Frat Boy Master

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Frat Boy MasterI go out to the bars once in awhile. Usually it’s a waste of time butsometimes I get so horny I’m willing to throw away a few hours for thechance at some hot sex. This was one of those nights. I took a shower andchecked myself out in the mirror. I thought I looked pretty damn good for35. 6’2″ and a lean, hard body. A nice thick cock and big, hairy balls.Six pack, long hairy legs. Hell, I was starting to get hard just lookingat myself. I turned around to check out my ass. It’s always been one ofmy best features. High, tight and totally smooth. I pulled on a pair ofjeans and a t-shirt and took off.It was still kind of early so the bar wasn’t too crowded. The usual mix ofpeople, a few of who might look okay at closing time but I was stillkeeping my standards high. Then I noticed a guy over in the corner. Hewas young, probably about 22. Short brown hair, chiseled jaw, pouty lipsand a great body. His pecs were straining the tight t-shirt that he woreand he had beautiful smooth arms. He noticed me looking and gave me alittle smile. Even though he was probably looking for someone his own age,I decided to give it a try. I went over and introduced myself. His namewas Mike and he lived in a frat house at UCLA. Of course none of the brosknew he was gay. He said he wasn’t even that experienced himself, but the”antics” at the frat house had brought something out in him. I questionedhim about this and he said he’d always been attracted to guys but some ofthe things he did at the house made him realize he liked it rough. I askedhim which side of the rough stuff he liked to be on and he told me he likedto be the one in control. I’m not usually a bottom, but something aboutthis hot young stud taking charge made my cock start to twitch. Twominutes later he was following me to my house.When he got out of his car I noticed he was carrying a little daypack. Ididn’t get to ask him what was in it, because as soon as we got in the doorhe grabbed me and started kissing me. Those full lips tasted even betterthan I imagined. This little stud knew how to kiss — he practically****d my mouth with his tongue.We staggered into my bedroom and he dropped the daypack on the floor andyanked off his shirt. His chest was gorgeous — nice beefy pecs, bignipples and totally smooth except for a light trail of hair from his navelleading into his jeans. I barely had time to admire his chest before he hegrabbed me by the back of the head, lifted his arm and shoved my face intohis sweaty pit. He smelled incredibly sexy. I licked and sucked at hishairy pit, then he grabbed my hair and shoved my face onto his nipple. Ibegan to nibble and suck on it and it got rock hard. Now he leaned downand began to whisper into my ear. “You like that, don’t you? You likeserving me?” I moaned my assent and he continued. “You want my cock?You’re going to lick me all over, slaveboy — my pits, my feet, my ballsand my ass.” And with that he pushed me back onto the bed, yanked down hisjeans and sat on my face. Now I’m not much on licking afyon escort ass but his wasamazing. A total bubble butt, smooth and hairless. It smelled of mansweatmore than anything else and I licked the inside of his crack as he loweredhimself onto me. He moaned and began to undo my jeans, freeing myrock-hard cock. I flicked my tongue against his hole and it twitched. Iwas dying for him to touch my cock but he ignored it. Instead he grabbedmy balls and hissed “Eat that ass, boy!” I began to lick around his hot,sweaty hole but I guess that wasn’t enough for him because he grabbed myballs tightly in one hand and began to smack them with the other. It hurtlike hell but my cock just got harder and started oozing pre-cum. I shovedmy tongue all the way up his ass and he began to bounce up and down on it.This hot frat boy was fucking himself on my tongue and I was loving it.Suddenly he pulled off and stood up. I got my first look at his cock. Iwas surprised to see that he was uncut and even happier to see that it wasbig. It had to be over 8 inches and thick. I love a big uncut cock and Istarted drooling just looking at it. He ordered me to strip and I did itas fast as I could. “Get on your knees” he barked. He stood in front ofme, that gorgeous cock bobbing in front of my nose. I leaned forward tosuck it but he grabbed my head. “Not yet. You don’t deserve it yet.” Hegrabbed his big rod and slapped me across the face with it then ordered meto lick his feet. I leaned down and kissed and licked his big feet,sucking on the toes.When he was satisfied that I’d done a good enough job, he walked over to mydesk, grabbed the desk chair and turned it around. “Get over here.” Iwasn’t sure what he wanted so I hesitated and this seemed to piss him off.”I gave you an order, boy!” he yelled and grabbed me by the hair and pushedme over the back of the chair. “Grab hold of the legs and don’t move!” heyelled. This was starting to get heavy but I was as turned on as I’d everbeen. “Yes sir.” I whispered. He went over to the day pack and startedrummaging through it. I couldn’t see what he was doing but then I heard aclick and realized he was handcuffing my legs to the back of the chair.Then he came around and did the same to my hands. I was starting to get alittle scared. I wasn’t sure if I wanted this to continue. But my littlestud-master turned the tables on me. He started to walk out of the room.”Where are you going?” I asked him. “I’m gonna watch some TV.””No, please!” I was begging before I even realized it. “I need you, sir.””You’ll have to convince me. When I come back — if I come back, you’regetting this.”With that he laid a long wooden frat paddle on the floor in front of me.It was about 4 inches wide and an inch thick and it looked like it couldreally set my ass on fire. My mouth went dry. And he walked out of theroom.He must have left me there about twenty minutes and by the end I waspleading for him to come in and paddle my ass. Finally he came back andstood in front of me with his hands on his escort afyon hips. His cock was still hardand he looked incredibly sexy. His legs were really worked out and theywere pretty hairy in contrast to his upper body. He was so fuckingmasculine standing there. I was ready to let him do anything. I think hesensed this. He didn’t say a word. He just picked up the paddle and movedbehind me. I felt a whoosh of air followed by an incredible crack of woodagainst flesh. My flesh. A lightning bolt of pain shot through my assfollowed by another. And another. And another. He wasn’t giving me anykind of warm up. He started right out beating my ass full force. Iscreamed and strained against the handcuffs but he just kept it up. Whack!Whack! WHACK! “Please sir! Please!” I realized it was me screaming andbegging but it just seemed to turn him on more. He beat every inch of myass till it felt like I was on fire. Finally he stopped and undid thehandcuffs. I slid back off the chair and he grabbed me, squeezing my cock.”Still hard I see. Guess you need more.”Before I had a chance to object, he sat down on the bed and pulled meacross his knees and started spanking me with his hand. It was incredible.Even though it hurt like hell, our hard cocks rubbed together with everyswat. I could feel the sweat dripping off his chest onto my back as hewhaled on my ass, raising his hand high and bringing it crashing down on mybright red ass, over and over. I was thrashing around but he held me tightand kept spanking me really hard. Soon tears were streaming down my cheeksand he was asking me over and over with every smack — “who’s yourmaster, boy? Who?!””You sir.” I replied. “I’m your cockslave.”SMACK! “You want my cock?”SMACK!! “Yes sir!?”SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Up your ass?”SMACK! “Please sir! Please fuck me NOW!”He must have given me fifty hard smacks before he finally pushed me off hislap and set me face down on the bed. I head him tear open a condom and hesquirted a little lube on my hole then climbed on top of me.”Here’s your reward, cock slave!”He shoved his cock in in one hard thrust but I was already crying from thespanking. That big thick cock felt like it was going to split me open andhe immediately started to pump me hard and deep. The paddling and thespanking must have woken up every nerve in my ass because it was the mostamazing fuck I’ve ever had in my life. Pain, pleasure, intensity. Mywhole body was alive and the center of it — the lifeforce — was thisyoung stud’s big cock slamming in and out of my ass. He must have been asturned on as I was because I felt his cock swell in my ass. He yanked itout, flipped me over and straddled my chest. Pulling off the rubber hegrabbed his cock in one hand and mine in the other and started jerking usboth off. It only took a few tugs before I started to spasm and at thesame time, he began to shoot his load all over my face. It was hot andsalty and I opened my mouth. He shoved his cock in and I took the last fewjets down my throat while I shot all over his afyon escort bayan ass. Finally he laid on topof me and tenderly licked his cum off my face. Then he kissed me and werolled his cum around on our tongues. I told him that was probably thebest sex I’d ever had in my life. He smiled and told me he felt the sameway. Then he surprised me. He asked if I’d ever like to be the one incontrol. I reached back and gently stroked his hard, smooth ass. “Why?” Iasked him “need a good whipping?” He smiled and said just two words: “yessir!”I pushed him off of my onto the floor. He sat there on all 4’s looking upat me like a puppy dog. His big brown eyes were so sweet it was almosthard to punish him. But my ass was still burning like crazy and I wantedrevenge. I reached into my closet and pulled out a thick leather belt. Hegave a little yelp when he saw it. I doubled it up, help it under his noseand told him to lick it till it was good and wet. He eagerly obliged.Then I sat down on his back, facing away from him. For a moment I juststared at his perfect ass. His buns were perfectly round and hairless witha patch or hair running down from his crack to blossom into a downy coatingon his muscular legs. I gently rubbed his ass, letting my thumb explorehis tight little boyhole. He sighed as I probed his rosebud and before heknew what was happening I had raised the belt as high as I could andbrought it smacking down across his ass. Immediately an angry red stripeappeared and he cried out. I brought it down again just above his thighsand he stifled a scream. Suddenly, I really wanted to punish this arrogantlittle fratboy. He needed it. And even more important, he wanted it. Ijumped up and stood behind him. I swung the belt hard and it landed with aresounding crack. He staggered forward and I followed, beating his asswith my thick leather belt. He tried to crawl away but he ended up stuckin the corner and I really let him have it, making my belt bite first intoone buttcheek, then the other. He literally climbed the wall until he wasstanding spread-eagled and I was turning his smooth white butt into brightred roadmap of punishment. Finally I could tell he was about to break. Igave him five hard ones in exactly the same place, one after the other. Hespun around. His face was tear-stained and contorted but his cock was rockhard and throbbing. It looked like he was about to shoot. He was. Hepushed me back onto the bed, grabbed his big cock and jerked off all overmy cock and balls. Then he immediately went down on me, licking up his cumand keeping it in his mouth while he sucked my dick. It was incredible andI shot a huge load down his throat. He fell down on top of me and I heldhim and kissed him and rubbed his back while he finished crying. Holdinghim was the most amazing feeling. We were both covered in sweat and cumbut he felt so good in my arms. It was like something inside us fittogether perfectly. I wondered if he was feeling the same way. I lookedup, and he was looking deep into my eyes. He squeezed me and asked if hecould spend the night. I told him that at this moment, there was nothing Iwanted more. He looked relieved and broke into a huge smile. Then heburied his head in my shoulder and we held each other till we fell asleep.

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