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Cloud looked up from where she was curled in the back of Sky’s The Limit’s stall. She’d heard the barn doors open, and she had little doubt that it was her husband. She looked back down, her hair falling over her face. Had she made a mistake in letting Brad stay? Montgomery was violent now. He’d never hit her before…


Her voice was quiet when she responded. “What…?”

“Where are you?”

Cloud glanced at the horse next to her, knowing she’d be safe as long as she was there. “In Limit’s stall…”

DeadShot made his way down the aisle of the barn; carefully eyeing Sky’s The Limit once he reached the stall. Cloud didn’t move from her spot toward the back, so he carefully stepped in and gathered her to him, nudging the ice pack she held against her cheek aside to check her over.

“I know he’s your friend, but if he lays a hand on you again…”

Cloud glanced up at him at his threat, wondering for a moment just how protective he was. He hugged her and Cloud burrowed against him, seeking out the comfort and protection that she knew his body would give. A small shiver ran through her body as he ran his hand down her back and she looked up at him.

“Will you be okay?”

There was a concerned look on her husband’s face and she nodded slightly. He gently brushed his fingers over her cheek, causing her to flinch.

He took his hand away. “I’m sorry, Beautiful.”

Cloud shook her head. “Jus’ sore…”

DeadShot nodded and kissed her cheek.

She leaned against his chest, welcoming his gentleness. She looked up at him, pausing for a moment before she spoke. “Make love to me?”

He blinked, startled by her question. “A-are you sure?”

Cloud bit her lip, watching him as she gave a timid nod. DeadShot gently brushed his mouth over hers, giving her time to accept before he deepened the kiss. Cloud responded, her eyes closed.

“Not in here…” He murmured, breaking the kiss.

“I know…Wasn’ planning on it…”

DeadShot stood and picked her up, cradling her in his arms. “We’ll leave the ice in the freezer. You shouldn’t leave it on too long.”

Cloud answered with a small nod, her arms around his neck. He carried her inside the house, stopping in the kitchen to put the ice pack in the freezer before continuing to their room.

He watched her as he set her on the bed. “Are you sure?”

She looked up at him, focusing her eyes on his as she nodded. She returned the kiss he gave her, her hand finding it’s way through his hair, down his back, and inside his shirt.

His eyes slid closed for a moment. “Your hands are so warm…”

Cloud blushed as he nuzzled her neck, carefully untucking her shirt in the process. He kocaeli escort slid his fingers through her feathers, causing her to shiver.

She leaned against his hand, tentative. “W-will you not touch me there…? Please…?”

He took his hand away. “Where can I touch you?”

“Anywhere but there…” She motioned just past her waist, her body shaking again.

“How-“ DeadShot sighed and shook his head.

“Jus’…No’ with your hands…Please…” Cloud watched him nod. “Are you mad a’ me…?”

“How can I be mad at you?”

“I don’ know…”

“I’m not mad.”

Cloud nodded and hugged him tightly, relaxing slightly when he returned the hug before releasing her and removing their shoes. He kissed her again once he was done, his fingers wandering her body. A quiet noise escaped her throat and he slid her shirt off. His mouth kissed the gentle curves he revealed, causing Cloud to look at him, startled.

“Are you alright?”

Cloud nodded, dazed.


She nodded again. “Jus’ surprised…N-no one’s done that b’fore…”

DeadShot grinned. “I can do it again if you like.”

“Can I lay down first…? Gonna fall over…”

“I wouldn’t let you…” He nodded. “Go ahead.”

Cloud slowly lay back on the bed, a bit awkward. The way her back arched under his mouth as he continued to kiss her breasts made a small grin form on his face. Her hands absently found their way through his hair.

“Are you absolutely sure about this?”

Cloud watched her husband for a moment before kissing him, responding when he deepened the kiss acquainting his tongue with the inside of her mouth. She shivered as his fingers carefully unbuttoned her jeans

“I’m not gonna hurt you…”

She placed her hand on his cheek as he slid her jeans off, tossing them to the floor. He kissed her again and Cloud ran her hands down his back. A small noise, sounding a little like a whimper left her throat as he went back to kissing her curves and she tangled her hands in his hair.

“You can tell me to stop if you want…”

Cloud shook her head. “No…Don’ stop…Feels good…” She arched her back again as he continued and she tugged at his shirt, wanting to feel his skin beneath her hands instead of the annoying piece of fabric. She tentatively nuzzled his chest once the shirt was gone and she glanced up at him, unsure.

“It’s okay…”

She kissed him, her hands finding their way down his back and to his waist. Her hands paused at the top of his jeans.

He gently took her hand for a moment. “Don’t do anything you don’t want to do.”

Cloud watched him for a moment before trying to rid him of his jeans, her hands fumbling with the button. He watched the look of concentration kocaeli escort bayan on her face as she eventually succeeded in unbuttoning his jeans and tossing them to the floor. It wasn’t long after that Cloud caught sight of him, her cheeks quickly going red.

“Look at me…You can stop this whenever you want…”

“Don’t want to stop…Jus’…I-it’s…” Cloud’s cheeks only got redder as she stumbled over her words, making one wonder just how much experience she’d had.

He watched her. “How many times have you done this willingly?”

“Lots of times…”

“Cloud…Tell me the truth.”

“About fifteen…” She bit her lip and looked up at him, unsure. “That’s not a lot?”

DeadShot blinked. “Wait…Things are not adding up here.” He looked at her. “By willing, I mean with your heart too…By willing, I mean with someone who hasn’t hurt you.”

Cloud fell silent for a moment, having to think.

“If you have to think about it, then no, you haven’t.” He hugged her. “Don’t look away from me. It’s different when you’re willing.”

She glanced up at him, tentative.


She ran her hand through his hair, returning his kiss. A shiver ran through her body as he ran his hand down her side to her hip. Cloud tensed slightly for a moment as he gently nudged her legs apart with his leg, relaxing again when he nuzzled her neck.

Cloud shivered and tilted her head back, giving him easier access to her neck. Her back arched as he moved lower. She let her hands slide down his back as he kissed her neck.

“It’s not so bad, is it?” He asked, a small grin on his face.

She looked up at him and bit her lip before letting her hands slide a bit lower than his waist. She stopped again.

“It’s okay…Don’t do anything you don’t want to…”

Cloud hugged him tightly, placing a kiss on his shoulder. She shivered as his fingers trailed down her front and she arched against his hands, accidentally pressing against him. DeadShot shivered and Cloud blinked, her cheeks going red again.

She swallowed, watching him as she tentatively moved against him again. DeadShot groaned quietly, trying to keep control of himself. Her breath caught as he slowly slid into her, her muscles stretching to accommodate him. She tightened her grip on him, searching his face.

“Easy…It’s okay…”

Cloud restlessly ran her hands through his hair, looking for support and comfort.

“Talk to me…Are you okay?” He kissed her when she nodded. “I’m not going to hurt you…”

She looked up at him, her voice quiet. “I trust you…”

Using all the self-control he possessed, he continued his slow pace. Cloud shuddered and buried her face in his shoulder, clinging izmit escort to him as he moved. She squirmed, trying to find a more comfortable position for herself. She hadn’t had sex since…Since she’d gotten pregnant with Sky. That was six months ago. He stopped for a moment, watching her, trying to keep himself from bucking into her tight opening.

He brushed his mouth over hers as she arched her hips beneath him and he began his slow, steady pace once again.

“It’s okay…” He nuzzled her neck, hoping to calm her as she gripped his shoulders. He shifted slightly, causing a small noise to come from her. Concerned, he looked at her.

“I-it’s…” It didn’t take long for Cloud’s cheeks to turn red as she made an attempt to not make a total fool of herself.

“Are you alright?”


They had said their words at the same time and DeadShot blinked, something much like a blush forming on his face. He hadn’t been expecting that…He grinned. “Thanks.”

Cloud swallowed before tentatively moving against him again. DeadShot nipped her neck, causing her to gasp as he picked up his pace again. She restlessly ran her hands down his back, a small, quiet moan escaping her throat as he began to deepen his thrusts, increasing speed as he did so.

She arched against his wandering hands, panting now. It seemed that every nerve ending was alive now. She’d been worried that it would hurt when she’d seen his size and the fear had kept her from being wet. In all truth, it had hurt a little…But now he was brushing against the diamond between her thighs. She knew he hadn’t known about it, probably still didn’t. She shuddered, her body reacting to the new stimulation. He seemed to be moving easier now, more smoothly and she didn’t have to check to know that her pleasure had overtaken her fear.

Cloud whimpered and tangled her fingers in his hair, her muscles tightening around him as he continued the fast, deep rhythm he had started. It was only a few seconds later that she cried out with her release. DeadShot did the same as her muscles tightened around him, his liquid warmth adding to the natural lubrication that her body had provided.

She lay beneath him, shivering in the after shocks that continued to shake her for several minutes. He kissed her, brushing away several strands of her hair that had taken it upon themselves to cling to her face. Cloud burrowed against him as he rolled onto his side and she managed to look up at him, a dazed look on her face.

“I hope you found the experience enjoyable…”

Cloud shivered again at his words and nodded, her eyes half closed. For the first time in her life, Cloud didn’t mind the fact that a man still held her after sex. That their bodies were still locked together. She realized now, lying in his arms, that she truly did love this man.

He smiled and pulled the bed sheets closer around their bodied, kissing her forehead in the process. “Get some sleep.”

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