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Big Boobs

As you open the garage door you notice that it is quiet. You wonder to yourself if the kids are out in the back playing. You turn the corner and glance down the hallway towards their rooms and still no kids. As you turn you see this shape approaching you. Startled you drop your purse and keys and start to back up. You hear me tell you it is just me as I reach you, taking your hands in mine and placing them over your head as your back hits the wall. My mouth moves to your neck, kissing and gently biting as my hands hold yours above you. My mouth moves to yours as our tongues entwine with one anothers. My hands release yours but your are told to keep your above your head. My hands move down and slowly begin to remove your shirt. Pulling it from over your head my mouth moves to your tits as my tongue starts to outline the bra.

I unhook it and release it from your body. My hands cup each tit as my mouth moves from nipple to nipple watching each one harden in turn. My mouth moves down your chest, and over your stomach. I find myself down on my knees in front of you with my hands unbuttoning your pants, slowly unzipping them, then sliding the down off your body. Soon you are in front of me with just your thongs on hands still above your head. I glance at you and see the wetness that has soaked through your panties. My tongue moves to the front of them running along the outside of them, listening to your breathing as I can tell you are wanting to climax. My tongue slides in the side of your thong barely touching your pouting lips. With one motion my hands move up your sides and grab the thong, pulling it off your body.

There you are with my tongue so close to your wet pussy. I move my tongue so it touches very lightly the top of your pussy, and let it run down its entire length, getting my first taste of the day from you. I let my tongue move back up and slowly run it around you swelling clit. Slowly I put my lips around your clit sucking it into my mouth as my hands move up to caress your ass. I release your clit and take each of your swollen lips into my mouth giving them a gentle nibble as I begin to smell your scent and arousal. Your pussy has gotten wetter as my tongue dips inside you. You move your hands and pull my face into you, feeling my tongue slipping deeper into you.

I can feel your body tense as your first climax takes hole of your body. Your pussy floods my mouth with its juice, as I drink it down, feeling your body relax. I move up your body sliding down my pants, releasing my now rock hard cock. My mouth moves up your body as you feel my hardness rubbing against you. You can feel me teasing the entrance of your pussy with the head of my cock. Slowly I push it into you feeling your warmth around me. I move all of it inside you, as my hands once again move yours above your head. You can feel my cock moving in and out of your pussy as we stand there together.

As I move in and out of your our mouths meet once again. You can smell your wonderful scent on my lips and taste your wonderful taste on my tongue. I break the kiss and quickly withdraw from within gaziantep bayan escort you. I turn you around and have you face the wall as I rub myself along your ass. I feel your wetness as my cock finds your pussy once again, sliding deep into you with one thrust. I reach around and grab your tits, squeezing your nipples as my cock moves in and out of your wetness. You feel something brush against your leg, as you open your eye and look below you. At the same time you see what it was you feel it. A tongue begins to lick on your clit as you still feel the cock sliding in and out of your pussy. This makes you climax at once, seeing and feeling this combination. A cock fucking your pussy and a tongue licking your pussy at the same time. You climax takes over your body as you let it release. With your knees weakening I slide out of you while the other tongue dives into your pussy.

Your hips grind into the additional mouth as I stand back watching, playing with your tits. After another climax we lead you to the bedroom. I lay down on the bed and you straddle my face, allowing me perfect sight of your swollen pussy. You lower yourself down onto my mouth as I can feel your tongue start to lick my cock. The other man moves in behind you and I help guide his hard cock into your wet pussy. My lips move to your clit sucking on it as you feel his cock deep inside you, stretching your pussy as it grips him tight. I can feel your mouth take my cock and your warm lips around it, sucking me deep into your mouth.

My eyes are open as I watch his cock moving in and out of your pussy. I can see your swollen lips tight around him, and as his cock moves out of you, your lips seem to grab hold of his cock as the stretch out, trying to keep him inside you. I let my tongue start to work on the outside of each lip, as your mouth continues to work on my hard cock. We can hear your moans as another climax starts to build within your pussy. Your toes start to curl and you suck hard on my cock, as your hands caress my balls. I can see him slamming his cock hard into your pussy, the wetness on the outer lips. With my tongue I catch each little drop of it, not wanting to waste any.

His hands are caressing your ass as he moves in and out. He pulls himself completely out of you as my tongue moves to take the place of his cock. I spread your pussy apart with my fingers as I lick inside you. Parting the folds of your pussy I lick the inner pink that is exposed. You can feel him move then suddenly feel his tongue moving down your back, along the crack of your ass, before landing itself on your pink rosebud. His tongue circles it as my lick your inner wetness. This causes you to release my cock with your mouth as you start to climax once again.

Your excitement is evident as your body shudders and the climax continues through your body. You collapse on the bed with the smile on your face loving the feeling that you body is having. Your pussy is dripping with its juice as you feel someone move behind you once again. You feel the hardness of their cock pressing against you then with a swift motion it enters you, once again filling you and making you complete. You can feel the hands on your ass as you feel a tongue moving down your back, following the crack of your ass back to your lovely rosebud.

It encircles it and begins to press into you. You can feel the warmth of it as it trys to move into you. The cock in your pussy feels so wonderful as it moves in and out. You can feel his balls hitting your swollen clit as a climax once again begins to take over your body. You can feel him swell inside you, knowing that soon he will be giving you his cum deep into your pussy. With this feeling you start to climax, causing him to push deep into you. You feel his rush of cum enter deep into you. His cock is throbbing inside you against your pussy. Your climax is causing your pussy to squeeze his cock tight causing him to cum even more, filling you up.

The clenching of your pussy pushes his cock out of you. I trade places with him and watch as your pussy squeezes some of his cum out of it. I place the head of my cock against your used pussy and slide into you, feeling his cum and your heat mixed together. The sound my cock is making is audible to the three of us, a slurping sound caused by your cum and cock filled pussy. You raise up to your hands and knees as the man moves in front of you. His cock is in front of your face as you look at it and admire it. Although he has cum already, his cock still has hardness to it and you slowly wrap your lips around it, sucking it into your mouth. You can taste the mix of him and you and this excites you, building another climax within you.

My hands are on your ass watching you suck his cock as mine is filling your pussy. I watch my cock as it slides in and out of you. I can see the cum covering it and take some off of it and rub it onto your ass. I rub it around as I watch my cock fucking your pussy. My finger moves some of the cum to your pink rosebub, slowly rubbing circles around it. Slowly I push a finger into your ass, hearing a moan escape from your cock filled mouth. I slide my finger in and out of your ass as my cock moves in rhythm with my finger. You start the same rhythm as you suck the cock deep into your mouth. You can feel my cock swelling in your pussy and you know I am about to give you another load of hot cum. I push hard into you, reaching around with my free hand quickly squeezing your swollen clit as I release my load of cum into you.

I slide my cock out of you as you continue to suck the other mans cock. I watch as your pussy releases some of the cum inside. I let it drip onto my hand and begin to rub it over your ass and onto your clit, giving it some nice slickness. Your body wants more but for now you need a slight break. You release the mans cock from your mouth and lay on the bed face up. Our hands are moving over your body touching and feeling every part of you. We both share in the cum leaking out of your pussy as we gather it up to rub it inot your body. We watch your nipples harden as the cum is rubbed over them and then into them. We give them each a squeeze and watch them respond.

We continue to play with you body, hands roaming over it when you see me leaning down to you and you feel my tongue on your swollen clit. You feel my lips wrap around it as my tongue circles it. I release it and let my tongue run down each lip, gently nibbling as I go. I move between your legs and place them over my shoulders. My tongue dives into your pussy, feeling its heat and wetness. I can taste the cum that is left in it as I lick up and down your warm slit. The man starts to suck on your tits as my tongue starts to bring you closer to another climax. Your hips start to move and your hands move to my head forcing my tongue deeper into your used pussy. My tongue darts in and out of you. Licking the inside of your pink pussy as the other man takes care of your hard nipples.

My hands caress your ass as my tongue probes your inner depths. You feel the climax cumming as you try and pull my head deeper into you. You climax and I can taste your juice as it flows from within you bringing more of our cum with it. I lick all around your pussy, cleaning you up before moving. Me and the other man get off the bed and ask you to join us in the shower for more fun and adventure. You look at us as you get off the bed and see our hard cocks at attention wanting to give you more of them. To fill your every hole and give you our cum as you please. We start the water and climb into the shower, making you the meat in the sandwich. The water splashing over the three of us, 4 hands on your body, six including your as we watch you touch yourself, feeling your swollen lips and hard clit.

Your hands move to our hard cocks stroking them and getting them harder. Our mouths meet and you can taste the 3 of us. This excites you as you grab our cocks harder. The man moves you facing the wall, bent over and proceeds to place his cock against your pussy. The water splashing down over our bodies give it a different feeling as he enters you. You continue to stroke my cock as I reach down and begin to play with your tits. I make my way in front of you and position myself so your mouth is accessable for my cock to slide into. Myself and the other man want to time our climaxes this time so we climax together filling you from both ends as you climax with us in anticipation of what will happen next. You mouth feels so good around my hard cock. You can feel the water running down your back and over your ass, as the cock that fills your pussy feels so hard inside you. He is fucking your pussy so hard his movement is causing your mouth to stroke on my cock in the same rhythm. I grab you by the hair taking a handful giving a slight tug, letting you know that you are there for the duration.

You can feel me swell in your mouth as the cock in your pussy swells as well. I pull your head towards me to get my cock fully in your mouth and release my cum deep into your throat. At the same time the cock in your pussy gets you wetter as its cum fills you, taking you over the edge until you cum. You swallow all I have not missing a drop as the climax builds over your body and you release my cock from you hot mouth. The cock in your pussy stays inside you feeling your contractions squeezing against it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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