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happy daysJoanie Cunningham had a crush on one Richie’s friends Pottsie Webber. She was12 and Potsie was 16. Potsie was always nice to her and he sang to her oneday while the band was practicing.She went home that night and masturbated to a screaming orgasm thinking ofPotsie. She had masturbated a lot the last month.Joanie wrote a few love letters to Potsie and the last one said she wouldmeet him friday night at 9 p.m.Ralph and Richie were hiding to see who the mystery girl was. Potsie put onthe jukebox to a song that Joanie liked. The song came on and Joanie revealedherself to Potsie. Potsie saw her and told her to go away he was meetingsomeone special. Joanie used the special name she had given him and he knewshe wrote the letters.When Ralph and Richie came a few minutes later Joanie hid so they would notsee her. Ralph took Potsie to the car and Richie called for Joanie to comeout. He saw her coat and she came out of hiding ashamed.As they walked home Richie put his arm around her. She felt safe andcomfortable with her brother. When they got home she hugged Richie good nightand gave him a quick kiss on the lips. They looked at each other for a minuteand said good night.Joanie lied in bed and though how nice Richie was to her he didn’t tease herabout Potsie as she cried in his arms. Joanie’s body told her she needed tomasturbate. As she reached under her pj’s she was thinking about Richie. Hewould be the perfect one to take her virginity.Joanie knew her girlfriend Jennie Piccolo had lost her virginity last year at11. Joanie and Jennie had been friends for the last 7 years. She was the onewho taught Joanie about masturbation. She also had taught her how to kiss.One day during the training things got real hot between them.Jennie told Joanie, “You have gotten me so hot.”She took Joanie’s hand and placed it on her pussy Joanie finged Jennie andtold her, “your sopping wet.”Jennie fingered Joanie’s pussy and she was just moist. They kissed deeply andfingered each other to screaming orgasm. Jennie’s older sister had taught herabout lesbianism. They had a few threesomes over the next year.A few nights later Richie and Joanie were home alone on a friday night. Thereparents were out at a friends house playing cards. Joanie was bored she haddone her homework. Richie didn’t have a date this friday night. She went upto her room and started to masturbate. Joanie was thinking of her brother asshe masturbated.She had touching herself for about 14 minutes and was getting real close tocumming. Richie walked into her room and was shocked seeing his sistermasturbate, but was also very turned on. He asked her if she needed a hand.They made out for about 10 minutes. Richie quickly mounted his sister.She told him, “Be gentle I’m a virgin.”She didn’t dare tell him she lost it to a candle during a threesome. Richieslowly entered Joanie and he looked at her face it showed some pain and shewas breathing thru her nose. His 9 inch cock was stretching her out. As heentered her again she kissed him hard. They slowly got into a rhythm and itquickly increased.Joanie broke off the kiss and told him, “Yes, fuck your little sister.”They fucked for about 15 minutes and he was real close to dropping his load.Joanie knew she was close also she whispered to him, “Lets cum together.”They exploded together about 3 minutes later.When they recovered she asked him “How did you know?”He looked at her and said, “Your door was open a little and your were moaningmy name.”They lied in bed holding each and telling each other thank you.* * *Marion Cunningham was getting frustrated with her husband lack of sex towardsher recently. She had finished her housework and she was horny. Marion wasfingering herslf on the couch. As she was getting herself off her mindstarted to wonder on who she wanted to fuck. Potsie was a good-looking boywho was shy sometimes. She knew it would be wrong but it was a start.Arthur Fonzarelli walked into the kitchen via the back door to get morecoffee. He looked in the kitchen and then went into the living room. Hestopped dead in his tracks. There was Marion Cunningham masturbating shewas a natural redhead.She heard a noise opened her eyes and saw Fonzie standing there. She jumpedup and asked Fonzie what he wanted he told her, “More coffee if it is notrouble.” She told him it’s no trouble as she took his thermos and glanceddown at his hardon.Fonzie though Mrs C. was a good looking women maybe he would offer hisservice to her. Marion handed Fonzie back his thermos and looked at himdeeply and unzipped Fonzie. She stroked him for a few minutes. She droppedto her knees and engulfed his cock.Fonzie could not believe how good Marion was at given head. She deep throatedhim a few times which most girls could not do. Marion blew him for about 10minutes. bodrum escort Fonzie told her “I’m cummingggg!!!” and dropped 3 loads into her hotmouth. She swallowed them easily got up and asked Fonzie is there anythingelse you need.Fonzie told her, “I’m fine for now thanks for everything.”Part 2Richie and Joanie were getting together about every 2 weeks and having sex.They would be in either one’s room. Richie was using condoms after the firsttime he didn’t want to knock up his sister. They were using signals when theycould meet.There mom just went to the store and would be gone about 90 minutes. He racedup the stairs and went into Joanie’s room. There was Jennie on Joanie’s bedmasturbating slowly. She told Joanie, “Hurry up, I’m horny.”Jennie looked up and told Richie, “Please fuck me. I need to cum real bad.”Richie fucked Jennie real hard and fast they exploded together about 15minutes later.Joanie stood there calling Jennie a slut, “You will fuck anything with acock.”Jennie told Richie “Anytime you want to get laid look me up.”Jennie told Joanie “To bad he is your brother. He is a great fuck.”Jennie left the house he questioned Joanie, “Why was Jennie on your bedtelling you she was horny?”Joanie looked at Richie and said, “She wanted me to make love to her.”Richie was shocked and turned by the possibilities. He asked her “Would youlike to have a threesome sometime?”She dropped down and gave her brother a great blowjob. When she finished hetold her, “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.”* * *Marion dropped off Howard at his hardware store and ran some errands. She gottwo of them done and the car broke down. She got help moving the car to theside of the road. She called Fonzie at the garage he came with his tow truck.He found the problem and Marion was grateful. Marion told him, “Is thereanything I can do to repay you.”He gave her a thumbs up and them circled over it. She understood completely.He told her, “I will follow you home to make sure you don’t break downagain.”As they got through the door their instincts took over. He carried Marion tothe bedroom. He had her unzipped and her bra unhooked. He quickly strippedand Marion was impressed with his cock size. He went down and ate Marion toa screaming orgasm. He quickly mounted her sopping wet pussy. They fit likea glove.Fonzie’s 8 inches slammed her pussy. They quickly got into a rhythm. Marionwas screaming “Yes, Fonzie fuck your mama!”They exploded together about 10 minutes later. Marion had never been fuckedlike that in her life. Fonzie knew Marion was the best fuck he had evergotten. He quickly dressed and departed back to the garage.She gathered her clothing redressed and finished her shopping.Part 3Joanie came home from the homecoming dance a little drunk. Howard was waitingup for Joanie. She got home around midnight. She saw her father sitting inthe living room. When she came in she was asked how the dance was. She toldhim, “It was, ok.” She asked him why he was still up.He told her, “I couldn’t sleep.”Joanie tells her father “I’m going to bed now good night.”Joanie walks over to her father and gives him a kiss good night. The kisslasted about 90 seconds. Joanie slipped her tongue into his mouth. Howard hada hard on after the kiss.A few nights later Howard walked down the stairs and there was Joanie and herboyfriend Chachi on the couch making out hot and heavy. He cleared his throatand Chachi freaked. He jumped up closing his pants and grabbing his shirt andshoes and ran out the front door. Howard looked at Joanie there on the couchtopless, shoes off and skirt unzipped. Joanie’s nipples were hard and she wasbuilt. They stared at each other no words exchanged.Joanie stood up zipped up she picked up her blouse bra and heels. She toldher father, “Meet me in my room in 10 minutes.”Howard walked into Joanie’s room as asked. There was Joanie lying on the bedher finger in the corner of her mouth and her legs spread. Howard went to herquickly and lied next to her in bed. They made out hot and heavy.Howard squeezed her large breasts and licked her erect nipples. Joaniereached down and stroked her father’s cock. She helps him enter her moistpussy.Howard says “OH MY GOD!”They quickly get into a rhythm and Joanie wraps herself around her daddy.They fucked for about 15 minutes.Joanie tells her Father, “I’m cumminggg daddy!”Howard blows 3 loads into her within seconds of her orgasm. They collaspeinto each others arms. They start a relationship that lasted till the day shegot married. They fucked when they could she gave her father blowjobs almostdaily.* * *When Richie brought Loribeth home to meet his parents Joanie felt like shehad a older sister she could talk with. They became friends in a short timeperiod. Joanie felt herself attracted to Loribeth. Loribeth went with bodrum escort bayan Joanieto get her prom dress.They were in Joanie’s room talking while Joanie tried it on at home. Loribethwalked around Joanie fixing the dress. She stood in front of Joanie tellingher how beautiful she looked in the dress. Marion had opened the door to comein and see the dress. She watched Joanie and Loribeth kiss deeply for about 2minutes. They broke off the kiss and looked at each other for about a minute.Joanie then asked Loribeth to unzip her.Marion closed the door and snuck back stairs with that image in her mind.Loribeth and Joanie had trouble sleeping that night and had to masturbate torelax. She noticed tht Joanie was close to her father. Joanie had her fatherwrapped around her finger. She watched them kiss goodbye one night it onlylasted about a minute. Loribeth wondered if Richie had the same type ofrelationship with his mother.Part 4From the moment Richie told his parents about the engagement there was achange. They hugged and kissed her and made her feel like part of the family.Joanie kissed Loribeth and whispered in her ear “This is going to be great.”Howard and Marion started checking out Loribeth for their own sexualconquest.A few days later Marion was helping Loribeth write down all the things sheneeded to get done for the wedding. When they said goodbye Marion kissLoribeth goodbye more lip then cheek. Loribeth and Marion looked at eachother for a minute and Loribeth seemed embrassed.Marion told her, “I’m sorry.”Loribeth told her, “I’m not.” Loribeth leaned in and kissed her deeply forabout 2 minutes. Lorieth broke the kiss off and told her, “I’m curious maybethe next time we can try it.”Marion spotted Joanie walking into the room. She told her Loribeth isleaving. Joanie walked over to Loribeth and they kissed deeply for about 3minutes. Marion was shocked by her daughter’s behavior. Loribeth was turnedon when she left the house.Marion told Joanie, “I will not tolerate behavior like that in this house.”Joanie told Marion “We have already made out once. She is inexperienced andneeds time to decide if she really wants this.”Marion grabbed her daughter and brought her up stairs to her bedroom wherethey made love.* * *Howard came home from work walked into the kitchen and living room no oneseemed to be home. He walks into his bedroom and was shocked. There was hiswife and daughter in a 69 postion neither of them heard him enter the room.He yells “What the hell is going on here?!?”Marion and Joanie seperate quickly. Marion was shocked to see Howard home.Joanie jumps up and ran to the father and kisses him deeply. Howard startedto resist but gave in quickly. Marion lied back and starts to masturbatewatching her daughter and husband make out. Joanie had her father strippedin about 5 minutes and coming to bed. Howard had a hard on which Joanie wasstroking.Joanie tells him “Now go fuck your wife the way she needs it.”He fucked Marion hard and long it was the best sex they had together.After they rested up Marion told Howard, “I want to watch you and Joanie makelove.”Howard and Joanie made love slowly then increased speed. Joanie knew herfather was real close. They exploded together Joanie saying “I’m cumingggdaddyyy!!!”Marion was masturbating real hard and came a few minutes later. They allcurled up together and slept for about an hour.Joanie awoke and kissed her parents and went down to make supper. They satand talked later after dinner about there new relationship. Joanie wanted toknow if Richie and Loribeth could join them. Marion and Howard both said sureits their choice.Part 5During the Christmas break from college Richie decided to help his fatherat the store. Richie got there about 9 a.m. He rotated and stocked theshelves. At 12:30 his father told him to go to lunch and take an hour.Richie got back about 50 minutes later. He heard a noise in the back of thestore. Richie sneaked back to the vault which was partly closed he looked inand saw his father getting a blowjob from Jennie Piccolo. He watched hisfather blow his load into her hot mouth. Howard gave Jennie something asJennie was leaving.She asks Howard “Same time next week?”Howard tells her yes and fixes himself up and Richie comes out of thebathroom. Howard tells Richie I’m going to lunch be back in 30 minutes. Hethough his parents had a happy marriage.* * *The next morning Richie was masturbating thinking about Loribeth and what agreat lay she was. He fucked her hard last night after watching his fatherget a blowjob from Jennie.Marion was passing by Richie’s room and watched him masturbate. He was biggerthen his father. She had been last touched about a week ago by Fonzie. Shesnuck into his room sripped quickly and mounted Richie. Richie was shocked escort bodrum bythis action. Marion told him, “Call me Loribeth you big stud.”Marion rode him for a few minutes and they switched to the missionarypostion. He reentered her she was moist and quickly got into a rhythm. Marionwas telling Richie “Yes, fuck me harder!”Richie’s cock was stretching out Marion pussy. He was bigger then Fonzie.Marion told Richie “Damm your good at this!”Marion had both of her legs over Richie’s shoulder as her orgasm came. Richiecould not believe how hard his mother’s organism was. They fucked for another10 minutes.Richie told Marion, “I’M CUMMINGGGG!!!”She told him, “Cum with me!”She lowered her legs to around his back and they slowed up. He kissed herdeeply for about 3 minutes and Richie broke off the kiss and Marion startedto scream “YES RICHIE FUCK YOUR MOTHER!!!”Richie came hard giving her 4 big loads. They lied together in bed exhausted.When they awoke there stood Joanie asking, “How long as this been going on?”Marion was shocked to see Joanie in the room.Joanie told her “Your screaming woke me up.”Marion kissed Richie and said, “Good morning.”She got up and dressed quickly and said, “Breakfast will be on the table ina few minutes.”Richie went into the bathroom and washed up. Joanie snuck in and grabbedRichie. She asked him “How long have you been banging MOM!”He told her, “I was jerking off and she jumped on me.”They looked at each other and made out for a few minutes.Part 6Richie went down to dad’s store and Joanie went to Jennie’s house. WhenJoanie got to Jennie’s house Jennie’s wasn’t home. She was out runningerands.Joanie went home cause it was cold out. When she got home she saw her motherleaving Fonzie’s apartment her clothes messed up. She walked in about aminute after her mother. Marion nipples very very erect as she was stillbuttoning up her blouse.Joanie gave her mother a kiss and asked her, “Do you need some help?”Marion told her, “Yes, I do,” then ran up the stairs to her bedroom.Marion and Joanie stripped quickly and climbed into bed. Marion lied on herback and spread her legs wide. Joanie spent the next 30 minutes exploring hermother’s body. She drove her mother wild and brought her off intensely.”OH MY GOD JOANIEE EAT ME!!!”Marion came numerous times she was exhausted when Joanie crawled into hermother’s arms.Marion looked at her daughter and asked her, “Who taught you to eat pussy sowell?”Joanie told her, “Jennie.”Marion was not surprised.Joanie told her mother, “Shut up and eat me.”Marion ate her daughter with the same intensity that Joanie had. Joanie wasvery surprised that her mother could eat pussy so well. Joanie grabbed hermother’s head trying to get her deeper as she exploded. “YES MOMMY I’MCUMMING!!!”They spent the next 2 hours kissing and touching.* * *When Richie and Loribeth married they moved into an apartment. They settledinto a good area. Richie got his letter for the draft 6 months into themarriage. He had to report in 2 weeks. The day he left was very tearful.Howard told Richie we will have Loribeth move in here.When he returned from boot camp he was a different person. He had 2 weeksleave before reporting to his assignment in Greenland. Those 2 weeks theydidn’t leave there apartment except to get food.Loribeth moved into the house into richie’s old room cause he would be gonefor 2 years. One day loribeth went to the doctor’s about 3 months afterRichie shipped out. She was almost 3 months pregant. She had denied thesymptoms. She told Howard and Marion about the baby. They tried callingRichie. No luck and sent him a telegram. Richie was very excited about thenews.Marion was not sure if Loribeth would still be bisexual.A few days later she got her answer. She was in the refrigator and Loribethcame up grabbed her tit and kissed her neck. They closed the door and kisseddeeply for a few minutes. Loribeth took Marion to bed and ate Marion to ascreaming orgasm. Marion brought her off a little while later.When Joanie got home from college she went to her room. There was Loribethnude on her bed shaved and asking Joanie to love her. Joanie spend the next2 hours fingering her clit and asshole and teasing her engorged breast.Joanie came very hard from the licking that Loribeth gave her. Marion walkedinto the room and asked the girls what they would like for dinner andLoribeth answered “We need howards cock.”When Howard got home he was told that Loribeth needed him. He fucked Loribethafter dinner. The first fuck was gentle and slow. The second one was doggiestyle. He fucked her hard and long. She had intense orgasm both times. Theyspent the night together.They fucked about once a month till her eight month. She gave him headweekly. Never swallowed, but took his loads on her tits and face. Loribethgave birth to a son which delighted Richie. She breast feed her son andsometimes Joanie and Marion. After a year she got a job as a waitress atArnold’s. She always had a babysitter lined up. She fucked and sucked awaythe rest of the time till Richie got home.

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