Freaky February Part Six

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Freaky February Part SixOnce again folks. If you haven’t read these stories from the first installment titled just Freaky February, you won’t have a clue what is going on here.——————————————————————————I looked down between my Mother’s gorgeous legs, the ones I was presently attached to for the month. I saw my face between those legs lapping at the cunt I had shaved that morning. It was my Mother licking what was HER cunt with MY tongue. She looked up and saw me watching her, pulled away and smiled. It was so odd to see the mouth that until days ago was mine, covered with juices from the cunt that had birthed me.She moved then and straddled my face. We were in a delicious 69 when Daddy woke up. He seemed disoriented at first, then this huge grin crossed his face. He looked at me and said, “I think it’s time your sweet body loses its virginity Jenn.” I smiled at him and said, “Well, ask Mom if she’s ready for that. It’s fine with me”, then I giggled.My Mother was hungry for cock and hadn’t had any in days because she was now locked up in her daughter’s body and it had been her body getting the only cock for the past few days.(Confused yet? Hope not)I moved to the foot of the bed as Mother moved so she had her head on the pillow. Daddy was very very hard as he crawled to her. He lay down over that virgin body and Mother said, “Daddy, please fuck me.” He kissed those lips and said, “Jenn honey, I have fantasized about this moment for…years.” He backed away from her face and moved between her legs. He put his hands under that sweet ass. I had to move a bit to watch his tongue lapping at the cunt that had only had female tongues on it before. Watching Daddy’s face licking my cunt, but unable to feel it was kind of frustrating. I resolved that when this month, this freaky February month was over, I would feel Daddy’s lips on my cunt just like he was doing right now. I looked at my face and knew my Mother was LOVING this…because she needed it…and because it had been such a fantasy for both of them for so long.She put her hands down in Daddy’s hair and said, “Eat my pussy Daddy. I have fantasized about this moment for years. You are getting me very very wet Daddy. I think I might soon be wet enough to try to take your big cock inside of me.”Daddy’s face pulled away from her. His chin and all around his mouth was wet with cunt juice. “Did Daddy’s girl take her pill today?” I watched the jolt on my face. balıkesir escort She turned to me and said, “Jenn honey, would you get me a pill from the closet…and a glass of water?”I shook my head at the carelessness of my Mother. I got the pill and the water. Daddy and I watched her take the pill and finish the water. He looked at me then and asked, “What do you think Jenn. Should I take your cherry while your Mom is on her back or do you have a position you think would be better?”I thought about it a second, then said, “No Daddy, you lie on your back and Mom can lose my cherry while she slides down on your cock.” When he was positioned like that, I moved toward him on the bed and slid my mouth down on that wonderful cock. I had it all the way down my throat and imagined what that would feel like when the month was over and he was all the way up inside of my cunt. “Jenn honey,” Mother said, “slide down on that cock so you will know mostly what I am going to feel in a minute. I am SO excited about this!”I took Mother’s advice and slid her very experienced cunt down Daddy’s cock. It felt so big inside of me. I could only imagine what it would be like when Mother slid down on it with my tight virgin pussy. I rode him for several minutes, then saw my face on my Mother watching and realized she needed that cock NOW.I moved off of Daddy and asked, “Daddy, is the video going? We DON’T want to miss THIS!” He got out of bed, his hard cock wagging back and forth as he moved to check all the buttons. He walked back to the bed smiling broadly and said, ” Everything has been recording. We’ll have the taking of your cherry to watch for a long time Jenn.” He kissed me then and said to Mother in my body, “It’s time Babe for that moment we have dreamed of for so long.” He lay on his back, holding his hard prick, and waited for her to move to him.I actually cried a bit as I watched her move tentatively toward Daddy’s huge cock. She poised herself above the tip of his cock and said, “Daddy…I need to move slowly because I am afraid that this might hurt a lot. You are so so big.” I had seen the video when Mom was still in her body playing me in their fantasy games and that line, word for word, was what she said one of the times he took my cherry in their games.I had one of Mother’s biggest dildos in my hand and was kneeling on the floor where I had the best view of Daddy’s cock and my virgin cunt. When Mother grabbed Daddy’s cock in her hand and moved escort balıkesir the tip to the slippery opening of my slit, I did the same with the dildo. I watched Mother slowly start to move down onto the head, taking only part of it inside her. I did the same with the dildo. She squeaked out, “Oh Daddy! I am very excited! And a little bit scared.”Daddy moved his hands on my slender belly as he looked up at Mom and said, “Just go as slow as you need Honey. This is all for you.” I looked at that huge cock poised just below my pussy. It seemed incredible that all that would actually fit in there. I whispered, “Take it now Daddy. Mommy I am so ready to watch this happen.”She smiled down at me, placed her hands on Daddy’s chest and moved down onto his prick until the head was completely inside. She wiggled around on the head as Daddy held the shaft steady and moaned up at his daughter’s body. “Slow and steady Jenn girl. No need in it hurting more than need be.” I watched Mother bouncing my body up and down on his prick then, taking him incrementally further inside my virgin hole. Finally she said in a high pitched voice, “It’s right there! Right on the hymen!” She looked over at me and asked, “Can you see Jenn?” I was in tears and said with a wet smile, “I can see perfectly well Mother. Please tell us how it feels when it tears.”She nodded her head, then, sticking her tongue outside the corner of her mouth I watched her look down at Daddy and wink at him. Then she took a deep breath and plunged hard down his shaft. She screamed in pain and ecstacy as she moved my cunt all the way down Daddy’s cock.Her whole body was shaking as she sat there on his prick. Her mouth was open wide, breathing in the air. I had never seen my nipples look so hard and wished, in a way, that I had been inside my body this first time as it took Daddy’s cock.Mother looked down at me then. I had forgotten to plunge the big dildo into my cunt, but did so as I listened to her tell what she felt. I winced a bit as the dildo bottomed out up inside me.”It was a sharp pain and I know there will be some blood, but I don’t think there will be too much. Your pussy is very tight and your Daddy’s cock feels very different inside of this pussy than it does inside my much more experienced pussy.” She looked down at Daddy then and asked, “Bill…what is it like for you Baby?” He looked over at me and smiled lovingly at me, then back at Mother and said, “Jenn’s cunt is so fucking tight balıkesir escort bayan on my cock. I don’t think it will take much more movement for my seed to explode up into that delicious hole. I want to feel this moment, savor it, then you can get on with it.” I watched Mother wiggling my hips, trying to see how Daddy would react. Then she leaned forward, her forearms on Daddy’s chest, her mouth inches above his and kissed him tenderly. Then, staying in that position, she started to move her hips up Daddy’s shaft. She quickly realized that I couldn’t really see if she stayed in that position and sat up straight. Her hands were pressed against Daddy’s belly as she lifted that ravaged cunt along his shaft. I gasped when I saw a smear of blood on his shaft. I reached out to his cock when Mother had raised my cunt to the top with just the head inside. I felt the place where they joined, running a finger around the bulbous head of his cock, feeling the tight seal my cunt was making there. I circled his shaft with my hand and slid it down the thick tool, gathering cunt juice and the blood onto my palm. I brought the hand to my face, looking at it. The blood was bright red. I showed the hand first to Daddy, then to Mother. Daddy told me to hold it up toward the console so the camera would be able to pick it up. After I did that I smeared the fluids from my hand onto my smooth belly where Mother was poised to fuck Daddy until he came inside his daughter’s body. “Fuck him Mother! Fuck him and make him shoot his seed up inside my cunt.”She moved now, wincing at times because he was so big and she was so tight and the torn hymen must have hurt a bit too. That said, she was moving up and down that hard prick much faster than I would have imagined she would be able. Her sheen of cunt juice was coating Daddy’s cock and he moved his hands to her hips then controlling her movement more. I saw the look on his face as he started to come. I knew that look now, having seen it several times. Once in person and other times on the videos.He shouted,”Ga, Ga, Ga Oh Holy FUCK!” Then his eyes closed tight, he held his breath and pumped his seed up into my no longer virgin cunt. Mother was yelling along with him, only all she said was “Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me Daddy!”When it was done, she collapsed over onto him. I looked at the two of them there. MY body lying on top of my Daddy’s body. His cock still way up inside MY cunt. I moved around then so I could see where his thick shaft made my cunt lips bulge out. I was so glad Mother and I hadn’t visited the Century Store five or six years earlier. Daddy would have torn me apart.I moved onto the bed then, lay beside then, my arms over my back and that was how we woke up the next morning.

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