First Time For Cousin

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First Time For CousinThis is a story I’ve been thinking about sharing for a while. This is 100% true and is one of the most memorable sexual experiences I’ve ever enjoyed. Hope you like it.A few years ago an aunt of mine came to stay with my mother for two weeks. She brought her granddaughter (my cousin) with her. It was my first time to meet Sandra. That’s not her real name for obvious reasons. I remember coming home from work and greeting my aunt and then being introduced to Sandra. At the time Sandra was f*****n years old but very mature, physically, for her age. I remember thinking to myself at the time how gorgeous she was though I honestly never imagined anything happening between us. After all, I was 38 and she was f*****n! Plus we were cousins so never thought anything about it when she gave me a big hello hug. So you can try and picture her I’ll try and describe her. She was about 5’5″, slim build but curves in all the right places, black curly hair past her shoulders, gorgeous brown eyes, probably c-cup boobs and an ass to die for! Though what struck me most was her smile. It seemed her whole face lit up when she smiled. Anyway, getting back to the story. Sandra seemed to enjoy spending time with me. We even started a routine of doing the cryptic crossword together with me trying to simplify the clues so she could get the answers. We would sit on the sofa with her head on my shoulder and her arms holding my free arm. This one Friday evening my mother and aunt were heading out to meet some friends but Sandra didn’t fancy an evening spent in a pub so my aunt asked if she could stay home with me. I said it was fine as I was intending a quiet night in with a few cans but would love the company. After they left Sandra mentioned that she was going to put her pj’s on as I was already relaxing in track bottoms and a t-shirt. When she came back my jaw nearly hit the floor. She was wearing very short and tight shorts and a v-necked t-shirt. I could see straight away she wasn’t wearing a bra as her nipples were quite visible. She settled herself beside me on the sofa and snuggled up to me wrapping her arms around my arm and we tried to finish the crossword. I say tried because suddenly my brain started to notice that the way she was holding me, my arm was pressed against one of her boobs and I could clearly feel her nipple pressing into me. Not only that but every time she leaned forward to see the crossword clearer, she was giving me a lovely view down her top! As I felt my cock start to twitch, I knew I couldn’t let her see me getting hard so I made an excuse that I needed a pee and then I’d put the kettle on. I went to the toilet and stayed there for a few anadolu yakası escort minutes until my cock calmed down then, feeling guilty for getting a hard-on from looking at my f*****n year old cousin went to the kitchen to put the kettle on.I went back in to the living room, where Sandra was flicking through the channels on the telly looking for something decent to watch. As I sat back down on the sofa, further away than before she looked at me and promptly lay down on her back with her head on my thighs giving me an even clearer view of the outline of her boobs and very prominent nipples. “Oh no” I thought, “this isn’t good” as I felt my cock start to twitch again. I quickly grabbed a cushion and placed it under her head saying she’d be more comfortable though all I could think about was how much shit would hit the fan if she realised I had a major hard-on. As much to take my mind off the beauty lying on me I started chatting to her about her home, school and friends and stuff, which quickly turned to the topic of boys. Teasing her I joked she must be really popular with the boys. She looked at me and said “Eh? Why would you think that? I’m f*****n and I’ve never even been kissed by a boy!” “No way, get outta here” I said, honestly shocked. “Are the boys there all blind or something? You’re absolutely gorgeous! I’m telling you, if I was 20 years younger I’d be chasing after you big time”. As she laughed I quickly added smiling “well, if we were not related I would”. She went quiet for a bit then turned on her side so she was facing me and said “can I ask you something?”. “Sure” I replied with a smile, “anything”. “Will you show me what it’s like to be kissed?”. “Sorry?” I said thinking I’d misheard her. In a rush she said “Will you kiss me Rob? Please? I’ve been dying to kiss a boy but dad won’t let me have boy friends and I really want to find out what it’s like and I think you’re really nice and I’d love for you to be the first boy I get with”. “I’m hardly a boy” I replied though my cock was now wide awake, “surely you’d prefer your 1st kiss to be with someone nearer your age?” “No Rob, I’ve known since I first met you! I want you to be my first. If I don’t like it I’ll say so and we can stop and no one will ever know”. She sounded like she was pleading and the way she was looking at me was breaking down my defences. I moved her head from my lap and knelt on the floor. Leaning down closer to her I said “are you sure about this?”. “I am, I’ve never been surer. Please show me” she replied. I was lost and knew it. “Baby, I’m not sure I’ll be happy with just kissing but I promise, you only have to say ‘stop’ ataşehir escort and I will”. With that I lowered my lips to hers and kissed her. Just brushing my lips on hers at first as my hand stoked her face. As her arms went around my neck and pulled me closer I began running my tongue along her lips until she opened her mouth and then we really started. “Not bad for a first timer” I said smiling “you sure you’ve never done this?” “Well, only with my friend Amanda but that was just a bit of messing around” she said shyly, “now, no more talk? I’m enjoying this”. “Your wish is my command” I said kissing her again as I thought, ok, lets see how far this goes. I lay down beside her with my leg between hers as I started to kiss her neck, nibbling her ear lobes as my hand slipped under her top and started caressing her belly and side. She was starting to moan now, pulling me closer against her as my hand moved up her body to her boobs. She started squirming as I cupped a breast and gently squeezed it, rubbing her now erect nipple with my thumb. “Oh my God, that feels soo good” she moaned. I pushed her t-shirt up, exposing her beautiful breasts and said “tell me how this feels” as I lowered my head and started kissing and sucking her breasts, running my tongue over and around her nipple. “Oh fuck thats amazing” was her reply as I continued to enjoy her boobs. “You know, we’d be more comfortable upstairs” I said suddenly imagining my aunt walking in to find us making out. “Ok” she said as I took her hand and led her to her bedroom. When we got to her bed I turned her to face me and started to kiss her again as I removed her t-shirt before lying her on the bed. By this time I could see a big wet patch on her shorts between her legs. I lay down beside her after taking my own t-shirt off and again went to work on her boobs though this time my hand was slowly exploring the silky smooth skin of her thighs. I’m sure I could feel heat emanating from her pussy through her shorts. Her hands were all over me and her moans of pleasure were making me want to taste every charm this gorgeous girl had to offer. I sat up and looking her in the face I untied the laces of her shorts before sliding them down her legs. She was wearing a tiny white thong and I could clearly see the outline of a perfect bald pussy underneath. “Oh my God, you are beautiful Sandra” was all I could say. I stood up and took my track bottoms off and she gasped when she saw my rock hard cock tenting my boxers. “Can I see it Rob?” she asked sitting up. “All in good time baby” I told her as I lay her back down, “first though, I have to taste your pussy”. I slipped her thong ümraniye escort off and began to kiss and lick up and down her thighs. I could see how wet her pussy was. Honestly, I’ve never seen so much juice dripping from a pussy. Within a minute or two her hands were on my head trying to pull me towards her. I eventually stopped teasing her and with the first touch of my tongue on her pussy, she arched her back as I felt her body spasm and she let out a loud gasp. I licked her out for a good 20 minutes, sucking her clit and trying to drink all the juice flowing from her. I’m sure she must’ve cum 4 or 5 times. When I was sure she was satisfied with my oral work I moved up and kissed her, letting her taste herself as I rubbed my cock against her pussy through my boxers. “I want to see your thing now” she whispered to me. I smiled and said “all yours baby” as I lay on my back. She straddled me first, kissing me while rubbing herself on my cock. I could feel my boxers getting soaked from her pussy juice. She moved down my legs and slid my boxers down. My cock sprang up making her giggle. She nervously wrapped a hand around it and it was my turn to moan with pleasure as she started to stroke me. God it felt amazing. I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensations she was giving me and moaned even louder when I felt her mouth cover my cock head. She suddenly stopped and asked “am I doing this right?” “You’re doing perfect baby” I replied as I gently nudged her mouth back to my throbbing cock. She grinned widely at the praise and then took me in her mouth again. She sucked the head of my cock for a bit, licking all around it then started to take more of me. “She’s a natural” I thought as she took my entire length into her. No hint of gagging when I felt my cock completely enveloped by her eager mouth. As I started to feel my orgasm approach I warned her I was ready to come but she just grunted and kept on sucking. When I exploded she noisily swallowed every drop of cum I had and trust me, it was a big load. When she was sure there was no more cum left she moved up and lay on top me, kissing me before laying her head on my chest and saying, “that was unbelievable Rob. I never imagined being with a boy could feel so good. I know there’s more we can do, emm, like, you know, full sex and the way I feel at the moment, I really want you to be my 1st everything. I’m soo glad we did this”. I held her tight against me and replied, “Sandra, we shouldn’t have done that but there was no way in hell I was stopping once we started because you’re just too gorgeous and sexy. As for anything else, well, your gran will be home soon so we’d better get dressed but you’re here for another week and a half so lets see what happens”. I lay there as she started getting dressed just enjoying the sight of her gorgeously sexy body. When she reached for her thong and shorts she giggled and said “Jeez, these are soaked. Think I’d better wear new ones”. To be continued……Well, maybe. If you enjoyed this let me know.

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