First time fuck with Carl

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First time fuck with CarlOne day we leave site early. It is too wet and can’t work and we finish after lunch as rain did not stop. It is a Friday we all go straight to pub. There is 5 of us and I get on well with all as my English is much better now that I have been with Carl 4 months. We always drink on Fridays after hard week but it is usually 6 o’clock. We stay for a couple of drinks and Carl says we should go home to get changed and meet later and make a proper night of it. When we get home Carl strips at door and I do same. Our clothes are still wet and dirty from work and it is still raining so we got wetter on walk home. I admire how he is so sure naked where I am still shy. He has good, muscular body with perfect amount of hair on chest. He is not ‘ripped’ but manly with strong arms and legs and a strong jaw with stubble. We are both naked and shivering so Carl says for us to shower together. I like this idea a lot. He marches over to turn on water and I join him under the shower. There is only 1 shower head and not much water to share so we stand close and Carl wraps his arms around my body and pulls me closer to kiss. He is very good kisser and deep and hard with hand on my face. He gets gel and rubs me all over scrubbing the dirt from my arms. I do the same for him, getting his cock semi hard as I wash it and play with his foreskin. When I do this he plays with my ass cleaning it well and running his fingers up and down my young crack. I can tell he is even hornier than usual. It must be the beer. He tells me he’s been looking forward to this all day and couldnt wait to get me home and naked. We finish up in shower and get towels and go to sofa where we sit next to eachother and kiss more. Slow and long this time with Carl flicking his tongue on mine. It is making me very horny and eager for his cock to be on my tongue. Carl stands and drops his towel and I sit on edge of sofa. He is semi hard and I tease the tip of his dick with my tongue pushing past his forekin and under and all around. His hands on the back of my head running through my hair gently. I lick and pull his cock til he is fully hard. He is already precummming a lot and I taste the sweetness on my lips as I suck his shaft into my mouth and down my throat. I am good at sucking him now and his cock fills me as his balls hit my chin. I gag and he pulls out. I take breath and he pushes back in til I feel his hairy ball bag on my chin again. He holds my head longer this time and I breath deep through my nose until I cant take it and he pulls out and I gasp for air as spit drips down my chin. He leans into kiss and it is messy and sloppy but very horny. canlı bahis şirketleri He wipes his mouth with his arm and grins and tells me how good I am at sucking him and I smile.He grabbed me and turned me around so my knees are on sofa and he is behind. He slowly removes my towel as has me lean with hands on back of sofa. He has his back on edge of sofa and takes my hard cock into his mouth. He pushes himself up like this a while taking as much of my 9 inches as he can with his hands on my arse cheeks helping him pull his lips onto my dick. This feels great for me and is wet and sloppy from spit. He stops and stands behind me again. This time pulling my cock out towards him. He wanks me like this while palying with his own throbbing cock. He kneels down on the floor and runs his tongue from the tip of my cock right up my young hairy hole to my lower back sending new pleasure through me. ‘You like that?’ he asks and I say yes. ‘Good’ he replies as he grabs my arse and pulls my cheeks apart. My hole is exposed and he blows slowly on it before licking up my crack again and I moan. after some of this he stops and spits on my hole and licks it up with his tounge this time, holding his tongue at my entrance and lapping. It feels warm and moist and I am breathing deep now and enjoying this new sensation as Carl flicks his tongue in and around my hole. He is kissing my ass and moaning and groaning loud and I am pleased my hole is bringing him pleasure. Carl steps back to take a breath and asks more if I like and I say ‘Yes that feels good on my hole boss’ and I am red because thats what I call him at work but we are not at work but he smiles and I think he likes it. He starts wanking me from behind again and tells me he enjoyed rimmming me and how I have a ‘fucking tasty little lad hole’ and how he could lick it all day and I tell him he can! He starts back working my hole while pulling on my cock and balls. He is kissing it gently this time and I am pushing back trying to get him to go harder and deeper with his tongue. He pulls away and replaces his mouth with a finger brushing over and against my tight wet hole. After some teasing he begins to push in and I gasp and moan and he says ‘Yeah?… Good?’ and I nod as he works his finger in and out opening me up. I am moaning low as he does this while working my cock and I cant believe how much I love having a mans fingers at my hole and I am telling him this. All he says is ‘good lad’ as he fingers me more and I am near to cum. He takes his hand from my cock leans in on top of me with his other hand still working my hole, his thumb pushing deep into my anus. I turn my canlı poker oyna head so we can kiss and he takes his thumb out of my hole and whispers hard to me ‘Think you’re ready for my cock…?’ Before I can answer he kisses me deep and finds my virgin hole with the tip of his cock. I gasp and groan into his mouth as he pushes past the entrance. He pulls away from the kiss and stands behind me. The head of his cock is in me now and he tells me to relax and breath deep as my hole gets used his size. I say ‘Please…It’s too big’ and he says ‘It will fit…just relax’. He works his nob in and out of my hole a few times and I begin to enjoy it. The pain has passed just as Carl said it would. He spits down and onto his shaft as he works it futher into my hole. He is saying things like ‘ fucking tight…good lad…you’re doing good. It is a stange mix of pain and pleasure and I can’t tell if I like it or not but hearing Carl enjoying fucking me is enough for me to take it. There are tears in my eyes as I let Carl take my hole. He quickens his pace and is soon pushing most of his 8 inches deep into me. Sometimes I feel his balls slapping against my arse cheeks but he is not fully in my hole. I am moaning hard now and he asks me if i like it but I cannot respond. He stops thrusting and tells me to push back into him and take as much of his cock as I can. I do as he says and start to rock gently on the sofa with Carl standing still behind me. I find this better than Carl fucking me hard and he is happy with what I am doing now. I moan as I push my sore hole back onto Carls shaft. I am sure I am taking him all but he says its only about 5 inches but he says I am doing great and dont stop. I grind him like this a while his hands are gentle on my waist, helping me to pull me onto him. He says he is near to cumand to just keep doing what I am doing and that it feels fucking great. I am wanking my own cock hard now as I am more comfortable with Carls hard dick streching me. He quickly pulls out of me causing me to gasp. He has me lie down on my back with my ass on end of sofa and finds my hole again with his cock while holding one of my legs in each hand. I feel dirty now as Carl continues to fuck my sloppy hole with his shaft…in and out firmly and slowly with most of his cock invading my arse. I am embarrassed to make eye contact now and focus on pulling my own dick as I wish Carl to cum soon. He lets go of my legs and holds the base of his cock as he works the rest of it into my hole. His other hand finds my dick and he urges me to cum saying that he is close to blowing. He pulls me hard until I finally erupt, my cum güvenilir bahis shooting out over my chest and stomach and all over Carls hand. There is more than I have ever cum before. Carl drips some of my boy juice onto his cock and keeps pushing it into my hole. He puts both his hands on my shoulders and leans in to lick up some cum from my chest and kiss me. Now that his mouth his on mine it is easier to take his thrusts. We kiss hard and he groans loud into me. There is nothing I can do but kiss him back hard and wait for him to finish taking my virginity. After what feels like ages he pulls from our embrace and puts his hand on my chest grabbing me hard. I feel his dick pulse in me and he is cumming now deep into me. He cums hard and loud as he coats my anus in his spunk. He pulls out and finishes himself off wanking his juices onto and over my swollen hole until his cock has no more and begins to soften. He lies down on top of me and his lips find mine again. He keeps saying how good I did for a 1st time and was 1 of the best fucks he ever had. He says he is sorry if he was too hard but I tell him it wasn’t too sore even though I am lying a bit but I think I want him to have what he wants from me as I need this job and home. He smiles and begins to play with my hole again. It is still quite open and aching but is almost relieving to have his finger back after his huge cock. He plays with the cum around my anus a while pushing it into me and it makes my insides warm and horny. My cock starts to get hard with the pleasure he brings to my hole and he tells me he wants me to cum again. I am not sure I can but he has me stand in front of him and sucks me into his warm mouth his tongue working over my already cummy head. He enjoys the taste and takes me deep into his mouth as he uses two fingers to reach into my hole and soon I am hard as rock. He finger fucks me roughly as I wank my cock into his mouth as he sucks greedy for my jizz. When I am close he grabs my cheeks firmly and pulls me all the way into his throat. He has sucked me many times but never like this and how much he wants my cum makes me horny as hell. I am fuck his face now and very close. I pull out from his mouth and release my jizz. He looks up at me as I shoot twice on his waiting tongue gasping as he sucks my cock head dry and tells me how tasty my cum is. It is time to get changed and meet the rest of the men back at the pub. He looks at his phone and says we are already late and were meant to be there half hour ago which means we were having sex for hour and a half. He smiles at this and says he loved every minute and he hopes I did too. I go to shower and he joins me. While we are washing he tells me to ‘make sure the lads dont find out about us’ as they won’t understand that he likes sex with me. I tell him I like sex with him too and noone else needs to know. He seems happy with this and I am too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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