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FOREVER AMBERThere she goes jogging past my house again! Her name is Amber Lynn and shes my neighbor’s k** very young and very beautiful! I see her every morning as I go out to get my morning paper off the lawn she comes bouncing by all radiant exuding the kind of healthy glow of the young! When she was little I used to call her Ann Boleyn after Henry the 8th’s wife the one who lost her head and she would get so mad saying I’m not Ann Boleyn I’m Amber Lynn then I would say yeah that what I said Ann Boleyn she knew I was just joshing her and after she would smile and wave bye bye as she scooted off…they grow up so fast!She knows I’m looking at her too as she changes the way she runs when she knows I’ll be looking making her tits bounce higher those things are so firm that they barely move on her chest she puts a little swing in her butt so her ass jiggles a little as she goes by…am I just deluding myself that shes doing this I don’t think so! “Hi Mr. Bradley!” she calls out in her sexy voice I wave back “HI Amber! Hows school?” she smiles “Just great I graduate this year!” I give her the thumbs up and she goes running past she looks amazing for a young girl I know I shouldn’t be thinking these things about her especially since shes my friend Jack’s girl I’ve known him a long time we play golf together sometimes Amber is the apple of his eye she can do no wrong as far as he’s concerned!Its been awhile since I had sex see my wife and I got un-married last year I caught her fucking her personal trainer she said she needed a personal trainer to stay focused on her workouts turned out he was training her alright training her how to beg for his cock I suspected something was wrong when she would show up late and her lips looked bruised and puffy and she was too tired to have sex well I checked out her pussy while she was sleeping just slipped a finger inside it came out sticky and smelled like cum right after that I hired a privet detective to keep an eye on her after a weeks worth of watching he reported that she was indeed fucking her trainer after every workout her pussy got a workout too I had photos video with sound this guy was good! The guy could fuck I’ll give him that! He had her howling as he fucked the crap out of her screaming and crying his name the fucking slut! I served her with divorse papers citing marital infidelity as the reason when we went to court the woman Judge saw the pictures and the videos of the two of them and awarded her nothing no alimony I keep the house and I could give her her share of our money if I wished she was not commanding me to but I did anyway hey people fuck up you know shit happens! So I’m alone now I haven’t got around to dating yet I’m still kind of stinging from the betrayal! So I was very surprised when the next day my doorbell rang and when I answered it there was Amber I said “Hi Amber something wrong?” She smiled a thousand watt smile and said “Hi Mr. Bradley!” I said ” Don’t call me Mr. Bradley please that was my old man and I’m not that old yet call me Bill okay!” That thousand watt smile brightened to a million and she said “Okay Bill it is! I just have a little problem with the sink in the bathroom it wont go down and I need to get ready for school soon!” I said I would come over and look at it seeing as Jack was out of town on business he had had his own marital problems only his came from his woman being killed in a hit and run accident they never caught who did it either and it still grates on Jack! I followed her over to her place which was actually the house directly behind mine and went in to her back door she showed me upstairs and led me to the bathroom it was clogged alright so I proceded to begin to take the sink stopper out but before I could look inside I heard a sound behind me and turned around I almost crapped my pants as I saw Amber standing in front of me nude I was so stunned I said “Uh Uh Uh its too soon you can’t use the sink yet then she said “I dont need the sink Bill I just need this!” She slipped to her knees so fast and had my cock out of my pants before I could blink I was saying “I dont think this is a good idea… Aaaaaagh!” Too late my cock got sucked into her sweet mouth and she began to fellate me like a pro my ass was pressed against the still clogged sink I should have stopped her should have pulled her off my cock and gave her a good talking to I should have done lots of things but what I did do was let her suck me my God but she was beautiful and the sight of her with my cock in her mouth was too much I came in her mouth hard my balls unloaded a big frustrated load of jizz contracting and spasming until I had spent my load into her she milked my cock into her mouth getting the last drops of me the she showed güvenilir bahis şirketleri me my load all milky white in her pink mouth her tongue was thickly coated with cum she smiled that smile again and swallowed I watched as her throat took that big swallow down she stuck out her tongue opened her mouth to show me it was gone then she stood up took my still hard cock in her slender hand and said “My turn!” She led me by my penis to her bedroom and got on her bed “Get naked Bill and get on top of me!” She demanded I should have run I should have made her get dressed gave her a lecture fixed her sink and went home! I should have done all those things except what I did do which was take off my clothes and crawl onto the bed with her I knew what she wanted she wanted me to eat her pussy she looked so incredibly hot laying there with her legs spread that I gave her what she wanted I dove face first into her sweet young little girl cunt then my tongue found her clitoris and I heard her moan with pleasure I lapped her pussy like a mad dog and made her cum over and over then I licked my way up her body lingering on those luscious tits of hers biting her nipples making her cry out then I got all the way on top of her her young body was firm beneath me her legs wrapped around my lower back her pussy was waiting for my cock… I looked into her eyes her magnificently sexy eyes… they were green with flecks of azure around the irises!”Why me Amber? Your so beautiful and can have any guy you want why me I’m more than twice your age and Jacks friend why me?” Her arms went around me and she pulled me close “I’ve always had the hots for you Bill ever since puberty when I discovered I could make myself cum I’ve thought about you what it would feel like to have you make love to me passionately, completely its what I want Bill! Can you give me what I want?” I should have run out of there screaming I should have got dressed and left but thats not what I did I gave her what she wanted I gave her my cock! I took my cock and pressed it to her cock begging little pussy hole that was still wet from my tongue and went to enter her but it would not go in I pushed and pushed but her entrance was too small I do have a large cock granted but I have never had any trouble getting into a woman but this was not a woman this was a young girl not even eighteen who I have known since she wore diapers I hesitated and she saw flight in my eyes she wrapped those long legs around my ass and held me firm I was not leaving without a fight “Listen theres a tube of k-y jelly in my nightstand to your right just reach in and get it and lube me up a little we’ll get this thing in there all right don’t worry!” She grabbed my cock and gave it a good squeeze I think I almost came when she did that but it got me moving and I reached over and got the tube I put a big dab on the end of my finger and stuck it up inside her she gasped with pleasure as my finger delved into her I worked it around then added another finger she was moaning because my thumb was rubbing her clit so I decided to go for it I pulled out my fingers “Guide me in Amber!” I whispered into her lovely ear that was more beautiful than any sea shell that I had ever found on any beach not even in Fiji where they are known for their beauty! She took my throbbing cock and guided it in with her help I got it wedged into her opening and a couple of good pushes got me inside my cock head popped into her and she gasped and arched her back I pushed forward sliding half way in before I got stopped by a wall of skin I knew what I was feeling and it was her hymen Amber was a fucking virgin! I looked into her amazing eyes and said “A virgin…really!” Her eyes glistened with unshed tears as she said “I wanted you to be the first will you be my first Bill?” I should have pulled out of there I should have left her with hymen intact and ran away I should have let some other young guy bust her cherry! Thats not what I did though the cock wants what the cock wants and I had never had a virgin before she would be my first I just had to have her and she wanted it begged me for it so I gave it to her and drew back and with a hard push broke her cherry she cried out as my cock tore through that membrane and filled her completely I had never felt anything so amazingly tight in my life she gripped me like the skin grips an overstuffed sausage and I felt a little sad because she would be different from this moment forward she wrapped her arms around my neck and clung to me tightly I waited for her to take her face from the side of my neck a few moments later she did and she was smiling “I’m a woman now! I’m so glad it was you!” I looked into those eyes and became lost in them bahis siteleri she was so beautiful she took my breath away how could she want to be with an older guy like me? I didn’t know and I didn’t care Amber was mine a woman never forgets the guy who was her first especially if she enjoys the experience I was determined that she was going to love this one!I began to move slowly inside her just rocking back and forth starting a tempo making love is like a song that you create and I began to sing my song to her she began to moan and move her hips for me I kissed her and she really kissed me back then I felt something funny on the sides of my face then I realized it was her pretty feet she was so limber that she raised them all the way up and was caressing my face with them I turned and kissed the soles of both of her feet she giggled and wiggled her toes they were such lovely toes I just had to taste them so I took her right foot and stuck all her toes into my mouth running my tongue along and in between them all the while I’m sliding in and out of her she liked having her toes sucked and offered me the other foot which I happily obliged when I was done with her tootsies I got down to business and really began to fuck her good her hips were bucking up to meet my thrusts in and soon she was cumming hard her nipples looked like they were going to pop off her chest they were so hard I reached down and took one between my lips and sucked on it she came again when I gave it some teeth gently biting it while sucking I held back as long as I could but she was so tight I couldn’t hold out any longer I waited for her to cum again and when she did I came too I pulled out of her and rained cum all over her splashing her face then her tits belly then jewels of cum decorated her pubic hairs I lowered myself onto her and smeared myself all over us she ran her hands up and down my back looking at me with those amazing eyes I kissed her and said “So was it good for you?” She nodded her head and said “It was fantastic and beautiful no one else could have made me feel more wanted then I feel right now! I was in deep there was no way I was going to give up this girl but we were going to have to be very careful about everything but she was worth it! I held her and kissed her then I told her that she was my first virgin and that I would never feel about another woman the way I feel about her! We held each other for awhile then made love again after dousing her with cum a second time she suggested we take a shower together so we did and it was so much fun laughing and kissing soaping each other then she sucked me again in the shower and I came again in her mouth we had a great time and stayed in there until the water ran cold! We got dressed and she came up to me and put her arms around me “We’re going to do this again aren’t we?” she asked so sweetly I had to laugh “Try and stop me!” I said kissing her “But we have to be very careful Amber I don’t want anybody to get hurt over this!” She shook her pretty head “No ones going to spoil this for us I’ll be eighteen soon and can do what I want then but I don’t want to hurt anyone either so we’ll be super careful okay!” “Super careful it is Baby!” I lifted her off her feet and kissed her again “So let me fix that sink then I’ll go… you can sneak over to my place later tonight when its dark and quiet!” “Okay” she said …she had love in her eyes but that was okay I liked the way they looked I was beginning to get some strong feelings too…It was going to be alright Amber and I would find a way!Amber liked sex with the passion of the very young whose hormones demanded it… she would sneak over to my house just about every night and she wanted to try everything! She was learning about different forms of sex online and wanted to try them all out on me! Easy touch that I am I had to oblige her… that little minx was wearing me out she got herself fitted for a contraceptive device that was assured to work if used properly her gynocologist recommended it so now I was able to cum inside her too I still liked drowning her in it sometimes and she liked it when I did she said it tightened her skin and improved her complection she saved my cum and used it as a skin conditioner kind of kinky huh? You have no idea I went from no sex to fucking my ass off every night Ole Billy was a happy boy let me tell you anything I wanted to do to her was perfectly fine with her she even liked a little spanky panky before sex…One night she came and d****d herself over my knees with her pretty bottom pointed at the ceiling she turned her head and said “I was a bad girl today I masturbated myself in the girls room at school and got myself off three times you need to spank me for that!” canlı bahis I was stunned for a moment this gorgeous girl wanting me to spank her ass before I fucked her life is good! What could I do I brought my hand down across her lovely globes with a resounding smack “How dare you have sex without me you little slut! Your going to pay for those three orgasms pay with your ass!” I brought my hand down across her beautiful bottom it made a resounding smack and left my hand print there Amber moaned with pleasure she really liked it heck so did I! I spanked her like she wanted it and when I was done her pretty ass was red! I asked her if I could take some photos of her spanked ass and she liked the idea next time I video tape it! I got some great shots of her posing in all sorts of positions I even got my belt and gave her a few whacks with it she came all over herself crying out and moaning it looked so hot my cock almost shot off by itself! So she likes it a little rough I think Jack spanked her a few times and she liked it thats okay I liked it too thanks Jack! I put her on the bed on her stomach then got a couple of my old ties and tied her to the posts of the bed she liked that and moaned her approval then I propped her ass up with a few pillows it looked so beautiful that I snapped a few more pics then got my camcorder to video tape this she was going to want to relive this later I was sure! I gave her ass a few more whacks with the belt just to get her going and it did she began crying out and moving her ass up and down I could see her getting wetter by the second with each lash across her pretty bottom I aimed one directly on her pussy and she orgasmed immediately then she begged me to fuck her fuck her ass fuck her pussy just fuck her fuck her! I fucked her ass first because I knew she wanted it to hurt driving hard and balls deep she cried out not in pain but pleasure so I decided to see what she could take I grabbed the belt and beat her ass while I fucked it she came again and again screaming and crying and cumming the harder I fucked her and the more I beat her the more she came I got a little sex crazy and got a huge dildo that an ex- girlfriend had left behind and I used that to fuck her pussy while I fucked her ass she just about lost her mind and when it was over and I came in her glowing red ass she thanked me I untied her and she crawled into my arms and told me how much she needed that how much shes been wanting to have someone do that to her but there was no one to help! I told her not to worry that I wasn’t afraid of anything and that whatever she needed from me sexually no matter what I would do it and I told her quite honestly that I got real turned on by doing that to her that I liked it and that whenever she wanted it I would give it to her! She said that she loved me and that she meant it with all her heart and I believed her… she was mine for as long as I wanted her and if I had my way that was going to be forever! My problem was Jack he would kill me if he ever found out our secret he just wouldn’t understand that it wasn’t my fault that she wanted me! No he wouldn’t neither would I if I were him no way I could we were doomed but then fate stepped in and we found a way unfortunately Jack had to die for us to be able to be together and no I didn’t kill him a drunk driver did that to him one rainy night! Amber was devastated and I was upset too Jack was my friend and I felt like such a hypocrate when I gave a speech at his wake here I was claiming to miss Jack when deep down inside I was glad that now Amber and I could be together! Amber inherited Jacks house and all his money which was a tidy sum Jack was very smart when it came to money so we sold his house and then sold my house took all the money and moved away out west where no one knew us we bought a real nice place in Wyoming it used to be a horse ranch and we were determined to make it one again and we did!Amber and I were married in the spring in one of our deep meadows with our horses as witnesses we pledged our love to each other and we never looked back! It has been a wild ride let me tell you I lost forty pounds just by fucking that wild young thing all my friends are jealous of me shes so young and beautiful but I think we make a handsome couple many people have said so! Shes pregnant now with our first c***d and she wants to have many I told her okay as long as she keeps her figure if she gets fat no more k**s so she promised me to stay in shape and I knew she would we still have a great time in the bedroom hell we even have a special room just to take care of her needs outfitted with whips ,chains, hooks every gadget you can think of that will make you cum I own she lets me know when she wants to go to her room she just tells me that shes been very bad then I fake getting mad and drag her off to her room where she is beaten then fucked to within an inch of her life and she loves every fucking second of it! Shes my girl…always!Love you Amber…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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