Financial Domination–HS Crush Part 1

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Financial Domination–HS Crush Part 1[It should be noted that everyone in the story is 18+]When we moved 1/3 of the way into my senior year, I was crushed. New state, new city, new school and all my friends so far away now. Not that I had a ton of friends, but I felt so very lonely going to a new school like this, everyone already had their friends, I was an outsider. There was only one person, Jaime, who seemed to warm up to me almost from my first day. I had her in several classes, and I thought she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She was so sexy, perfect body, really naturally gorgeous without really trying to be. And she had such a wonderful personality to go with that beauty. She had the sweetest smile and just seemed to light up every time she said hello to me. I blushed, as I was so shy around girls. She made me feel welcome and suddenly I didn’t feel so lonely and alone anymore. In just a short time, we became great friends, and became pretty close. She loved to text me, sometimes in the middle of classes, but usually in the evening. We chatted quite a bit and also often met after school for various functions and events, and she would introduce me to her friends, who were nice but not anywhere near as friendly as she was towards me.Finally, I got up the nerve to ask her out. She was polite, but did defer and turn me down. She tried to explain it was because she liked me so much and wasn’t really interested in going out with one guy right now, she did date though, as I was aware, she would often tell me about her dates, like I was a girlfriend of hers. She liked having someone like me who was non-judgemental to talk with about the guys she went out with, and she wasn’t too shy about telling me what they would do with each other, sexually. She wasn’t afraid of putting out, she was comfortable in her sexuality and was popular enough with everyone to not be worried about what anyone thought about her. But…to say the least, I was so disappointed when she turned me down when I asked her out. She went on to say that she would think of me more as a long-term partner, and güvenilir bahis she just didn’t feel that would be fair to either of us, because she was going to be going to college right after high school, and that would mean we’d be separated. I tried to persuade her a bit, but she held her ground and through the course of our conversations, she did admit that she wasn’t really attracted to me “in that way”. She was drawn more toward aggressive, more dominant types. And, I could see that, by who she went out with—typically jocks and athletes. I wondered about that, because that didn’t seem like her, but she said it was mainly because of the sex–most of them were very good at it, and she enjoyed the physical pleasures they could provide her.So that was it. Now I didn’t know what to do. I really admired her, loved her, but I started to explore my feelings a bit more and my fantasies and also my inclinations. For such a young person, I’d always been pretty introspective and had a lot of fantasies most of which I’d never had the nerve to ever talk with to anyone before. I felt so comfortable with Jaime that I did mention some of them to her, but while she listened sympathetically, she wasn’t really interested in exploring any of them with me. She thought they were cute though, like me wanting to worship her beautiful feet, or wear panties for her. She never seemed to judge any of them and always remained warm and sweet with me, and never failed to return a phone call or text at nearly any time, unless she was busy on a date, that is.There was one fetish interest I had in particular though that I pressed her on. At first, she turned me down flatly. She said that she liked me too much to ignore me. I persisted though, and finally, after several discussions where I explained my fetish and practically begged her to help me with it, she agreed. She said that she hoped I knew what I was doing though, and to be careful what I wished for. We parted as we usually did after getting a bit together that evening, with her giving me a peck on the cheek and a warm hug, and wishing me good night. güvenilir bahis siteleri However, this time she did whisper in my ear that things would be different starting tomorrow. I shuddered a bit, wondering what I had gotten myself into.The next day, I bounded into school, curious about what would happen. On the one hand, I believed Jaime when she said she would do it for me, but on the other hand, I sort of didn’t believe she would really go through with it. She was just too sweet to do it, I thought, and though I was excited that she might actually do it, I was sort of happy in thinking that she probably wouldn’t. I enjoyed our friendship a great deal and I felt sort of bad in a way that I used that friendship and a bit of her guilt about not going out with me on sexual dates to leverage her into agreeing to participate in my fantasies to make them real. But….I was a bit shocked when I saw her with a group of her friends, and said “hello” and she didn’t even notice me, didn’t budge, didn’t stop from talking with her friends, didn’t acknowledge me whatsoever. I sent her some texts thanking her for doing that, but nothing in response. Whenever I tried to call her, I got her voice mail and never a call back. I was thrilled on a certain level, but on another level I kind of wanted it to stop and said so in the texts and emails and voice mails I sent and left her. But still no replies, no response, and she never even looked in my direction whenever we passed each other in school.I was getting desperate. I thought…there must be some way to reverse this, but what? I got lucky, or so I thought, when I was looking around on Amazon for something and kind of stumbled upon her wish list on there. Not a lot of stuff there, but there were a few things. I had money from a job I worked, so I thought I’d get her the purse she had on there. I waited and tracked it and then I saw that it had been delivered! I texted her and assured her it was from me, but still no reply from her. Next day at school, when I saw her talking with her friends, I saw the purse around her shoulder. This güvenilir bahis time when I said “hello, Jaime”, I did get a small response, but not what I had hoped for. For just a second, she flipped her middle finger in my direction, but didn’t look at me or acknowledge me in any other way. OMG! I couldn’t believe it. It turned me on so much, I felt I had to go to the bathroom to jerk off, but didn’t, I would later though, wow! So, I thought…I would do it again. This time I got her some shoes from her list. Again, ,tracked the package and again sent her a text to say they were from me. Next day, I saw her wearing them, this time she was with a group of jocks, but same reaction, a brief flip-off when I tried to say “hello” to her. The guys noticed it and smirked in my direction. Later on, I overheard some of her girlfriends comment about her shoes and where did she get them, and heard Jaime say “I don’t know, some loser got them for me”. Her friends didn’t know what to make of that comment, exactly, but they all laughed about it together.I felt so humiliated, even though they probably don’t know who that “loser” is, but you never know, girls talk a lot. I missed my talks with Jaime so much, and wrote her a heartfelt email followed up by some texts. I was so aroused by this, on one level, but so heart-broken and literally crying on another. I felt I was so stupid to have asked her to do this for me, and she never would have if I hadn’t have practically begged her to do so. Finally….finally…a return text. It was short, and terse. “Listen loser, you really need to stop bugging me. For doing so, from now on, you will come to school and hand me your lunch money, every day. Don’t expect me to acknowledge you, just hand it over and move along.” That was it. OMG. Then another text came through. I half-expected it to say something like, ok it’s time to quit, enough is enough, let’s go back to being friends again, but no. Instead it said “Oh, almost forgot, I added some things to my wishlist. I’ll expect you to get them for me.” And that was it. Nothing else. I sent her texts thanking her for acknowledging me, thanking her for adding things to her wishlist, thanking her for taking my lunch money, but nothing in return.To be continued?? Maybe, I’ll see if I have enough in me to write more, or if anyone is interested. Thank you very much for reading it!

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