the way off his glans and took him into my mouth. Slowly and gently passing my wet lips over his glans, in and out. Just a little deeper each time, getting used to his girth and letting my throat open. Deeper, lips and tongue relaxed. Deeper into my mouth and throat. He moaned softly. I finally slid the entire güvenilir bahis thing deep down, no breath for a second or two and my upper lip and nose pressing against his soft pubic hair. “Holy shit…” he whispered. My cock was throbbing. Slowly out, a breath through my nose, tongue back and forth on the underside of his shaft. Back in, deep again. I love sucking cock, his was one of the loveliest I’d ever had and I was absolutely lost in the pleasure. I could feel him begin to stiffen a little just as he pulled my head away. “Baby you’re fucking awesome but I don’t want to cum in your mouth yet. I want to fuck your tight ass first.” I smiled at him, stood up, took a sip of my bourbon and laid down on my back on the bed. “How do you want me?” I whispered. I couldn’t wait to get his cock in my ass. “Let’s start doggie style” he replied. I was on it. I took one more sip, set the cup on the nightstand, rolled onto my knees and put my ass in the air. He was opening a tube of KY when I rolled over and my ass wasn’t in the air for more than a few seconds before his hands spread my cheeks and his tongue started dancing across my sphincter and probing me. I started to relax it, always something I have to concentrate on because it simply wants to tighten when ever something pushes against it. As I relaxed he was able to force his tongue into me, and at the same time he started rubbing and tugging my balls. Beautiful, sexy, my cock wishing he would pay it a little attention too. But that wasn’t to be. He pulled away, squeezed a little KY on me and caressed it around and into me. The anticipation was killing me, it seemed like hours while he was lubing himself. Finally he came back to me, hands on the sides of my ass and laid his velvety hard cock against me. He pushed, not gentle. “Don’t be in a hurry baby, take it slow, let me get used that thing.” “Sorry” he replied. Again he pushed, now gentle. I concentrated, relaxed, and within a few seconds his glans canlı bahis had cleared my muscles and he slid into me. Wonderful, full, he was still throbbing. He moaned more, pulled out a ways, not all the way, and then slid back in this time deeper. Out, in, out in, deeper each time until his stomach was bumping against my ass. He picked up the pace, faster, deep each time. I was loving it, pushing back against him, forcing him into me, his beautiful cock filling me so sweetly. We were in a sweaty hot sync, my ass was in heaven and my head spinning, lost in the moment. His moaning was becoming louder and he was starting to pant, and I knew that it wouldn’t be long. “I want you to cum in my mouth baby, I want to taste you.” He mumbled a hurried “Ok” and pulled out of me. I spun quickly, losing a shoe in the process. I got to his cock in more than enough time, took his shaft in my hand and laid my lips around his glans. His cock was harder than before and I could taste my ass…but I liked it. Slowly taking him in and out, this time I didn’t go deep for fear of his load going down my throat instead of across my tongue. His hands on the sides of my face, him moaning, his sweet, sweet cock not tasting like my ass any longer. As I took him in and out he began pumping and stiffened. It was here. I tightened my lips, sucked a little faster. He moaned, pumped, stiffened one last time and exploded. The first stream hit the back of my throat, the next spewed across my tongue. Warm, thick, delicious cum. And a lot of it, his cock pulsed for what seems like minutes, each pulse releasing a tasty stream of his delicious love juice. I sucked him dry, his cock was softening by the time I finally finished.I pulled away and looked into his eyes. He smiled, sweat running down his forehead. “Baby, that was the best sex I’ve ever had.” I looked at him silently. “You need to cum now baby.” He pushed me to my back, took off my clamps and and began at my nipples. I didn’t really care then, I’d had my fun. But as he kissed and teased my nipples, my cock, which always goes soft when I get my ass filled, began to come back to life. I reached for the bourbon as he worked his way down my belly. This was going to be a long, wonderful night.

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