First Visit to an Asian Massage Parlor

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First Visit to an Asian Massage ParlorI have quite a few friends that frequent AMP’s but I had never gone. I never understood the appeal of paying for a handjob. All that changed a few years back. A little bit about myself. I’m a 32 year old fairly stereotypical Asian-American man. I’m 5’7″ 150lbs. I’m a decent athlete, work as an engineer, and have always done pretty well when it comes to girls. My penis is an average 6″ in length and slightly thicker than average at a hair under 6″ in circumference. Now on to how I got hooked on AMP’s. When I was 28, a work project had me pulling consistent all nighters and my schedule was not lining up with my GF to take care of my needs. One night, after a fight with the GF I found myself researching AMP’s in my area. I found one advertising $45 for an hour massage with a free table shower. I had to Google table shower because I had no idea what it was. I started to get hard just thinking about lying there naked while a total stranger soaped and cleaned every inch of my body. I decided to give it a try the next day. They opened at 10AM and I still hadn’t changed my mind so I made a stop at the ATM and then drove to the address on the ad. As I walked through the door there was a mid-40’s Asian woman in the window. She asked how long I’d like and if it was my first time there. I told her 1 hour and on the advice of several forum posts, I lied and said I had been there before a few months ago. She took my $45 and led me to a back room. I was told to undress and lie down on the table and my masseuse named Lucy would be in shortly. I striped down naked and was already visibly getting a little excited anticipating what was going to happen when Lucy came in the room. She was around my age (late 20’s) and was cute and petite wearing a tank top that showed her perky B cup breasts and tight light gray yoga pants that showed off her fit legs and smaller but nice ass. We exchanged greetings and names and she asked whether I wanted hard, medium or soft. I told her I’d like to start with hard as my back was very sore. She started with a nice back rub that worked the knots out of my shoulder area. She then got up on the table and did a few minutes of back walking which felt great. At this point I was nice and relaxed as she went to work on güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my legs. She moved to the side of the table as she got to my upper thigh area and I took the opportunity to reach out and began stroking the back of her legs and made my way up to her firm butt. I had positioned my dick pointing down between my legs before we began. As he started to grow and she continued to move the towel further up working my upper thigh and butt, I knew she could see him getting hard. This got me even more excited and I was rock hard with anticipation. She removed the towel and replaced it with a smaller towel that barely covered my ass as she began slowly teasing my back, inner thighs and butt. Figuring the towel was useless at this point, I tossed it to the side. She took the opening to drip some oil in my crack and started teasing a finger through there. As her finger slid down, she teased my asshole with her oiled finger. That was a first for me but with the oil having started to drip down to my balls and rock hard cock, this total stranger playing with my ass sent the most erotic sensation up my spine. Then, she told me it was time to flip over. She laid a pillow down under my head and held up the towel asking “you want?” as I turned over. I shook my head no and she tossed the towel to the side and smiled as she gave my cock a squeeze. I continued to squeeze her ass as she started to lightly tease my chest, play with my nipples, and slide her oiled hands down my lower abs down to the base of my dick before moving her hands out to my lower thighs. Her perky breasts would come within an inch of my lips as she bent over me with each pass. I took a chance and reached under the back of her shirt and unhooked her bra. She jumped back and looked surprised. I was afraid I had upset her and I apologized but she said it was ok and let the shoulder straps come off and tossed her bra on the chair. On her next pass, I lifted up her tank and started to lick and suck on her perfect little pink nipples. She started to moan and kept her nipples in range of my mouth for the next couple of minutes. Finally I felt her thumb and index finger wrap around the base of my cock and her other 3 fingers slide down to play with my balls. She moved to the side perabet güvenilir mi of the table and slowly dripped some warm oil down the underside of my shaft. As she slowly worked the oil all over my throbbing dick she commented that she liked how it was cleanly shaved. She said “so nice and big”, which I’m sure she says to everyone but it still turned me on. As she continued to lightly trace my cock and balls with her oiled fingertips, I began massaging her inner thigh and she started to spread her legs a bit as my hand moved further up. As my finger began to slowly stroke her pussy lips through her pants, she gasped and lowered her hips to subtly grind her pussy on my fingers. I could tell she was getting horny as I could feel her getting wet through her pants and her moans were getting increasingly louder. She wrapped the fingers of one of her hands around my cock and began stroking it in rhythm with the stroking of her pussy. I looked down and she motioned to show me that her tiny hand couldn’t even wrap all the way around my dick. She reached down with her other hand and started lightly squeezing my balls and reached her middle finger down to play with my ass some more. She started grinding on my fingers harder and wrapped both of her hands around my dick. She was stroking with both hands with a twisting motion and it felt incredible. Her body tensed up and she started to scream but stopped herself as she climaxed. My fingers were soaked in her juices even through her pants. She started to stroke my dick faster with both of her hands saying “oh my god that felt so good…cum for me baby”. Seeing the hands of this pretty girl I had known for all of 30 minutes wrapped around my throbbing cock that was glistening with oil – knowing she had just cum all over my fingers – was too much and the first rope of cum shot all the way to my neck. She continued to stroke me with one hand and lightly squeezed my balls with the other saying “oh yes baby…cum for me…let it all out”. Rope after rope shot out with each stroke until her hands were covered in my cum. She played with the cum and kept her hand on my dick as things calmed down and then grabbed a towel to clean him off. She pointed to her crotch where her pants were now dark gray soaked tipobet in her cum and playfully smacked me. She wrapped a towel around my waist and led me out the door to the table shower room. I stood in front of the table and she wrapped one arm around me from behind while spraying the foam lining and a fresh towel with warm water. She unwrapped the towel from around my waist and motioned for me to get on the table. I started face down while she scrubbed the oil off my back, butt, and legs. As she soaped my crack, I moaned a bit and she slid just the tip of her soaped up finger into my ass. I was a bit startled and she noticed and she said “no like?” and she removed her finger tip. I told her that it felt good and she said “next time then”. I had never even thought about letting someone do that until then but I let her do it on my second visit but that’s another story for another day. I could feel the blood beginning to rush back into my dick. As she had me turn over, I was already getting hard. She moved quickly to rinse the oil off of my chest and abs. She began soaping up my dick and balls scrubbing the oil off of them. Cleaning turned into more of a soapy handjob and I got rock hard in her hands. She squeezed my dick with her left hand and made a stroking motion in the air with her right hand while smiling and asked me “again?”. I nodded my head and she began the same 2 handed stroking motion as before but with soap this time. I lifted her tank top back up to feed on her nipples again and after a few minutes, my dick erupted for a second time while I continued to suck on her nice little tits. She toweled me dry once we were done including squatting down in front of me to dry my dick and balls. This had all sorts of nasty thoughts racing through my mind and I touched her lips with my fingers and said “next time?” but she quickly shook her head and said “nooo not allowed here”. Back in the room, she helped me dress and I left a $40 tip on the pillow which she thanked me for and put in her pocket without even looking at it. I saw her once or twice a month after that for almost a year after that before she moved to the east coast. We met up at her apartment before she moved away where we did EVERYTHING that wasn’t allowed at the massage parlor but that’s another story too. That was the start of what got me hooked and I’ve gone for “massages” once a week or every other week for the past 4 years since then. I’ve got plenty more stories about Lucy and dozens of other massage girls. Comment if you’d like to read more. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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