First Time:Slick & tyg: Part Two

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First Time:Slick & tyg: Part TwoSlick stroked his fingers over my belly and ass. His gentle touch made me feel so beautiful, desired, sexy. His fingers walked their way between my legs and I parted them obediently. He rubbed my cunt with one hand and deepened our kissing. I was just about relaxing again when he withdrew his fingers and sucked my juices off of them. He got up just then and went back to the table where he had put the box I had held on my lap on the car ride to the hotel.I sat on the bed and Slick joined me and handed me the box. I looked at him, then to the box… waiting..”Open it tig”I’m pretty sure he was watching my face while I opened it because when I next looked up he was staring at me. The box was cardboard so I untucked the flaps from each other and pulled them open. Inside the box was a small black six inch hard plastic dildo, still in the package, a pair of tweezer grip nipple clamps and a pair of what looked like real metal handcuffs with a small silver key. I looked up at Slick and laughed.”I’ve never had a dildo before… or handcuffs… what are these, tweezers??””Those are clamps, the rubber ends go on your nipples and tighten with the loop along the bars. He demonstrated how the loop slides up and makes the black rubber tits clamp together. He smiled at me then, took the box and started opening the dildo.”And this is not just a dildo, its a vibrator, tig, it has three speeds.” He opened his hand to reveal a couple of AA batteries and popped them inside. He turned the base and I giggled when it buzzed at a couple of different speeds. He looked around the bed, then to the floor.”You dropped the crop”I looked down to where he was looking. I had dropped the crop when I had come to the realization that I was being an insecure pain in the ass. “I’m sorry”He laughed again “I know, pick it up and bring it to me”I was about to mutter something about it was closer to him but I thought first and said to myself.. do you really want to be a brat? No, I didn’t. I picked up the crop while Slick took his shirt and jeans off. The man may have been in his mid-forties, but he looked good to me. I admired his scars, the hair on his chest, the little bit of gray in his long hair. He was tall, only about 6′ but his presence was 7 feet tall. He was wearing a pair of briefs, black and gray like the pair he had mailed to me with the gloves and belt which were in my karaman escort bag of things for weekend.I turned back to the bed Slick was sitting on and he turned me back around facing the wall. He unhooked and took off my bra and started kissing my neck as he rubbed a little on my tits. Slick understood that I didn’t get much pleasure from them but I understood that he was a guy, and they ARE huge tits, men can’t help but play with them a little. He finished up and told me to get on the bed while he took the crop from my hand.I laid back on the bed and Slick came up beside me and placed the crop between my breasts. He turned the vibrator on low and rubbed it against my pussy lips. I moaned softly and arched my hips against the toy. It felt cool and hard, and exciting. I had never felt vibrations on my pussy before. It felt wonderful. He dipped it between my thick cunt lips and let it buzz against my clit. I almost came out of my skin!! My hand slid along his thigh and I started rubbing him through his underwear. He smiled and continued to tease my pussy as I felt him get hard under my hand. I don’t know how long this went on, it felt like forever! I couldn’t cum. Maybe I was over-sensitized, I don’t know what it was but I was horny and frustrated! “Dammit!!! I can’t cum. You have to stop, stop, its starting to hurt”Slick stopped the vibrator and stroked my cheek gently. I was processing emotions I couldn’t figure out. I had never had sex before. I had never let someone make me cum. I guess I just didn’t know how to do it. I was starting to get angry.”I’m fucked up I guess, I can’t do this, I’m broken, you just have to stop. I’m sorry I wasted your time.” I squirmed away from Slick’s tender understanding and got off the bed in a huff. I stormed over to the bathroom and slammed the door. I wasnt in there very long before Slick knocked on the door.”Tig, come out of there, now. That’s enough””Shut up, what do you know?””Tig, now.”I looked at myself in the mirror. I had heard that tone before. It was the one he used before he cropped me. Oh god, I did it again!! What was wrong with me?I took a deep breath and came out of the bathroom. Slick had gotten his suede gloves out of my bag and I could see the crop, back up on the bed from where I had sent it flying as I was storming off the bed. He put the gloves to my nose, they smelled like suede and leather and him, I escort karaman had told him I loved their smell. He gave them to me and told me to put them on and get on the bed, face down.I buried my head against the pillow, ready, I thought, for anything. Slick spoke softly, and firmly.”You will not speak until you are begging me tig. No questions. No screaming. No tantrums like that crap you just pulled. I only want to hear begging.”I shuddered, unsure of what I would be begging for. I was imagining pain and and was starting to get scared again.Slick knelt on the bed behind me and pulled my hips up so that I was resting on my knees, they were spread. He slid the hard plastic vibrator against my still wet cunt. I closed my eyes and squirmed a little before he took it away.”Use your gloved fingers to rub your pussy, show me how you like to make yourself cum.” I had always masturbated on my tummy, it was just my way. I didnt know what Slick was getting at but I wasnt about to look a gift horse in the mouth at that point. I started working the gloved fingers between my lips which were soaked. As I squirmed on the bed I felt the hard plastic head of the black dildo against my asshole.”Don’t stop” He commanded as he slid the pussy juice slickened vibrator into my tight ass.I was surprised by the sensations. It hurt a little, it was stretching me, it burned as he pushed it deeper and the thicker shaft started spreading the tight asshole. I moaned but kept frigging myself furiously. Thankfully, I dont think he turned the vibrating part on, but at this point he let it go.”Don’t you dare push it out, no matter what. Hold it in there.”I clamped my ass tight around the toy working my gloved finger slower against my clit which was hard as a rock. Slick watched me for a while.”Oh tig, you should see yourself, rubbing your wet little pussy and wriggling that ass around with a black toy sticking out.”I was embarrassed, but excited. I felt so naughty, but his tone, I felt so sexy. Then I felt it again.FWWIPP! *SNAP* FWWWIPPP! *SNAP* Two hard crop shots to my ass cheeks, I froze, forgot to breathe, they hurt bare!!! “Don’t stop tig, show me what a naughty girl does and I’ll show you what naughty girls get”I whimpered and rubbed my pussy, which was now juicing hard. It felt like a river. I could feel the hard toy in my ass, the biting sting of the crop from every angle, it felt like karaman escort bayan he was snapping it all over my ass. Again and Again. I was whimpering, sore, excited… I vaguely heard Slick’s voice.”My slut” “My ass” Each little phrase punctuated with a flick from the crop. I was starting to not feel it anymore but he kept on, over and over. I was so close, my heart was pounding in my ears, my ass throbbing around the toy, my pussy soaking my finger through the glove.”Harder, please” Did that come from me? Yup! I was begging Slick to hit me harder with the crop. My body felt so alive, I was so deep, overwhelmed. I think it may have been one of the few times I was lost in deep subspace. I could feel the pain, the fullness in my ass, my pussy soaking the glove, my pussy lips, down my thighs, I was grinding, pushing, humping my hand. At some point I felt the toy slip out of my ass and Slick pushed it back in, he held it, hard, the whacks coming fewer now, on my thighs, the lower part of my cheeks where it was the fattest. I love being spanked there!! “Harder” “Harder” I was begging but the crop had stopped and he was rubbing my ass. I could hear him, telling me what a naughty girl I was, bad girl, his girl, his slut, his slave. Then he was telling me to cum.. and I was begging to cum.”Please Slick, cum, can i cum, please, please””Cum for me tig, cum hard.”My whole body shuddered, I was aware of everything. My sore ass, the hard toy in my ass which Slick was holding in there now. My body jerking, blood rushing through my ears, my heart pounding and my body unwinding in the hardest release I had ever felt in my life. I don’t think I have cum as hard since. It was the first time, it was the last time.I don’t remember how long the orgasm went on. I came back to reality some time later to the feel of Slick rubbing my ass, my sweaty head was buried in the pillow and I had caught my breath. He touched a bruise and I winced.”You’re all bruised up tig, you should see this, my little brute. I had to stop, do you know you were begging me for harder?”I groaned softly as I moved, every muscle felt like it was on fire, my ass was empty, Slick must have taken the toy out. “I remember saying harder, the more turned on I got, the harder I wanted to feel it”He kissed my temple and laid down beside me. “I’m going to call you my little brute. I actually had to stop and not give you what you were asking for. You are badly bruised, these marks are going to last a few days”I think I blushed and smiled. “Little Brute, I like that..”——————————————Part three, the story of one of my pictures will be posted soon.

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