Going My Own Way Ch. 02

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My life changes.

I mused as I returned to bed from having a pee, a forty-two-year-old reasonably attractive woman with a fit toned body curvy enough to attract attention at the gym of both men and women, B cup boobs, pert bum and good legs. At five foot seven inches, average height, below shoulder length hair, clear skin that needs little makeup and never done anything like it did last night before.

I was wide awake, aware of my body, the satisfaction I had gained from Rod, his attention, more than this, my need for more.

Rod was lying on his back naked, softly snoring, his flaccid cock slumbering to the left. I gently slipped onto the bed to avoid waking him, stroking his sticky cock and balls, coaxing his thick cock to hardness. Repositioning myself to look at his resting cudgel more closely in the half-light of the breaking dawn. Sniffing his crown and liking the aroma of our joint sexual secretions, I licked his hardening manhood and his ball sack tentatively, not wanting to wake him yet.

The tases I savoured me of him, of me and our coupling excited me to kiss down the underside of his penis. To think of doing this, of doing what I had done with Rod to this point, was surprising. Never before had I been so wanton, so lewd, so bold. I wanted more.

Swallowing his by now stiff cock into my mouth and then throat awakening him. The feeling of his growing cock in my mouth and throat drove me onward to relate him to a happy ending for him. Five minutes of enthusiastic sucking, swallowing and licking had Rod ejaculating in my face. He watched the conclusion of my efforts, keeping my wide-open eyes focused on his, as he blasted his jets of come over my smiling face. I felt in control.

After I wiped my come splattered face with my discarded knickers, we kissed and slept arms and legs entwined. Rod had his mobile phone alarm set. It woke us up at seven-fifteen, time for him to get to work.

I ran the bath, filling it enough to share, explaining to Rod the shower was not functioning correctly and the over bath spray head was not efficient. Our shared bathing was just that, the function of cleaning each other intimately. Fun but not sexual.

Wrapped in a bath towel, I made him a bacon sandwich as he dressed to be ready for his workday.

Rod, between appreciative bites of the sandwich, indicated he could get a plumber mate he knows to take a look at my shower.

“Please, Rod,” kissing his cheek as I answered. “An estimated cost would help.”

“I’ll call you later when I have spoken to him.” Kissing me on my lips, he left for the paint depot.

Lying on the bed nude and relaxed, I contemplated the last twenty-four hours, cheating on my husband, even though we had split up. The flirting I had done with a stranger. Taking the lead and him on my new mattress, fucking and sucking like a pornstar. The feeling of sexual fulfilment, satisfaction, lack of guilt and inner calm.

I knew I wanted more!

The sex with Rod had invigorated me. Thinking back to the fucking he had given me, I quickly had my hand between my legs and two fingers dipping in and out of my wet pussy repeatedly, almost but not quite reliving the sensations Rod had given me. I used three fingers to increase the girth ankara eryaman escort of my assault on my recently cock filled cunt. Moaning in orgasmic pleasure from myself pleasure I reached my nadir. Rolling onto my tummy, with my face buried in the pillow, I humped my cunt on my fingers, prolonging the sensations I was having. Fucking bliss!

Nine in the morning now time to do some work.

The lounge and kitchen area was the biggest job, so I started there. Filling cracks and holes and rubbing down after, it was soon ready to paint. I roller painted the ceiling with a white emulsion. I checked my phone for the time, one fifteen p.m. Calculating I could give another coat of emulsion to the ceiling surface and possibly get a coat on the woodwork today, a quick break for a cup of tea and a snack beforehand.

My mobile started playing the birdy song, indicating an incoming call from Rod. Confidently I answered, hi stud are you missing me?

He coughed. All good, Claire, my mate George, the plumber, is with me, suggesting he pops over now and looks at your shower if it is ok.

Err, yes…, fine with me, will I see you later? I asked him, trying not to sound needy.

I would be getting to you around seven as I have a few deliveries to do, that ok, Claire? Rod asked.

We said our goodbyes and ended the call. Five minutes later, the doorbell rang.

I used the spyhole to see who it was, a guy holding a showerhead and flexible chrome pipe and a toolbox confirmed it was George, the plumber.

I opened the door and stood back to let him in the hall. As he passed me, I took in his tight bum in his shorts. He bent, putting down what he was carrying on the dust sheet in the lounge and straightened up to his full height of around five foot ten, broad-shouldered, swarthy and handsome. Confidently, offering me his big hand, he declared. George. You must be Claire.

I shook his hand, my hand looking minuscule in his.

You are beautiful! You look familiar, Claire, sure I have seen you before on the front cover of Vogue.

“Without a doubt, the corniest chat-up line I have ever heard, George. I admire your cheek from your excellent delivery, must have practised the spiel a lot.” Smiling to show my amusement.

He laughed too, knowing his feeble attempt to flatter me had failed. ”Claire, I have got a good, used shower head and flexible hose for your over bath that came off a job I did last week, its perfectly usable, enabling you to shower after all the hard work you are doing. Which is the bathroom? I will fit it for you.”With him picking up the showerhead and hose as I steered him to the bathroom, hastily grabbing my airing underwear that littered the room, bundling it in my hand, then under my arm. I noted he was good looking, cheeky and admirable. Yes, George was a bit of a hunk.

It took him two minutes to fix the hose.

“Take a shower to see if it works ok while I am here, just in case you slip.” More suggestive banter from him.

“You think I stink, George.”

“What I am thinking would possibly get my face slapped, upset Rod and lose a customer, Claire, you are subtly fragrant and beautiful. One can but try.” Smiling broadly.

“Very, trying! But thank you very much escort elvankent for the compliment, conceivably, I could be thinking of you when showering later and your well-practised chat-up line.”

I led him to the bedroom en suite. In the shower enclosure, he took the showerhead off and lowered the hose to the base. I left him to work on the built-in shower controls, taking the opportunity to hide my underwear and make tea, as he took the toolbox to the job in hand.

Ten minutes later, with the tea mug in hand, he explained that the shower hot and cold water pipes had somehow been connected up incorrectly, the hot to the cold and vice-versa. He would see if this put right would solve the problem. If not, he would need to take out the shower control and strip it down to find the problem. George informed me. “Replacing it will cost around five hundred pounds as There is more work involved, as the existing type of unit is now out of manufacture and the fixings on the retrofit are not the same.”

A sharp intake of breath indicated my thoughts on the cost.

However, Richard and I had rented out the apartment for nine and a half years of the ten of owning it. So the funds were available for repairs. The funds were in our joint account.

A half an hour later, George joined me in the lounge.

“Reversing the water connections over was not the answer to the shower working properly, better pressure but not right. So I have removed the control unit to take it to my workshop and strip it down. I will sort out the waste drain too when I come back as that seems blocked. I will call you in a day or two and let you know when or if I have it repaired.”

George collected up his tools, the faulty controller and left the apartment after a kiss on the cheek from me, yet another out of character reaction to a guy I had just met.

His scent, a mixture of Hugo Boss and sweat, lingered in the atmosphere of the warm apartment. I inhaled deeply, liking it! I fancied George.

I was acting like a cat on a hot tin roof. My hormones were jumping, figuring out this recent change in myself was due to my decision to leave Richard. Maybe subconsciously becoming true to myself, bringing out my real persona, a raunchy forty-two-year-old predatory slut?

A shake of my head and a renewed determination to get the apartment decorated and furnished to live in got me fired up to set about the gloss coating of the woodwork.

By keeping my head down, forgoing a break, I had all the decorating in the lounge/kitchen completed, the room cleared of everything into the second bedroom by six-forty five.

On my last trip of moving stuff from the lounge to the second bedroom, I removed my crop top, dropped my shorts and panties to the floor, leaving my work shoes in the doorway. I padded into the bathroom to use the shower before Rod arrived. The shower worked perfectly, cleansing, refreshing and invigorating. My hair washed better than any time since being here. I felt good.

I greeted Rod at the door naked with a deep kiss, later than expected to be caused by him stopping at home to shower and change clothes. He held me right, fondled my bare bum cheeks, French kissed me, exciting and exhilarating me.

“I etimesgut escort bayan have a present for you,” he whispers in my ear as he pulled my body onto his hard cock.

He led me into the kitchen area and fumbled in a bag he had with him, which I had not seen, giving me two Spanish onions. I giggled.

I cut one in half and put it on a plate in the lounge area. The remaining half I took into the bedroom. We would see if the old wives tale works. Onions remove the smell of fresh paint, so the old wives tale goes.

We kissed heatedly for quite a time. We were both in need of each other I could feel the wetness between my legs, indicating my longing. I ushered Rod to the master bedroom.

I felt wanton, turned on and ready for sex. I removed Rods deck shoes, chinos and polo shirt neatly, placing them in the wardrobe. His bulge was showing me his excitement, tenting his boxer shorts. The hidden large thick cock in his boxers became my centre of attention, my focus knowing how it filled me, knowing the pleasure he had given me the day before today.

Catlike, I lewdly crawled onto the bed, on my hands and knees. Rod watched me, eyes bright with excitement and expectation, cock switching with the beat of his heart. I settled in the middle of the bed, head down, buried in the pillow, my bum up in the air with my knees apart, my moist pussy visible and available to him. Looking back at him, I licked my lips as he lowered his pants, gasped at the uncovering of his rock hard manhood.

I wanted his cock in me. “Fuck me, Rod”, I Pleaded with him in a shaky voice, then more forcefully, “fuck me now!”

He did not do my bidding, kneeling on the bed, delving his head between my parted bum cheeks and licking my anal rosebud, wetting it instead. I had never experienced this before, another taboo first. He licked, sucked and probed my anal opening giving me sensual pleasure I never considered possible. I groaned with pleasure, feeling so wrong but so good. He held my cheeks apart with his two hands and pushed his tongue into my virgin anal cavity, fucking my bum hole with it. Shortly after this, he inserted two of his meaty fingers into my dripping cunt, finger fucking me as he probed me with his tongue. I mumbled into the pillow, eyes squeezed tight in pleasure and expected orgasm which, arrived with force, causing me to clench up trapping, his hand between my legs and push his face from between my bum cheeks.

I rolled on my side, shook and shuddered as I rode his fingers, prolonging the exquisite climax. He managed to remove his hand from me, deftly turn me on my back as I basked in the continuing orgasm rippling through my body. His urgency to slake his need showed in his eyes and intense look. Without hesitation, he plunged his steel hard cock into my wet and willing cunt. Sheer ecstasy. Fucking me relentlessly for some time, it may have been ten minutes or an hour not caring, have continuous rolling orgasms for the first time in my life as he thrust his fanny filling cock in and out of my sensitive vagina. I moaned in ecstatic pleasure overload. Gasping for breath as I surfed the heights at the crest of waves of the best fucking I had ever had. Riding the sensational waves till it seemed I finished on the smooth lapping shore satisfied beyond my imagination.


Copyright Villan.

This offering is the second chapter of the story featuring Claire. Should I continue with more chapters? Constructive comment and votes appreciated. Thanks.

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